Half-Time Show: Top 10 Saved By the Bell Background Characters

Hi, guys!  I’ve missed you so much!  So, here’s the deal:  I assumed my buy-Season-5-or-I-won’t-review-it ultimatum would last a lot longer and wouldn’t be resolved until my Mom ended up buying them (my Mom totally reads FHR.  Hi, Mom!  Maybe you were right about all that tv rotting my brain…).  I’d planned on writing a series of articles entitled, “The Writer’s Strike” while the stalemate played out, both to retain readers during the hiatus and also because I thought it would be fun to do some pop-culture blogging that wasn’t strictly about Full House for a change.  But, much to my surprise, a few readers seemed pretty eager to get to Season 5 and the DVD’s came right away.  Who woulda thunk it!

But there was one “Writer’s Strike” idea that was too good to pass up, so I thought I’d offer this intermission, or “half-time show” for you football fans, before returning to the seemingly-endless slog that is reviewing every episode of Full House in chronological order.  And so I offer you this one-time entry that celebrates another shitty show, one I’d call the most divinely shitty show of them all, Saved By the Bell.

I fucking love Saved By the Bell.  It’s completely garish and nonsensical in every way imaginable, and since it was continually renewed for syndication throughout my entire upbringing, it’s been a ubiquitous part of my life.  I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve watched this show so fucking much that I’ve even developed an affection for all the colorful background characters who illuminate the hallways of Bayside High.  That’s right, even though 6 kids completely dominate every single class and school activity that takes place at Bayside, there is a large and diverse cast of unsung heroes who populate the school and create a vibrant, living ambiance throughout the series.  Some of them do little more than stand in the background and react accordingly to the main characters’ antics, but others eventually graduate to speaking, or even supporting, roles.

And so, without further ado, here it is:  the only non-Full House, Full House Reviewed article you’ll ever read.  This Friday, rather than commiserate about one awful show for it’s lack of craft or tact, we celebrate the inane minutiae of a much more charming but equally terrible show.  This week, we pay tribute to:

The Top 10 Saved By the Bell Background Characters: 

10)  The Surfer Guy

The Surfer Guy is there to reaffirm stereotypes about early 90’s Southern California surfer guys.  His interests include surfing, skateboarding, and, presumably, smoking pot in a van in the Bayside parking lot.

One of the only times he ever speaks onscreen is when he and his doped up surfer buddies pitch their business idea, a collapsible cardboard surfboard, as a class project.  Even A.C. Slater, inventor of Buddy Bands, can see what an idiotic idea this is.

Surprisingly, his habit of skateboarding through the halls never provokes Mr. Belding to say, “hey hey hey hey, WHAT is going on here?”

9)  The Short Girl 

Although less flamboyant than many of the other kids at Bayside, The Short Girl stands out because she’s literally like 5 feet tall.

The Short Girl likes to party, evidenced by her appearance at just about every school dance or birthday throughout the entire series.  She also has some pretty great reactions to all the ridiculous nonsense that occurs on and around Bayside.

Apparently her locker is right next to the staircase, making her a captive witness to all sorts of bizarre spectacles.  But, I wonder, would the absurdity of these situations be as apparent to us, the viewers, without her emotive reactions?

8)  The Guy With Butt Rock Hair

Originally cast as one of The Surfer Guy’s crew, The Guy With Butt Rock Hair carves out his own unique identity over time.  Although he, too, reaffirms Southern California stereotypes and surely spends a great deal of time in that van in the parking lot, he also spontaneously plays air guitar at parties, making him an entity unto himself.

7)  Fat Enid 

Although obsessive SBTB devotees (I can’t be the only one) will point out that Fat Enid’s name is revealed during the graduation ceremony at the series’ climax to be Margo Mason (what a gratifying conclusion to the series it is to see so many background characters finally named!  We also learn that The Short Girl is actually named Wanda Wilcox), she is affectionately referred to by my friends and I as “Fat Enid” because she resembles a plus-sized Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World.

Fat Enid’s attire begs a question that can be applied to several of Bayside’s ambient extras:  is she supposed to be a hipster, or some executives outdated archetypical rendition of a nerd?

Fat Enid is also apparently the only Jew at Bayside, which we learn when a teacher asks everyone in the class who’s Jewish to raise their hands.  I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but whatever, it only served the purpose of aiding one of Zack’s zany schemes when he claimed to be one of the chosen people to get out of class, so who cares?

