Season 7, Episode 17, “The Last Dance”

Pre-Credits Gag:  This episode doesn’t have a pre-credits gag, presumably because it’s so crammed with somber emotions that there was no room for a throwaway gag at the opening.  As such, I thought I’d use this space to preface this review because it’s easily the most anticipated one of the whole series.  It’s also an episode I’d never seen before, for whatever reason.  Even though it’s been hyped in the comments section for a few years, nothing could have prepared me for this, which is hands down the most emotionally manipulative 22 minutes I have ever witnessed in my life (including the several drug abuse interventions I have participated in).  So, here it is, motherfuckers, the Papouli episode.  May god have mercy on all our souls.

The family hastily prepare dolmas in preparation for the arrival of Jesse’s grandfather.  They don’t call them dolmas, though, because that’s too ethnic sounding.  Joey devours them as they’re prepared because he’s always seeking out new ways to be a blight on the family.

Michelle asks if her great-grandfather has a job back in Greece (presumably because the idea that Jesse would have descended from anyone who can hold a job would be astounding to her) and Danny tells her that he’s retired now but used to be a fisherman.  Then Danny recalls his own father taking Joey and himself fishing when they were kids, which is weird because I don’t know if Danny’s father has ever been mentioned on the show before.  I always just assumed that he cut out the minute he saw Danny’s stupid face push its way out of his wife’s vagina.  Anyway, Joey and Danny nostalgically recall their childhood dream of owning a boat and sailing around the world together (which has to rank pretty high on the Full House homoerotic allusions list) and then they regretfully acknowledge that it never came to fruition, probably because Danny had to give up all his fun life plans when his stupid ugly kids were born.

DJ comes downstairs and tells everyone that she’s going to the mall to buy some shades that she really wants and then, as she’s describing them, Kimmie Gibbler walks into the house sporting said shades.

DJ gets all pissed and call Kimmie Gibbler out on always biting her stee-lo and then Kimmie Gibbler’s like, “suck my dick” and storms out of the house.  DJ and Kimmie Gibbler used to have a much more rocky and temperamental relationship in the earlier Seasons and I have to say that I’ve missed it.  Things have been pretty bland between them for a while and this shitty, unwarranted argument is like a pleasant reminder of the good ol’ days, when this show was just remarkably terrible instead of unbearably terrible.

Jesse comes home with his grandfather and everyone enthusiastically rushes to greet him, which is typical for a family to do when an incredibly old relative arrives for a visit.  Michelle refers to him as Grandpa and he insists that they call him Papouli, which is some sort of a Greek thing, supposedly.

So I found myself wondering who the fuck this guy is but it actually turns out that he did appear in a previous episode at the beginning of the 4th Season, when Jesse’s extensive Greek family all showed up at the full house and forced non-consensual marriages onto everyone.  Considering the long history of discarded grandparents on this show, as well as it’s frequent disregard for continuity, I was surprised and uneasy when I learned that he was actually a returning character, but then I remembered his wife that he showed up with last time, who is never seen or mentioned in this episode, and I felt a little better.

As Papouli greets everyone, he gets every one of their names wrong, and every time they correct him by telling them who they really are and he says, “of course you are!” which is a classic Alzheimers move.

Papouli prepares a moussaka in a dish that’s actually hot for once and then DJ comes home and starts bitching about how Kimmie Gibbler is walking around school sporting those shades she wanted.  Papouli tells DJ a long, rambling story about two men in his quaint little village who had a similar disagreement but it doesn’t have much effect, probably because it’s meandering and nonsensical and because, for whatever reason, old black stereotypes seem much more effective for dispensing magical wisdom than old European stereotypes.  That’s like the first rule of tv and movies.

Michelle points out the big mess that she and Stephanie have made as they’ve prepared bread or something for Papouli but then he just encourages them to throw flour all over the place while festive Greek music plays.  Oh, Papouli, you’re so whimsical!

I wonder if this family’s grand tradition of imposing, inconsiderate behavior started with Papouli or if he’s supposed to be passing on a much older custom from the old country.  Have the Tanner’s pushy ways been a derogatory representation of Greek culture all this time?

Papouli teaches Michelle a traditional Greek dance and then she asks him to come and teach it to her class at school.  He agrees to do it and then she tells him that she loves him and they hug.

