Bonus Entry: Jesse and the Rippers on Jimmy Fallon

Every now and again I’ll get an email or someone will post on the FHR Facebook page about some Full House related piece of news, like when the cast got together for a private Full House reunion, or any time Jodie Sweetin gets divorced and/or has a drug-related relapse or something (which seems to happen an awful lot).  I’m usually not particularly interested in these types of things but I always appreciate the active community that’s formed around this site and the comments and conversations that happen when people post on here.  Plus it always makes me feel all special and shit when people think of me when they see something Full House related.

About a week ago I got a notice about Jesse and the Rippers reuniting on the Jimmy Fallon show and I didn’t really give it much thought.  I’ve almost never watched Jimmy Fallon (except for the Saved By the Bell reunion stuff he’s done, which I’ve youtubed the shit out of) and, although I’m obsessively recapping every episode of Full House, I think it’s pretty clear that I don’t have a very high opinion of the show and that I’m already putting way more time and energy into watching it than I should, so any additional Full House related programming isn’t exactly compelling to me.  But then I got another notice, and another one, and a bunch of emails, and pretty quickly it became clear that a whole lot of people were pretty excited about this.  Eventually, whatever tragic, self-destructive sense of duty that forces me to watch every episode of Full House and write a lengthy recap of why it sucks also made me feel obligated to watch this stupid Jesse and the Rippers reunion.  It was my own terrible idea to become the Full House guy on the internet so I might as well go all the way with it, right?  So here you go, weirdos on the internet: a brief recap of the Jesse and the Rippers reunion that I wrote just for you.

My initial question was, who are the Rippers exactly?  Throughout Full House, there never seems to be a solid roster of members.  Early on there were like 15 of them and then they seemed to sort of thin out, with changing members all the time.  But there was that one guy with the curly hair that I always recognized and sure enough, there he was, right next to Uncle Jesse.

I was never really sure if the Rippers were a real band.  It seemed probable to me that they were just a bunch of extras who showed up and pretended to play instruments but I guess at least some of them were real musicians.  I don’t know much about the history of these guys and I’m not about to look it up.  One of the best things about having a really active comments section on a site like mine is that you can totally get away with being lazy about stuff like that.  Wow us with your trivial knowledge, comments section!

John Stamos has aged really well.  He also seems really good humored about having starred on the worst show of all time.  Seeing as how he’s the one cast member who’s managed to have a real career after the series ended, as well as being the only one who’s a charismatic and talented enough performer to avoid being marred for life by having been on Full House, it makes sense that he’d have a good attitude about it.  I don’t know why he agreed to do this performance but I doubt he needed the money or attention and it seems like he’s just genuinely having fun with the nostalgia behind the whole thing.  He even wore a shitty Uncle Jersey wig and that stupid vest.  What a good sport!

One thing I found really distracting is the guy in the white polo shirt in the crowd directly behind Jesse.  His goonish dancing immediately caught my eye and then I couldn’t stop watching him throughout the entire medley of songs.

Couldn’t they have reserved that prominent spot for someone who wasn’t going to totally embarrass themselves?

Then again, forcing the viewers to feel shamed and embarrassed for the people on the screen is the greatest tradition of Full House, so maybe he was placed there intentionally to lend authenticity to the experience.

So Jesse and the Rippers did a medley of songs, starting, of course, with “Forever,” and then transitioning into what I think was an Elvis song, then “The Hippy, Hippy Shake” (which I definitely remember them performing on Full House) and finally, the theme from Full House.  It didn’t really stand out from any other Jesse and the Rippers performance except for the genuine enthusiasm that was pouring out of the audience.

There were also a few surprise cameos.  Bob Saget was spotted dancing in the audience and I’d be willing to bet that he wasn’t even invited and only showed up because he had nowhere better to be.

Lori Loughlin came out at the end and, damn, she might even look better now than she did 20 years ago.  You’re aging like a fine wine, Lori Loughlin.  A fine ass wine.

The best part about the whole thing was that Dave Coulier wasn’t there.


