Season 6, Episode 11, “Designing Mothers”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Becky tries to feed the twins lima beans and then Michelle feeds them to the dog.  The lima beans, not the twins.  If only!

The Uncles come home all bummed out because their station is getting a new manager who is known for firing people. Becky does her best to cope with the fact that her husband can’t ever keep a job for more than 5 minutes by consoling him.  Ah, codependency!  Danny comes in and explains to everyone that Vicky’s mom is in town and then Joey reminds him to check her out because that’s what Vicky’s gonna look like when she gets older.

Vicky’s mom shows up lookin’ pretty muthafuckin good, which leads to Michelle making a pronounced reference to what Joey said earlier.  That’s become a pretty prominent bit on this show:  someone will be like, “hey, Bill’s coming over later.  Don’t anybody mentions his tiny ears.” and then as soon as Bill shows up, either Michelle or Stephanie will be like, “oh shit, Bill does have some tiny ass ears!” hella loud right to Bill’s face.  I guess they’ve always done those sorts of gags, as they fit right in with the overtly abrasive and insensitive tone of the whole show, but lately it feels like they do this specific bit in pretty much every episode.

Vicky’s mom checks out Stephanie and Michelle’s room and starts making interior decorating tips because, by the way, she’s an interior decorator.  The girls get all excited by her suggestions but then Danny says that he wants to keep the girls’ room the way it is because he does not like new things.

Kimmie Gibbler tries to get Steve to hook her up with one of the dudes on the wrestling team but he can’t think of anyone who’d be interested.  Seriously?  I guess they’ve never seen her in those tight ass dresses that she wears over at the full house sometimes.  Danny comes in with Vicky and her mom but then Vicky’s gigantic, incredibly dated pager goes off so she goes into the other room to take a work call.  Everyone attempts to keep Vicky’s mom entertained while Vicky’s in the other room so Kimmie Gibbler starts saying a bunch of stupid shit about Danny and Vicky getting married until Steve carries her out of the house while she makes comments about how hot his ass is.

Once they’re left alone, Vicky’s mom brings the subject of marriage back up, which makes Danny nervous.

Joey interrupts Jesse while he’s trying to eat fried chicken in peace in the living room by telling him that he thinks that they’ll be able to adjust to the station’s supposed switch over to classical music.  He then does an extended rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebee” with his lips, which makes no sense.  If the station actually was going to switch to classical music, I don’t think that they’d expect their DJ’s to perform the music with their mouths.

Danny comes home with the girls and then Vicky’s mom reveals that she completely redesigned the girls’ room while they were out.  How many time now has a room in the full house been refurbished with impossible speed and efficiency?  I can’t tell if this new room is supposed to look better or worse than the last one.  They both are surely rooms I’ll spend thousands of years in if Purgatory is a real thing, but I couldn’t tell you which one is supposed to be the cooler one.  I’ll never understand the aesthetics of this show.  Anyway, the girls love it but Danny gets super pissed that the room was changed without his consent.

Danny pulls Vicky into DJ’s room so they can argue, which is pretty weird.  Why didn’t they go into Danny’s room?  What if DJ was in her room?  Anyway, Danny and Vicky argue until she storms out of the room and then sad music plays.

Stephanie and Michelle try to sleep in DJ’s room at night so DJ goes and gets Danny to help her kick them out.  Danny comes in and wants to know what’s going on and then they say that they don’t like their new room because it made Danny and Vicky fight, which makes the audience go, “aww.”  Danny says that it’s no big deal and that he’s on the outs with Vicky because it will give him time to learn how to scuba dive and then he tells them to go sleep in their own room, for fucks sake.