Ok, so, try to follow along here.  Some more traditional Greek music plays over a shot of San Francisco and then sad music starts playing over a shot of the full house.  All of a sudden the whole family is sitting around the dining room table in tears and Jesse says that it feels like he’s having a bad dream, which I could totally relate to.

Becky hugs him and says that at least Papouli died in his sleep and then…  Wait, what?  That was the most abrupt transition in this history of television.  He didn’t even die during a commercial break.  There was literally no set-up whatsoever.  I guess that this might signify how suddenly he died or something but it really feels to me like a couple of scenes were cut.

Everyone sits around crying and saying how great Papouli was and there aren’t even any lame jokes or anything.  Just hilarious tears.  Maybe I’m a horrible person, but I have to admit that this shit actually made me laugh really hard.  This is honestly the first time I’ve ever gotten hardy belly laughter out of Full House.  Don’t get me wrong, an old man dying is totally not funny in 99 out of 100 cases, but Full House trying to force me to feel sad about the abrupt death of some character that was onscreen for literally 8 minutes is a very clear exception.  Maybe if they’d brought Papouli in earlier and had him hang around for a few episodes it might seem justifiable that they want me to give a shit about him, but they really did bring him into the full house just so they could kill him off to try to make us feel sad.  Fuck that shit, and fuck Papouli in his decrepit, deceased anus.  The only strong emotion I feel is schadenfreude at the stupid crying faces of the shittiest people in the history of America as they mourn their obscure Greek great-grandfather.  I wish that Papouli would come back to life just so he could die all over again.  My only regret is that more of them haven’t died.  It should have been you, Joey.  It should have been you.

Jesse says that he feels helpless and that he wishes he could have been there so he could do something to help Papouli.  Again, this is just fucking nonsense.  It’s not like Papouli got hit by a bus or got AIDS or something after they let him run loose in the Castro.  We should all hope to be so lucky as to die peacefully in our sleep when we’re a million years old.  Also, what the fuck would Jesse have done to help anyway?  Play him some shitty Beach Boys covers?  Feed him fried chicken on his death bed?  Jesse is worthless in any given situation, much less one that cannot be helped.

Jesse cries some more and describes Papouli as “such a beautiful man,” which, again, made me laugh hysterically.  I don’t think I’ve actually enjoyed watching this show since the Urkel episode.  Someone should die in every episode.  Anyway, Jesse rushes upstairs to deal with the arrangements, like what to do with Papouli’s festering corpse, but not before refusing any help from the rest of the family.  Becky explains to them that Jesse’s having a manic episode as an attempt to deal with Papouli’s death and she kindly refrains from pointing out that he denied their help because they’re all a bunch of gigantic fuck-ups and he doesn’t want to deal with any wacky mishaps right now because he’s too busy crying like a lost girl scout who’s been separated from her troop in the woods.

By the way, I’m just going to put it out there that I’m pretty sure that Danny smothered Papouli with a pillow while he slept because he threw flour all over the kitchen.  Don’t even try to tell me that this never occurred to you.

Michelle comes home and totally ignores everyone’s crying faces because what the fuck does she care about anybody else?  She asks where Papouli is because she wants to give him some piece of shit popsicle stick sculpture that she made and then, because nobody will answer her question, she finally notices that everyone’s upset.  Danny explains to her that Papouli was old as shit and they found his moldering corpse when they went to wake him up and that made me wonder whose bed he died in.  I’d really like to know.  I’m also curious about the current whereabouts of Papouli’s cadaver.  Did the coroner already come, or is he still upstairs, rapidly withering away in one of the girl’s beds (or possibly Joey’s)?  There’s been a long tradition on this show of scenes where someone was doing a really shitty job of keeping someone from seeing something (you know, like, “oh shit, there’s a horse in the kitchen.  Better keep Danny out of there.  Hey, Danny, we’re having a competition to see who can stand in the living room the longest…”) and I think this episode would have really benefited from a little levity by having the family scrambling to stop Michelle from walking in on Papouli’s dead body, especially if it was in her bed.  Still, her contrived, bratty reaction when she refuses to believe that Papouli has died was sufficiently hilarious, so it’s not too much of a missed opportunity.

