Season 1 Reviewed

Full House is a terrible show.

Everything about it totally sucks.  The writing is bad, the characters are all shallow and annoying, and the production is lousy.  And yet somehow it became a cultural phenomenon that influenced the ABC Networks sitcom aesthetic for over a decade.  What the fuck?

The worst thing about watching Season 1 is realizing that it’s probably the best of the series.  As 1-dimensional as the characters appear so far, we’ve barely even scratched the surface of the relentless catch phrase spewing and heavy-handed morality that comes later on.   Even though these first episodes seem totally half assed and uninspired, they at least have some newness to them.  I guess the creators were still figuring out how to phone it in at this point.

The truly painful thing about Full House is that, as the show progressed, it seemed to embrace and even exploit its most obnoxious aspects, abandoning any granule of integrity along the way.  After watching Season 1 you might say that Uncle Joey is the most annoying character in the history of television, but then you remember that the Olsen twins haven’t started talking yet.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and instead take a minute to discuss the cast as they appear when it all began:

Danny Tanner is the world’s corniest sportscaster.  After his wife mysteriously dies he enlists his greasy, womanizing brother-in-law and his totally worthless fuckhead of a best friend to help raise his three young daughters.  John Stamos, who plays the brother-in-law, somehow manages to occasionally squeeze blood from a stone and display an inkling of natural charisma onscreen.  Although he fails to perform the impossible task of transcending this shows totally abysmal aesthetic, he at least makes it understandable why he’s the only cast member who went on to do anything remotely respectable in the acting world.  Dave Coulier’s performance as Uncle Joey is just so excruciatingly awful that I don’t even want to elaborate on it.  On that topic, however, I think here’s as good a place as any to share a little Dave Coulier trivia:  Did you know that he’s the guy that Alanis Morissette is singing about in that scorned ex-girlfriend song, “You Oughtta Know.”  I’m not even kidding.  He kicked her to the curb and she wrote a revenge song about it that became a huge hit.  Can you imagine getting dumped by Uncle Joey?   I’d keep that shit on the hush hush if it happened to me.  But, like all things relating to Uncle Joey, the heartbreak he inspired had to become inexplicably successful in the most obnoxious way possible.

The oldest daughter, DJ, is the closest thing to a straight man on the show.  She’s pretty unoffensive and is easily the most relatable character in the cast.  Stephanie, the middle sister, is actually pretty cute in the first season and occasionally delivers some pretty funny lines.  As for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s duel role as the baby, Michelle, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it:  That is an ugly baby.

The only reoccurring supporting cast member is Kimmy Gibbler, DJ’s wacky school chum who lives next door and is totally amazing.  Oh, Kimmy Gibbler, you’re too good for this show!

There’s not much to say about the arch of the season itself because Full House has just about the most negligent continuity I’ve ever seen on a tv show.  I guess if there’s any sort of running narrative, it’s the family sort of settling into itself and the Uncles transitioning from total incompetence to mild incompetence.  One thing that really bugged the hell out of me this season is the constant introduction of new characters and elements that would never be used again.  Danny’s Mom is made out to be a major reoccurring character in early episodes and then fades away entirely, the oddest aspect of which is that she’s often referred to and even appears off-screen occasionally.  Danny, Jesse and Joey all pursue love interests that seem to form into solid relationships at the end of the episode they’re introduced in but then they’re never mentioned again.  The most tragic of all the Season 1 casualties is Bubba the Turtle, a woe-begotten creature that Jesse finds on the side of the road and proclaims his undying love for, who only appears in a single episode.  Oh, Bubba, what became of you???

I guess if I had to lay down just one more gripe in this review it’s that I have a real problem with Full House’s overtly gay content that totally forsakes any sort of support or even acknowledgement of gay families.  It’s like the shows creators think that gay people are just a joke that somebody made up or something.  I guess the show tries to be pretty apolitical, but even still, having a bunch of touchy feely dad’s raising three girls in San Francisco seems like a premise that just has to recognize gay culture in some way.

So, yeah, Season 1 sucked hard but this show went on for 8 seasons and it only got worse, so hold on to your hats.  This blog has a long way to go.

Stay tuned!

Your pal,

-Billy Superstar-

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52 Responses to Season 1 Reviewed

  1. Carrick says:

    btw, the revelation that the guy “You Oughta Know” was based on was Dave Coulier COMPLETELY ruined the song for me. I’m sorry, but I really, really, really would rather not think about Alanis Morrisette going down on Uncle Joey in a theater.

