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Season 5, Episode 15, Play It Again, Jess”

After several weeks of being boring as hell at home with her stupid babies, Becky is going back to work.  Danny’s all upset because Becky’s return means that Vicky will be leaving and she hadn’t even developed a discernible personality … Continue reading

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Season 5, Episode 14, “Sisters in Crime”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Becky and Jesse pit the twins against each other in a speed burping match but then the old baby, Michelle, comes in and beats them both. Becky prepares the twins for a trip to Aunt Ida’s, a character … Continue reading

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Fan Support

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Season 5, Episode 13, “Easy Rider”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Yeah, I know.  Anyhow, Joey gets all pissed about a call that’s made while he plays baseball in the backyard with the girls.  After a shouting match, he quits the game, but is then coerced into staying when … Continue reading

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Season 5, Episode 12, “Bachelor of the Month”

Well, shit.  There’s no pre-credits gag again.  I’m not even gonna acknowledge it anymore when this happens.  I’m just totally over it. Jesse comes downstairs as the rest of the family eats breakfast and then Danny and Joey totally guilt … Continue reading

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