Season 6, Episode 3, “Road to Tokyo”

Pre-Credits Gag:  There’s a joke about Michelle giving her old broken toys to the babies but I was too distracted by the hilarious magazine Stephanie is reading.  It is called “Teen World.”

This episode opens with a shot of the hairpin turns on Lombard street, an iconic location in San Francisco that’s never been featured on the show before.  They then cut to the most horrible location in all of San Francisco, the full house, as Joey and Danny argue like an old married couple about brussel sprouts.  Danny accuses Joey of deliberately being an annoying pain in the ass and it’s kind of surprising that he’s just realizing this now, after all these years.

DJ, Steve and Kimmie Gibbler all come downstairs and Steve immediately starts eating all of the food.  He grabs a bunch of new groceries that Joey just bought and then he just leaves, which seems pretty odd to me.  I mean, if he wants to stick around and finger bang DJ after he eats the food, that’s one thing, but to hit it and quit it like that?  Seems a little disrespectful to me.  Anyway, Danny asks the girls about school and Kimmie Gibbler says that she’s running for class president and DJ says that she’s auditioning for the school paper, even though she’s already been on the school paper for like years.  Ok, so maybe that was when she was in junior high and she’s in high school now (I honestly don’t remember), but even still, who the fuck ever has to audition for a school newspaper?

Jesse gets a call from Fat Fish Records informing him that his shitty ass cover of “Forever” is the #1 song in Japan.  They want to fly him and his family out there for 2 weeks to do promotional stuff so Becky asks Danny if he can cover for her on their show for the next few weeks with no notice and he’s just like, “sure, no problem.”  I feel like they shouldn’t address these kinds of practical concerns at all if they’re going to resolve them in such a thoughtless manner.

Michelle makes a hideous face that makes the audience go, “aww,” when she finds out that Jesse will be going away for a while, but then he promises to send her letters and buy her presents and so she feels reasonably accommodated.

The next thing we see is a shot of an airplane and then some cheap stock footage of Japan, which kind of makes me think that the shot of Lombard street in the beginning was put there to contrast the locations or something.  It’s not much, but it may be the most artistically inspired narrative devise in the whole series.

In a small set that represents Jesse’s dressing room as well as all of Japan, Jesse is surrounding by enthusiastic fans.  He asks his assistant, Koji, to get him some unsalted nuts and then he’s greeted by the Japanese representative of Fat Fish Records, who brings him his schedule for the week.  Upon hearing the schedule, Becky is upset that Jesse has to work so much because she wants to have some family time during their trip.  I guess it’s pretty understandable that she’d have trouble adjusting to him having a work schedule since he’s just been dicking around on his guitar in the basement any time she wanted to see him for the last few years.

Koji returns with Jesse’s unsalted nuts and Jesse immediately sends him out for honey roasted nuts, representing his ascending rockstar attitude.  The representative from Fat Fish Records tells Becky that Jesse’s time is all booked up for the rest of their visit and then she whisks him away.  Gentle music plays during an overly-long shot of Becky consoling the babies, which plays out extra weird because the babies are clearly unaffected by anything that’s going on.  They just kind of stare off in their tiny Japanese robes while they chew on Kaiju monster toys and their mom projects her sad emotions onto them.

Meanwhile, back at the full house, Joey and Danny continue to bicker until DJ interrupts them to complain about how she’s conflicted over her article for the school paper because she wants to maintain her journalistic integrity but doesn’t want to be honest about what a useless piece of shit school politician Kimmie Gibbler would be.  Danny tells her that she has to maintain her integrity even though all he’s ever done with his own ridiculous career is get his stupid loser friends jobs.

As Michelle anticipates a call from Uncle Jesse, she asks Stephanie a bunch of questions about how far away Japan is.  At this point in the series, these two characters don’t really have very discernible personalities from one another.  They’re both just totally bitchy wise asses with horrible butt faces.

Jesse performs in front of a really cheap set that’s supposed to look like a crowded venue, I guess.  Maybe it’s a stadium, even?  He sings a terrible cover of “Help Me, Rhonda,” in phonetic Japanese off of cue cards that Koji holds up for him but of course Koji drops them, leaving Jesse with no choice other than to name-drop Japanese car companies, Godzilla, and of course Karate Kid Part 2.  After years of seeing the Spanish language and culture treated in a similar fashion on Full House, it’s kind of nice to see that their disrespect for other cultures is spread evenly across all nations.  Anyway, Jesse then performs his cover of “Forever,” because we really needed to hear that fucking song one more time.