    I’m sure this was already said a million times when the revelation first broke forth, but, man, if ever there were a break-up not worth crying over, it’s one with Dave Coulier. Jesus, Alanis, you deserve way better than that, girlfriend. I love how she got the best revenge: Dave Coulier is remembered for playing the worst character on one of the worst sitcoms of all time, while Morrisette is remembered for having written quite a few (albeit arguably, I know) pretty catchy, awesome songs.


    • billysuperstar says:

      Really, it was the Dave Coulier revelation that ruined the song for you? For me it was Alanis Morrisette’s loud, screechy voice. Still, their relationship couldn’t have been all bad. What about the cross-eyed bear that he gave to her?


      • Lauren says:

        Uhh…I really hope you’re being sarcastic. You know it’s “cross I bear” not “cross-eyed-bear,” don’t you?

        Also, do you really have nothing better to do with your time than to keep a blog purely for the purpose of bashing a TV show that’s been off the air for sixteen years? I mean, it would be one thing if this show was still making episodes or if anyone really cared to read your shallow opinion, (cause let’s just be honest, that’s all this is..), but don’t you think it’s a little odd for you to be airing all of this just now? I mean, heaven forbid anyone catch a rerun of this “horrible” show! It’s not taking up a primetime spot and it’s not like you even have to see any commercials for it, so what’s the deal? Seriously, why aren’t you spending your time actually contributing something to society in a positive way?

        Oh, and one more thing…if you really see fit to continue this silly little project, at least do some research. Even a little bit would be much better than the obvious ZERO you’ve put in thus far…
        If you’d done any research whatsoever, or perhaps even just went as far as to turn off the reruns and get off the couch, you’d be aware of the fact that almost all of the Full House cast members went on to accomplish many more things after the show ended. As a matter of fact, your Kimmy Gibbler (aka: Andrea Barber, whom I’m also a fan of so I say this with no disrespect), probably was the one who has stayed out of the spotlight the most. That’s not to say she’s been unsuccessful–she’s a stay at home mom to a beautiful family, and I’m sure very proud of her accomplishments, as she should be.
        But you should also know that Candace Cameron-Bure (in case you’re not quite up to date, as I suspect you aren’t, “Bure” comes from NHL star, Valeri Bure, her husband of 15 years), has definitely kept busy herself. She’s a very successful motivational Christian speaker, a New York Times best selling author, she’s remained in the public eye doing several movies and TV guest spots, and is currently one of the stars of ABC Family’s highly-successful “Make It Or Break It.” Not to mention her three beautiful children that undoubtedly keep her busy.
        So yeah, I suppose if that’s your definition of unsuccessful, your statement would be accurate.

        Dave Coulier has continued with his successful stand-up comedy. Bob Saget has had a few (albeit short-lived) sitcom and game-show hosting
        stints. Mary-Kate and Ashley are enormously successful business moguls, running several high-end clothing companies out of NY and LA. That might not seem impressive to you, but I’m pretty sure their billions of dollars speak otherwise…

        Heck, even Steve became Aladdin and Comet hit it big with a little thing called “Air Bud.”

        Here’s a new plan for ya: turn off the TV and go get a job….or pick up a book? Maybe go to school. Do something worth something with your life…


      • anthony says:

        I COMPLETELY AGREE. How are you going to say they are unsuccessful when all of that is above? Plus, the show is STILL on some channels. 16 years later! A show that runs for 9 seasons and still on 16 years later I would call something people watch and enjoy.


      • frankfurter says:

        I can’t even begin to explain how foolish this comment is…


      • Say What says:

        Uncle Joey, is that you?


      • Kristin says:

        The fact that the dogs success after the show was even addressed in “Laurens” salty comment, I’m guessing that Comet was behind it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Zozo says:

        “Lauren” knows everything about Full House and yet claims to have a life? I call shenanigans! Keep up the good work, BillySuperStar!


      • kathy says:

        def agree with zozo. SHENANIGANS !!! Please Lauren inform us why you read the entire blog AND had time to write that long response which frankly i didnt read fully because you take this a little to personal.

        Liked by 3 people

      • JohnMo says:

        Somehow I just discovered this blog and I love it! I am currently in the midst of watching all of the episodes on Nick at Nite with my 12 year old daughter (she gets a kick out of the early 90s clothes). And it’s kinda funny because she’s the same age as DJ in the episodes we’re watching. I used to watch this show very occasionally during the original run, but I was busy getting married and having kids, etc., so it’s pretty funny to catch up. It is SO annoying, even now. I really do want to punch Danny in the throat EVERY EPISODE!!!!


