Season 5, Episode 5, “The King and I”

This episode doesn’t have a pre-credits gag, presumably because it has a lengthy musical number at the end.  I wish I’d been warned about that ahead of time.  I really do.

This episode also premiers some new footage in the opening sequence.  Well, I’m pretty sure that it premiers in this episode.  I skip the opening sequence a lot, so they might have added the new footage a few episodes ago.  I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.  Anyway, not much has changed, and there’s still that great shot of Lori Loughlin’s ass, so why even mention it?  Well, they changed the most updated shots of all the girls in their little growing-up montages, which includes replacing that horrifying shot of the Olsen twin jumping on her bed with a shot of her playing the drums, so that’s an improvement.  Most importantly, however, is the addition of Kimmie Gibbler to the opening credits.  That’s right, motherfuckers, you better recognize Kimmie Gibbler!

This episode begins with Joey reading a tabloid newspaper to Aunt Becky, which is a fairly stress-free scene until Danny barges in with a bullhorn and starts shouting at everybody and rounding them up.  Do you think the writers would actually sit around and try to think of ways to make the characters more obnoxious?  Giving Danny that bullhorn seems really deliberately antagonizing.  I’m just waiting for the characters to start constantly screaming or bleeding or vomiting in the later seasons.  That’s the only direction I can see this show going in.

After everyone’s all gathered together in the kitchen, Danny puts the bullhorn down and says, “God I love the sound of my own voice,” which is a rare moment of self-awareness for the show.  I know that I’ve probably shot my credibility, what with all my explative-laden paraphrasing, but he really does say that, and it is amazing.  Anyway, once he’s done blowing my mind, Danny tells the family that they’ll all be going to the Tanner family reunion, which is apparently filled with extremely competitive events that everyone in the full house really wants to win.  I don’t know why they’re all worried about these stupid events when what they really should be worried about is DJ marrying her cousin again like she did at the Katsopolis family reunion.

For some reason Joey is invited to the Tanner family reunion and they’re all counting on him to win the pie eating contest.  Danny pulls a couple of pies from I’m not sure where and then offers them to Joey for practice.  Aunt Becky decides to challenge him to a pie eating sparring match and then there’s a pretty long sequence of everyone staring around cheering while they eat pies.  What an odd scene.  Did anyone’s family on earth ever actually gather around and do stuff like this?  Sometimes this show feels like a Franz Kafka story that’s based off of a Norman Rockwell painting, except without any of the thought or craft.  The most bizarre moment in the scene is when they cut to Michelle chanting, “be a piggy” over and over again.

Jesse comes home just as the pie eating contest is coming to a close but Aunt Becky pauses for a second to kiss him just so she can smear disgusting blueberry pie filling all over his face.  Man, I miss Rebecca Donaldson.  She never did shit like that.  Anyway, Aunt Becky wins the pie eating contest, which is pretty upsetting for Joey because he already had so little going for him in life.

Jesse tells everyone that he just had a meeting with a record producer who said that he’d give him a contract if he could produce a hit song.  Michelle’s like, “who gives a shit about that?  I want to talk about how you’re going to be my partner at the balloon race at our stupid corny family reunion.”  Well, see, she didn’t say that exactly.  I’m paraphrasing.

Stephanie is really overly excited about being partners with DJ for the 3-legged race and insists that they be tied together at all times for practice.  Does that bring Stephanie’s creepy obsession with DJ to a new level?  Actually it’s starting to seem like everybody’s personality flaws are reaching new heights in this episode…

Jessie plunks away on his piano with his dorky glasses on, desperately trying to find the inspiration to finally write a halfway decent song for the first time in his worthless life.  Naturally, Michelle interrupts him, insisting that he practice for the stupid balloon race at their corny family reunion for nerds.  Pretty soon Joey comes down, too, presumably because one person interrupting Jesse just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore, and he shares an Elvis sighting that he read about in his tabloid newspaper.  Then Aunt Becky comes down and interrupts, too, but at least she brings sandwiches.  Jesse finally tells everyone to fuck off and quit interrupting him because it’s already hard enough to write a hit song when you don’t have any talent.  Why didn’t he just turn the red privacy light on that was so heavily featured in the last episode?