DJ and Steve come home and show Danny and Joey DJ’s article, which tactfully alludes to Kimmie Gibbler being a dumb ass choice for class president.  Kimmie Gibbler then walks through the door and does one of those fake-outs where she comes in looking all pissed and then she abruptly becomes cheerful and hugs DJ and says that she won the election.  That’s the end of the Kimmie Gibbler running for class president/DJ joining the school paper plotline, which I think represented the writer’s disregard for an audience’s ability to understand subtext.  That’s also the end of the Joey and Danny bickering storyline, which really wasn’t about anything.

The representative from Fat Fish Records tells Becky that they want Jesse to tour Asia for an entire year, spreading his terrible covers of songs that weren’t even that good in the first place across a once-proud land.  Becky addresses the offer to Jesse with some concern and then-wait, I’m sorry, I just noticed that the promotional poster of Jesse that’s in his dressing room is from that episode where he got stuck hanging from some cables while he was performing at the Smash Club.  I guess that we can assume that there were photographers at the Smash Club that night, but even still, that was like a disaster of a performance.  It was also an occasion when Jesse was putting on a phony image to try to appeal to more people, which he ultimately decided was wrong, so why would there be pictures of it around?  Wait a minute, why am I actually thinking about this?  Oh my God you guys I’m so ashamed that I even noticed that.  Fuck watching this show, you guys.  My brain is just totally awful now.

So anyway, Jesse is elated by the offer of the tour, so much so that he sends Koji to break out “the good stuff,” which is of course honey roasted nuts.  Seriously, no one on this show will ever drink even one beer.  Becky gets pissed and kicks all of Jesse’s enthusiasts out of the room so she can yell at him about how he’s been neglecting his family for the last few weeks so there’s no fuckin’ way she’s gonna let him go on tour for a whole year.  Again, I do have to say that it is kind of understandable that she’d have such a hard time adjusting to Jermsey actually working for a change, but it’s not like he was ever a good dad or husband.  I kind of think that absentee-father-on-tour-Jesse is a better deal than hangs-around-the-house-all-the-time-not-working-but-still-won’t-help-his-wife-or-listen-to-anything-she-says-Jesse.

Becky eventually walks out on Jesse, leaving him in his room to have a heart-to-heart talk with Koji about the importance of family or something.  Jesse runs to catch Becky but finds her waiting for him in the hallway and then the music comes on as he says that he’s going to quit the tour to be with his family.  Becky tells him that he doesn’t need to give up everything, he just needs to stop being such an asshole and expecting whatever kind of fancy peanuts he wants, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s not like they’re ever going to follow up on this storyline anyway.  Jesse and Becky make up and then Jesse excuses Koji so he can fuck his wife but first the two men show their respect by bowing first, and then exchanging handshakes, representing a beautiful unity between east and west that could only be forged by a terrible cover of Beach Boys song.

Back at the full house, Michelle tries to dig a hole to Japan so she can see Jesse again.  Just then, Jesse returns home and kisses her inappropriately and then everything’s back to normal.

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74 Responses to Season 6, Episode 3, “Road to Tokyo”

  1. Bridget says:

    I think Koji should have brought a sumo wrestler or a samurai to rough up Jesse when he was acting like an ass. As for Michelle, thinking that the ruler “feet” has to do with toes is kind of sad and amusing at the same time.


  2. penny says:

    Jesse is out of work for five years, and now he’s finally bringing in the bacon. If Becky doesn’t want him to be a successful musician and go on tours like successful musicians do, then what does she expect him to make of himself? Do I sense a female inferiority complex here? Or perhaps just an attention complex that’s consumed every other member of the Full House? Oh Becky, this is what kool-aid

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  3. penny says:

    …. Tanner-flavored kool-aid does to your head. (I accidentally hit “send.” Thanks, touchscreen.)


    • KimanderEvil says:

      I know this is terrible TV, but Koji-san sounds super sketchy.

      Koji- Oh thanks for showing up here in Japan. Here is your itinerary for the next two weeks.
      Shetbag- oh that might have been nice for me to have asked for that before I showed up here.
      Auntie Shetbag- You can’t work, that would throw off the group dynamics.
      Koji- I am going to sell your family into white slavery in south east asia.
      Shetbag- I am living my dream.
      Auntie Shetbag- I am going to crush your dreams, like I did your nuts.
      Koji- I have a collection of videos of women crushing my nuts. You wanna choke me and watch them.
      Shetbag- The Beach Boys are relevant
      Auntie Shetbag- This kool-ade is delicious when you mix it with sterno
      New Ugly Babies- We hope this show is on long enough for us to get residuals for our drug habit in our late teens.