      • frankfurter says:

        I refuse to believe a world exists that includes people so dumb as to earnestly post something so pathetically misguided. I’ve convinced myself that you must either be a troll or that your mom jeans have somehow cut off the circulation to everything above your waist. Regardless of the source of your buffoonery, you have my pity.

        Liked by 1 person

      • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

        Fire and brimstone Can. What did we talk about on set?


      • wahhh says:

        wow you know ALLLLL that about every one yet the blog writer is the one who must turn off the tv and yet get a life?? i take this blog for what its worth…a grain of salt. its meant to be funny and as i see makes quite a few people laugh. so stop being sooo butthurt about somebody’s (you most likely dont know a thing about) blog like theyre writing hateful shit about the people who played the characters. full house was a great show during its time but looking back it was lame as hell. and im sure a lot of people agree. so maybe you should go do something worthy of your life…instead of reading every gossip magazine and crying about a silly blog that im sure someone write in their freetime.


      • K says:

        I’m sorry, I had to comment in reply to this “Lauren” character. Two main points:

        One, this blog is a JOKE. It’s for FUN, and it makes people LAUGH. This isn’t meant to be read as a real critical review of the series, and the series isn’t worthy of high-level critique to begin with! Besides that, the guy has been to college and he more than likely has a job, but even if he WERE an unemployed, uneducated guy, you have no right to tell him what to do with his free time. This blog probably takes no more than one or two hours of his time a week, and you’re shouting at him for keeping it up? I spend more hours than that a week searching for my friggin’ keys every day. Get over yourself.

        Two, the guy said that John Stamos is “the only cast member who went on to do anything remotely respectable in the acting world,” which is basically true. You can go on and on about how Andrea Barber has a wonderful family, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s done nothing respectable acting-wise since Full House went off the air. Your best argument (definitely an overstatement) would have been to bring up Dave Coulier’s fairly extensive voice acting career, but instead you’re talking about Candace Cameron-Bure’s shitty ABC Family sitcom? And the Olsen twins may be rich business moguls, but how does that change the fact that neither of them could act their way out of a paper bag? Seems like you’re the one who hasn’t done your research.

        I make no claims as to how accomplished I am or how much time I spend online doing silly things, but I had to respond to your inane comment. I know you won’t come back to read it, and I know it was unnecessary, but I had to get these things off my chest.

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      • Tayci says:

        Oh snap!!!


      • Corey says:

        Lauren is a dumb cunt, for multiple reasons. Beyond the fact that she has no idea that humor is a thing that exists in the world, and the fact that she has creepily memorized the biographies of the entire Full House cast, her most cunty attribute is her inane “why don’t you get a job and contribute to society!” argument. As though someone couldn’t possibly hold a job AND have the time to watch a 22-minute episode and write one short essay once a week.

        Bravo, Lauren.


      • bubba the baobab says:

        I don’t normally contribute to online flame wars, but it’s really bugging me how nobody has mentioned Jodie Sweetin’s methamphetamine addiction

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lauren needs to take the stick out. Lmao.


  2. Carrick says:

    Okay, it was never a great song (unlike Ironic, which, yes, IS A GREAT SONG!), but let’s just say it didn’t use to make me sick to my stomach, whereas now it does.


  3. Sarah P says:

    Just found your blog! This shit is uh-maz-ing! Must. Keep. Reading!


  4. SNC says:

    You people are crazy! I am in love with this show and I don’t like all this talk against it! You guys drive me crazy! It’s the best sitcom ever!
    Keep on jabbering about how “bad” it is, but it’ll never change how much i love this show!


  5. Wow. Lauren’s comment above is the best thing ever. I only hope that she’s for real, and not some plant funded by The Olsen Twin’s billions of dollars.

    Upon reflection, I’ve decided she’s actually Candace Cameron-Bure.


    • ilovethisamphibian says:

      I think she’s actually Comet, sliding in that little bit about Air Bud at the end like it’s no big deal instead of THE BEST MOVIE ABOUT A BASKETBALL PLAYING DOG OF ALL TIME.


