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Full House, Reviewed

Since this post is going to live at the top of the site until the end of time, I thought I should start with a disclaimer for people that are stumbling onto this page for the first time.  This is … Continue reading

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Top 10 Shittiest Moments Ever on Full House

Picking the Top 10 Shittiest Moments Ever on Full House is like selecting the finest grain of sand on a beach.  There’s just so much to sift through!  There are countless moments that could have qualified for this list but … Continue reading

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Montage: The Most Disturbing Images To Come Out of the Full House

For such a wholesome series, Full House sure did present an awful lot of disturbing images, many of them of a sexual nature.  Here are the best ones!

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The FHR SF Wrap-Up Party

Here it is, the video coverage of the SF FHR Wrap Party!  Thanks very much to Thom for making these!  Be sure to check out his 80’s video series!  He’s gonna make a bunch of brilliant stuff! Part 1 For … Continue reading

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Review of Dustin Diamond’s Autobiography, Behind the Bell

About 4 years ago, I found myself reading Dustin (the guy who played Screech on Saved By the Bell) Diamond’s autobiography on a lark.  After I finished it (which took about 3 hours) I thought it would be fun to … Continue reading

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Season 8 Reviewed

It’s generally regarded as fact that the universe is expanding at a rate beyond our comprehension.  It’s theorized that it may someday snap back onto itself like a giant rubber band, condensing for a period only to begin the process … Continue reading

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Season 8, Episode 24, “Michelle Rides Again Part 2”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Last week’s episode is recapped.  The most important thing to remember is that Michelle got hurt, and it was awesome. At the hospital, the dads all gather around Michelle, who, tragically, is not dead.  She’s unable to identify … Continue reading

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Season 8, Episode 23, “Michelle Rides Again Part 1”

Pre-Credits Gag:  DJ doesn’t have a date to the prom so Kimmie Gibbler decides to make it her mission to find her one. Danny sits on the sidelines during Michelle’s horse riding practice.  I wonder if that’s DJ’s horse from … Continue reading

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Season 8, Episode 22, “All Stood Up”

I feel like I’m a senior in high school and I already took the SATs and got into college and all that shit and now I’m just waiting for the year to be over because I’m so close and it … Continue reading

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