Season 2, Episode 4, “DJ’s Very First Horse”

Pre-Credits Gag:  As Joey naps on the couch, the baby comes in and licks him.

At a horse ranch, Jesse shows Michelle a baby chicken while Rebecca Donaldson watches.  Jesse is clearly trying to lure Rebecca in with his paternal instincts, giving her a look that suggests that they could have ugly, obnoxious twins of their own some day.

Rebecca asks the meta question of, “what are you doing here” and it’s explained that Wake Up, San Francisco is doing a special Saturday episode about this horse ranch and the girls wanted to see it being filmed so the Uncles are there watching, too.  I don’t really know why a farm is worth a special Saturday broadcast.  I guess they needed a reason why the kids weren’t in school.

Since she’s not in school because it’s Saturday, DJ is at the right place and time to get all obsessed with a horse.  As she ogles a fine equestrian specimen named Rocket, the creepiest guy ever to appear on this show saunters over and offers to let DJ adopt the horse for the modest fee of $100 every two weeks.  Just looking at that guy, you can tell he reeks of gin.

Anyway, DJ cooks up a scheme to go halves on the horse with Kimmie Gibbler, who suddenly appears at the ranch for story purposes. DJ then tries to gauge the likelihood that Danny will pay for the horse by asking the more general question of whether or not she can get a pet.  He doesn’t seem all that into the idea and cautiously suggests she pick a small, low maintenance pet and then all of a sudden they all realize that they’re being filmed for the show.  You’d think that there would be some sort of film crew for Wake Up, San Francisco that prevented things like that from happening.  Also, would they really let the whole family come down and just stand around while the show is filming?  I don’t remember ever seeing Regis Philbin’s family gawking in the background of his morning show.  Wake Up, San Francisco seems about as shoddily produced as Full House itself.  We’ll forgive them this time, though, because at the end of the scene we get to see Danny dressed in overalls milking a goat.

Later, back at the full house, DJ sits in her room and obsessively stares at pictures of horses.  Kimmie comes over and says that her mom totally refuses to pay for the horse.  DJ concludes that if they can make the first payment themselves, they can secretly own the horse for the first 2 weeks and then their parents will be so impressed by their responsible behavior that they will buy them the horse.  Yeah, that makes perfect fucking sense.  Stephanie walks in on the two of them chanting, “we’re gonna get a horse,” and becomes an accomplice to their scheme.

Jesse makes another attempt to get into Rebecca Donaldson’s tight ass jeans but she deflects him yet again, claiming that she has to focus on work right now.  She then says that she really likes having him as a friend, which we all know is a polite way for a woman to say that she will never fuck you.  Dang, she was lookin pretty good in that cowgirl outfit, too…

DJ and Kimmie go to the ranch after making their first payment on the horse.  Kimmie seems pretty uninterested in the horse outside of bragging at school about it, but DJ is full on horse obsessed.  There is a painful montage of her riding and grooming the horse set to an unbelievably bad cover of, “Good Day, Sunshine.”

What’s up with all of the terrible Beatles covers on this show?  It’s like they have the rights to The Beatles library of music but they hate it or something.  Anyway, after the montage, some helpful expository dialogue from DJ makes it clear that the first two weeks of horse ownership have passed and their next payment is due.  On that note, Kimmie Gibbler comes in wearing a badass new outfit and totally unapologetically declares that she’s not ready for the responsibility of making biweekly horse payments.  I like how Kimmie Gibbler treats DJ really shitty.

After Kimmie Gibbler abruptly exits, the disgusting weirdo ranch hand stumbles in and asks for his money.  DJ says that she’s short of cash but offers him a George Michael CD to cover the difference, which doesn’t work out for some reason.  I bet if she’d offered some home brewed moonshine it would’ve been a different story.  As he saunters away, barely maintaining his balance, she asks the old ranch hand if she can take the horse out for one last ride and he says why not?

Meanwhile, back at the full house, Stephanie plays in the kitchen with her little Asian friend, Harry, who I remember being a reoccurring character on this show.  I’m not sure how long he sticks around for but I know we’ll see him at least a few more times.

Anyway, Stephanie goes into the living room to find DJ after Uncle Jesse conveniently asks her to.   Stephanie unexpectedly finds that DJ has stolen the horse and brought him into the living room.  DJ says that as soon as Danny sees the horse she’s sure that he’ll be willing to buy him, but only if they can get him in the backyard first.

Ok, what the fuck?  First of all, why the fuck didn’t DJ ever even ask her dad if he’ll pay for the horse?  She never even mentioned the horse to him one time.  Second, and more importantly, getting the horse into the backyard is just a pointless device in order to create a bunch of wacky interactions.  Is it really that important to get the horse into the backyard?  Isn’t the real issue here that DJ stole a fucking horse?  Finally, how did she get the horse home from the ranch?  Are we to assume that she rode him through the street of San Francisco?  I mean, what the fuck?