      I am unanimous in this.

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  4. hebrewersfan says:

    That screencap of Michelle is frightening. Its funny that the only part of this episode I remember was the honey roasted nut demands.


  5. RachWho? says:

    This: “At this point in the series, these two characters don’t really have very discernible personalities from one another. They’re both just totally bitchy wise asses with horrible butt faces.” is Pulitzer-worthy. Sums up exactly how I felt about Stephanie and Michelle watching this show as a kid. But those screengrabs, My nightmares are your fault. Then again, they’re really my fault since I bought you this season’s DVD set.


    • Lauren H says:

      I laughed out at that line! It made my morning so much more enjoyable considering I’m at work right now. And I agree, that line IS Pulitzer-worthy.

      As always Billy, keep the soon-to-be award winning blogs coming!


  6. Kamdan says:

    Actually, that opening shot at Lombard Street is taken from the first season’s credits sequence. The people on the bike are supposed to be Danny with Stephanie riding in the back.

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    • Jane says:

      I’m glad someone else picked up on that! It’s possible that Billy has already blocked his memories of season 1, so he didn’t recognize the shot. I believe it was also used in an episode, not just the credits.


  7. loungeshep says:

    Oh my god 2 things 1. This blog is awesome and brings back so many memories of how bored I was to actually watch this show, then in college when we made fun of this show. 2. Seriously, that one picture of Michelle, creepiest thing ever, it needs its own shirt.

    Also, WTF Becky and Greaseball? She could just go with his ass on tour and take the kids, damn. Oh no wait, she’s been fully assimilated by this point, so of course she has to be selfish to.


    • erin says:

      What are you talking about, Becky is a modern woman who has responsibilities and a CAREER, she can’t just pack her bags and go to Japan whenever she — wait.

      Yeah. But she can’t leave because imagine the show without her and Jersey… Uncle Joey subplots every episode…


  8. Bri says:

    I have so much to say about this episode.

    First of all, what the hell is seriously wrong with these people? The premise of the show made some sort of sense… Jesse and Joey moving in to help Danny raise his daughters. I know you’ve said it before in the blog, but the fact that these people still all live together is kind of creepy. Allowing a child to be as attached to her uncle as Michelle is to Jesse is all sorts of weird. She freaked out when he wanted to move out cause he has a freaking family now (and probably wasn’t going to be moving very far away), and then tried to dig a hole to Japan when he was gone for a few weeks?! Seriously, teach your freaking child how to be a little bit sane and not overly-attached.

    Becky is a total whack job. What does she want from him? He’s a horrible husband and a horrible father… I’d be stoked that he’s leaving to go actually work for a living. Isn’t this what he’s been working toward for ages? Why have they never talked about the possibility that if he succeeded, he’d go on tour? I like how I’m talking about this as though it’s real life and important.

    I think the most ridiculous part of this episode to me is that his song blew up first in Japan. Never in the history of the world has a generic American pop song hit the top in Japan before anywhere else. Ever. It doesn’t happen. They also wouldn’t fly his family to Japan with him, nor would his manager tell HIS WIFE about the tour. For real, when has a record label ever flown a musician’s family overseas so the musician can do promo work?

    Also, Michelle and Stephanie are totally the same. I’m waiting for the episode where Danny starts dating some girl and Michelle decides she doesn’t want him to be with her, so Michelle starts acting like a total punk ass bitch and wearing leather clothes to scare away Danny’s girlfriend. Such an asshole of a kid.

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    • SaCha1689 says:

      Actually Japan is where the Backstreet Boys first hit it big before they were well known in the US. That may have something to do with the fact that “backstreet boy” is slang for “male prostitute” in Japan.


      • Bri says:

        That’s actually not true – BSB made it big in Europe first before getting big in the US. Japan had nothing to do with their beginnings. No idea about Japanese slang, though 😛


      • SaCha1689 says:

        Well, even if that’s a myth, I do believe “backstreet boy” is a pretty accurate slang term… and male escorts are actually quite popular in upper-class Japan. Maybe that’s what Jersey was out doing while he was supposed to be doing promotion stuff…. and that’s actually why Becky was so mad.