The Tanners all assemble in the living room to get ready for their stupid cornball family reunion.  Joey comes down and talks all competitively with Aunt Becky about the pie eating contest, which only makes me wonder once more why he’s even invited to the family reunion in the first place.  How do they explain to the other relatives who he is?  “This is my unemployed friend who sleeps in the same hallways as all of my young daughters.  He does impressions.”  Also, I kind of love those Bay Area Tanners shirts.

Kimmie Gibbler comes over and I can’t even tell you about what happens until we all stop and look at her hair for a minute.

Kimmie Gibbler is amazing.  So, anyway, she wants to go to the family reunion but Danny tells her to fuck off because she’s not a member of the family.  Kimmie Gibbler says that’s bullshit because she’s in the opening credits now, plus Joey gets to go, so what the fuck?

Jesse stumbles into the living room, exhausted by actually trying to do some work for once.  He says that he can’t go to the stupid corny family reunion, which should be fine because it’s not like he’s even related to anyone at that thing anyway.  Why should he have to go to an annual gathering of his dead sister’s husband’s family?  I guess this is one of those things that Danny gets to force the uncles to do because he pays for all of their room and board.  Anyway, Michelle get’s all pissed at Jesse for refusing to go to the family reunion because he’s her partner for that balloon race, and she really gets in his face about it until he walks off and says, “leave me alone.”  Michelle is deeply shocked by anyone refusing to do something that she wants them to and tells Danny that “Uncle Jesse’s not nice anymore,” as gentle music plays and everyone gathers around to console her.  Damn, she’s totally willing to dismiss four years of unrelenting subservience just because he refused to go to a single balloon race.  He can go die in a hole for all she cares now.

The Tanner family all sing, “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain” while they drive to their reunion, which is pretty much exactly what you’d think they’d be doing.  Everyone pisses and moans in the car for various reasons, and then comments are made about Kimmie Gibbler’s stinky feet.  Is that the first mention of Kimmie Gibbler’s incredibly stinky feet?  I know that it becomes a big thing later.  I really thought I’d be able to keep track of this shit but it’s just totally impossible.

Jesse goes to a diner to avoid working and meets Elvis.  See, it was carefully foreshadowed by all of Joey’s tabloid articles for you astute viewers out there.  In case you were ever wondering what Jesse would do if he had the opportunity to meet Elvis, here’s where you find out: He complains to him about all of his problems.

Jesse tells Elvis all about the turmoil that he’s going through because he can’t write a hit song and refused to do something Michelle wanted him to do one time.  Then the music comes on as Jesse’s problems are delved into even further when he explains that his wife is about to have twins and he doesn’t want them to realize that he’s just a big sponging loser.  Elvis tells him that family is more important than success and that he was a dickhead for not going to the Tanner family reunion.  He goes on to explain that real success comes from being a good husband and a good friend, and I’m not sure if Elvis realizes how literally true that is for Jesse, because, let’s face it, he’s never ever going to write a good song, so being married to Becky and friends with Danny really is a career for him.  Jesse thanks Elvis for the advice and then pays for his salad.

As the Bay Area Tanners sit stranded on the side of the road next to their broken down van, Jesse miraculously pulls up on his motorcycle and fixes it in like 2 seconds.  He explains that he had a revelation about how wrong he was to put his futile career pursuit before his obnoxious, self-absorbed family and came to meet them at the stupid reunion.

Danny tells Jesse that everything’s cool and then Michelle’s like, “Uncle Jesse sucks my dick.  I’ll never forgive him for not wanting to be my partner in that balloon race.  Never!”  Jesse tells her he’s sorry and then she makes him grovel for a few minutes before she finally forgives him.