So Stephanie tries to distract Uncle Jesse so DJ can sneak the horse into the backyard but Jesse keeps hearing cheap stock horse sounds coming from the living room and quickly discovers the situation.  Soon Joey gets involved too and then everyone agrees that it’s really important to get the horse into the backyard before Danny gets home.  Naturally, Danny comes home that minute and it’s just so darn wacky when the Uncles try to stop him from discovering the horse.

So of course Danny can’t be shielded from the fact that there’s a big ass horse in his living room and he gets all pissed at DJ.  He sends her to her room and they have a very important talk and the music comes on.

DJ says a tearful goodbye to her horse but then it turns out that Rebecca Donaldson bought him so DJ can still ride him and stuff.  It’s not like we’ll ever actually see this horse on the show ever again, but it’s nice to know that he’s still around.  DJ says, “I love you” to the horse and then we get a brief reprisal of that horrible Beatles cover while DJ rides the horse in slow motion over the credits.

Seriously, what was up with that ranch hand?  Where did they find that guy???

Firsts:  Harry

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45 Responses to Season 2, Episode 4, “DJ’s Very First Horse”

  1. The Pizza says:

    whoa. this project of yours is exhausting and intense. and hilarious. you deserve to become famous for this.


  2. The Pizza says:

    also, it sounds like a college fiction class writing prompt from hell — “get the horse in the backyard.” and speaking of bad Beatles-covers montages, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on how Full House ritualistically slaughtered the music of the Beach Boys through the years…and what about poor Brian Wilson–who Mike Love probably heavily sedated and dragged to appear on the show—I think at the end of Season 2. He hilariously stands there catatonically while the others jump into a “cornball ass” rendition of one of their songs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • billysuperstar says:

      thanks for the love! a little support goes a long way when working on a long, masochistic project. the beach boys episode is coming a week from this friday. stay tuned!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. bibberly says:

    In the picture of Harry, who is that in the blurry picture to the right? Is it Jesus? John Lennon?


  4. Carrick says:

    What about the fact that DJ goes to this ranch or whatever all by herself when she’s only like ten?? Even if you’re able to suspend your disbelief enough to imagine that she’d actually be able to get there by herself, no one ever notices that she’s gone?? Is she constantly saying that she’s over at Kimmie’s? And no one EVER checks up on this, and her sneaking off is never even addressed, even after it’s discovered, as if it’s normal for a ten year old or whatever to be wandering around San Francisco alone?? (Maybe it is addressed and you just didn’t mention it, but I’m assuming it wasn’t, given how it seems like it wouldn’t from my vague memory of all those 80s sitcoms I was sadly subjected to as a child, in which their rules and the actual rules of reality so frequently conflicted, which actually sometimes caused me some confusion.)


    • billysuperstar says:

      There’s a brief line after Danny sees the horse where he says something like, “you’ve been lying to me about where you’ve been all this time,” but, yeah, that doesn’t really clarify much of anything. I bet she was bumming rides off that drunken ranch hand.


  5. Carrick says:

    My mom woulda never let me see the light of day again after pulling a stunt like that.

    Bet I know how she “paid” that drunken ranch hand. Don’t look at the deleted scenes! 😉


  6. mrs says:

    i’m seriously enjoying your reviews of each episode, i keep cracking up at my desk while reading. (even tho i still love watching the show — at 25!! — reading about it from your perspective is very entertaining!)

    now i’m wondering why DJ brought the horse thru the front door instead of straight into the backyard in the first place.
    You see the front of the house in between scenes or the credits or whatever, have you seen how many stairs lead up to the front door!?
    there’s obviously an entrance to the back yard somewhere big enough to get a car and motorcycle through….


    • santanaonfire says:

      I was going to comment that DJ needing to take the horse through the house to the back yard acknowledges that there is no way a car could have been brought back there from that episode in season one. I hadn’t considered the stairs though – good observation.

      Billy Superstar – you ask why they need to bother to get the horse in the back yard anyway? Can you imagine neurotic clean freak Danny discovering a steaming horse pile in his living room in addition to a horse? It would be armegeddon!


      • Cory says:

        I thought it would have been great if the horse unloaded a full bladder onto the couch too. Or had sex with the couch. And yeah, defecated onto the couch too.

        Then go insane and tear up the whole living room, and get caught in some cords and rip the entire wall down onto itself, which would collapse the second story onto it and everyone else, then Danny comes home to find everyone dead except Michelle, who would be teetering on the edge up stairs ready to fall, and because he closed the door to hard she falls and Danny can’t catch her in time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Corey says:

        “I thought it would have been great if the horse unloaded a full bladder onto the couch too. Or had sex with the couch. And yeah, defecated onto the couch too.”

