Check out our new digs!

Just a quick post to acknowledge the new Full House Reviewed website.  I hope you like it!  Now you can support my ridiculous project by clicking ads (they’ll be up soon) or donating directly, or by buying a Full House Reviewed t-shirt!  Thanks to all you readers for making this happen!

your pal,

Billy Superstar

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8 Responses to Check out our new digs!

  1. dude – this site looks SICK. so effing cool.


  2. Zozo says:

    I came here in a roundabout way. First from’s Linkstorm, then to the Huffington Post, and now here I am! I’ve already read through all the episodes so far, and I am hooked! I was a fan of Full House when it first aired, and since I was a kid then, I never knew how much snarky humor could be got out of it. It’s refreshing to see the show from a jaded adult side. Difficult as it may be to sit through all the schmaltz, please keep up the good work. I need my weekly dose of ironic entertainment. P.S. Whoever did the drawing of Michelle for your site, well they got it dead right. Amazing!


  3. PuppetDoctor says:

    I didn’t know about your site when it was on WordPress so I don’t know what the old layout was like but I have to say I love the banner.


  4. I also don’t know what the old site looked like, but, I must say that I assumed you used photoshop to alter a screen cap of Michelle for the banner. I’m now under the impression that someone drew it. Nice work!


    • Billy Superstar says:

      yeah, i hired an illustrator. glad you liked it! there’s a chance that if this ever becomes a book that the screencaps would all have to be illustrated. i wonder if that would work…


  5. Elliemai says:

    I love this page but it’s pretty harsh how u keep calling kids ugly and shit, it’s kinda harsh. I think Michelle is cute

    This page doesn’t make me feel a different way about full house my favourite show but gawd its the funniest thing I’ve ever read 😂😂


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