Later, back at the full house, Danny polishes one of the many trophies that were won at the family reunion.  Usually I criticize this show for framing storylines around events that are never shown (most likely for budgetary reasons), but in this case I’m actually really grateful that we didn’t have to witness the extended Tanner family.  I can’t help but imagine that they’d all be played by Bob Saget but with different wigs.  Or what if every Tanner family has its own guy like Joey?  Man, I couldn’t stand to see something like that.  Anyway, apparently the Bay Area Tanners won every event except for the pie eating contest, which Becky and Joey both lost to Aunt Phylis.  Abruptly, Jesse runs up from his recording studio and tells everyone that it’s time for him to perform his new song.

I don’t really know what to tell you about Jesse’s new song.  It’s awful.  I think that says it all.  The only good part about these occasional musical numbers is that they take up a lot of time and there’s not much to describe.  Jesse and the Rippers’ performance takes us to the end credits, so it’s kind of a weird ending on account of it’s pretty clear that Jesse has not written a hit song.  So maybe they’re kind of downplaying a really sad ending here?  I can’t say for sure, but one thing I can say is that I don’t care what IMDB says, that one guy in Jesse’s band is definitely Jon Favreau.

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  1. Hebrewersfan says:

    “I’m just waiting for the characters to start constantly screaming”
    Just wait until the twins are born…

    “Why didn’t he just turn the red privacy light on that was so heavily featured in the last episode?”
    This question just blew my mind. I think they only use it one more time when DJ is trying to whore herself out to Viper.

    Could DJ dress any more like a square in that second picture? That looks like something Joey would be wearing on a special occasion.

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    • Brad says:

      Or that teacher she had a few seasons back that wore the same outfit on the first day of school


    • Vee Langs says:

      seriously, they really dressed DJ so as if to leave zero doubt that in the alternate universe where full house continued, Donna J ended up changing her name to Donald James and performed that sex change we all thought she got.

      but finally finished reading all of these (i stumbled upon this site trying to find an interior pic of the full house) and now I’m pumped to comment!

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  2. Hebrewersfan says:

    Correcting my post about the red light being used, I think they also use it when both Stephanie and DJ are trying to get at Tommy Page as well.


  3. PuppetDoctor says:

    “Why didn’t he just turn the red privacy light on that was so heavily featured in the last episode?”

    I said that aloud while reading your post and then I read this sentence right afterwards.

    Who picks the wardrobe for DJ? Even if this was the 90s those clothes are not something that a teenager would wear.


    • Joel says:

      Oh i’m sure he did have the red light on but you know them Tanners, they don’t give a fuck!

      They’re also STILL doing things to show us that Becky is pregnant and eats tons of food!


  4. LS says:

    It’s not the first mention of Kimmie’s stinky feet. I don’t remember when it was, but you mentioned it before some time ago. While Kimmie and DJ were babysitting a kid, I think.

    As I recall, she was threatening to take her shoes off as a way to keep the kid in line?

    Also “A Franz Kafka story about a Normal Rockwell painting” should be the tagline for fullhouse.

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    • Backpedal says:

      Yeah, Kimmie stuck her stinky foot in that kid’s face when he had his head stuck in between the posts on the stairs.


  5. carinthekitchen says:

    Why was Becky going to the reunion? Especially without her husband, who is her only marginal connection to those “Bay Area Tanners” anyway?


  6. MorganDoom says:

    I gotta say that the clothes on this show are mostly awful but the first shot Stephs outfitt is really bad ass. I would rock that. Also WTF DJ where are your clothes from.


  7. SZA says:

    I am surprised no mention was given to DJ’s HUGE ASS SHOT in that frame of her & Steponme going up the stairs tied together.

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  8. SZA says:

    PS – I agree that Steponme’s outfit in the first scene kicks ass. But it makes me wonder what the weather is like in SF that day? Why are DJ & the baby dressed in long pants & sleeves? Do you think Steponme is even wearing underwear?