Danny goes upstairs to comfort Michelle (effectively telling the rest of his crying daughters to go fuck themselves) and she tells him that she feels really mad about her obscure relative that she spent a few hours with dying peacefully of old age after a long and full life.  I like how quickly she’s moving through the stages.  She was in denial for about 30 seconds, and now comes anger.  Acceptance can only be minutes away.  Danny shares a somber moment with her where he tells her that she can talk about how she’s feeling and can ask him any questions she might have and then he tells her he loves her and they hug before he exits the room.  It’s really weird to watch a long, serious exchange like that.  Not just because it’s a sitcom, but also because the show is of such poor quality and the characters are so impossible to relate to that it just seems like you’re in bizarro world when you have to watch them behave in a way that’s supposed to be realistic or sympathetic.

After Danny exits, Stephanie walks in and it almost seems like we’re gonna have to sit here and watch Michelle be counseled by every member of the full house or something.  It’s really hard to tell where this is going because there’s never been such a dramatic, humorless episode before.  I mean, they’re all humorless, but never on purpose.  Even that episode where Stephanie’s classmate’s dad was beating him had some zingers in it, but this is just one big wet hanky.  Anyway, Stephanie tells Michelle that she can’t cry in front of Uncle Jesse because he’s really upset and has been crying like a punk bitch so they have to be brave in front of him to help him cope.  I found this to be really interesting.  Ever since Stephanie turned around 8 and stopped being cute they’ve had a really hard time figuring out what to do with her character, and this is really the only time I can think of where she behaves like a typical middle child.  It seems like Stephanie is dealing with her own grief by tampering with her younger sisters emotions, which is the only way she can feel any sort of control in this situation.  It’s pretty sinister and manipulative if you think about it.  She tells Michelle that she has to repress her emotions for Jesse’s sake and instructs her to think of something funny if she feels like she’s going to cry.

Jesse walks into the room and checks on Michelle, totally ignoring Stephanie (which explains her fucked up coping mechanism pretty well) and the audience laughs at Michelle’s distant, fixed expression as she tries to repress her sadness, which is the only “joke” in the last 5 minutes or so.

Danny copes with his grief by buying a boat.  Hey, why not?  He says that having a boat is something he always dreamed about and there’s this really weird seagull sound effect when he says it.  Joey says that Danny buying the boat makes sense because the death of Papouli is a reminder that life is short (even though Papouli was at least 500 years old when he died) and you have to realize your dreams, which, for Danny, is traveling around in a boat and having anal sex with Joey.  Joey’s dream is just to mooch off of Danny so it probably doesn’t matter much to him where he does it.

Danny names his gay love boat Papouli, which touches Jesse so much that he hugs Danny and cries some more.  Then Jesse rushes off to another manic funeral planning session, which makes the family worry about him again.

Kimmie Gibbler rolls up on the backyard in her rad shades and callously makes fun of Danny and Joey and their stupid boat.  DJ and Kimmie Gibbler are left alone together and DJ remembers Papouli’s convoluted, pointless story about some stupid losers from his crappy village.  Although the purpose of that story still remains unclear, Papouli is dead now and life is precious so DJ and Kimmie Gibbler patch things up.

Jesse gets a phone call from someone whose identity is never revealed about Michelle not being at school and then he finds her hiding out in Danny’s gay sex boat.  Jesse asks Michelle why she isn’t at school and she says that she can’t tell him.  He keeps pressing her and then she admits that she didn’t go to school because Papouli was supposed to come to her class that day and teach her class his cheesy dance for Greek stereotypes.  She says that him not being there would probably have made her cry and she’s not allowed to because she’s supposed to be brave, which doesn’t really make sense because she’s only not supposed to cry in front of Jesse, who would not have been there.  I mean, it doesn’t make sense for a lot of reasons, but that’s the main one.  Anyway, Jesse asks Michelle why she’s being so emotionally repressed and she admits that Stephanie forced it upon her.  Jesse says that Stephanie was wrong to tell her that and that he’ll “talk to her about that” later, which is a conversation that we unfortunately never get to see.  Sad music plays as Jesse tells Michelle that she should always share her feelings and then they both bitch and moan about how much they loved Papouli.  Jesse blames himself for Papouli’s death and Michelle tells him that it wasn’t his fault and then they both cry like a couple of stupid little girls.

I guess that this was supposed to be some sort of grand dramatic performance for whichever Olsen twin that is, who makes an even uglier face than usual as she sort of almost convincingly forces herself to cry.  This whole episode has seemed pretty baffling but then during this scene you can almost see “for your consideration” scrolling across the bottom of the screen (*SPOILER ALERT* This episode won zero awards).

