Season 4, Episode 12, “Danny in Charge”

Pre-Credits Gag:  The Dads all tuck Michelle in as her birthday draws to a close and she’s a real pain in the ass about going to bed.  After they leave she gets up and eats an enormous piece of cake that she’s stashed under her bed.

Once again, I am totally amazed by the complete lack of supervision this family provides for their just-turned-4-year-old child.  The saddest part about it is that she never falls down the stairs or eats poison or anything that you’d hope to see, she just gets away with acting like an asshole all the time.  I also find it remarkable that they didn’t bother to base an episode around Michelle’s birthday and only used it for a quick throwaway gag, but considering what I imagine such an episode to be like, I’m grateful for their lack of effort.

Stephanie shows off her science fair project to her sisters: a model of the human brain made out of vegetables.  I can honestly say that it’s the shittiest science fair project I’ve ever seen, on tv or in real life, and that includes the time that Ralph Wiggum presented a box full of star wars action figures.  It’s just a cauliflower with a bunch of other vegetables pinned to it.  It looks like it took 2 minutes to make, and in no way resembles a researched, scientifically accurate depiction of an actual human brain.

Stephanie makes the other girls promise not to tell Danny what her project is because it’s a surprise, unlike the inevitable plot development that’s to come as a result.  Danny comes downstairs and mentions that the uncles are out of town filming a commercial so it’s his first time alone with them in the full house since he kicked his mom out in the first episode.  Danny can hardly remember what the full house was like without 2 worthless assholes around to fuck everything up, and feels that this time should be a special one that he shares with his girls.

Kimmie Gibbler tells DJ (how did I go this long without mentioning that Kimmie Gibbler was there for all this!??!) that Kathy Santoni got sick so she can’t play Juliette in the play, and since DJ’s her understudy she’ll be playing the part.  I feel kinda bad for Kathy Santoni…  Since she’s the only one of DJ and Kimmie Gibbler’s classmates with a name, she always has to be the unfortunate recipient of whatever off-screen circumstances guide the plot.

DJ makes Danny promise to come see her performance on Wednesday and then he prances out of the house singing about what a badass dad he is.  Immediately after he exits, as if the last 80 or so episodes weren’t enough evidence that his claims of skilled parenting weren’t total bullshit, DJ realizes that her stupid play is at the same time as Stephanie’s geeky science fair, so there’s no way he can make it to both.  Why would these girls even want Danny to come to their events anyway?  How are they not totally ashamed of him?

Meanwhile, in the woods, the uncles sit outside of a fox hole with a camera so they can score footage for some lame commercial.  So I guess we’re to assume that they’re working again?  Joey tries to lure the fox out by doing that annoying Mr. Woodchuck impression and Jesse gets all impatient and starts gathering up his shit so he can return to civilization.  He is quickly stopped in his tracks by the appearance of a skunk, and when he asks Joey for help all he’s provided is a shitty impression of Pepe Le Pew.  Seriously, how mad would you be if you were about to get sprayed by a skunk in the woods and that was the only assistance you were offered?  Adding insult to injury, the fox appears while all this is going on so the uncles don’t get their shot.

Danny finds himself overwhelmed with responsibilities at the full house.  DJ comes home and starts grilling his ass about coming to her stupid play and he promises again that he’ll be there.  Stephanie comes down and starts going on about her nerdy ass science fair and Danny realizes that he’s overbooked himself.  Both of the girls immediately revert to shrieking harpies and demand that Danny attend their crappy event.  After a bunch of door slamming and a commercial break, Danny assembles the girls in the kitchen and announces that since he promised Stephanie first, he’ll be attended her nerdy science fair.  DJ gets all pissed but the conflict is seemingly resolved until Danny busts out his vegetable dish for dinner.

Ok, what?  This is totally ridiculous for so many reasons.  First of all, if Danny actually steamed a cauliflower with a bunch of other vegetables pinned to it that he found in his refrigerator and served it to his children then I think that he should have them taken away from him.  I’m pretty sure that the #1 rule of parenting is: do not serve any food that has metal pins in it to your children.  Second, Stephanie treats the steaming of her science project like it’s this big fucking tragedy.  How is her project at all ruined by the steaming?  It looks exactly the same.  Maybe it took seeing it steamed up and served in a pot for her to realize what a shitty project it was in the first place.  But, really, if anything her project is improved by the steaming because it would certainly be more brain-like if it was all soft and squishy.  Well anyway, for whatever reason the science fair is officially ruined and it seems as though DJ will have to bear the shame of having Danny attend her school event after all.