  9. Teebore says:

    Jesse tells everyone that he just had a meeting with a record producer who said that he’d give him a contract if he could produce a hit song.

    Look, I know Full House has never let reality get in the way of a bad story, but I’m fairly certain that’s not how the music industry works. It basically suggests that Jersey never intended for any other songs he’s ever written to be hits. A hit song isn’t something you can just write, like, “hey, write me a blues song or a rock song.” I’m sure every musician thinks every song they write could be a hit, but it’s not like the musician (or even the record company) to decide that.

    Michelle interrupts him, insisting that he practice for the stupid balloon race at their corny family reunion for nerds.

    Look, I’m a pretty big nerd, but WTF is a balloon race? Will they racing around the world in 80 days?

    Jesse stumbles into the living room, exhausted by actually trying to do some work for once.

    To be fair, he has no stamina for it. You try running a marathon with no prior training or experience.

    The Tanner family all sing, “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain” while they drive to their reunion

    That’s gotta be the last time they can all fit in one car, right? By the time the demonspawn twins show up, that car had better have TARDIS qualities.

    Or what if every Tanner family has its own guy like Joey?

    There’s a dark part of my soul that really wants to see the various Joey counterparts. Maybe they each do different shitty impressions? Like, Joey does cartoons but another one does celebrities while another does sport broadcasters?

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    • paddles says:

      That WOULD be kick-ass if the Tanners all had some gene that made them predisposed to taking in freeloaders. And so some just have lazy wastes-of-space like Joseph Gladstone, but then at every family reunion they have the reading of the names of Tanners who lost their life in the last year due to being murdered from taking in a schizophrenic drifter. And all of the Tanner girls from across the country are almost invariably standing by some skeezy looking dude rubbing their shoulders, and it’s like “Hey there Sara Tanner, who’s that?” and the girl’s like, “Oh this is Zeke, he knocked on our door last week selling magazine subscriptions and now he sleeps in my room and my gay dad does his laundry and gives him baths in return for Zeke peeing on him and letting dad wake him by talking through a bullhorn directly in his ear”

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    • Emily says:

      RE: the music thing. I don’t know a lot about the business, but I have heard Sara Bareilles tell a similar story in an interview. The record company liked her music, but just didn’t think any of the songs was a hit, so they asked her to write one more that would be the single. She wrote “Love Song” which contains the lyrics “I’m not gonna write you a love song ’cause you asked for it.” It was sort of a big F you to the record company, who apparently loved it.

      I digress.

      RE: the van. Where was Jersey supposed to sit if he hadn’t bailed. I guess they would have had to leave Comet or Kimmy at home.

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      • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

        That’s a good question. Who WAS taking care of Comet while they were going to Lake Pollack? Can you guys say, animal abuse?


    • She Bop says:

      Re: Balloon race. I think it’s that game you played on field day in elementary school or camp where you do a relay with a balloon that you have to hold under your chin and can’t use your hands when you pass it to your partner.


  10. Wilkins says:

    “Do you think the writers would actually sit around and try to think of ways to make the characters more obnoxious?” Yes. Yes, I do.

    “Also, I kind of love those Bay Area Tanners shirts.” You’ve gotta make that the next shirt you sell. I would totally buy that.


    • Erin says:

      I would also TOTALLY buy a Bay Area Tanners t-shirt.


      • Billy Superstar says:

        really? would that be a better shirt than the current one? the shirt sales have been pretty pathetic, so i’m not sure if shirts are just a bad idea in general or if a different design would sell better.


      • Starved Dog says:

        I just know that I would buy a “Bay Area Tanners” T-shirt for sure.


      • Crashing Sally says:

        Different design. You should put out some other ideas and take a poll. I would totally buy a Jesse and The Rippers one!


      • CerebralPaulZ says:

        Actually when I found out the shirts came in yellow with blue lettering I was quite a bit more stoked. Black on white was a little plain.


      • Sully says:

        Actually, when I saw the mention of the t-shirt, I thought, “that shirt would be amazing!!!”. As I am clearly not the only person to think this, you should totally make that shirt.


