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Season 1, Episode 21, “Mad Money”

Jesse has been sneaking in and out of the full house with a mysterious blue duffle bag and the rest of the family wants to know what it’s all about.  Their bombardment of invasive inquiries is cut short by an … Continue reading

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Season 1, Episode 20, “The Seven-Month Itch-Part 2”

My apologies to those of you who lost sleep this past week while waiting to find out whether or not Uncle Jesse has really left the full house for good.  As for the rest of you, who probably can’t be … Continue reading

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Season 1, Episode 19, “The Seven-Month Itch-Part 1”

Jesse is really excited because the entire family is going to Disneyland and leaving him home alone to bang his girlfriend in peace.  He has trouble shooing everyone out except for Stephanie, who’s so excited about her upcoming trip to … Continue reading

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Season 1, Episode 18, “Just One of the Guys”

DJ passes up going to the church bake sale with Kimmy Gibbler because she’s anxiously awaiting the arrival of her cousin, Steve.  Her description of their time together is oddly suggestive:  “we go ice skating, we mess around… we have … Continue reading

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Season 1, Episode 17, “Danny’s Very First Date”

The Honeybees are having a meeting in the Full House.  Joey performs his duties as honorary Queen Bee by making lots of lame bee puns and fulfilling the requests of Linda, the fine ass Hive Mother.  The Honeybees are having … Continue reading

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