Jesse takes Michelle to school and her teacher asks her if she has anything to share for show and tell.  She says that her great-grandfather was going to come and teach them a Greek dance but then he died and you can tell that everyone thinks that it’s just a lame excuse because she didn’t prepare anything.  She tries to do the dance herself after warning everyone that she probably can’t remember it and then she craps out about 10 seconds into it.  Jesse joins in to help her finish it, which would almost be touching if I hadn’t lost my last granule of sympathy after having to look at a bunch of sad crying faces for 15 minutes straight, not to mention the fact that I deeply hate all of these people.

That was the most unscrupulous grab for emotionally effective storytelling I’ve ever seen.  Maybe if they’d brought back Jesse’s dad, who was a regular for a while, as the grandparent to kill off it would have almost been justifiable.  The time spent showing people being sad about Papouli’s death was actually twice the amount we ever saw of Papouli himself.  I am also once again totally blown away at this shows vindictive disregard for grandparents.  If they’re not disappearing without explanation then they’re dropping like flies.  Well, thanks a lot, Full House.  I will never be sad ever again when an old person dies after seeing this.


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  1. FHRFan says:

    Must see. Someone added a laugh track to the family’s “tearjerker” scene.

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    • Oh Mylanta says:

      My favorite comment on this video is, and I quote, “u suck how could u make fun of full house u pervert”.


      • FHRFan says:

        If they think THAT one is perverted, they ought to see the one that makes Danny out to be a pedophile…


      • Oh Mylanta says:

        This one?

        Yeah, as if that bathtub scene wasn’t creepy enough, slowing it down 50% makes him sound like a drunken pedophile.


      • Oh Mylanta says:

        Okay, I guess I have no idea how to do HTML on here…


      • FHRFan says:

        There’s another one using that same footage. When Nicky and Alex walk in, they play “Let’s Get It On” which is just hysterical.


    • Lynne says:

      The comments on that video are hilarious.


    • Billy Superstar says:

      that’s a pretty good representation of how i reacted when i watched this episode.


    • RG says:

      LMFAO! I’ve seen that video, and I’ll probably go to hell for this, but I find it hilarious! I know it’s rude to laugh at death, but the farting noises made me lose it. XD I love the comments too, on everyone overreacting ragging on the uploader. Plus, I’m pretty sure that video has the flagged YouTube message “18 or older, offensive material warning” too.


    • JMo says:

      I am crying here at work all by myself cuz it’s so damn funny!


  2. anya says:

    “By the way, I’m just going to put it out there that I’m pretty sure that Danny smothered Papouli with a pillow while he slept because he threw flour all over the kitchen. Don’t even try to tell me that this never occurred to you.”

    i literally screamed with laughter when i saw this combined with Danny’s fake corny mourning pic

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  3. Bonosbeachgirl says:

    I woke my husband up I was laughing so hard. The part that got me was you suggesting Danny smothered Papouli for throwing flour around the kitchen. That was brilliant!!!

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  4. Blake says:

    This review surpassed even the loftiest expectations. I was in hysterics at several points. And the gay sex boat? Fucking brilliant. I’m picturing Danny and Joey joining South Park’s Big Gay Al on a big gay boat ride.

    Major props, Billy.

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  5. Michael Scarn says:

    I was bummed that I read through all the archives and actually have to demonstrate some patience for once but this review was absolutely worth it.

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  6. Kyle C. Haight says:

    Even ABC jumped on-board with this saccharine-filled promo!


  7. Colin Sean says:

    I’ve been waiting for you to get to this one since I found this site last March.

    I was not disappointed. Thank you.

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  8. Leigh says:

    Everything about this post was comedy gold. I nearly choked to death reading about Papouli’s “smoldering corpse” while eating my lunch.

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  9. Bri says:

    This actually wouldn’t have been too bad an episode if 1) we didn’t hate this show 2) we didn’t despise these characters and 3) a character we actually knew about had died, rather than one who spent no more than 10 minutes on screen. Otherwise, it wasn’t that bad – they dealt with the grief fairly realistically (for this show, anyway), and the acting was decent. But Jesse is the only character who’d actually be upset about this death – and MAYBE Danny. The others hardly knew him. But the show’s writers couldn’t kill off a character anyone might care about at the risk of the show giving people any real feelings.