6)  The Asian Chameleon 

You might think that being the only Asian person to ever walk the halls of Bayside High would be enough to land a spot on this list, but the Asian Chameleon has so much more to him.

So what’s the deal?  He seems pretty normal, right?  But there’s one thing about the Asian Chameleon that separates him from the rest of these background characters (well, two if you count the fact that he’s the only Asian person.).

The Asian Chameleon occasionally plays the role of a nerd.  He’s the only extra who plays a dual role, presumably because they wanted an Asian nerd but refused to hire another actor.  What’s most amazing about it is that he sometimes plays both of these roles in a single episode.  What, we’re supposed to think that he’s two different guys?  Don’t rerun your show four times a day for twenty years if you want to try to get away with a stunt like that.

5)  Ollie, the Nerd With a Frog in His Throat

Ollie, the Nerd With a Frog in His Throat, is a more well-known background character, as he tends to get a few lines whenever he appears onscreen.  He’s often on committees or in school clubs and contributes his opinions with his trademark scratchy baritone. He’s also a common easy mark whenever Zack tries to sell some bullshit product to a bunch of rubes.

I wonder if the actor who plays him really talks like that or if his weird voice is just some schtick he came up with to score more lines.  He does get a laugh pretty much any time he says anything, regardless of whether it’s a joke or not.  I also find it remarkable that so many of the background characters at Bayside are nerds.  Is it because of the popularity of the Revenge of the Nerds movies?  Seriously, Bayside’s like %40 nerds.

4)  Herbert, The Twitchy Nerd

Speaking of Bayside’s abundance of nerds, here’s Herbert, the Twitchy Nerd, who has the same ridiculous sneer on his face for every single second that he appears onscreen.

Herbert is often paired with Ollie, and I like to think that they’re best friends, although Herbert can be seen getting pretty friendly with other nerds from time to time.

Herbert is probably the hardest working extra of them all, as his unwavering dedication towards fixing his face to look like he just sniffed a turd has got to be pretty strenuous.  He also moves in quick, jerky movements that are surely the product of years of study at the Oxford School of Drama.

3)  Ox/Scud

Ox almost doesn’t qualify for this list, as he’s more or less a supporting character in the Tori episodes, but, fuck it, I never saw his ass in the credits.  Besides, there’s just so much to say about him.

Ox originally appeared as Scud, the red herring character in the “No Hope With Dope” episode, but for some reason he was later recast as a different one-dimensional character. What’s even weirder is that there was already a dumb jock character named Moose on the show.

Ox really draws attention to the fact that Saved By the Bell is more or less a live-action adaptation of Archie comics.  Although the characters at Bayside aren’t one-to-one analogs of the kids at Riverdale, they’re both essentially stories about the improbable adventures of archetypical teenage stereotypes, written for children by out-of-touch hacks.  These parallels are never as evident as when the character of Ox shows up, who actually is a one-to-one analog of an Archie character, who interestingly enough is named Moose.

I’d feel guilty if I didn’t mention that Archie comics have really improved in the past few years.

2)  The Twins

The twins are probably the most iconic Saved By the Bell Background characters, or the ones most often recognized even by people who don’t have an unhealthy obsession with the series.

The Twins always wear matching outfits, which both emphasizes the amazingly awful fashion trends of the early 90’s and gives the backgrounds a distinct, David Lynchy feel.

The Twins are your best choice for a Saved By the Bell background characters drinking game, as every time there’s gossip, every time Jesse is looking for supporters for her feminist cause, every time Zack needs to swindle someone or hit on them, they’re there.

1)  This Guy

Although This Guy is less conspicuous than many Saved By the Bell background characters, mostly because he’s considerably less cartoonish in his appearance than most of them, I can guarantee you that once you’ve seen him, you will never un-see him ever again.

This Guy offers so many amazing moments, as he’s present throughout the entire series.  No background character better exemplifies the collective reactions of Bayside’s student body to a given situation than he does.

When A.C. Slater gets in trouble with the military, we’re assured of the seriousness of the situation by This Guy’s astonished expression.

All he can do is hang his head as he tries to process the dire consequences of Slater’s mistakes.

In a lighter scene, This Guy lets us know that Slater’s drumming for the talent competition is supposed to be good by rocking out behind him and giving him a congratulatory pat on the back when he’s done.

