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Fuck My Life

I’m having a really complicated emotional reaction to this.  On the one hand, wow!  Thanks so much for all of your support!  But, also, oh no!  Now I’m totally obligated to review the rest of the series.  I honestly didn’t … Continue reading

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Season 4 Reviewed

Here’s to you, beloved Full House Reviewed readers!  I can’t thank you enough, or blame you enough, for the perpetuation of this very silly project.  I don’t think it’s at all difficult to believe that I would have quit this … Continue reading

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Season 4, Episode 26, “Rock the Cradle”

Holy shit, I really was starting to think that there’d never be a finale to Season 4, but I guess we finally made it.  This episode doesn’t have a pre-credits gag for some reason.  What a tragic loss!  Instead it … Continue reading

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Season 4, Episode 25, “The Graduates”

Season 4, Episode Twenty-What!??!  How fucking long is this Season gonna go on for?  I looked back at older Seasons and it turns out they’ve been getting progressively longer…  Rationally, I know that this show wasn’t intentionally made to suck … Continue reading

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