      • Stacy says:

        I can’t verify the meaning for sure, but I’m thinking you’re right. Once upon a time, there was this 24 hour gay club in Atlanta called “Backstreet” (well, the official name was Backstreet Atlanta). That place was notorious for some shady stuff going on. But man alive, was it fun!


  9. I like the self-realization of what watching this show is doing to you & noticing things you’d never have the first time around, then feeling the need to talk about them, then acknowledging all that, lol.
    I’m getting there myself and I’m only one the first season review of family matters!
    great stuff, man.


    • erin says:

      …or even what just reading this blog every week does to you.

      I saw Hari Kondabolu a few months ago and he did a joke about how excited his mom was when Andrea Barber retweeted him, and I was the only person who laughed before he explained who she is. Because the joke is that no one would know who she is. He was like, “Thank you, one person who laughed.” Full House Reviewed, what have you done to me…


  10. Tyler says:

    Domo very much for this review.

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  11. Becca says:

    The idea of the obnoxious Tanner family going into Japan as stupidass “gaijin” makes me laugh. They would be so hated… politely, of course, as the Japanese do.


  12. Ocean Doot says:

    I like the typo of “thoughtless manor.” You meant “manner,” but actually Thoughtless Manor would be a great alternate name for the full house.

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  13. Katie says:

    Do they even acknowledge the other band members? He’s in a band, why is he the only one making decisions on the tour?

    If I were a Ripper I’d kick him out right then and there for denying me the opportunity to tour Asia for a year. What an asshole.


  14. SaCha1689 says:

    Now that I’m currently dating a musician, I find it ridiculous that Becky and the kids went with Jersey to Japan. Going on tour or even going to another town (let alone another goddamn country) for shows/promotion/etc. is always crazy-busy. Only rich musicians who can afford fancy tour buses and private jets are the ones that take their kids or significant others with them. I know I’d just be an annoying distraction if I accompanied my guy on such trips. But of course, I wouldn’t expect the show’s writers to have a clue how these things work… or about, well, just about anything else.


    • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

      Exactly. You have to give your musician partner space. I dated a female musician a while back and they’re usually headcases (especially the female ones…sorry ladies…sad violin). But I do know that you can’t be too clingy because their job is to entertain. Something that she should have realized when she first dated him. But then again, common sense isn’t a recurring theme in the Full House.


  15. Missi says:

    AGH fuck this show!


  16. Sarah Portland says:

    I would sort of like to see an MST3K version of this show…


  17. cerebralPaulz says:

    Lots of new commenters this week, your popularity is exploding. Are you looking forward to Meryl Streep playing you in the movie adaptation of this blog?


  18. Teebore says:

    Excellent post!

    It is called “Teen World.”

    I wonder if that was a real magazine at the time, because it screams Generic Teen Interest Magazine whipped up by the prop department.

    who the fuck ever has to audition for a school newspaper?

    I was thinking exactly the same thing…

    They want to fly him and his family out there for 2 weeks to do promotional stuff

    Wow, a trip to Japan? Is this a season finale? 😉

    I feel like they shouldn’t address these kinds of practical concerns at all if they’re going to resolve them in such a thoughtless manner.

    Agreed. I love that she doesn’t have to clear this with her boss, just Danny. Good thing she lives with him.

    which plays out extra weird because the babies are clearly unaffected by anything that’s going on.

    I’m not entirely convinced those hideous moppets would even be capable of expressing emotion, if they were old enough to know what was going on.

    doesn’t want to be honest about what a useless piece of shit school politician Kimmie Gibbler would be

    Although really DJ, unclench: there’s no such thing as a useful student school politican, so it isn’t like you’re breaking the Watergate story here, Woodward.

    …because we really needed to hear that fucking song one more time.

    Seriously. Was Stamos getting royalties off the usage or something?

    My brain is just totally awful now.

    “Every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Remember when I took that home winemaking course, and I forgot how to drive?/That’s because you were drunk!/And how…”

    Michelle tries to dig a hole to Japan so she can see Jesse again.

    Oh my god! What are the odds that Michelle grows up and starts killing men in an attempt to make an Uncle Jermsey suit she can wear so she never has to be without him? I know her dependency issues are nothing new, but jesus, the guy can’t even take a vacation without her.