The uncles complete what they think might be their last radio show and then they see their new boss giving what they perceive to be a pink slip to one of their co-workers.  She comes into the booth and hands the uncles ominous envelopes and then, before opening it, Jesse gets all irate and quits.  After Jesse storms out of the booth, the new boss explains to Joey that the envelopes have parking passes in them and then she gets all upset and starts crying and hugging Joey because that’s what having a woman boss is like.  Joey grabs Jesse and explains the situation to him and then Jesse comes back to the booth and makes up with their new boss.  They explain that they thought that she was firing their co-worker and then she said that she did, indicating that she is in fact some sort of a hard-ass.  I guess this is supposed to be an introduction to a new character here but I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see her again.  If she ever does show up again I bet she ends up bangin’ Joey.

Danny comes home and tells Stephanie and Michelle that he just bought a bunch of gear for his new scuba class.  After Danny goes upstairs, the girls explain to DJ that they’ve concocted a plan to get Danny and Vicky back together.  They called Vicky up and told her that Michelle got her head stuck in the fence, which leads to Vicky arriving at the full house seconds later, with a fire truck.

Stephanie pulls Michelle into the backyard and convinces her to stick her head in the fence.  On the other side of the fence, Michelle finds Kimmie Gibbler grilling sardines in her own backyard. I wish we got to see more of Kimmie Gibbler’s house.  Her fence has all these weird paintings all over it but that’s about all you see.  What an intriguing enigma you are, Kimmie Gibbler.  Why do you do the things you do?

Some firemen enter the backyard, followed by Danny in full scuba gear.  Ok, I’ll give it to him that he was too alarmed to remove his wetsuit, maybe even his snorkel, but I refuse to believe that he wouldn’t have taken his flippers off.  That’s just impractical.  Anyway, one of the firemen notices that Michelle is just kneeling on the ground with her head between two extremely loose boards in the fence so he tricks her into getting out herself by saying that he’s gonna use his axe.  Once the ruse was over I kind of expected the firemen to give Danny some sort of a ticket for having such shitty daughters that made a mockery of valuable public services but instead they just accept Danny’s apology and leave.

Danny gets all pissed at the girls but then they admit that their hijinks were an attempt to get him and Vicky back together.  Why do the girls even give a shit about Vicky, anyway?  The woman has no personality whatsoever.  The other new character, Steve, has like 5 personality traits already, making him maybe the most developed character in the series, but Vicky’s got jack shit.

Danny and Vicky are left alone together and then he explains that her mom was putting marriage pressure on him and it freaked him out.  The music comes on as they discuss growth and change in relationships and then they say they love each other and hug.  Do you think they’ve done it yet?  Probably not.

Damn, you guys, that was an episode about Vicky’s mom coming to visit.  I’d say that they’re really tapping the well by now but it’s not like they had good storylines before this.  They’ve just gotten even worse somehow.

Oh also thanks so much to everyone who donated money for web hosting!  I was able to buy two more years of hosting for the site so it’ll be up until well after the project is done and then I’ll figure out some other cheap or free way to stash it on the internet, like I’ll go back to wordpress or something.  Thanks so much for your support, everyone!  You guys are the shit!


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62 Responses to Season 6, Episode 11, “Designing Mothers”

  1. Bridget says:

    I never really cared for how the rooms are designed on this show. DJ’s room looks like a room a 50 year old would sleep in, Danny’s walls are too blah, and this room looks like a multi-colored nightmare.


    • Lauren says:

      I have to admit, I remember loving Stephanie and Michelle’s new room when this was first on (I was roughly Stephanie’s age as the show aired). I also thought DJ’s room was all cool and grown-up. Now of course, I still see that room as grown-up. Very grown-up. Elderly.


      • Katie says:

        I remember liking the room too. I guess it’s pretty awesome for a 10 year old. But looking at it now I have to wonder what kind of interior decorator Vicki’s mom is. Yuck.


      • michelle says:

        I was between Stephanie and DJ’s age when the show was on and I LOVED this new room! I was also really jealous of DJs awesome room…and the phone that was shaped like lips….I liked it when they had the see through phone too…Ugh, I remember too much about this!