        Oh god, now I’m just imagining all of those events happening in sequence. It’s simultaneously hilarious and terrifying, and it absolutely should have been included on the show.

        Liked by 1 person

      • My sides are split!


      • Stacy Hirsh says:

        I could imagine Danny saying “there’s shit everywhere!” just like he said in the movie Dumb and Dumberer. 😀


  7. Fishy says:

    Man, what is up with all the terrible Beatles covers in this show?


  8. Mumu says:

    Ok, entrance to the front door requires about ten steps up, but the back door is at ground level? I know San Francisco is hilly, but DANG.


  9. Lisa says:

    So basically, a minor can purchase a horse without any permission from an adult or any proof that she can make payments? Yea, that sounds like a legitimate establishment.


  10. PuppetDoctor says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing after seeing that horse sitting in the living room. I mean really she put the horse into the living room?


  11. Brad says:

    to this day I still make “Cheese donuts” because of this episode


  12. Tayci says:

    The horse that she’s riding and the horse in the living room are two different horses.


    • DancingHare says:

      Haha, I was just about to point that out. I notice stuff like that.

      It’s probably because the horses were trained to do different things but as usual they figured no one would notice. To be fair, this happens a ton in actual legit movies too.


  13. Eve says:

    I could not stop laughing at this recap. Like all the times I’ve watched the reruns I never stopped and thought about how fucking ridiculous it is that DJ brought it in the living room. Or that the guy just assumed two 10 year olds with no jobs would be able to keep up with payments….this show man.


  14. Katie says:

    This is also the first appearance of DJ’s awesome shape sweater. It’s almost as memorable as Roseanne’s chicken shirt.


  15. Mary says:

    Regarding the opening sequence, exactly why does Joey need to take a nap? He doesn’t have a job and seems to be worthless in every way, so why so tired?


  16. RS says:

    I seriously thought at first that Danny was grabbing Joey’s manhood in that phone photo of them all piled into the doorway.


  17. beautifulsorta says:

    I never got Jesse’s attraction to Rebecca. He’s supposed to be this bad-ass rebel, who is just so damn cool. Why would he like someone as bland as Rebecca? Plus she was always grating to me. It was like she had to keep her talk show persona on 24/7. She was just overly fake to boot. Uninteresting, and slightly insulting to anyone who lives in Nebraska because of her cliche experiences from there. OF COURSE she grew up on a farm, because screenwriters are so out of touch with anything that isn’t SF, LA or NYC. If you live anywhere else you probably have a southern accent and live on a ranch.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Penny says:

      I never understood it, either. Rebecca was a little too posh, always 100 percent right in their disputes, and seemed like she was above Jesse’s ‘scene’ and his musical endeavors. Plus she was always perfectly made up and immaculately dressed. On a different matter, it always bugged me that everyone in the full house always had their shirts tucked in. Even in trying to seem funny and wacky, there was this element of wholesome self-control.


  18. Jeanne says:

    I thought the lesson of this episode would be that you can’t always get what you want… but apparently you can. I wish I had a relatively complete stranger buy me a horse because my dad wouldn’t do it for me.. Because I’m fucking like 12 years old and could never afford/have the sense of responsibility to care for a horse on a daily basis.
    I like the comment about riding the horse thru San Francisco back to the full house.. Lol. I also like she straight-up stole the horse and could’ve been arrested.. But of course it’s “full house” so there’s no consequences for poor behavior.


  19. Odotry says:

    I’m pretty sure a child can’t purchase a horse without a parent’s consent, which makes the guy running the place seem that much shadier.


  20. JCC says:

    I would not let my child lick Dave Coulier.


    • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

      You sir, win the 1995 Best New Christian Contemporary artist (Latino-non English) category at this year’s Dove Awards!


  21. PBT4U says:

    Damn. If only I had that dopey ass music to play in the background when I was in trouble as a kid. Maybe then id suffer zero consequences and still get a fucking horse.

    Pretty down with cheese donuts though.


  22. I lost it at that closing pic!

    “Are we to assume that she rode him through the street of San Francisco? I mean, what the fuck?”

    I’m a Bay Area native, and I’ve seen people ride horses in the city. The problem is there aren’t horse ranches in the city, and you’ve got to be reeeaaally fucking rich to have enough room for even a small yard. I never knew how the people who rode horses in the city got them there to ride them.


  23. Jen says:

    What the hell is wrong with that goat? It looks like it has mange.


  24. Liz says:

    Poor goat looks like it got mange


  25. Robin says:

    Does anyone else think the title of this episode is strange? “Very first” horse – as if most kids own multiple horses. Most of us have our “Very first” car, first how outside of our parents’ home, etc. Unless you live in a country/rural area, you don’t have a very first horse.


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