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    • Jane says:

      As someone who was an actual teenager when this episode first aired, I can confirm that Teen World magazine is indeed fake. This was before product placement in TV shows. You’d think Tiger Beat or Seventeen would have killed to be featured in a Full House episode? (Or maybe not…)


    • Teebore! Your last two comments were amazing! 1) love the Simpsons quote. My brother and I can have meaningful conversations comprised entirely of quotes from the Simpsons.

      2) Your riff on Michelle and Silence of the Lambs was inspired! I trust you’ve heard the hilarious song It Rubs The Lotion on Its Skin? I forget who does it… Greensleeves? Green Briars? Something like that. I know it has the word Green in it, but I’m too lazy to look it up.


      • Teebore says:

        @SantanaonfireMy brother and I can have meaningful conversations comprised entirely of quotes from the Simpsons.


        I trust you’ve heard the hilarious song It Rubs The Lotion on Its Skin?

        I too forget who does it, but I have heard it. 🙂


      • Bubba the Turtle says:

        Just for the record, the song is called “Lotion” and it is by the Greenskeepers.


  19. Barnes says:

    Okay… I’ve come to the end of the journey… Sad to come to an end. Let me just say… You are truly a superstar and I will be tuning in every Friday to read your hilarious commentary and to find out about your murderous plots to have Michelle and Uncle Joey killed.



  20. Allison says:

    It’s funny how Becky, who works in show business, can’t understand the demands and scheduling that comes with being on a tour. What the hell happened to her? She started off sensible and now…well…just look at her.

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    • Angela says:

      I was wondering about that, too. I think that any time I hear a woman complain about their guy being on tour or whatever. I understand missing them when they’re gone and everything, but I feel like saying, “Welcome to the world of being in a relationship with a musician. What exactly did you expect?”

      I too love the screencap of Michelle. And great catch with the poster, I never noticed that before!

      I particularly love it when you get to episodes like this. They’re so weird and random that it’s extra fun to mock the hell out of them.


  21. Angela says:

    This was one of my favorite episodes as a kid…*sigh* I just bought the dvds….I need an intervention lol. I love this site!!!


  22. Emily says:

    Seriously, no one on this show will ever drink even one beer.


    • Nice screen cap reference. Is that actual product placement I see? I’m not totally sure, because they’ve been through so many can designs that they sort of blur together, but it looks like Pepsi to me!

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      • Blake says:

        This shit was just on, and during the close ups of Jesse during his bitching about going to Nebraska, you can clearly see the word “Cola” written on the top of the cans. The full house is, indeed, a dry house.

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  23. Bridget says:

    Michelle looks like a little sociopath in the screen cap and I think touring Asia for a year would be good for the family. Nicky and Alex would stop acting like little dullards because they would attend an English speaking school with high standards and Becky will meet other Americans in Asia. The money and fame will be nice for Jesse and his family. They will meet other people and their horizons will be broadened. I also think it would do Michelle some good to be away from her uncle and she’ll learn that there are other people to form an attachment to.


  24. Lisa says:

    It always bugged me that Becky got all butt hurt because Jesse wasn’t making time for family. Hey! Idiot! Why do you think you just got a free trip to Japan?? This is a business trip. For business. Not family time. Just sit back and enjoy your free vacation. Dummy.

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    • The Venerable Bede says:

      I had the same reaction, it pissed me off so much! And I’m sorry, I know she’s got a career and whatnot, but when the couple got pregnant, what did she expect, Jesse would become a stay-at-home dad? She pushed him to keep trying in the music business this entire time, and now that he’s hit some sort of level of fame (WHICH SHE WAS RAVING ABOUT IN AN AIRPORT JUST A COUPLE OF EPISODES AGO), she’s going to stop him? What the FUCK, this was probably the best opportunity of his pathetic life, you dimwitted woman!

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    • Pin a rose on your nose says:

      That’s right. It’s location not vacation.


    • Lisa says:

      People, people, people. But THEN HE WOULD HAVE TO LEAVE THE FULL HOUSE FOR MORE THAN THREE CONSECUTIVE HOURS. Becky knows the universe would implode.


    • Jenna says:

      Wait… are you really suggesting a trip to Japan with 2 really young kids is a vacation? Sounds more like torture. Maybe if they provided a nanny….


  25. I’m sad that I didn’t have time to get to this week’s post until now. I won’t go into the details because I’m not looking for sympathy (if you really want to know, check out my instagram gallery under the same handle), but last week was a really, really long week.

    Anyway, a few things I want to say about this episode.