      • Beth says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who loved their new room! I was between Stephanie and Michelle’s age and I remember loving their room and DJ’s new room! I was also always jealous of Stephanie’s clothes such as the plaid skirt she wears in one of the screen shots above! I remember in one of the later episodes she has this half denim type dress that she wears with work boots and I had a similar dress with work boots and thought I was incredibly cool!


      • Science says:

        I also liked the new room.


      • Livvie says:

        I’m the same age as Jodi and I remember loving the room when it was redecorated. I thought the colors were great and I thought DJ’s room was so pretty. Of course now as an adult the room just looks like random paint was tossed on the walls.


      • BlondieRock13 says:

        Seriously… DJ’s room looked like my 50- year-old aunt’s. I was like uhhh… ew? But as for Steph/Michelle’s new room, it was a vast improvement over the dogshit ugly 80’s wallpaper they had in there. Also, this woman totally redecorated their room for free… is Danny just incapable of embracing anything he didn’t shell out thousands of dollars for in this house? Damn it, Danny. Just say thank you.

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    • Lisa says:

      So funny. When this aired, I thought the new room was hideous. I honestly thought it was supposed to be a disaster, and was dumbfounded when the girls loved it. Still miss the old room with its carousel of revolving, oddly-combined pop culture posters. And the lips phone!


  2. loungeshep says:

    This episode proves once again that Kimmie Gibler is in fact the most interesting and colorful person on this show about an annoying and bland family.


    • Teebore says:

      Seriously. I feel like while we’re watching the antics of the full house, Kimmie Gibbler is off having this awesome, whacky adventures that only occasionally intersect with the denizens of the full house, and that Kimmie’s show would be way better.


    • Katie says:

      I’m actually surprised they put any effort into decorating the Gibbler fence. I definitely appreciate it, but why is she the only interesting character? Why can’t they at least try to be creative and interesting with the rest of the full house and their characters?


    • Packerchu says:

      Yeah, Why couldn’t we have learned to grill sardines with Kimmie?


  3. Teebore says:

    Joey reminds him to check her out because that’s what Vicky’s gonna look like when she gets older.

    Man, for whatever reason, that line really stuck with me through the years. I have no idea why, and now I’m ashamed to learn it came from Joey…

    …he can’t think of anyone who’d be interested

    They should be so lucky to date Kimmie Gibbler!

    How many time now has a room in the full house been refurbished with impossible speed and efficiency?

    Also, is Vicky’s mom loaded? Also, I love that the room isn’t so much redesigned as outfitted with new stuff. Layouts the same, furniture is in the same position, etc.

    which leads to Vicky arriving at the full house seconds later, with a fire truck.

    Of course it does, because not even Vicky can be sensible about anything.


    • Sally says:

      I don’t know, I’m kind of on Vicky’s side about the fire truck thing. With all of the lying, tricking, and false alarms that this family pulls, I think she’s on to them…
      Kids: “Michelle’s got her head stuck in a fence!”
      Vicky: “Oh really? You wanna play that game? I’ll just bring over the fire department then and see how stuck Michelle really is.”


    • Dr. Bitz says:

      That line always tuck with me too. Maybe because it sounds good? If I meet a girl, check out her mom. See what she may look like in 30 years.

      But it certainly sounds like a Jersey line more than a Joey line.


      • Erica says:

        If you look closely, she even managed to change out the carpet. That’s talent right there!


      • Billy Superstar says:

        checking out the mom is a time-honored tradition that existed long before joey suggested it. i think a scientist must have thought of it.


    • Bubba the Turtle says:

      If it makes you feel any better, the whole “Check out the mom cause that’s what your girl will look like in 30 years” thing was a pretty standard 80s/90s sitcom trope, so it’s entirely possible it wasn’t necessarily Joey’s advice you were heeding.


