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Season 5, Episode 2, “Matchmaker Michelle”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Michelle runs into DJ’s room and shouts at her to wake up to watch Saturday morning cartoons with her because every joke on Full House has to be about somebody bothering someone else.  Then Joey runs in and … Continue reading

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Season 5, Episode 1, “Double Trouble”

Pre-Credits Gag:  As Michelle struggles to fall asleep before her first day of kindergarten, she is confronted by the most terrifying image the human mind could possibly conjure up:  the grinning visage of Joey as he stands expectantly in her … Continue reading

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Half-Time Show: Top 10 Saved By the Bell Background Characters

Hi, guys!  I’ve missed you so much!  So, here’s the deal:  I assumed my buy-Season-5-or-I-won’t-review-it ultimatum would last a lot longer and wouldn’t be resolved until my Mom ended up buying them (my Mom totally reads FHR.  Hi, Mom!  Maybe … Continue reading

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