This Guy provides a sense of empathy to the audience that the main characters cannot.  You see, Saved By the Bell is a story presented to us by Zack Morris, an omniscient narrator who knows he’s in a story and controls every element around him, be it the winning results of a raffle or the movement of time itself.

Since we, the viewer, can never know what it’s like to control the very fabric of reality, we can only see Zack as the other, an unknowable entity.  This Guy embodies the experience that more closely resembles our own, as a passive spectator in the drama surrounding Zack.

This Guy is the face of Bayside’s largely marginalized student body, forced to dance aimlessly in the background in a wizard robe as the real drama plays out in the foreground, a plane only attainable by 6 students at Bayside and maybe whoever they’re trying to bang that week.

But This Guy still has a few glorious moments of his own, like in the episode that chronicles the aftermath of Zack and Kelly’s breakup.

During a montage of dates, Zack goes to a series of screenings of the same movie, two of which are attended by This Guy, who has a different date each time!  Dang, way to play the field, This Guy.

This Guy only speaks once in the entire series, despite being present for damn near every episode.  When he and his friends are asked to voice their opinions about Bayside’s radio programming, they praise everyone’s performance except for Slater’s.  What is it with This Guy and Slater?  They seem to have a pretty complex relationship…

Here’s the you, This Guy, the greatest background character in this history of television! You are Bayside’s unsung hero no longer!


Finally, since I had to fast-forward through the entire fucking series to create this blog entry, I took a few more screencaps of moments that were too good not to share.

Alan Fairbanks just barely didn’t make the list.

See you guys next Friday with the premier of Full House Season 5!

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62 Responses to Half-Time Show: Top 10 Saved By the Bell Background Characters

  1. Wilkins says:

    I hope you don’t get flak for doing something different, this was hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michelle says:

    sbtb.blogspot.com…. reminds me of you and it’s pure comedy


  3. Teebore says:

    Seriously, if wasn’t for shows like The Simpsons and other actually good TV shows, Saved by the Bell would be my all time favorite show. So anytime you want to break things up with a little SBtB coverage works for me (and one of these days I’m going to finally do a post on my favorite one-episode love interests).

    since it was continually renewed for syndication throughout my entire upbringing, it’s been a ubiquitous part of my life.

    Ditto. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched this show more than any over, short of The Simpsons.

    Surprisingly, his habit of skateboarding through the halls never provokes Mr. Belding to say, “hey hey hey hey, WHAT is going on here?”

    I think he saves that for main-cast shenanigans.

    is she supposed to be a hipster, or some executives outdated archetypical rendition of a nerd?

    Outdated nerd. Totally.

    Is it because of the popularity of the Revenge of the Nerds movies? Seriously, Bayside’s like %40 nerds.

    I think it was to help shore up the main cast as the “cool kids” (sans Screech, of course). The more nerds hanging around, the cooler everyone else looked.

    When he and his friends are asked to voice their opinions about Bayside’s radio programming, they praise everyone’s performance except for Slater’s.

    Even better, Asian Chameleon was in that screencap too!

    Your picture of Zack and Screech in bed together reminded of how that happened an awful lot on this show…

    Amongst my favorite background characters you didn’t mention are pre-fame Scott Wolf (who was a waiter at the Max AND in the glee club) and that doofy looking blond guy wearing a turtleneck in the foreground on this post’s very first screencap. I have no idea what his deal is, but he’s the guy I think of when I think of “recurring background characters”.


  4. Dr. Bitz says:

    Man…and I thought I watched a lot of Saved By The Bell.

    I remember the blonde surfer/skateboarder, but I just always called him “Fake Zack Morris” because if you weren’t paying attention you might accidently think it’s Zack, until you saw that he was lacking the Greek God-like features that only Zack’s face could contain.

    The frog throated geek always seemed odd. Like you, I always questioned if that was his real voice or, if not, where it came from? Maybe it’s some horrible impression gone awry? But it’s always good for a chuckle.

    Remember when Screech would saying something like “Last time you told me to trust I ended up…” and then tell us of an incident that sounded ten times more interesting than any actual episode of Saved By The Bell?

    Is Ox the one who came up with the love poem “The birds and the bees and the trees don’t compare to your knees, Louise?” Because I loved that shit.