  4. Guest says:

    I am pretty sure Joey and Jesse’s new boss is Martha Quinn, former MTV “veejay” and star of at least one 90’s Neutrogena commercial.


    • Lauren H says:

      It is, which is funny because wasn’t she the VJ in the episode when Jesse’s Forever video debuted on MTV??


    • Good catch. I thought she looked a bit like Jennifer Aniston from the screen cap. I figured Billy probably would have pointed it out if she was, but I looked up on IMDB anyway.


    • Billy Superstar says:

      oh yeah! i knew that she was from something but i didn’t see a credit for her when i checked imdb. that’s funny that she was just on the show a few episodes ago and i didn’t realize it. i think that’s a testament to how mind-numbing this show is.


  5. Bridget says:

    In regards to the guy with tiny ears, I think tiny hands would make more sense because I thought of that BK commercial with the guy with tiny hands and how insecure he was when his friends ordered the large sandwiches. Even the guy’s father had tiny hands!


  6. LissaLou says:

    I just need to throw it out there that this morning I was unlucky enough to come across a radio interview with Dave Coulier promoting an upcoming show he is doing here (in his hometown, the only reason I presume anyone cared enough to book him). He seems like he might actually be a normal person but the rage I felt towards him purely as a result of Joey Gladstone was indescribable. I wonder if he realizes that is probably the most common reaction to him.


  7. notatanner says:

    in the picture of the new boss at first I thought she was wearing a mickey mouse ear head piece for some reason, but then I realized she was standing in front of a reel to reel.

    Fabulous entry, as always.


  8. Melissa says:

    Ok, Danny Tanners jeans and jacket combo… um…. ok…..
    The new bedroom looks like a cotton candy machine barfed all over the golden girls set and I spent a lot of time wishing Kimmy and Steve would have done it behind DJ’s back. Would have made for an amazing after school episode 🙂


  9. Kerissa says:

    FUN FACT: Jesse and Joey’s new boss is played by Martha Quinn who was one of the five original MTV VJs.


  10. Mackenzie says:

    As a woman who was roughly in between Stephanie and Michelle in age at the time of this episode, it definitely looked better at the time. To me, the room had been looking conspicuously dated for years, and this redesign had an early/mid ’90s girl hipness to it. Of course, now it looks just as hideous and dated as the old room did.


  11. Angela says:

    Danny says that it’s no big deal and that he’s on the outs with Vicky because it will give him time to learn how to scuba dive and then he tells them to go sleep in their own room, for fucks sake.

    This line and the Joey screencap really made me laugh. That is all :D.

    Good to hear things are going well with keeping the site going.


  12. BGA says:

    Oh man, Vicky is so bland I’d forgotten she even existed. It wasn’t until I got to the part about Kimmie Gibbler talking about Vicky and Danny getting married that my brain went “Huh, what?” And I realized I’d been subconsciously replacing Vicky with Becky for the whole article.


  13. Corey says:

    Around this time, Full House starts making a lot of jokes about how slutty/easy Kimmy Gibbler is, and also about how no man wants anything to do with her. Needless to say, this is utter bullshit. A skinny teenage party girl with loose morals and a kinky side? She’d be the most popular girl in school.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katie says:

      Definitely. It’s as if the producers knew she was 100x more interesting and hotter than DJ so they had to try to bring her down any way they could.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Corey says:

        Exactly! This is even more evident with the way they portray DJ as this uber-desirable girl in the later seasons, with guys lining up to date her. Although I do think DJ was very pretty in season 8, she definitely wasn’t on THAT level.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Christian says:

    I kept trying to figure out why there was a picture of Dawson’s Creek in this recap and then I realized that it wasn’t James Van Der Beek’s big stupid head in that picture, it was Joey’s.


    • Becky says:

      Huh. For some reason this screen cap makes me think of Ryan Lochte. Now, Ryan is mighty fine and Joey is as attractive as a turd in the backyard, but in this screen cap, the connection is there. Go figure.


