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Season 5, Episode 20, “Driving Miss D.J.”

Well, here we are again.  Another week, another Full House review.  I wonder if this episode is going to be any good.  What do you think, everybody? Pre-Credits Gag:  Joey tries to convince Michelle that Mr. Woodchuck can actually talk … Continue reading

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Season 5, Episode 19, “The Devil Made Me Do It”

Pre-Credits Gag:  DJ tries to do her homework but Michelle comes in and interrupts her, but who cares about that?  Check out DJ’s ancient computer! Jesse is laying down some funky beats on his synthesizer when Michelle and Teddy come … Continue reading

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Season 5, Episode 18, “Too Much Monkey Business”

Michelle answers the door to find a goddamn monkey standing there!  At first I thought it might have been a large mirror, but, no, it’s an actual monkey!  So what the fuck’s a monkey doing at the full house?  Well, … Continue reading

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Season 5, Episode 17, “Spellbound”

Pre-Credits Gag:  DJ reads The Cat in the Hat to Michelle at bedtime and Michelle keeps asking questions to delay having to go to sleep. Everyone in the full house who has a real job comes home to find Jesse … Continue reading

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Season 5, Episode 16, “Crushed”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Michelle ruins Stephanie’s birthday cake because she wants to lick frosting off of the spatula.  Why are all the jokes based around her doing things that children should be discouraged from doing? Michelle fails to make the twins … Continue reading

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