    Also, I’m kinda creeped out that, in the last pic, I didn’t immediately realize that chick was Slater.


  5. Hebrewersfan says:

    Guilty, she/he reminds me of that girl from Glee


  6. CerebralPaulZ says:

    The show is told from Zach’s POV right? So anyone who isn’t his friend is a nerd not worth knowing. Makes perfect sense that there are so many geeks.


  7. Bart says:

    OMG as if I couldn’t love your analysis of the greatest bad sitcom of all-time, you go and add insight to the only cornball show more dear to my heart than FH. SBTB is a near religious experience since I grew up rewatching like 4-6 episodes a day since it was on all afternoon elementary school through college. I ACTUALLY GOOGLED “Saved by the Bell twins” within the last month bc I suddenly got curious what happened to them. Alas, that google search bears no fruit.

    And I don’t even recognize This Guy! What a racist I am! This comes from someone who stood in line for like 2 hours to get his SBTB DVDs signed by Beldo.

    Please don’t let this be your only SBTB post. You clearly understand the brilliance of this masterseries.


  8. PuppetDoctor says:

    I really enjoyed this list. As a child I hated Save By the Bell. I remember at my babysisters house as a kid her daughter would always put on Save by The Bell after school and I couldn’t stand the show. In high school though in the morning before going to school while eating breakfast I would watch Save By the Bell in syndication on TBS and I really enjoyed the show (except for the College Years. When they got to that part of the series I always sighed because it was terrible).

    Thanks for this great list. I never really paid attention to the background characters. I am looking forward to the premiere of reviews for Season 5.


  9. Kristin says:

    OH my god I love you for doing this! This is amazing.

    I have something to add. Does anyone remember like the very first season of SBTB when they were in junior high and also lived in Indiana?! Brian Austin Green was on the show and there were a few different characters – Lisa and Zack and (maybe?) Screech were on, but there was also a character named Nikki and another named Mikey who were Zack’s close friends. Mikey was sort of Slater-ish but less muscle-y, and Nikki was a bit of a proto-Jessie.

    Anyway long story short they didn’t make it to high school and neither did Hayley Mills. but I DID spot the actor who played Mikey in the background of several scenes. I always thought it was weird, like was he not super pissed about the downgrade? I would not want to be an extra on a show I used to be a cast member on!

    Oh, here is IMDB for the show, which was called Good Morning Miss Bliss. I think they sometimes rerun these episodes as SBTB though: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092363/


    • Billy Superstar says:

      yeah, sbtb was a series that would not die. first it was a retooling of good morning, ms bliss after some network change-over stuff happened, then of course there were the college years, new class, etc. the ms bliss episodes were re-ran later as proper sbtb episodes with intros by zack explaining that they were his junior high days. i dont know about you, but my high school didnt look exactly like my junior high. also, yeah, it was set in a different state. another testament to the delightful hackiness of sbtb. i dont remember seeing mikey as a background character, tho. can anyone provide a screencap?


      • Kristin says:

        Yeah it was crazy! I had forgotten all about the New Class. I don’t even consider those real SBTB. It just didn’t live up to the ridiculousness. One of the characters from that show is STILL playing a teen on Pretty Little Liars though. Dang.

        I will try and get a screencap but I don’t have access to the episodes. I SWEAR it happened. He’s on the phone at the Max. But I don’t remember what episode. However it was an earlier season one.

        Yeah it is the weirdest that it was in Indiana. I wonder what it would’ve been like had it remained in Indiana? Being in California just worked for a lot of reasons with their ludicrous plots.

        I would love if you recapped more SBTB. If you don’t want to, I will!


      • Teebore says:

        I also loved that Mr. Belding moved across country with three of his students to be the principal at their California high school…


  10. Dr.Victator says:

    I think the deal was they just wanted to boost the episode count to get to sweet syndication early. I liked the Deke episode with Deke looking like he was 19. The weird thing about TV is the teens who look old are usually real teens. While the young looking ones are eighty seven.

    Tommy D on the first season of New Class looks like he is flipping twenty years old. Check IMDB and he was fifteen at the time.


  11. ladyship says:

    This must have taken you forever, and I appreciate every single second it took you! Loved it, loved it, loved it.