      • Barbie Dollandbear says:

        My 2 cents- I like the picture of Michelle on the shirt, so if it was just that or even if it just said Full House, I would buy it. I get that putting Full House Reviewed is obv to advertise the blog, but I would just feel weird wearing that. And I agree about the colors – B&W is too plain & more color options would be nice!


      • Vee Langs says:

        count me in for a bay area tanners tshirt.

        same color and everything, just have the full house reviewed logo on the center back near the neck


      • erin says:

        I would totally buy a Bay Area Tanners shirt too. But only if you replicated the weird spacing and generic italicized font.


      • lui says:

        I would be careful. Copying something like that for a t-shirt you’re selling could get you sued by abc, or whoever owns the rights to full house now

        If you end up getting even bigger it could draw attention to you from lawyers and media companies who would want a piece of the pie.


  11. CerebralPaulZ says:

    I like that you’re questioning the motivation of the writers. When they pitch ideas for how to make everyone more and more obnoxious and self absorbed it seems like nothing is off limits. Did Danny buy a bullhorn just to be an even bigger dick?

    It’s funny how little they care about Stephanie now, her only personality traits are her DJ obsession and making snide remarks. Everyone else gets four traits, why does she only get two?


  12. djkatyk says:

    I can’t stop staring at the keytar player’s hair. Wonderous.


  13. B-Dub says:

    I just started humming “She’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain” at my desk. Damn the Tanners all to hell.


  14. Kayla says:

    So this is, what, the fourth time Jesse is having his “one and only”/first shot at a record deal?

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    • Lauren H says:

      Seriously! I never realized how many times he got a record deal of some sort on this show until I started reading this blog. It’s absurd, and the shitty thing is this won’t be the last time this story line comes up either.

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  15. Colin Sean says:

    I really love how the record label really wants Jesse, but they’re holding out for that OOOOONE great song. You know, because you can pretty much throw millions of dollars into a band because they were able to write one song. That’s sign enough of a potentially prolific career. You know it’s some shitty local record label that had a deal with the local 7-11 convenience stores because they could never get their product into Best Buy or something.

    Never mind that he wrote 90 seconds of a song, with a HUGE musical break in the middle if I recall correctly. So this label is basically going to sign him because he wrote half a single and said “k I’m done bye.” Let’s also just take a second and remind ourselves that this episode aired at a time when Pearl Jam and Nirvana were setting the standard for what rock bands should be doing. This Carnival Cruise Ship bag of bullshit wouldn’t even get Radio Disney airplay in 1991.

    I never really thought of the Tanners as having any family beyond their little unit. Almost like they just appeared fully formed some time in the mid 80s and just hit the ground running. Or if they did have family, they’re such assholes that everyone up and moved to the other side of the country overnight and never left an address. I mean, even Danny’s mother was so horrified by her kid that she went underground and paid Doris Roberts to impersonate her for a while.


    • Lisa says:

      “I mean, even Danny’s mother was so horrified by her kid that she went underground and paid Doris Roberts to impersonate her for a while.”

      Thank you, sir!


  16. Glenn says:

    Honestly, I feel like Kimmie Gibler is a terrorist in a sleeper cell. And not a shitty, you’re parents kind of terrorist, like Robin Williams, but in a hip, ‘fuck you if you don’t like it’ kind of way, like Anthony Jeselnik.

    Clearly, her feet are her weapons. While is waiting for the call, telling her to go active, I appreciate that she is using her weapons to fuck up the Tanner’s day.

    BTW, the shirts are god-fucking awful. Anyone wearing one should be euthanized. A quality shirt would be “Full House: Sometimes, abortion is the answer”


  17. Joey's Mannequin says:

    I think the best thing about those Bay Area Tanners shirts are just how comfortable they look. I mean, I can just look at it and know its soft. And look at that collar! Its like on its way to being a turtle neck. Although Aunt Becky is looking like she’s wearing a Bay Area Tanners Snuggie.


