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Season 2, Episode 2, “Tanner vs Gibbler”

Once again the show begins with a pre-credits skit, accompanied by this weird cheesy graphic.  I don’t remember ever seeing this when I watched the show in syndication, but maybe that’s because it was bumped for taking up precious advertising … Continue reading

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Season 2, Episode 1, “Cutting it Close”

This Season begins with a pre-credits opener (a first for the series) that gives us a moment before the show starts to take a little breath and reacquaint ourselves with the Tanner family.   All the adults look just about the … Continue reading

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Season 1 Reviewed

Full House is a terrible show. Everything about it totally sucks.  The writing is bad, the characters are all shallow and annoying, and the production is lousy.  And yet somehow it became a cultural phenomenon that influenced the ABC Networks … Continue reading

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Bonus Entry: Season 1, Episode 0, “Unaired Pilot”

I’d always heard that there was an unaired Full House pilot but I never had a chance to see it until I started renting the DVD’s so I could write this blog.  Since the first episode begins moments before the … Continue reading

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Season 1, Episode 22, “DJ Tanner’s Day Off”

That’s right, motherfuckers, we made it all the way to the season finale!  After this we’ve only got seven more seasons of this shit, then maybe I’ll finally go get my Masters degree or something… We open with DJ jamming … Continue reading

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