  12. RachWho? says:

    I didn’t think I could love you more. And then you did this. Sometimes I fear that around the time I hit, oh, say 36 years old, my brain will be full of useless trivia about SBTB and Full House, as well as everything else I learned up to that point, and I will literally be unable to learn anything further. And I’m okay with that now knowing that you and I can share a bowl of jello at the retirement home. Unless it’s cherry. Then you’ll have to get your own.


  13. Andrew says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t enjoy this blog more (silly me), you had to go and do a SBTB extra recap. I was crackin up the whole time and evidently i was too amazed by kelly and her 80s/90s hair to notice some of the extras like “this guy” haha. Thanks for doing this!


  14. scrunchiemagnet says:

    This inspired me to look up the video where Jesse does Caffeine pills and then breaks down singing “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so..scared!” . That acting is bitchin.


  15. Amanda says:

    I was just googling the twins from SBTB when I found this post. What a gem. Thank you! I’ve always felt the extras/classmates (who were pretty consistent, which was cool) and the teachers on SBTB were true gems!!


  16. The Pizza says:

    Sigh. This was a glimpse into what COULD HAVE BEEN during the writer’s strike, but I guess instead we’ll have to slog through more Full House, and we’ll never know…

    Liked by 1 person

  17. sarah says:

    please please please do this show next when you are done with Full House.

    I was surprised you didn’t have Ginger on there!


  18. Sally says:

    Please make SBTB a side project! I am so down for your hilarious commentary on that awesomely horrible show as well.

    Also, I feel like the teenage Rosy Perez chick needs honorable mention on this list as well, she even made it into several of those screencaps. I always think of her, Fat Enid, and the Twins when I think of extras on the show.


    • Billy Superstar says:

      ive gotten quite a few letters from people who intend to do sbtb reviewed, so by the time im done with full house i figure someone will go through with it. as for neglected extras, there were quite a few that were regrettably cut from the top 10, including maxwell nerdstrom and big pete.


    • JCC says:

      I call her Bayside Neneh Cherry but Teenage Rosie Perez works better…


  19. Magellan333 says:

    “Herbert is probably the hardest working extra of them all, as his unwavering dedication towards fixing his face to look like he just sniffed a turd has got to be pretty strenuous.” I still laugh at just the thought of this comment. I am so glad you decided to take some shots at Saved By The Bell. I considered doing a blog like this of my own dedicated just to SBTB, but realized it was first and foremost a show for kids, unlike Full House which was more of a family sitcom. The pickings would just be too easy and would often illicit the comment “It’s just a kids’ show”, so I decided not to pursue a regular trashing of Bayside. It would be awesome if you decided to give the entire series its due (minus the Miss Bliss years, the show had some values then).


  20. Moog says:

    What about Muffin Sangria?


  21. Starved Dog says:

    I can’t help but wonder if The Twins are the same creepy twins that play in The Great Outdoors with Dan Akroyd and John Candy?


  22. “This Guy provides a sense of empathy to the audience that the main characters cannot. You see, Saved By the Bell is a story presented to us by Zack Morris, an omniscient narrator who knows he’s in a story and controls every element around him, be it the winning results of a raffle or the movement of time itself.

    Since we, the viewer, can never know what it’s like to control the very fabric of reality, we can only see Zack as the other, an unknowable entity. This Guy embodies the experience that more closely resembles our own, as a passive spectator in the drama surrounding Zack.”

    Dude, this is some seriously deep analysis of SBTB right there. You could make a solid thesis on that, I’m impressed at your powers of critical analysis. They show clearly in your FH posts, but this is much deeper.


  23. Lisa says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that the pizza boy from Home Alone was also an extra on a couple episodes of Saved by the Bell? There was one episode when Zack wanted to use the phone in the Max but Home Alone’s pizza boy was using it instead.

    It’s fun recognizing the extras in all of my favorite 90s shows and movies.