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68 Responses to Bonus Entry: Jesse and the Rippers on Jimmy Fallon

  1. KickYourFace says:

    I didn’t know Sam Kinison was in Jesse & the Rippers.


  2. MeliMari says:

    This is my first time commenting here, but I really wanted to comment on the guy in the white polo shirt… I’ve been living in Japan for five years without once leaving to go back to my hometown (the good ol’ USA) so my perception of America has become very skewered and fuzzy. What is America like? What are Americans like? But when I watched this on YouTube — after finding out about it from your Facebook page, thanks! — I remembered. That man, dancing his little heart out as his white shirt shone in the spotlight of faded glory, reminded me of all that America is, was, and potentially could be. As I’m heading back permanently in five days (…why am I not cleaning or packing right now, Christ.) and have had mixed feelings about going back to an unfamiliar home, that man — and by extension, you! — really helped to calm my heart. Thank you.


    • Melanie says:

      I imagine they must play “Forever” constantly in Japan, what with it going to number one and all.


      • MeliMari says:

        Sadly, they don’t even have it in the karaoke systems over here, and while all my adult students remember loving Full House (it was syndicated here about 15 years ago — a bit late!) and EVERYONE knows “Micheruuuu,” I’ve only met one person who remembered the masterpiece that is Forever.


      • JCC says:




    • Angela says:

      I gotta say, I love this post. I’m not sure if I like that that’s the image our country sends to other places, mind, but…still, the way you wrote about it makes it almost worthwhile :D. Hope you have a safe trip back here and get settled in all nice again!


  3. lovetolaugh says:

    Thanks for doing this, Billy!

    John Stamos and Lori Loughlin both have aged wonderfully!

    Seeing as how he’s the one cast member who’s managed to have a real career after the series ended, as well as being the only one who’s a charismatic and talented enough performer to avoid being marred for life by having been on Full House, it makes sense that he’d have a good attitude about it.

    Respectfully, the Olsen twins have had a much better career then John Stamos. I’m not much of a fan of them (I sure used to be!), but to call a spade a spade, their twin videos and movies have made a fortune, and they’re fairly successful fashion moguls.

    Bob Saget still has a career as a comedian – he visited my college campus (University of Maryland) freshman year!


  4. mgroves says:

    Bob Saget is actually a really funny comedian, and also a good sport about Full House. You should check him out on podcasts like the Nerdist and Mohr Stories and such.


    • lovetolaugh says:

      And he narrarates How I Met Your Mother! THAT is a good show.


    • Oh Mylanta says:

      I saw him do standup a few years ago, and I swear I have never heard the word “fuckwad” so many times in the span of an hour (or however long the show was). I wish I could remember exactly what the jokes were, but he was just so filthy, it was hilarious.


    • Vamking12 says:

      Well he had two choices talk about being on the worse show ever ever. Or try to be funny


  5. lovetolaugh says:

    Billy, this is something I’ve always been curious about: does your hatred for the Joey character (which I support :)) really extend to Dave Coulier? I mean, I know you’ve made jokes about condoning his murder and all that, but do you actually legitimately have an issue with him, or are you just being facetious?

    I’m just curious because, compared ot the other Full House actors, I actually know very little about him and his life (other than that he supposedly dated Alanis Morissette)


    • Comet says:

      Actually there was one more cameo! The dude in the lower right of the screencap with Bob Saget with the sunglasses on his head played Alex (of Nicki and Alex).

      Actually that’s not true at all. Just trying to start shit.


      • Grant Spatchcock says:

        You know, that just might be true. What with the mullett-esque hair style and the strong jaw, he looks like he could be Joey’s offspring.
        So can we call “Confirmed” on the myth that Joey is the twin’s real father?


    • Billy Superstar says:

      i don’t know dave coulier personally, so maybe he’s a great humanitarian or something, but i really think that his performance as joey is awful. i suppose i should limit my opinion of him to his shortcomings as a performer and not judge him as a human being just because he sucks at what he does but, man, he’s just so god damn irritating.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Amy R. says:

    I was so happy to see the guy with the curly hair. He was my favorite Ripper because he was one of the few that actually had a line and because of his remarkable willingness to continue to be there throughout the run of the show. Also, he looked like the was about 45 from the very beginning, so it was amusing to see how he’s just stopped aging and is making that work.