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Jesse wakes Joey up in the morning, prominently emoting a new-found appreciation he feels towards nature.  The 2 of them break out into a rendition of “Happy Trails” and are surrounded by friendly woodland creatures.  As they continue their song the fox appears and Joey is able to film him, and that’s it.  That’s the whole uncles-filming-a-fox-in-the-woods subplot.

In the morning, DJ continues to ride Danny’s ass about going to her stupid play and he promises for the 50th fucking time that he’ll be there.  Stephanie comes downstairs and discovers that her crappy brain model has been reassembled and Danny reveals that he was up all night making her a new one.  Danny, please.  Don’t even try to tell me it took more than 5 minutes to assemble that piece of shit.  Anyway, DJ gets all threatened by the science fair no longer being ruined but Danny explains that he’ll be able to attend half of each event.  This desperate compromise fails to appease either of the bottomless wells of relentless demand that Danny refers to as his daughters and the scene ends with everyone feeling like shit.

After Stephanie and DJ leave for school, Danny goes upstairs to hang out with Michelle before the science fair and he’s like, “damn, those bitches wore me out!” and falls asleep in her bed.  Later on, Stephanie and DJ come home and are both real pissed that Danny didn’t show up to their event.  Once they realize that he wasn’t at either of their events they narcissistically conclude that if he didn’t make it to their stupid school bullshit than he must have died tragically or something.  What other reason could there be!??!  To be fair, the last time one of their parents missed an event was probably when their mom died, but knowing these broads they were probably more upset about her missing their stupid spelling bee or whatever than the fact that she died a fiery, painful death.

The girls frantically search for Danny for about 5 seconds before finding him passed out in Michelle’s bed.  For a split-second they are granted enough empathy to realize that their constant stream of bullshit wore out their poor, unqualified father and they apologize for being such dicks.  The weirdest part about this scene is that the music doesn’t come on until after the valuable lesson is learned, so it’s just playing for seemingly no reason as Danny tells his daughters how great they are and listens to their banal anecdotes about how their events went.  Usually the music has magical conflict-resolution powers, but this time it just feels obligatorily tacked on.  Anyway, that’s the end.

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65 Responses to Season 4, Episode 12, “Danny in Charge”

  1. Teebore says:

    Crazy, this is one of the few episodes of which I have absolutely no recollection. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

    I also find it remarkable that they didn’t bother to base an episode around Michelle’s birthday and only used it for a quick throwaway gag

    Maybe it’s because the writers realized how difficult it would be to portray a special event for a child who already gets to do and have whatever she wants?

    I’m pretty sure that the #1 rule of parenting is: do not serve any food that has metal pins in it to your children.

    It’s gotta be in the top 5, at least.

    As they continue their song the fox appears and Joey is able to film him, and that’s it. That’s the whole uncles-filming-a-fox-in-the-woods subplot.

    First of all, they really needed to get that footage themselves? Maybe I’ve grown soft in these heady days of the internet, but there wasn’t stock footage of a fox at the library or something they could have used?

    Secondly, I know animals tend to leave humans alone and aren’t man eating monsters or anything, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to sleep that close to a fox den…

    Don’t even try to tell me it took more than 5 minutes to assemble that piece of shit.

    I love that in the screen cap you can see Danny using a diagram of a brain as a reference, as though anything on that vegetable monstrosity actually corresponds to something on that diagram.

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    • I’d agree with you on sleeping that close to the fox den. Mostly because a lot of animals use dens, and if that had been say a badger instead of a fox, well that’d have been a lot less wacky antics and more Jersey and Joey get their faces ripped off.

      Also, help me out here, is it me or are those sleeping bags hilariously close together? Like “We will never talk about what happened at this ‘Camping Trip'” kind of close.

      Of course, it’s not like EVERYTHING ELSE doesn’t suggest that Double J were getting it on.

      Because Jersey is too much for just one woman, even Lori Loughlin.