  10. Kat says:

    I love Full House but I also love sarcasm and your site is hysterical. I had to tell you I seriously laughed my ass off when you said “he didn’t even die during a commercial break” because this episode was JUST on and I though the exact same thing! Love the reviews! Keep em coming 🙂

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  11. Cheerwine says:

    GAH, I hate to do this, but “smoldering” means slowly burning; “moldering” means slowly decaying. I noticed this in earlier reviews that made reference to Mom’s corpse but am not sure if I missed some hilarious inside joke that would explain why we’re using “smoldering.”

    So, just in case: I think you mean “moldering.”

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  12. beautifulsorta says:

    This was the best recap I have read up until this point. It was hilarious to the point that I hurt myself laughing.

    With that being said…

    This just might be the worst episode of Full House yet (perhaps the reason that it was the best review?) I feel they had a board meeting prior to writing this episode and decided that they needed to add a PSA episode about dealing with the death of someone close to you. Instead of doing what would have been a fan favorite and offing Joey (I am with you and everyone else on that one), they chose a character that they knew no one cared about. It was a cop out–because there might have been real emotions felt by the viewer and that would have been BAD. They wanted to have their cake and eat it too–a serious episode without having serious repercussions. It’s so contrived that it ends up being insulting to the viewer. Papouli is represented in a way that it’s impossible to care about him. He’s a bad caricature of Greek culture to the point that it’s borderline offensive. He doesn’t have any characteristics other than being Greek, which is a low even for Full House. It’s almost like a justification for killing him off.

    All of this from a show whose premise was built on the fact that the mother of these girls was killed in her prime in a car crash. The irony, it burns…

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  13. lucy says:

    “Someone should die in every episode.”

    Kind of like South Park? Except they’ll say “Oh my gosh, they killed Joey!”
    “You heroes!”

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  14. Full house Lover says:

    Fuck you for ruining a great show, dickhead. Shove a glass bottle up your urethra and hit it with a brick while watching gay porn, you cum guzzling faggot monkey boy, heartless, hopeless, dickless, Dirty Dancing fanboy. Fuck you. Have fun shoving bananas up your ass, tree hugger.


  15. LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

    In actuality, this episode was extremely well done. It conveyed the right tone in every way.

    I read Charlotte’s Web as a kid and neither the book, nor the film, were able to convey the right tone about death and loss. This episode as a kid made me understand death a whole lot better. And it was well written and acted too.

    I just lost my Nana today at age eighty-nine. It takes death to bring us together as a family sadly.


    • Lisa says:

      I’m very sorry for your loss, Lorimar. That’s awful for your whole family. I hope that peace will come your way.

      However, I must respectfully disagree about this episode. Even when I first saw it as a kid, I was offended by how patronizing, cheesy and contrived the whole episode was. As an adult, I’m even more so. When I’m not laughing because of this blog, that is.

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  16. ising1500 says:

    This episode was on tonight, and I laughed twice as hard as ever before. This is the best review of this show ever. The first time I read it, I laughed until I fell out of bed. The whole review is full of prizewinning material. Kudos!

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  17. Chris says:

    “By the way, I’m just going to put it out there that I’m pretty sure that Danny smothered Papouli with a pillow while he slept because he threw flour all over the kitchen. Don’t even try to tell me that this never occurred to you.”

    That was definitely the gem here. The rest of the review, ehhh… I think the author too often confused being mean spirited with being funny. The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, but they’re not equivalent, either.


  18. Jorge says:

    It’s implied that the crying scene is actually in the afternoon as everyone is home and Michelle is coming home from a Honey Bee meeting. Thus, the body would’ve been moved out of Danny or Joey’s room. Probably Joey’s and the woodchuck did it.
    As bad as the show got, Jodie Sweetin was such a natural. It’s too bad they never gave her more storylines, like her first period, her first joint, her first drive by shooting! I mean, she had therapy as a 6 year old. She was screwed from the get go.

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  19. John Q says:

    This has to be in the running for one of the worst in the series which is saying a lot. It’s easily one of the most manipulative and bizarre in the series. It really looks like the writers were on drugs and said, “Hey, let’s just kill the guy at the mid-way point”. The whole segue from Papouli dancing to everybody sitting around the table crying is bizarre. At first I thought they deleted some scenes or something.

    Where are the twins when everybody is just crying in the kitchen?