    I’m pretty sure the guy in the trench coat is the long haired, Shawn Michaels look alike, also an OG Ripper, and that time was not as kind.


  7. Magellan333 says:

    The shadow in that last screen cap makes it appear as though John Stamos has lost his front teeth. Of all the actors seen on Full House (guest stars included), the one who has had the most steady work in showbiz appears to be Marcia Wallace as she has voiced Mrs. Krabapple on the Simpsons for 20 plus years.


  8. Comments Section says:

    Yeah, I got nuthin’. Sorry.


  9. PinkDork says:

    Thank you so much, Billy, for watching this shit and telling us all about it so we don’t have you. You really are a SuperStar!


  10. Smash says:

    It’s a damn shame that Stamos and Loughlin didn’t get hitched and have kids in real life. They would have had some seriously attractive offspring!


    • Angela says:

      No argument there!

      I’ve still yet to see this, too, but my mom caught it and told me about it, and I think it’s kind of adorable that Lori showed up, and that Bob was in the audience dancing along. And I agree on John having a good attitude about his “Full House” days overall. I like it when people own up to the acting jobs they did over the years, no matter how goofy or cheesy or stupid they may have been. You gotta find work and pay the bills somehow, right? And if he got on well with his castmates, that’d be good incentive to stick around even when the show got ridiculous.

      LOL at the comments about the drummer guy, too. Billy, thank you so much for this review. It’s a nice, unexpected surprise.


  11. Charlie says:

    I was really distracted by the bad lip-syncing, but it’s cool that Stamos still has that Gibson – I definitely remember that hanging in the recording studio downstairs.


    • Bri says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who was annoyed by the fact that it wasn’t remotely live. I get that the Rippers were probably not actual musicians, but John could’ve at least performed…
      Funny that they saved continuity for a throw-away “reunion” on a late night show. 😛


  12. Sarah Portland says:

    I don’t know how you did that, Billy. I watched a YouTube link last night and facepalmed through the whole thing. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that weird crowd behind the band, though. White Polo Guy reminded me of Don from Napoleon Dynamite, in the scene where Summer gets up and does her “skit” 😛


  13. Megan says:

    I haven’t looked up this video yet, but I’ve found if you quickly glance back and forth between the first two pictures of white polo guy it looks like he’s dancing.

    I also want to join the bandwagon of thinking Lori Loughlin and John Stamos should have bred as they clearly would have had some good-looking kids.


  14. Barbie Dollandbear says:

    Thank you for recapping. I needed this!


  15. Staplerhed says:

    Mullet wig, the vest, the gold Gibson hollow-body, the Sam Kinison look alike, a keytar, Forever, the bass line at the end of the F.H. theme, Lori Laughlin, it was all so freakin perfect. Thank you Jimmy Fallon, thank you Jesse and the Rippers, and thank you Billy Superstar.


  16. Amelia says:

    Suggestions on what you should review next: “The Brady Bunch”, “The Cosby Show”, “Lizzie Mcguire”.


    • Bridget says:

      Well, “The Brady Bunch” was on for only 5 seasons. I never liked how elitist the Huxtables were! Heathcliff was looking down on Sondra’s friends because one was a carpenter and the other was an electrician on one episode. If we didn’t have electricians and carpenters, we wouldn’t have homes and the necessary electricity to light them up! Hospitals need electricity so doctors can perform surgeries!


    • Oh Mylanta says:

      I’d totally read a Brady Bunch Reviewed blog. Or Step By Step. Another god-awful saccharine Miller-Boyett sitcom.


      • Magellan333 says:

        I have mulled doing a Brady Bunch blog. I just can’t bring myself to buy the DVD sets.


      • Angela says:

        I would happily read those. Yes. Especially the “Step by Step” one.