  18. Barbie Dollandbear says:

    “…in this case I’m actually really grateful that we didn’t have to witness the extended Tanner family. I can’t help but imagine that they’d all be played by Bob Saget but with different wigs. Or what if every Tanner family has its own guy like Joey?”

    After reading your ideas, I kind of wish they had shown the family reunion. It would have been painful to watch, sure, but imagine the possibilities!

    PS – What happened to the person who was supposed to be proofreading your reviews before they’re posted? This entry has a few mistakes, but I actually feel like NOT editing it actually makes it more enjoyable – like it’s just a direct stream of you ranting about how ridiculous this show this. Just wondering what everyone else thinks…

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  19. Lisa says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t make mention of that ridiculous “dance” that Gladstone pulled out during the instrumental portion of that shit song (which I secretly love).


  20. I’m finally caught up! Yay!

    “Sometimes this show feels like a Franz Kafka story that’s based off of a Norman Rockwell painting, except without any of the thought or craft.”

    This is an amazing analogy!

    “Why didn’t he just turn the red privacy light on that was so heavily featured in the last episode?”

    Because it was a plot device to get Jersey and Joey back in the gay sack together, so naturally, it will probably never be mentioned again.

    “Is that the first mention of Kimmie Gibbler’s incredibly stinky feet?”

    Nope, she stuck them in the face of that kid DJ babysat when he got stuck in the railing. I think that was the only other time so far. At least that you’ve pointed out.


  21. OK, so I want to share something kind of awesome – Billy, I think you’re going to like this.

    In my mad dash to get caught up on FHR and get my own blog launched (He-Man Reviewed, follow the link through my handle – new posts every Monday), I was reading through FHR last night while watching the season finale of The Walking Dead.

    I totally ended up having an all-night dream about a zombie apocalypse happening at the full house. They all died. All of them. I actually sort of woke up at one point and smiled about all their deaths at the hands of flesh eating monsters.

    As if that wasn’t treat enough, when I went back to sleep, the dream continued! When I told my wife about it this morning, she said “Whoa. I just had a vision of Stephanie saying ‘how rude’ while getting her brain eaten”. I just had to share that.

    Sorry for two long comments. I tried to resist commenting on the actual review, but it was a good one, so my will power failed.


  22. Pip says:

    Oddly, I don’t hate that song. It’s been stuck in my head sporadically for the past 3 years (since I last saw this episode). Obviously, it had virtually no chance at all of being a hit (especially in 1993), but still, it’s not the worst song Jersey could have written.

    In any case, has anyone else wondered how the fuck Jersey can afford to pay his backing band? I mean seriously, he regularly has, like, a 15 piece band with a full horn section that is always maddeningly tight and perfectly choreographed and WAY too professional sounding for just a bunch of dudes in a garage band. Isn’t he unemployed and living in his brother in law’s attic? Is Danny also financing Jersey and the Hipsters (or whatever the fuck they’re called)?


    • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

      First…It was 1991…Second…If you look closely, Jesse was wearing hipster glasses at the piano twenty years ahead of its time!


  23. Nicky says:

    I now have a new, tedious office job, but not one that allows me to peruse your fabulous blog in work hours. So my edits may come less frequently. Hope they are helpful though!

    reaching new height –> heights
    The Tanner’s –> Tanners
    she really get in his face –> gets
    Everyone’s pisses –> Everyone
    Jesse and the Ripper’s –> Rippers’


  24. Nicky says:

    Oh and John Favreau –> Jon


  25. kp199 says:

    In the 2nd screen cap, why are DJ and Michelle dressed for Winter, while Steph is dressed for Summer?

    And seriously, the only four people who even be going to that reunion are Danny, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. Nobody else is a Tanner by blood.

    And when did Danny get a minivan?


  26. kp199 says:

    It’s very clear that the people working on this show have no clue how record labels work. Hell, I know nothing about them, but even I know that people are signed before they even have one song, let alone a hit one. How the hell else are you supposed to let people know about your stuff?