    The whole storyline of Danny waking up a dead Papouli doesn’t make much sense. Isn’t Danny on “Wake Up San Francisco”? Wouldn’t he have to wake up at 4 in the morning to be ready to go on the air by 6:00 am??? Why is he waking up Papouli at that time and if he found him dead at 4:00 am, wouldn’t everybody in the house know including Michelle???

    Those overly dramatic scenes with people crying are just so manipulative. This show is so dumb and goofy and stupid that it’s just bizarre when they try tackle a serious subject.

    The next really crazy edit is when we see Danny with a boat in their backyard… wait what??? So the day after he found the dead grandfather of his dead wife, he decides to “buy a boat”. WTF??? Again it looks like the writers were on drugs, “Hey, how about if Danny just buys a boat”.

    Then there’s the pointless b story of the sunglasses.

    I didn’t even mention when Papouli is actually on the screen. He’s barely on the show and then he just starts throwing flour all over the place like a lunatic, again WTF??

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    • Iron Sheik says:

      I feel the same way.
      Finished Watching It On Nick@Night and was dying of laughter. I was wondering where is Danny’s head when there having a flour parade or wherever the f@&$ they were doing in the kitchen. As Billy mentioned Danny must have killed him.

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  20. methylmercury says:

    I’m with Stephanie here. It was nice seeing somebody for a change telling Michelle to just stfu and stop making every single thing about herself.


  21. Anoyomous says:

    I remember that episode, I always thought Papouli was smothered by Danny for wreaking the kitchen

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  22. Nicole says:

    First of all, let me just get this out there – if you hate the show then why watch it? (I’m thinking you get that a lot, am I right?) Surely you work, have friends.. Could be doing something you actually enjoy?? There is no logic. Not too bothered either way, just think it’s a tad strange. For example I hate reality TV shows such as the Kardashians so you sure as hell wouldn’t catch me watching them, let alone review them. (Maybe you secretly love Full House? Ever think of that?? Sleep on it..)

    It’s a shame because, as much as I do love Full House, some of your sarcastic comments might be worth a laugh if it wasn’t for your total disregard for research into Greek culture (with this episode in particular.. Haven’t read your other reviews, I presume there are more?)
    “Crappy village” “Bunch of losers” “cheesy dance for Greek stereotypes”
    Also, so you know
    The stuffed vine leaves are called “Dolmades” or “Kabebia” but usually the first in my opinion
    Second “Παπουλη / Παππού” (or in your words, ‘some sort of Greek thing, supposedly’) means ‘Grandpa’
    Please do further research, must admit I lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes.

    Also, why laugh when Jesse calls his Grandfather a “Beautiful man”? The character had a beautiful heart, obviously full of life and laughter (much like the Greeks). Also, why laugh at his death? It wouldn’t be so bad if it were a hated character but all we’ve seen of this man is a love for his family, a smile on his face, constant laughter and a thirst to live life to the full. Personally I was sad when he died.. And the characters aren’t wimps or.. Can’t remember the exact language used.. I’m going to assume you’d tear it to shreds if they didn’t cry or get angry.. Well I would .. I’d be pissed if they just moved on.

    Oh, and when my relatives visit the whole family do head for the door to greet them.

    So, my quick review of this article (Hey I read your opinion, now you read mine)
    Are you a good writer? Yes
    Do you evoke emotion? Yes (Good emotion? I’m sure for people who agree with your findings)
    Are you funny? Eh Somewhat

    Personally I love the show. Yes the daughters are manipulative, but they have to be in order for there to be a moral in a family show. Some of the storylines are far fetched, but then most shows are anyway, can’t get away from that one. It’s a warm family show with a lot of giggles (if you have a sense of humour) and a lesson to be learned in each episode for youngsters.. Though I haven’t watched it with kids I presume that to be the reasoning.
    Oh and the scene between Michelle & Jesse is one of my favourites, they’re brilliant!

    Anyway, I think that’s it for now.

    Γεια σου or Αντίο (Goodbye)


      • Nicole says:

        Fairly certain I wasn’t as harsh as the commenter in the post you’ve referred me to.

        Everyone is allowed an opinion and the above is mine. I do think a bit more research into Greek culture should have been done, fair enough not doing research into the actors but when you’re slating an entire culture I think that’s cause for some looking into, plus I genuinely don’t understand why you watch something if you don’t enjoy it.