  24. Lauren says:

    I just rewatched every SBTB episode in a three day period when those bastards at Netflix Instant added it to the line-up. It’s probably the first time I’ve seen the show in its entirety since I was about nine or ten (I vividly remember screaming at my mom, who was at the ER for suffering an allergic reaction to almonds, that we wouldn’t make it home in time for the newest episode of The College Years). I obviously loved the show as a kid because it was the best fucking show ever, but now at 27 it’s even better because it is the WORST. I spent 90% of each episode watching the hilarious background actors and it was the first time I ever noticed Fat Enid so I’d seek her out especially because she had some genuinely awful reactions to various situations and I couldn’t get enough. My other favorite was that weird slightly chubby Latina? biracial? chick with a bush of weird orange-ish hair…she’s on a date with This Guy on his second outing, staring somewhat awkwardly/sexily directly into the camera. I thought “I have to make a list of all of these extras because they’re my new best friends.” This was literally a week ago. Then I come to catch up on Full House recaps and lo and behold, it’s done. Thank you JESUS. Also, it looks like Herbert took a few lessons in “how to be the worst actor ever by making the worst expressions in the world” from Dustin Diamond. Another ALSO, girl Slater is HOT.


  25. Furienna says:

    “Fat Enid is also apparently the only Jew at Bayside, which we learn when a teacher asks everyone in the class who’s Jewish to raise their hands. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but whatever, it only served the purpose of aiding one of Zack’s zany schemes when he claimed to be one of the chosen people to get out of class, so who cares?”

    I’m only a very a very casual viewer of this show, but I have to say things about this. First of all, isn’t Screech also Jewish? And secondly, the teacher asked how many were Jewish, because the Jewish students would have the day off for Rosh Hashana.

    About the show as a whole, I think it has its charm, but I think I prefer “Full House”.


  26. Mack Zorris says:

    Omg !!!! I have been looking for “This Guy” for yeaaarrrrs ! I have been telling people for years there is a regular black character on SBTB and he never had a speaking part..but he was there from the first episodes all the way to graduation !!!! Yes he actually is the greatest background character ever. And thank you for this because now people can stop calling me crazy lol. Every time I mention it they think I am referring to the nerd.but once again he actually spoke !!! I’m 33 so I watched this show since NBC premired it…….so for that long you can imagine !!! Loll All I want to know….is WHAT IS THIS GUYS NAME ???!!!!!!!!

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  27. Chris says:

    There’s actually another duel role background guy. Up above someone mentioned the pizza delivery guy from Home Alone as an extra in SBTB. He plays a normal student when he was on the phone and in another episode he plays a nerd. I actually notice him a few times in this show. He looks like a taller Zach.


  28. SaidMan says:

    I actually was watching an espisode of SBTB and wanted to see if I could find a name for “This Guy” since he was on the show for so damn long and wanted to see if he was ever recognized for his character on the show. IMO he should have received some speaking roles to atleast acknowledge his time of being on the show.


  29. She Bop says:

    I too share a fond nostalgia for SBTB. I remember first watching the preview Saturday lineup show where its premier was teased and thinking I would definitely add it to my cartoon list.

    I never really liked FH [HATED Michelle and Joey] but still remember watching a lot of episodes for inexplicable reasons. Upon reflection, although both have corny plot lines, SBTB was angled toward kids on Saturday morning and had endearing, if not stereotypical, characters played by somewhat charismatic teen actors. As a kid, you can forgive a lot of the ridiculousness cause it was goofy and fun. The most important take-away was that SBTB had a moral code and Zach or whoever would get some sort of comeuppance for his hair-brained scheme.

    The same cannot be said for FH. Even as a kid, you knew that you would be dead if you acted even half as shitty as those assholes in the FH and they just did it all again the next episode with no consequences.

    Thanks for this post and all the others. They make my lunch.

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  30. The Venerable Bede says:

    “Ox really draws attention to the fact that Saved By the Bell is more or less a live-action adaptation of Archie comics.”

    OMG, THANK YOU. I grew up with both Saved by the Bell and Archie comics (Archie comics foremost, though–I literally learned how to read with those things, and my family would read them at the freaking dinner table), and I ALWAYS was making that comparison in the back of my head. Primarily I was always comparing Slater to Reggie for some reason. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed this!!!

    Now you’re making me wish that someone would make an Archie Comics Reviewed blog for the stories I grew up with. I was thinking the same thing earlier this week while reading FHR, but I think it would just be too easy with Archies. I mean, they changed jobs/extracurriculars like freaking Barbie Dolls, to the point where it’s like the comics were purposefully bad, so I’d feel weird shitting on them.


