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Season 1, Episode 16, “But Seriously Folks”

Oh shit, y’all, it’s Kimmie Gibbler!  She and DJ have started a band called the Bracelets.  It should come as no surprise that Kimmie’s the keyboard player.  Kimmie rips shit up on their rendition of, “I’m Your Venus,” but DJ, … Continue reading

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Season 1, Episode 15, “A Pox in Our House”

As the family gathers together to watch Jesse’s cheesy ass doo-wop group perform, everyone is delighted except for Stephanie. You might think she’s become cognizant of the horrible nightmare world she’s come to inhabit, but it turns out that she … Continue reading

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Season 1, Episode 14, “Half a Love Story”

So now there’s some chick named Robin who knows Danny somehow and is auditioning for a job at his news station.  Danny insists that since they’re such close pals she should stay at the full house while she’s in town. … Continue reading

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Season 1, Episode 13, “Sisterly Love”

DJ kicks a bunch of ass playing the princess in “The Frog Princess” so the family showers her with love and attention.  Jesse suggests that Danny should try to have her cast in a commercial, which Danny is hesitant to … Continue reading

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