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Season 2, Episode 7, “Joey Gets Tough”

Oh, great, an episode that focuses on Joey. Pre-Credits Gag:  Jesse and Michelle lift weights together and she’s got little baby weights.  Awww.  Then he flies her around like she’s super baby then there is some tickling.  Usually these pre-credits … Continue reading

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Season 2, Episode 6, “Beach Boy Bingo”

Over the last few weeks, Full House Reviewed seems to have inexplicably found an audience.  I’d like to welcome all of you new readers, especially, “The Pizza,” who left a comment a few weeks ago in anticipation of this very … Continue reading

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Season 2, Episode 5, “Jingle Hell”

Based on the title, I thought this was the dreaded Christmas episode when they get stuck in an airport.  Man, it’s gonna take some serious drinking to get through that one.  But no, the “jingle” in this title refers to … Continue reading

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Season 2, Episode 4, “DJ’s Very First Horse”

Pre-Credits Gag:  As Joey naps on the couch, the baby comes in and licks him. At a horse ranch, Jesse shows Michelle a baby chicken while Rebecca Donaldson watches.  Jesse is clearly trying to lure Rebecca in with his paternal … Continue reading

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Season 2, Episode 3, “It’s Not My Job”

Since we’re three for three here, I’m just going to assume that the pre-credits opening bits are going to be a staple for at least the rest of the Season.  I don’t remember ever seeing these before but, like I’ve … Continue reading

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