    • Bridget says:

      Vegetables are beautiful but not when you try to make them into a brain model that doesn’t look like a brain! I was actually jealous of the salad bar in the high school in “Twilight” because the veggies looked delicious and not like those limp beans and carrots from cans they served us!


  2. PattyD says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just blew through all of these posts- now I have to wait every week for them to come out 😦

    I’m also bummed because I had what I thought was a brilliant idea to do a review of SBTB (Seriously, I know waaaay too much about that show- I was obsessed with it in my youth. And I only thought about it b/c of that Candace Cameron/Mark Paul Gosseler MFTVM I mentioned the other day.), but the comment section of the last 2 episodes makes me think it’s already in the works here. Of course, there might be one formed already, but I’m too lazy @ this moment in time to google that.

    Seriously, WTF is up w/that “brain” & WHY would that dumbass cook it? On a similar note, I have a vague memory of making a cell model for 6th grade science class & using beans for the mitochondria. You can bet your bottom dollar that no one in my family cooked that & tried to serve it up for dinner.


    • As if its not bad enough that he cooked something with pins in it, he has no idea where that thing even came from, and there are other random vegetables attached to it. Why in God’s name would you make that for dinner?

      Also, was that all the dinner he made? Basically a big piece of cauliflower? Maybe DJ’s eating disorder is not, in fact, over, but is actually being enabled by her father…


    • BOTR says:

      You’re definitely lazy if you couldn’t be bothered to type out words such as “and”, “with”, and “at”.

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  3. Dr. Bitz says:

    I’m trying to decide what the worst parenting mistake is: Finding some random vegetables in your refridgerator and steaming it up without inspecting it at all (and thus missing the fact it has metal pins in it) or passing out and leaving a 6 year to have the run of the house without any supervision.

    I would probably go with a third choice, allowing Joey to live in your house with your three daughters.

    Anyway, you would think there was stock footage of a fox. But, how did Jersey and Joey even know where to look for the fox in the first place? Are they avid hunters or something?

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    • Ashley says:

      She actually only just turned 4 in this episode, so that’s even worse. Most kids probably wouldn’t stay in the room and build blocks. She would be running around the house, or she might even leave considering it’s Michelle.


  4. Sara says:

    This cracked me up haha. I defiently agree about the brain. What idiot would want to cook that? Apparently Danny Tanner.


  5. steve says:

    Ralph’s project was a diorama for diorama-rama not a science fair.

    Love your blog!


  6. The Complexities of Full House says:

    Here’s the most frustrating part of the whole freakin’ thing. Danny says he’s going to go to Stephanie’s science fair first and then go to DJ’s play. They both say that this is unfair because he’ll miss the first part of the play (the only part DJ’s in) and the end of the science fair when Stephanie will get an award. Any parent with an IQ higher than that of a turnip should be able figure out that if he does the exact opposite— goes to DJ’s play and then Stephanie’s science fair– he will catch both DJ’s performance and Stephanie’s awards and no one will be sad. Seriously. Just….seriously. How does he breathe and walk at the same time?


    • Matt says:

      Other people talk about how one or two scenes stand out in their minds when they think of Full House. For me, it’s the scene with Stephanie whining her dad will miss the science fair judging while DJ whines he’ll miss her part of the play, while he acts like a spineless waste of life and just takes their abuse.
      I feel this scene really epitomizes the show: a bunch of self-centered morons running around arguing and throwing tantrums for petty, asinine reasons which only overprivileged white people could ever possibly think were that drama-worthy.

      I remember watching this as a preteen and thinking “Really? All three of them are too damn stupid to see the OBVIOUS solution (going to the play first, then the science fair)? How many cocks do these writers take up the ass each day to keep their jobs?”

      When the two daughters bitched at their dad for the millionth time for not giving them everything they want in life, I fucking wanted him to look them both in the eyes, one after the other, and say “This shit? This shit right here? This shit is why your mother fucking killed herself. I lied about how she died to make you both feel better, but fuck it: the two of you fucking drove her to suicide. Now shut up and fuck off or I’ll wait till you’re both asleep, handcuff you to your beds, and set the house on fire.”

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    • There is no way that Stephanie is winning an award for that shit.

      I don’t think it would have mattered when he went.

      From what I remember of mine, you just stand in front of your exhibit and wait for the judges come by so you can explain it to them, then you go check out every one else’s project.