    • bri says:

      You are so right, georgeofconnor. Nobody still likes Full House, except the cast members of the show (besides Stephanie, so I hear). I was the hugest fan of this show and watched reruns multiple times a day in the 90s (I was like 10 years old, lay off me!) And yet now, it pains me to try to watch an episode. It’s so terribly unfunny, the acting is awful, the script is boring, and the characters are really kinda bad people. Candace Cameron “Bure” (seriously, nobody cares who she married or that her last name has a little addition) has become just as lame as her brother. I think Lauren is actually John Stamos, cause that dude just can’t let go of Full House – he’s been pushing for a movie or some sort of reunion thing, but none of the other actors wanna do it hahahaha. I especially love how she mentioned that they “went on to accomplish many more things after the show ended.” and that Kimmy Gibbler “probably was the one who has stayed out of the spotlight the most.” just glazing over the fact that Jodie Sweetin has “accomplished” being a drug addict and that’s what’s kept her in “the spotlight”.


  6. Emily says:

    God this blog keeps me entertained for hours at work. I literally had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.


  7. Megan says:

    After skimming Lauren’s phenomenal display of tl;dr fuckery I have this thoughtful reply:

    So’s your face.


  8. Snato Ghauro says:

    Oh Lauren, I love your “not long for this world” sincerity. I have a feeling that the author was aware of the “cross eyed bear” gag, as he has quite the humourous style to him.


  9. manos says:

    Full house was terrible the very first time I saw it, when it was still new and being aired on network television. I was like, oh… I don’t know… maybe 10 or 13? maybe younger in it came out… and all I knew was this… kimmey was cute as HELL, DJ COULD be hot, sometimes, especially later on… and the olsen twins scared me… Oh, and I was scared of danny too, he looked like a child molester. worst show, aside from family matters, that I’ve ever seen. Makes the christian hit series “Bible Man” look like a blockbuster movie with a riveting plot and A list cast. and Bible Man is complete garbage. This blog is GREAT!!!!! best concept for a blog so far, although “to the chest” is pretty funny too…


  10. Lauren H says:

    I loved this show as a child, but now as a 30 year-old, I see how crappy the show really was. And I think that’s why I’m able to truly appreciate this blog…I get to reminisce about one of my favorite childhood shows while laughing my ass off reading the blunt, honest commentary of this blog. This blog is genius, and I’m so glad I found it. It has been a blast reading it the last two days, so I’ll be pretty sad once I’m “caught up” and will have to wait for new postings. LOL


  11. Casey says:

    Oh, Lauren. There are so many things I want to say in response to your post. But I feel that the other, more devout and weekly, posters can handle it in a funnier and more eloquent way than I could ever hope. All I’m going to focus on in your ridiculous post is your comment that the dog starred in “a little thing called Air Bud.” You say this as we should be fascinated and awed by this movie; as though it’s such an amazing movie, the name alone should shame us into laughing at this blog. It’s a movie about a basketball playing dog :l It’s not fucking Casablanca, or even Titanic. It’s AIR BUD. Jeebus, lady, get over yourself and develop a sense of humor.


  12. Liz says:

    I think this is the only show that has even WORSE continuity than Glee. By the way, I would love to see you review Glee. That would be priceless!
    I just found your blog and it’s amazing.


  13. SteveInSanDiego says:

    Lauren. Not sure if serious. I give your post 0.5/10. 8(


  14. Laney says:

    So embarrassed for “Lauren”.. yikes!


    • Kimmy Gobbler says:

      I totally think that this “Lauren” person is a Full House cast member. Seriously, who else would go so hard on that? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.


  15. Mandaliet says:

    Mysteriously vanishing sitcom pets: Jesse’s turtle. Kramer’s rooster. I’m sure there are others.


  16. Beth says:

    I just found this blog about a week ago and I am completely addicted! I am 28 years old and used to watch Full House as a child. I confess that I occasionally watch the reruns as well. I love this show and that will never change. Having said that, the show was ridiculous and included bad acting and writing as most family sitcoms do. Even as a child Danny, annoyed the fuck out of me and my brother and I were consistently complaining about how the entire show favored Michelle. When I get to the Disney World episode, I might just lose it all over again. Anyway, my point is that this blog makes me laugh so hard that sometimes I think I might cry! It is amazing! If people don’t enjoy reading the blog or are coming here to read positive reviews and/or don’t have a sense of humor please leave now and never come back! I can tell by the comments, that there are plenty of people who enjoy this blog for whatever reasons. Thank you to the writer for bringing me back to one of my favorite childhood shows and letting me review the pile of shit it really is! I know it is shit and I have always known, but again, I will also always love it!


  17. megan says:

    you know what ? shut up!


  18. Bojan says:

    OK, this is you opinion, so be it. For my tastes, there is no
    better US sitcom than ‘Full House’, nor there will ever be any
    that can outmatch it…


  19. Ferkner says:

    For the gay thing mentioned about season 1, keep in mind that this was the 80s. society and Hollywood were not sensitive to the rights of the gays and all that. They were still used as comedic fodder (see: In Living Color’s “Men on film” sketches). You can’t apply our standards on something that was created 27 years ago.