        If the person writing this is going to dedicate an entire blog to hating something, that’s they’re choice – fine. But if that is the case then they need to be aware that there are people who will disagree with their findings and they are allowed to express their own opinions as they have done.

        I know this person is educated because, as I said, they are a very good writer and, even as a fan of the show, I can see the humerus anecdotes.
        There were a few particulars which I brought up – Greek Culture, beautiful man comment etc. which I didn’t agree with and voiced.

        Thank you for the referal however, I stand by what I said in my initial comment.


    • Liz says:

      If you like the show, Why are you here?


      • Nicole says:

        I was here because I stumbled across the post. As stated originally, even as a fan of the show some of what the poster said would have been humorous if not for their lack of research into different cultures.

        If they want to dedicate an entire blog to hate that’s fine but don’t do it without expecting some disagreements from people who do just stumble across and decide to voice their opinion on that particular post.

        Honestly, the only times I’ve come back to this is when someone responds to my comment, otherwise it doesn’t even cross my mind.

        Hope that clears a few things up for you.


      • Hi Nicole! I just came across your comments and decided to reply. I don’t have a problem with you sharing your reactions at all. As a matter of fact, I appreciate you doing so. We don’t agree about Full House and that’s fine. As for your question about why I made this blog, I just thought it would be funny. Overall I think it was a fairly successful project. It’s just created for the sake of writing (hopefully) funny, easy to digest articles that people might enjoy while they’re goofing off at work or something. It’s not really meant to be taken seriously. It was fun to write and enough people read and enjoyed it that if feels like it was worth doing, although I do have moments where I look back at it and wonder if I couldn’t have done something more constructive with my spare time. You are right that I did not research Greek culture before writing this article. The blog was just meant to convey my point of view and I never bothered to do anything more than watch the episode before writing about it. I’m sure that I could have come off as more well informed in many cases throughout the blog but I wasn’t trying to impress anybody or be the smartest guy in the room, I was just sharing my reactions. Thanks for teaching me a little more about Greek culture and I’m sorry if you feel like some other commenters gave you a hard time. I try to keep things friendly around here.

        Liked by 3 people

  23. Nicole says:

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment.

    I’m glad you don’t have an issue with me sharing my reactions!

    I think I mentioned before if I don’t like a programme I tend to avoid it so it just seemed a little odd however, now knowing why you created the blog it’s a little easier to wrap my head around.

    Putting our opinions of Full House aside if it’s something you enjoyed doing it’s time well spent, just my opinion.

    After reading your response I feel was possibly too defensive. It caught me off guard to see some things written in the original post (clearly!). Being part Greek myself and so having lots of family and friends who are Greek I think I felt they were being unfairly represented however, it’s now clear it wasn’t intended to be malicious.
    Aha! Well, I love the culture so always happy to share!

    No worries about the other commenters. I think I can hold my own and also they’re defending a piece of work they love, I can’t fault them for that. But thank you, I appreciate that.

    I’m curious as to whether you have any other writing pieces on either WordPress or elsewhere? Like I said before you’re a good writer and I stand by that.

    I hope I wasn’t too harsh in any of my comments. If I was I apologise for that as it wasn’t my intention. Thank you again for responding, things make a lot more sense now.


  24. BardicLiving says:

    As funny as this blog is, I have to say, when I read the recap of this episode the sappy part of my soul wins out and I tear up at Jesse and Michelle helping each other deal with Papouli’s death.


  25. David says:

    It’s okay to criticize most any episode; but this to do so to this episode is wrong. This is a very touching and sad episode; and something every family has to face at one point or another. It’s good that Jesse and Michelle help each other and work as a team, and it’s very wrong to be critical of that.


  26. Ray says:

    This is the absolute most retarded piece of garbage review of a tv show I’ve ever seen and FYI buddy I’m Greek and I take offense to that. SCREW YOU RETARD GO JUMP IN A HOLE AND BURN!


    • Andrew says:

      Papuli was actually in one episode before this. Season 4’s Greek Week. But still not a very important character. I agree they should have grew some balls and have Steve or Vicki pass away.

      Liked by 1 person

  27. There wasn’t any “teaser’ in this episode; but on the first prime time airing, John Stamos addressed the audience letting everyone know this would be an episode about death in case that triggered anyone or if they or anyone they know would like to understand their feelings. I missed it, but I had the feeling Papouli wasn’t going to make it as the first act went on. Sure enough…


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