  31. Sarah says:

    Holy amaze-balls!! This blog just got better (I didn’t think it was possible). I am a huge fan of SBTB–not because of the stellar acting and creative, Emmy-worthy script writing but because it was just so God awful it was something clearly designed by someone stuck in the 7th ring of hell. True story-my senior high school year book (class of ’95 y’all) actually has me listed as “most likely to marry Zack Morris. Embarrassing? Yes. Secretly hoped it would come true? Hell’s yes!!! Keep up the great work 🙂


  32. SavaFiend says:

    Oh my God! Surfer guy has the same lame shirt as one of DJ’s Full House love interests – the same one, as I pointed out before, that my little brother also had back in the day! Where the hell did that ugle turquoise striped shirt come from?!>

    Liked by 1 person

    • EverywhereYouLook says:

      (Yes, I’m late commenting) but I laughed at this because I remember your comment from the paperboy episode. That was one popular garment! Who would you say “wore it best”?

      Liked by 1 person

  33. Kylie90210 says:

    I found your blog from googling SBTB blogs… and this entry was hilarious. I love Full House even more, so I’ll be going back to the beginning to read! Thank you for this, funniest SBTB blog entry everrrr!


  34. Greenwood Brave says:

    There was Also Molly. She was in many episodes. Zach’s War is the only episode where she is called Molly, as far as I want. Screech liked her in that episode, and she was dating a tough guy Butch. After Screech beats him at the race, he and Molly walk off together, and it is never mentioned again.

    She was in many episodes in the background. She is seen with the Short girl in the locker room picture, at her locker. (the one directly right of the red door.)

    I have wondered for a long time about the twins. They are in many episodes. I have seen this guy before, but never noticed he was in so many episodes.


  35. Cocomo says:

    I’ve been hooked on this blog for a while now, and have even made a comment or two, but you officially got me with this entry. SBTB is my favorite show of all time, and I have a really ridiculous, stupidly detailed encyclopedic knowledge of the show. I know more about this show than the people who made it. Hahaa.

    Anyway, this entry about SBTB background characters is fantastic. I just thought you needed another person to tell you that. Just FYI, I shared this blog with some people on a message board that I post on, so you’ve gotten some new readers in the last couple of weeks.

    Anyway, nice work on this list. And as always, keep up the good work.



  36. Ginny says:

    As someone who has both seen every episode of Saved by the Bell a dozen times and had an extensive collection of Archie Comics (and might still occasionally play the Archie app on the iPad…okay, every day) I salute you for the comparison.


  37. Jason says:

    Great, great job on the article. One suggestion though; you should have an ‘honorable mention’…..because how can we forget Sylvester ‘Sly’ Mcgillicuddy and ‘Big’ Pete Stonebreaker…..two of the most classic nerds of all time!


  38. Megan says:

    yeah they always show those twin girls in most eposides.


  39. Nova says:

    Great job with the list! Looks like there are many of us who had favorite extras on SBTB. I always looked for the cute Latina with the great body…she traipsed across the beach and into my heart on the ‘Cut Day’ episode lol


    • Grim Scraggletag says:

      I think you’re talking about CLAUDIA!
      She was the one with the straight black hair and straight-cut-across-bangs, right?
      She was also the girl in the coral dress in the episode “The Will”.season 4.
      She often wore western boots, I noticed.
      I have been obsessed with that girl ever since I saw her in 1991.
      I have always wondered what happened to her.


  40. genericcollegekid says:

    FAT ENID IS ALSO THE ONLY GIRL IN SHOP CLASS AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE. In the one where Jesse’s wicked stepbrother steals Belding’s car she is there, decked out in a greasy gray jumpsuit. Also I’m 95% sure she smacks Screech upside his head at some point. This is perfect, thank you for adding it.

    Late to the party


  41. Lloyd Mongul says:

    If you ever read the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer Herbert the twitchy nerd becomes a whole new thing


  42. Grim Scraggletag says:

    How could you leave out CLAUDIA??? She was somewhat ethnically ambiguous, but I think she was Latina. She was the one who slammed Screech’s foot in her locker door when he tried to bribe her for a date. I think the exchange went something like;
    SCREECH: Hi, Claudia! I’ll pay you $50.00 to date me!
    CLAUDIA: I’d pay $50.00 NOT to date you!
    (or something like that).
    Anyway, she was the sexiest female ‘background character’, ever!
    I think the only seasons she was in, were season 3 and season 4. I have a crush on her, to this day!


  43. I could have sworn I saw the Asian girl on the right in an adult magazine many years ago.


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