Season 1, Episode 12, “Our Very First Promo”

Kimmy Gibbler’s back, ya’ll!  Kimmy Gibbler REPRESENT!  She and DJ are chillin’ in the basement when… wait a minute, they remodeled the basement 2 episodes ago so Joey could live there!  Now it’s the old basement again?

I guess that writers who can’t write funny jokes can’t be counted on for continuity, either.  Anyway, Kimmy and DJ are being harassed by Stephanie when a weird noise scares them all.  What could it be?

Meanwhile, Joey is in the kitchen doing a racist impression of a Japanese chef.  He tells Michelle that she’s gonna “ruvva” what he’s cooking when Jesse comes in talking about his latest piece of ass.  The whole family convenes for dinner and Stephanie’s concerns about the monster noises are universally ignored.  Danny tells the family that they’re gonna be filmed for a promotional spot on tv while you can see the boom mike at the top of the screen.  Maybe it’s some sort of meta-gag?

At night DJ and Stephanie are woken up by the scary monster sound and they get all freaked out.

The next day the Uncles are styling Michelles hair when they hear the monster sound for themselves.  The monster sounds like a dying eagle but Jesse inexplicably concludes that it’s a ferret.

He goes to the basement to kill it while the tv crew arrives.  The girls talk to the woman who’s going to be filming them while Joey tries to thwart Jesse’s attempts to kill the ferret in the basement.  Joey traps Jesse in the crawlspace and we get two more views of the boom mike before the interviewer lady comes down and is appalled by Danny’s ridiculous family.

Danny comes home to discover that the interview lady has made drastic changes to the family for the tv spot.  They have a dog named Da Vinci, the girls are 19th century maidens, Jesse’s a British Butler and Michelle is Chinese.  Danny promptly fires the lady and decides to direct it himself, which makes for probably the most short-lived conflict on the show so far.

The family all gathers together to watch the tv spot as it airs.

Believe it or not, it’s grating and self-indulgent.

Afterwards the family heads into the kitchen to have ice cream and Jesse catches the ferret.  He agrees to set the ferret free, thus tying this episodes deftly woven plot threads into a neat little bow.  There aren’t even wild ferrets in San Francisco.

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32 Responses to Season 1, Episode 12, “Our Very First Promo”

  1. lizzy says:

    There aren’t even DOMESTIC ferrets in San Francisco, at least not any that anyone will admit to. They’re an illegal pet in California. Unless one escaped from the Zoo (and yes, there are ferrets in the education building, I used to work with them, and they’re awesome) there would not be a ferret in the walls.

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    • Jeanne says:

      Anything is possible in full house!


    • Rere says:

      I fact checked this 7+ years later (it’s a slow night) and it’s true. Since 1933. 🤓 Thank you for the info, lizzy! Did not know. They’re legal in my area and I’ve known people who have them so it never seemed inconceivable on FH. Especially compared to everything else that’s weird on this show.


  2. Jesse does rock those Sally Jesse Raphael glasses pretty good though.
    Damn good.


  3. Leroy Cook says:

    i suppose there is a humungous subterrainian area beneath the full house to account for joeys room, the garage and basement. kinda like the bat cave.


  4. Leroy Cook says:

    waitaminute… that assholes back in the alcove. after all that money spent…wasted… he went back. what a dick. and where the fuck are they gettin all this money? garage modification and new classic car… in two episodes? is danny getting social security checks for his dead wife?

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  5. Sarah says:

    They also say that it is a white-footed ferret, and no such creature even exists. The thing is clearly a domesticated ferret, and I’m pretty sure they don’t make that noise either.


  6. Sarah says:

    By the way, I love this blog. I recently discovered it (via the Huffington Post article) and I sit here laughing out loud when I read it at work and I am pretty sure everyone I work with thinks I am nuts.


  7. Also, let’s not forget–let’s NOT forget–that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent for uh, domestic, you know, within the city…that ain’t legal either.


  8. PuppetDoctor says:

    Last episode Danny turned 30 and one episode later he is back to the age of 29. Congratulations Danny you have gotten younger.

    I just want to say that I discovered your blog this morning and I am really enjoying it so far. I watched Full House as a young child and loved it and then finally got to watch the whole series in syndication when I was in high school. Even though I like the show there are things about it that annoy me such as Uncle Joey and Jesse always saying “Have Mercy.”

    Your blogs have given me a good laugh this morning. Thanks again.


  9. Nicky says:

    boom mike (x2) –> mic
    Michelles hair –> Michelle’s
    Da Vinci –> da Vinci (technically)
    Butler –> butler
    this episodes deftly woven plot threads –> episode’s … plot-threads


  10. Dale says:

    Maybe you should go back to the Bubba episode and add another “first”: Jesse finds a non-indigenous animal in San Francisco. Apparently, that’s a recurring thing.


  11. kp199 says:

    I found this website by googling “Joey Gladstone was a creep” LMAO. I watched every one of these episodes (and still do occasionally on TeeNick) when I was younger, and I’ve laughed at every one of these reviews. It’s funny how a show you used to think was amazing, really was such rubbish


  12. wc2011 says:

    This has got to be one of the most confusing and pointless episodes ever.


  13. Rick says:

    Arrested Development did the boom mike meta-joke thing, except there it’s actually clever. Have you considered watching AD to balance out this shitty sitcom?


  14. Bridget says:

    Both Kimmy and Stephanie look trendy while DJ looks like the Duggar girls before they started dressing much better!


  15. SteveInSanDiego says:

    I’m guessing that the garage/Joey’s room is not the basement, but a separate area altogether.

    Great blog…I just love it! Thank you so much for putting in the work.


  16. Blunden says:

    This is the greatest blog I’ve ever read. If only the show was as funny as the blog, Full House would be the greatest series ever.

    I’m posting to defend the show in one regard, can’t believe I’m defending it. Episodes don’t always air in the order they were filmed. This one was most likely filmed before the episode where the garage is converted.


  17. Ella Stern says:

    A dying eagle! Loved it!!


  18. Grant Spatchcock says:

    I can’t believe no one has said it already, but it’s obvious this episode was written and filmed before Danny turned 30, and before Joey moved into the basement… and it was just shown out of order.
    I’m not excusing it, it’s a huge error to make, but it at least makes sense.


    • trlkly says:

      I wouldn’t even call it an error. There’s no rule that all episodes of a show must be shown in chronological order. We’ve seen prequels and flashbacks before.

      Plus, it’s almost certainly not the creators’ fault. They obviously intended the episodes to be shown in a certain order. The network must’ve decided they knew better.

      It happens all the time. We just don’t notice because usually there aren’t any obvious continuity gaps.


  19. dittokiddo says:

    Why is the alcove full of Joeys crap again in the 3rd to last shot?! GAH!

    I have to thank you for writing these, I’ve spent the better part of my last 3 days at my desk job reading them! Never stop and def pick a new show to do when you run out of these, PLEASSEEE!


  20. Just says:

    Stop saying that the episodes were aired out of order.


  21. Ferrets weren’t legal pets in California when this episode was aired.


  22. lazrfac3 says:

    The lady interviewer was Benny from George Lopez show, his mom.


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