        But awww, I kinda like the idea of a “Lizzie McGuire” blog, too. I used to watch that show when I was younger, I freely confess. Mostly because I had a crush on the guy who played Lizzie’s friend Gordo.


      • lovetolaugh says:

        Angela, I always thought Gordo was adorable too!


      • Angela says:

        Glad to find someone else who agrees :D.

        I think the guy who played him is the same age as me, too, so hey, bonus! Hehe.


  17. Maddie says:

    Hi, Billy (can I call you Billy?). I’ve been a regular reader for a couple years now but I haven’t commented much. I’m actually not sure if I’ve commented at all. I feel like I have but maybe I just imagined that. I don’t know; I’ve been drunk this whole time.

    Anyway, I’m glad you did this extra post. There was probably so much demand for it because it really was such a bizarre occurrence. I mean, here you have this tv show that is now super kitschy and dated. There are a few un-ironic, clueless dorks who love the show and a bunch of snobs who love to hate it (a.k.a. me). But Jimmy Fallon is a place for the beautiful and trendy and relatively mainstream, so the fact that they would have this nostalgic, kind of hipster horseshit definitely merited your attention. Who knows? Maybe Jimmy Fallon or some of his writers are reading your blog. Hopefully.

    Also, I know part of your shtick is this hilarious self-deprecation for even spending so much time on the blog, but I hope you don’t actually internalize that. What you’re doing is so weird and hilarious and fully captures what is best about the internet–this place for angry rants that are extremely insightful but ultimately pointless, aside from their ability to brighten our day. Seriously, I regularly laugh out loud. I’d even go so far as to say that this stupid blog occasionally restores my faith in humanity. This whole concept is such a waste of your time but it’s so genius and I’m so grateful you’re doing it. I hope you get something out of it.


    • Sully says:

      Totally agree. This is so weird and hilarious.

      When I first started reading it I was telling people about it, thinking everyone would find the premise absolutely hilarious… they did not. Nobody I know quite understands why I read it and find it so freaking entertaining.

      I clearly surround myself with fuddy-duddies… pity…


      • Angela says:

        I keep insisting my mom should check out this blog. She’s been randomly having conversations with me lately about some of the confusing stuff on this show and all I can say in response is, “Read the ‘Full House Reviewed’ blog!!!!” I think she’d get a kick out of it.

        But yeah, I fully agree with Maddie’s post. It’s a nostalgic walk down memory lane for those of us who grew up watching this show, and it’s fun to look at it through adult eyes and be able to be realistic and poke fun and laugh at some of the goofiness. The blog strikes a nice balance between those two feelings/attitudes.


    • Billy Superstar says:

      aw, thanks. i think it’s important (and kind of funny) to express some self-awareness about how this project could be perceived but, personally, i really just think of it as a hobby. i do think that i get a lot out of maintaining a disciplined writing exercise and i look forward to exploring the benefits of it in a more constructive way when this project finally ends early next year.


  18. Oh Mylanta says:

    I always wondered the same thing about the Rippers lineup. Even as a kid I remembered thinking, how many people are in this band exactly? I always figured they’d just picked up a bunch of extras to back up Jermsey when the script called for it. I do remember the curly-haired guy, though. And apparently one of them was named Lanny or Lonnie or something, but that was probably just some one-off gag for that one episode when ***SPOILER ALERT*** they kick Jermsey out of the band and replace him with Greg Brady.

    I’d also like to jump on the “John Stamos and Lori Loughlin should’ve married and procreated” bandwagon. They’re both aging like fine wine. Their kids would be GORGEOUS.


    • Bridget says:

      Oh Mylanta, Eleanor Roosevelt is proof that an average-looking woman can have gorgeous parents. Her grandmother would lament that she wasn’t very attractive as a child! Michelle Tanner reminds me of Mary Lennox from “The Secret Garden”. Mary wasn’t a pretty baby and the author called her an ugly toddling thing. By the time she was 9, she had yellow skin, yellow hair and was a bit of a little bitch.