    I’m not defending the show, I am just saying things have to be taken in context. The show sucks.


  20. Lobster says:

    You know, I have to protest that none of the cast aside from John Stamos ever went on to do something with themselves. Bob Saget went on to be Voiceover Ted on How I Met Your Mother, which is a pretty sweet job actually. He’s uncredited in all nine seasons.

    Every time Danny does something particularly corny I like to imagine that’s Ted.


  21. kitty says:

    The first season was undoubtedly the best. The characters still recognised Joey for the stupefying asshole he was, Michelle’s role still didn’t exceed that of a dog or a piece of furniture, Danny’s manic OCD hasn’t fully kicked in yet, Stephanie was just annoying and not annoying *and* sad all around and I always thought Uncle Jesse worked better as the sleazy manslut than the PG family man and dad of two developmentally challenged kids. Also, the horror that is “Forever” was still looming from far far away at this point.


  22. Anoyomous says:

    I prefer the first three seasons because Stephanie was a cute kid and DJ and Kimmy were cool after the third season ended the show became a joke!


  23. Jess says:

    hey! so im finally coming around to saying something about this blog, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while! I don’t actually know if people still read this, or if you reply to comments but I just wanted to put a little insight to this whole thing. First of all, I love the idea, though it’s not really on-the-floor-laughing content for me, it’s pretty entertaining for an 8 pm Monday night. As a huge full house fan, I’m not gonna come for you because this whole thing is incredibly well done, and I respect you a lot! What I do wanna point out is the flaws and critiques I have, and the good stuff too. So, one of the first things we as readers notice is that you HATE Joey and you idolize Kimmy. Now I’m not saying it’s bad to have an opinion, your character preference is completely valid, but honestly I did get a little tired of you coming after Joey every other line. Jesse, Joey and Rebecca are, respectively, my fav characters in the whole show. And I feel like you’re a bit biased towards Joey because you see him from only one perspective. I’d also like to point out how the entirety of Season One, I agree, is a total fucking mess. The actors didn’t know each other at all (esp john and the other guys), they had a limited budget for the show, the extras were all over the place and the plot wasn’t very well made. You see, full house was supposed to be a sitcom based around three stand up comics, but that didn’t work out so they made it into a family type show. Now the first season is pretty wack because of the show’s primary focus on the guys, not really looking at the kids as they’re really just background characters for the plot. What we see of Danny, Jesse and Joey are, if we break it down, at least 3 characteristics each. After season one, the actors got closer, the ratings started going up and they got funded for another season. I honestly think that it just got better from there. We actually got character development, especially for Jesse and DJ. I really wish that instead of coming to this show with such an INTENSE hatred from the start, you could’ve come to it with an open mind and shit on it when it needed to be shitted on, not just because ‘joey is so fucking stupid, he did one mistake, what an idiot, i wish he would die’. Because, to be honest, joey isn’t that bad of a character! But in all fairness he really is the punching bag of the show, he gets no real credit even if he does something right, and in the last two seasons his entire character’s gone to shit because of the change of producers/writers (Jeff franklin leaving). Not to go on a joey rant but I think his peak might’ve been season 2, him and Jesse really bond, they get into advertising, he’s less of a joke and he’s just better written as a whole. Moving on from joey, though, I just wanna say that a lot of this blog is…kinda repetitive. All you REALLY do is rag on the show over, and over and over again for mostly the same things. I’m not one to defend the show, I do understand it is pretty terrible, but unfortunately it still holds something in my heart and I like it a lot. I really do wish you’d had a little bit more creativity and found some real things to shit on, not just the main characters flimsy personalities, the only reason they were flimsy is because they were so new. I do have good things to say, though. I really appreciate your time and effort into writing this whole thing. Each ep is pretty short to read through, and I can blast through it while I’m at school, which is great. I don’t think I’ll read your newest fuller house reviews, as I don’t like fuller house at all, I think they kinda butchered the idea. But I really do support you, I think you’re a cool dude and this entire blog is pretty funny. I actually got a lot of inspiration from you and made my own, though short-lived, review blog. It’s gone now, but I had fun writing the very first and last review for it.

    TLDR: your blog is fantastic and so are you as a person, I just wish you gave the show a chance before ragging on every little bit of substance you could chew out of it.


  24. I wonder how whatever Olsen feels about having her ass on display on the show?


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