    • JohnMo says:

      We thought the exact same thing. Actually my 12 year old daughter thought of it. I agreed. She has taken to looking at me every time we’re watching an episode and Danny says something totally stupid or annoying (literally at least 10 times per episode). I can’t even tell her the thoughts going on inside my head. She asks me “Do you hate this show or like it?” I said “I love it!” But then secretly couldn’t wait to get on here and read the recap the next day!


      • Ashley says:

        Why do you guys watch it then?


      • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

        The same reason that you watch Bravo hoping that those festive, well-dressed gentlemen will one day marry you and accept you and your lady parts and your twenty cats and your ongoing obsession with the Little Mermaid.

        We enjoy it. Please don’t harden the mellow that is this board.

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      • Ashley says:

        Replace the Little Mermaid with Harry Potter and I don’t know what Bravado is, so replace that with The Walking Dead. Four years late to this comment, but seriously, I wasn’t judging you? I just asked why you watch it. I hate Full House so I wasn’t trying to defend it or anything. I can’t stand it so I never watch it but I love this blog, so I just wanted to know why you watch it if you hate it. I can’t watch things that I don’t like. Perhaps I should have worded differently do I didn’t offend anyone? I’ll remember that in the future I guess. A friend of mine stayed with me for about and she loves Fuller House but I refused to let her watch it in my house.


  7. robyn says:

    *the bottomless wells of relentless demand that Danny calls daughters*

    Funniest sentence I have ever read …


  8. furburger says:

    i totally remember the brain. unfortunately, as a stupid fuckhead kid, i thought that shit was super legit.


  9. Pete says:

    “Kimmie Gibbler tells DJ (how did I go this long without mentioning that Kimmie Gibbler was there for all this!??!) that Kathy Santoni got sick so she can’t play Juliette in the play”

    STDs are a bitch.


  10. Lauren says:

    Is it me, or is Romeo & Juliet only performed at tv schools? I’ve never heard of a performance of the play in real-life outside of Shakespeare festivals, but every single school on television seems to have done the show.

    Though kudos to Full House for not going with the cliched plot of having Romeo played by some guy DJ didn’t like and her not wanting to kiss him and then getting to know him better through rehearsals and realizing he’s a good guy and therefore connecting the theme of the play with her real life.


  11. Tis true – this isn’t the diorama-rama, this is much closer to Lisa’s agriculture project where she makes a pig out of an eraser, some push-pins and a spring for his curly tail.


  12. Dalif says:

    Nobody here wonders why Danny is overwhelmed with responsibilities when Jersey and Joey out of town? I mean, they take absolutely no part in any responsibilities as it is. Quite the contrary, in fact. They are both a block around Danny’s legs.

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  13. Lisa says:

    Why isn’t Danny at work?

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  14. “As they continue their song the fox appears and Joey is able to film him, and that’s it. That’s the whole uncles-filming-a-fox-in-the-woods subplot.”

    So Jesse managed not get sprayed by a skunk or eaten by a fox? Bummer.

    Screen cap #4 – what are those strings hanging from the phone? Weird.


  15. kp199 says:

    This has pissed me off until this day. DJ complained that Danny was missing her part in the play, because he was going to Stephanie’s event first. Then, Steph complains that he’ll miss the judging. WHY DIDN’T HE GO TO DJ’S PLAY FIRST, AND LEAVE WHEN SHE DIED TO MAKE IT IN TIME TO SEE THE JUDGING. What a fucking idiot.

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  16. Non-Jerk Michelle says:

    I love this website so much, it’s like my eyes are finally open reading how insanely ridiculous FH truly is. The one thing I always thought was stupid about the conflict in this episode is how after Danny reassembles that mess of a brain he announces that he’ll go to the beginning of the science fair and the end of the play then both girls bitch and moan about how he’s missing the best parts of their events. Hello, just switch them around moron! But that logic may just be too much for the Full House universe to handle…
    Anyway, you’re awesome Billy Superstar.

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  17. Kristin says:

    I remember this episode from being grossed out the first time around with the cauliflower brain with random garden salad pieces pinned to it. 20 years later, still grossed out.

    I never realized until this blog how completely incompetent Danny Tanner is. I have a 4 year old, and granted I don’t have to deal with an overweight failed comic or a future meth addict/sadistic bitch of a preteen, the kid doesn’t get the run of the house or served random safety pinned laced vegetables as a side dish.