    1) How exactly would Danny cover for Becky? They co-host together… which means they work at the same time. It’s not like taking someone’s shift on your day off (“I’m not even supposed to be here today!”). I’m picturing him sitting in his chair and saying his part, then moving to Becky’s chair and putting on a wig real fast and saying her part and hoping nobody would notice. And you know what? I bet nobody would notice.

    2) I’m kind of glad that there was finally an episode that featured Becky Donaldson-Cochran-Katsopolis more prominently. I’ve been missing some hot Becky screen caps, and screen cap #4 of her looking hot and skinny in that dress was a nice little fix.

    3) I really wish that Koji had been played by George Takei. Love that guy. Every hear him on Howard Stern as their sometimes announcer? He is so funny and sweet.

    Nice work as usual. First thing I’m going to do on Friday this week is to read Full House Reviewed! Work be damned!


  26. Bridget says:

    I was just thinking of a different story angle in the hopes that the writers could make these characters tolerable, but that’s a pipe dream since they became worse and worse as the years went by.


  27. shane says:

    the japaense? lady who is always in jesse’s dressing room is mac’s wife from Night Court:)


  28. KickYourFace says:

    I hated how they played the Japanese crowd as idiots, like they couldn’t understand the most basic of English, and the fact that he was naming off vehicle brands, and the crowd just “sang” along. If this were real life, they would have obviously realized what was going on, and booed his ass out of the building.

    I wish Jumbo Tsuruta would have came onto stage and jumping kneed his head into the rafters.

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  29. lugnut says:

    Is it just me, or does Stephanie’s “teen” magazine appear to have an ad for champagne on the back cover?

    Liked by 1 person

  30. AnnaH says:

    I always wondered what Becky yells in Japanese. Anyone know?


  31. Livvie says:

    This episode cements for me the reason that Jesse’s crappy band dropped him. They finally get a break and have a chance to make some real money and Jesse says no, I have to go sit around on my ass in my basement instead of going on tour.


  32. JCC says:

    Lori Loughlin has a fabu Ass Profile.


  33. Odotry says:

    This episode finally shows how Becky fully assimilated into being another idiot in the Full House.

    Her loser husband finally got a gig that’ll make them a decent sum of money and she’s objecting to it? Did she not know that when musicians tour, they’re busy on the road?

    Okay, I know realistically Jermsy would never get a record contract let alone tour across Asia. But going by Full House logic where even Joey can maintain a decent job as a kids show host, did she and Jermsy never talk about this possible.

    For fucks sake, he’s a terrible father and husband, at least this way he could bring in an income rather than be a perpetual sponge.

    Speaking of Jermsy and Joey and sponges, why on Earth are they still there? Danny brought them in because he needed help raising his daughters and they came in because they were jobless losers. Now that the girls are more mature and need less attention while they have well paying jobs, why are they all still in the same house? Damn this show makes no sense!


  34. BC says:

    To be fair, as someone else said in an earlier comment, Becky never actually thought that Jersey would make it as a musician and she also knows that if they uproot and go to Japan, he’ll fuck things up like always and then they won’t have Becky’s job or Danny’s attic to fall back on. If Becky got a job in Japan, they’d all move, because obviously she’s the only one pulling any weight in the relationship.


  35. Martin Tanner's Ghost says:

    Jermes is exactly like April Lavigne: they suck, but their music is big in Japan.


  36. BlondieRock13 says:

    “Seriously, no one on this show will ever drink even one beer.”

    That bothered me even as a kid. Shit, even my parents would bust out a Coors Light with dinner from time to time. They didn’t start being normal drinkers til I went to college, but this shit with the Tanners being non-drinkers really annoyed me as totally unrealistic. Danny and Joey would have been having beers over bitching about not getting laid. But Jersey? Was he slamming espresso with his bandmates in the club and his biker buddies? Come the fuck on.

    “there’s no fuckin’ way she’s gonna let him go on tour for a whole year. ”

    I’d say there’s no fucking way she’s going to go out without his tube steak for a whole year… yeah, I’m convinced that’s the ONE and only reason she puts up with him. He’s her big sex idiot and she has accepted this.


  37. How Rude! says:

    I’m shocked the whole fucking family didn’t end up going to Japan with them! Love this blog by the way! 🙂


  38. Surprised you didn’t mention that they got the language wrong too. Koji says ‘domo’ means ‘thank you.’ In Japanese, ‘arigato’ is ‘thank you.’ Not even sure where ‘domo’ came from.


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