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Season 6, Episode 2, “The Long Goodbye”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Joey and the new ugly babies are playing with bubbles and then the O.G. ugly baby, Michelle, comes up and says that she’s too old for bubbles now.  Joey shoots her in the face with a bubble gun … Continue reading

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Season 6, Episode 1, “Come Fly with Me”

Well, here we go.  Season 6.  Thanks goes out to FHR fan Rachwho, who purchased these Season 6 DVD’s so we could all share in this misery instead of working hard at our jobs.  Rachwho, these next 26 weeks are … Continue reading

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Season 5 Reviewed

Reviewing every episode of Full House in chronological order is really starting to wear me down, you guys.  I can’t believe that there’s three more Seasons of this shit.  I just can’t stand it. So I always like to start … Continue reading

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Season 5, Episode 26, “Captain Video-Part 2”

As was conveniently established last episode, Jesse is a super shitty dancer, so he has to take lessons in order to perform in the upcoming music video for “Forever.”  The guys at his record label come by the full house … Continue reading

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Season 5, Episode 25, “Captain Video-Part 1”

As Michelle is initiated into the Honeybees, Stephanie tries desperately to steal her thunder by prattling on incessantly about her own achievements as a Honeybee, proving yet again that she should have been Judy Winslowed a long time ago.  Wait, … Continue reading

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