    I can see the parallel universe of what the Tanner girls would be like now being awfully similar to that of the actresses that played them.

    Michelle grew up to be a pair of unpleasant assholes with an inflated sense of entitlement, bad fashion sense and access to Aunt Becky’s pill cabinet.

    Self centered asshole Stephanie, always needing attention got herself some fake tits, picked up a meth habit and was so self absorbed, neglected te shit out of her own offspring. Now she is resorting to get dat money by starring in short films on the web with the worst male in the house, Joey. Then again she could have went the Judy Winslow route of short films…with Joey. ohgodwhy.jpg.

    Constantly shot down and neglected D.J. (not to mention the least fug out of the group) has had her self esteem so shot to hell, she turned to Jesus. However, she’s not even in the same arena of fucked as Stephanie and Michelle and went on to have a well adjusted life. Even with the disadvantage of being related to Kirk Cameron.


    • JohnMo says:

      All I could think about was how nasty the house must have smelled after that brain was boiled, I almost wanted to puke!


  18. Angela says:

    Agh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who caught the blatantly obvious solution to this problem with his daughters. I kept wanting to scream that at the TV. But that would’ve been weird.

    There was another episode that always bugged the shit out of me with how it was handled, too: the one where DJ criticizes that kid at the school dance for drinking beer and some of it spills on her and everyone freaks out and thinks she was drinking and doesn’t believe her when she says she wasn’t. I get irrationally irritated every time I see that episode.


  19. Sarah Portland says:

    Oh, look. Michelle is eating cake. Again. With her hands. Again.
    I think these people only live off of fried chicken and cake. No wonder DJ has an eating disorder. Especially after her own father offers her up a plate of steamed science project.


    • Ben says:

      Seriously, shouldn’t Michelle have contracted diabetes by this point? All she seems to consume are cookies, cake, owse cream, and fried chicken.


  20. Cindy says:

    I’m a little late to the party, but I’m going through these during my long shifts at work, and they’re awesome. So anyway, I wanted to mention that I have a really specific and vivid memory of Jersey singing “Get the cameraaaaaaaa Joseeeeph” that has stuck with me decades after watching. Goddamn.

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  21. Cindy says:

    So upon rewatching the episode, I noticed that when Jersey is complaining about nature, and seemingly says central heating, it definitely comes out “sexual heating “.


  22. Ella says:

    It’s kind of weird how in the last picture, everyone’s staring at Stephanie. Danny’s probably thinking, “Aw, fuck! I missed the fucking awesome science fair…and Stephanie got an award! I am so glad that I didn’t sit through D.J.’s crappy play. I’d act like Romeo, too…”


  23. Bridget says:

    I remember the Star Wars diorama project from “The Simpsons” and Principal Skinner loved the diorama and Ralph Wiggum fell on it and whined, “I bent my Wookie!”


  24. Kenny says:

    Danny, please. Don’t even try to tell me it took more than 5 minutes to assemble that piece of shit.

    LMFAO this site continues to be so priceless ty so much for creating it Billy Im sure everyone feels the same in that regard. 🙂

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  25. Bridget says:

    I am now watching this episode and I liked how Michelle showed compassion for her tired father. Danny fell asleep in Michelle’s bed and Michelle covered him up with her little blankie and offered him her toy pig. She was very quiet and played with her toy blocks while he slept and she even suggested that she be the horse in the horsey game because he was exhausted!

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    • Sara Wilson says:

      I caught this episode today too, Bridget! I thought that part was cute.
      I usually watch in the morning before work and then look up the review for that episode when I get here. haha!


  26. Full House Expert says:

    Not to mention like, okay so if Danny was going to go to Steph’s science fair first and DJ’s play second, but Steph says that judging occurs at the end which is the whole reason for going so showing up to the first half is useless, and DJ says Juliet is dead the entire second Act of the play so going the second half is useless, why didn’t he just flip it? Go to DJ’s play first and Steph’s event second?