  27. Cassie says:

    We had a Joey at our family reunions. His name was Tommy the Swede. I’m not at all sure if he was Swedish, but he spoke weird and smelled weird and looked weird and acted weird, so that’s pretty much Joey, except for the smell, which we can’t be sure about.

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    So, I just had to track this pile of shit down so I could hear the song (the chorus of which, incidentally, immediately struck me as an even worse rip off of Olivia Newton-John’s minor hit A Little More Love, for some reason…no interest in ever listening to Jesse again to make a scientific comparison).

    And as the band starts, you see Joey in the background sneaking into what I assumed was a soundproof booth, which would have been an uncharacteristically funny joke (god, how I wished for a soundproof booth to hide myself in!). But then Joey just starts dancing like an idiot cage dancer for the “amusement”??? of the audience and I realized, “Oh, it’s just Dave Coulier being an unfunny douche again.” But if it isn’t a soundproof booth in the recording studio, then what the fuck is it? And if it is a soundproof booth, then Joey is dancing to nothing. Idiots. Idiots.


    • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

      To be fair, unless you’ve seen Coullier live, you’re speaking out of bitterness. He’s actually pretty funny live. A bunch of us saw him live in 2003 in Montreal at the “Just For Laughs” festival. He does a lot more impressions than just Popeye and the ilk. He can be considered this generation’s Rich Little.


  29. Rachel says:

    ‘Jesse thanks Elvis for the advice and then pays for his salad.’

    There are times that a line of a review stands out to me, and this one of them. It is simply poetic. It is beautiful. Jesse thanks Elvis for the advice and then pays for his salad.

    I like that we get another glimpse here into the life of Jesse leads as being a servant to the baby’s whims. Every once in a while they will feature that side of Joey and I always appreciate that in no way does anyone respect his wishes to not raise this baby except for the fact that he cried and wouldn’t move out of the full house with his wife on account of that baby so I’m not sure what to think there.

    Could you imagine if every part of the Tanner family had a Joey? They would all gather in a corner and do impression together. Their own private Gathering of Joeys. There would be spitting and shrieking and and the entire Tanner family would suddenly go dead silent, stare at the Joeys, and then crack a smile when the Joeys were done doing their simultaneous impressions.

    I’m also a little worried that Kimmie Gibbler got into the opening credits. The last person that happened to was Rebecca Donaldson and now she’s become one with the full house, reduced to being Aunt Becky. Kimmie’s name already ends in a ‘y’ sound, just like Jesse, Joey, Danny, and Becky, so she’d better be careful.

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  30. Brandon says:

    Gyat-damn, DJ got ass, son.


  31. sevace says:

    Anyone know who the hot exotic chick is in the last scene, with the dark long hair and black tank top? I’ve always felt that Uncle Meanie was totally eye-fucking her while the band was performing.


  32. SassyMommaShay says:

    As soon as you mentioned Kimmy Gibblers stinky feet i knew the first time they referenced it was when she and DJ babysat for the hippies and the kid got his head stuck in the stair rails. This blog has led me to know more at Full House than i ever wanted to.


  33. Stephen says:

    “but in this case I’m actually really grateful that we didn’t have to witness the extended Tanner family. I can’t help but imagine that they’d all be played by Bob Saget but with different wigs.”

    I LOL’ed at this comment

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  34. Martin Tanner's Ghost says:

    Oh, god. That shirt DJ is wearing in the second screencap. I had a shirt just like that when I was a kid, only as a sweater. I HATED it but since I was, like, five or something, I had no say in what I wore.


  35. Jen says:

    DJ needs to stop letting her grandmother pick out her clothes.


  36. D says:

    The red light was probably not used because he was not recording.
    Does this really bother people all that much. We know it’s a TV show right!


  37. Needles1987 says:

    What the hell was DJ wearing in that second screencap? It’s just revolting.


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