Season 3 Bonus Material

Just to give you one last kick in the nuts before we’re done with Season 3, the entirety of Season 3’s DVD Bonus Features is this one crappy featurette, “Joey’s Impersonations.”  I guess they were thinking if that they were only gonna create one 3 minute piece of bonus content, they might as well make it as excruciating as possible.  They could have called this reel, “the worst of Seaon 3” and I doubt I would have found it at all remarkable that they were all Joey clips.

I don’t have much to say about it because a) it’s pretty self-explanatory and b) I immediately blocked it out of my memory.  It’s just a bunch of annoying Joey clips that occasionally have little cheap looking animated graphics overlayed.  They did the same thing with the montages they created for Season 2 and I guess some executive liked it enough to bring it back for Season 3, probably because it costs like 5 dollars.

This being the only bonus feature is a bigger insult than no bonus features at all.

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13 Responses to Season 3 Bonus Material

  1. Teebore says:

    “Special Feature” is just plain false advertising. Three minutes of crappy Joey impersonations is neither “special” nor a “feature”.


  2. Jenn says:

    Did Dave Coulier actually think all this stuff was funny?? Were all these stupid impersonations and the “cut it out” bit written for him or did he come up with it? Does he do stand-up in “real life”? and if so, does he do this stuff? It’s so awful. Painfully awful.


    • Dalif says:

      Watch this at your own risk:

      The punchline at 0:43 made me want to ram a coarse 2 by 4 wooden pole up my spinchter. But there we have it.

      I assume it’s real laughter we hear in that clip. I also assume he’s performing at a home for comically challenged people. Either that, or he’s at a polish orphanage, and people don’t understand english, they are just happen to see a live person utter sounds on a stage.


      • Lisa says:

        2:48 pretty much sums it up.


      • erin says:

        I could only get through about half way, but all his act succeeded at was making me feel really bad for his son.

        And stop complaining about your child’s behavior, Dave Coulier. You only have yourself to blame.


      • sciguy says:

        And remember that this guy has been doing stand up for like three decades and that is some seriously weak material. I think the audience had some of that same groupthink phenomena that had full house pulling in fourteen million viewers a week.


      • Santanaonfire says:

        I made it just long enough to see 2:48 at Lisa’s recommendation, and she’s right. Sums it up perfectly.

        I don’t think I’m going to be able to smile for a week, after having watched that.


      • Missi says:

        “Dad, for a comedian your not a very funny dad”

        And this is the first time he EVER said anything anywhere near correct……


    • BOTR says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the same people that find him so gosh darn* funny are the same ones that think Jay Leno is downright hilarious.

      *I say “gosh darn” because there’s no way in hell that people who enjoy his type of humor are saying “god damn”.


  3. S says: I just really wanted to point out that the picture used for the menu here is the same picture from this blog (mirrored).


  4. Sarah Portland says:

    I have a better Idea for a montage. Let’s gather together all of the scenes where Danny shoves the meth-induced cleaning kick down Michelle’s throat. Play them in a row to an actual psychiatrist, and have them give us a run-down as to why this behavior is psychotic, and what Michelle might possibly grow up to be like. I would watch the shit out of that.


  5. Liz says:

    The screenshot at the end with Joey looks like they drew a pig snout and ears!


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