  27. Claude says:

    Is this the first time the girl’s DIDN’T get what they wanted in the end? The wish fulfillment on this show always finds a way to please the girls before the episode wraps up, no matter how ridiculous it is. I was half expecting some Steve Urkel-esque foolishness with Danny splitting in two so he could attend both events. The fact that he missed both events and the girls just had to deal with it is giving me the chills because it means the writers might finally be acknowledging what entitled little shits they’ve created and the bad influences they would be having on the kids watching this show.

    Of course, this is all negated by Michelle stealing and eating cake with her hands. Again.


    • Nukegrrrl says:

      I think the fact that neither sister got what she wanted left both girls feeling very pleased with their lot.

      Regarding the cauliflower brain, and Steph’s overall lameness, I feel like it partially explained why Stephanie and Kimmie were acting more friendly toward each other as the series wrapped up. Like a cartoon light bulb went off over their blonde, poofy haired heads when they realized that they are both mediocre dumbasses who care about DJ, and they could bond over that.


  28. Odotry says:

    That was supposed to be a brain? It looks more like a cell. I’m not surprised the writers don’t know what a brain looks like considering they had no reference during the writing presence.


    • Bridget says:

      Odotry, I found instructions on e-how that show how to create a brain out of cauliflower. It involves painting the brain halves and not pinning veggies to it!


  29. Stephen says:

    I remember one line that cracked me up when I first saw this one as a 16 year old–Danny on the phone making dinner and doing laundry at the same time. He gets all flustered and says “My shorts are cooked and my noodles are dry.” Don’t ask me why I found that hysterically funny . . .


  30. Lisa says:

    “Stephanie treats the steaming of her science project like it’s this big @#!*% tragedy. How is her project at all ruined by the steaming? It looks exactly the same. Maybe it took seeing it steamed up and served in a pot for her to realize what a @#!*% project it was in the first place. But, really, if anything her project is improved by the steaming because it would certainly be more brain-like if it was all soft and squishy.”

    You’re making me cry here, Billy!


    • Bridget says:

      Lisa and the rest, I do think a human brain does look like a cauliflower. The consistency of a brain is of tofu, though! I studied the brain in school and it surprised me to find out that the human brain feels no pain. No one on Full House uses their brain and I always thought it was just Michelle who never used it!


  31. Martin Tanner's Ghost says:

    Danny’s compromise always bugged me. If attending the judging of the science fair and the first half of the play were so important, why couldn’t he just go to the play first and leave after the first act to catch the judging of the science fair? Oh, right. It’s the full house.


  32. Martin Tanner's Ghost says:

    Also: “After they leave she gets up and eats an enormous piece of cake that she’s stashed under her bed.”

    I first read it as, “an enormous piece of shit.”


  33. Lila says:

    There was a funny part in the woods with Jesse and Joey when Joey was all grumpy about having to be in the woods and Joey was all like, “I was in a good mood and you ruined it! Do you feel good now!?” and Jesse smiled and said, “Yeah, actually.” Plus he made fun of Joey’s impressions! Awesome.


  34. kt says:

    On the pre-credits gag it’s Michelle’s birthday. Didn’t she just recently have a birthday on the episode where her, Jesse and Stephanie get locked in the auto shop?


  35. Tamtastic182 says:

    I’ve been reading this up to here and I’ve held back on comment, but this is an episode I remember very specifically being annoyed on years ago…

    Danny is going to go to Stephanie first 1/2 of the Science Fair and miss the judging.. Then he is going to go to the second 1/2 of the play and see nothing but DJ dead.

    Umm.. hello dumbass!

    Go to the first half of the play, see your kid not dead and actually ‘act.
    Go to the second half of the science fair, see your kids crappy brain win some crappy prize, because you know she is going to win.

    This annoys me so much. just F*ing look at the calendar! ARGG!!!!!

    ok… I feel better.


  36. Tamtastic182 says:

    And now I see others already made that comment.. I’m so glad I’m not alone in being so, so annoyed by this!


  37. Jen says:

    Holy shit, people…could you not read the other comments before before suggesting the exact same solution for the 15th time??

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  38. Robin says:

    Stephanie’s vegetable brain model is small. So Danny saw it in the fridge and thought it could be dinner for three children and himself?

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  39. djdaveydave1 says:

    What’s that bullshit about DJ being dead in the second act? Anyone even remotely familiar with the play knows Juliet dies at the end ffs. If the play is going to be a major plot point, you’d think it would behoove the writers to know something about it.


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