  19. songbird says:

    Waited until this was shown in the UK to comment! Bob Saget’s seriously white dancing made me cringe but I must admit, the performance wasn’t all bad. (I really like the theme tune…)


  20. LittleOldMe says:

    Did anyone besides me think that Bob Saget looked like Steve Carell?


  21. IfEveryWordISaidCouldMakeYouLaugh says:

    Did anyone else come across this on Youtube when looking up Jesse and the Rippers on Jimmy Fallon? I’m crying I’m laughing so hard!!!


  22. Geonn says:

    I thought about notifying you about this but I figured the minions had minion’d and you knew. ;D

    I was distracted by white-shirt guy too! I just told myself he was the new Joey, the one leeching off Jesse since 2003 when the first Joey died in a tragic (but hysterical) Rube Goldberg-esque accident that involved Mr Woodchuck, a belt, and a sturdy closet rod.


  23. teebore says:

    I don’t know why he agreed to do this performance but I doubt he needed the money or attention

    Yeah, he’s got all that greek yogurt money coming in now. That shit is popular!

    I do really like that he’s a good sport about this stuff. He’d be easy to see him just wanting nothing to do with his past as Jermsey, but it’s refreshing to see that he apparently has an attitude of “whatever, I’ve done other stuff, I don’t have to be afraid of that one lameass character I played that put me on the map”.

    You’re aging like a fine wine, Lori Loughlin. A fine ass wine.

    Yes, yes she is.

    I’ll also echo the sentiments that, at least in what I’ve seen, Bob Saget is actually a pretty funny comedian on his own. I definitely get the impression that he often goes out of his way to be as crass and foul-mouthed as possible to put as much distance between himself and Danny Tanner as possible, but I also think a fair amount of that is genuine, and hey, I like crass humor, so tevs, as the kids says.

    Also, it makes watching Full House slightly more fun, to know that this comedian who really enjoys cracking vulgar jokes and swearing made his name playing arguably the most white bread character in TV history. I imagine the director yelling “cut” and then Saget just immediately letting loose a string of repressed profanity, like he’d been holding his breath the whole time.


  24. SavaFiend says:

    I find it funny that John Stamos as an actor has had more real-life success after Full House ended than his character Jesse had throughout the whole course of the show!


  25. Vee Langs says:

    HOLY CRAP! The crazy Saxophone guy from the Joey for PTA President with that AWESOME Solo is in this!

    and that also officially goes in the running for longest title give to any random dude.

    How has no one noticed?!


  26. gwen says:


    The Rippers on the Fallon Show were REAL Rippers.

    While Gary Griffin (redhead) and Lanny Cordola (Hat) have done many shows,

    The Bassist on the Fallon Show Tony Sciuto also did 4 episodes.

    Most notable the ‘Dr. Dare’ Episode with Scott Baio.

    Tony also played bass with the Rippers on the Japan Episode performing “Forever” and “Help me Rhonda”

    (This episode was also inspired by Tony’s real life experience of having a hit song and album in Japan back in early 80’s). He also was in the episode where The Ripper’s fire Uncle Jesse. Tony was the last Ripper to walk up the steps.

    Tony and (Fallon Show Ripper Drummer) Taso Kotsos were in Fullhouse episode when Jesse wrote the Tons, Tons, Tons, Radio Jingle. Tony’s Brother Michael Sciuto was also in that episode.

    Taso was also the Drummer in the Vulture Episodes.

    Gary, Tony and Taso and Brother Michael toured the US with The Rippers and Uncle Jesse back in 1988. Only 3 or 4 shows.

    Also, the Rippers and Jesse’s vocals were done by The Rippers and Jesse for the Fallon Show!!

    Pre-recorded as this Show idea was very spontaneous and rehearsal was impossible as Tony and Taso were from Baltimore.

    The only Ripper to my knowledge with a website is Tony.

    Check out:

    Liked by 1 person

  27. LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

    Lanny also played with the late 80’s band “House of Lords.” Youtube them.


  28. tony sciuto says:

    Thank you Gwen for having correct info! I don’t know who you are but you are so CORRECT!! 🙂 Tony Sciuto


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