    • The Venerable Bede says:

      I love how neither of them keeps in touch with anyone from the show, despite the fact that they were on it for 3 years. Sounds like common sense to me!

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  15. It was kind of shitty for Vicky’s mom to redecorate the room when Danny had clearly said no already, but I don’t see what there really is to get pissed about, unless she handed him a bill for said undesired work. That shit looks like it was an expensive job!


    • Sally says:

      Yeah, I never understood why Danny acted like such a baby over the change. Such a ‘first world problem’ to be upset that a woman kindly did thousands of dollars of work on your house just for fun, but you don’t like change for the sake of change. Ugh, I think Danny is actually the least considerate character on the show. It’s fun to hate on Jesse, but Danny is by far more selfish!


  16. Annie says:

    Gosh, Joey that is the ultimate doucheface…


  17. Bridget says:

    Michelle reminds me of Carrie Dollanganger from “Flowers in the Attic” because Carrie seemed to have no talents or abilities like her older brother, older sister, and twin brother. Corinne the mom said she would use the wealth she inherited from her dying father to hire tutors for Christopher who wanted to be a doctor, ballet lessons for Cathy, musical teachers for Cory, and for Carrie she would do whatever Carrie wanted. I mean, throw the kid a bone! All she did was play with her dollhouse and the least she could for the dolls was design clothes for them or something!


    • TD Nordølum says:

      Oh wow, never made the connection, but you are right about Carrie. I forgot that the mother said she would ”do whatever she wanted” because she had no special talents like the other three blonde, blue-eyed Dresden Dolls. I used to love that book and the gothic mansion.


      • Bridget says:

        Carrie did grow up and she became an excellent cook, housekeeper, and secretary. I suppose some people do find their niche when they get older.


  18. Stephanie says:

    This made me laugh out loud, like hardcore: “He then does an extended rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebee” with his lips, which makes no sense. If the station actually was going to switch to classical music, I don’t think that they’d expect their DJ’s to perform the music with their mouths.”

    You know, I’m amazed at how much I just ACCEPTED while watching this show.

    We’re still a season or so away from the Nelson and Viper episode reviews. . .THAT was some unbelievable bojank. Oh, I’m excited now!


  19. Tyler says:

    What kind of wrist watch is Becky wearing?


  20. LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

    Not only does the ugly stepsister convince the lil’ princess to break someone else’s private property (even if it is ol’ chickenlegs’s), but the firemen could have been putting out another fire in city.

    This family is beyond help at this sick, sad, stage.


  21. Jorge says:

    What’s surprising is no one has pointed out that Vicky’s mom looked to be about the same age! They could’ve tried better.


  22. Simone C. says:

    I’m surprised no one pointed out that Joey’s “rendition” of “Flight of the Bumblebee” was pretty off-key.


  23. Robert says:

    Holy cow. I just found this blog earlier in the week, after watching the first horrifying episode of Fuller House. I started at the beginning and was going to wait to post a comment until after I was caught up, but OH DEAR JESUS! That picture of cross-eyed Joey is one of the worst/best screencaps of the series so far. I’ve never had to scroll past an image on here because it disturbed me so much, but, somehow, that one did it.


    But seriously, this blog has been so much fun to read! Reading some of your comments about what a slog this was for you, I’m glad I got here after-the-fact and can know for certain that you made it to the end. I’ll comment again on the other side. Thanks!


  24. Verticalman says:

    For some reason, when I watched this episode on TV, it was shown excluding the part concerning Jesse and Joey’s radio show. I’m not sure why, but it definitely made it seem it wasn’t complete.


  25. Vinny says:

    I hate Aunt Becky but damn she looks fine in the first scene


  26. Jen says:

    So who paid for the new room? Did Vicky’s mom spring for a total makeover for two kids she just met? Or did she present Danny with a bill, which would make his reaction understandable?


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