Season 8 Reviewed

It’s generally regarded as fact that the universe is expanding at a rate beyond our comprehension.  It’s theorized that it may someday snap back onto itself like a giant rubber band, condensing for a period only to begin the process of expansion all over again.  An auxiliary theory is that, instead of condensing, the universe will continue to expand until eventually all matter will become so spread out that reality as we know it will dissipate into what we could only perceive as nothingness.  It reaches well beyond my realm of knowledge to verify or deny any of these concepts because, honestly, I barely understand this shit, but the latter theory was what came to mind when I tried to think of a way to describe the final Season of Full House.  There’s no dramatic conclusion or worthwhile resolve, just a bland dissolution as the series dissolves into nonexistence.

Nothing remotely important occurred during this Season.  To be fair, trying to create some sort of satisfying conclusion to a show that was never really going anywhere isn’t a realistic expectation.  There were points of the series where noteworthy events occurred, though, and this Season featured almost none of them.  DJ gets into college but the series concludes before she even graduates from high school, and that’s really the most remarkable thing that goes down.

The only thing that can really be taken away from this final Season is that none of these people are going to change or improve in any way and that they’re all just going to live in that house together forever, acting like assholes until the end of their days.  It would have been nice to think that there could ever be some hope for any of these people to come out from the bubble of privileged existence that is the full house and learn to contribute to society in some way, or at least acquire some fucking manners, but now we can be sure that it’s never going to happen.

There’s a bit of a continuing storyline where Danny is dating Gia’s mom, Claire, but it never goes anywhere and is eventually dropped altogether.  This reminds me that neither Danny or Joey really manage to have any sort of noteworthy romantic life throughout the entire series.  They tried to make Vicky work for a few Seasons but eventually gave up and Danny never really got much action after that.  Joey never had a love interest for more than a few episodes, but I can understand why.  The idea of his character having any sort of a sex life is just so creepy and unfeasible.  It’s interesting that even the people who worked on the show seemed aware of this.  That makes it even more strange that he did have so many short lived relationships throughout the series, though.  It would have been better for everyone if he’d just been completely asexual the whole time.

Becky gets promoted over Danny (and rightfully so) but they both continue their jobs on Wake Up, San Francisco.  Jesse continues to run the Smash Club, which doesn’t seem to take up very much of his time, plus he and Joey also maintain their radio DJ jobs.

DJ continues to be the only tolerable character on the show, or at least the only one who seems at all like an actual human being, plus she sports some pretty cute hairstyles and outfits this Season.  I feel glad for her that she’ll be escaping the full house soon.  It’s possible that she ends up being forced to stay, like because Michelle starts crying or whatever, but I really like to think that she gets out of there and makes a better life for herself.  It really does make sense that she would be the only one to escape and lead some semblance of a normal life.

Stephanie gets into her teen years and there seems to be an increased focus on her poor choices and budding sexuality (often both at the same time).  I think she got a little more screen time this Season but we all know that she was lined up to be the star of the show early on when she was an adorable, precocious 5-year old, and boy did that not work out.

Michelle continues to be a terrible person.  She really is the most detestable child in all of television.  I don’t know why they had to make her such a sassy asshole all the time.  Couldn’t she have had any endearing traits?  Ever?  One of the more interesting elements of this show is seeing what a kid will turn out like if you make them a tv star before they’re even cognizant, and the answer is that they’ll become a snotty piece of shit.  It’s interesting to me that this show had a sociological experiment built right into it, but not so interesting that I’m glad that I watched it.

The twins were a really odd addition to the show that never really amounted to much.  They might be the series’ greatest failure, actually.  They really weren’t cute and were totally unable to deliver any coherent lines at any point.  At least the focus on them was pretty minimal.

Although this final Season was fairly unremarkable overall, it definitely featured the worst story lines ever.  I still have to say that the dumbest premise of all time belongs to the episode in Season 6 where Michelle knocks over a dinosaur skeleton, but this Season hosted an incredible quantity of mind-blowingly shitty stories. The one where Michelle gets all obsessed with the rate at which her feet are growing stands out as the champion of awful ideas, but let’s not forget the one where she buys a donkey, or the Christmas episode where Mickey Rooney imprisons Jesse and Michelle in his store until they invite him to the full house to spend the holidays with them.  As the series ran out of sitcom cliches to recycle after having racked up so many episodes, they didn’t really come up with creative solutions, just weirdly hackneyed ones.

The question that always comes to mind during these Season Reviews is whether or not the one at hand was the worst so far.  Did Full House manage to get progressively worse throughout the series?  It’s hard to say.  Aside from Michelle becoming more and more detestable as she got older, I think that this final Season might have been less offensively terrible than the previous one, if for no other reason than the obvious lack of effort that was put into it.  One of the things that made Full House so grating and awful was the smug sense of self-confidence that was ever-present throughout most of its run, but this last Season felt less like it thought that it was great and more like nobody gave a shit at all.  So at least the lack of effort was more apparent, which makes it more ok for some reason.

I wish I could fall off a horse and forget everything that ever happened on this shitty show but unfortunately I’m stuck with it.  Well, at least it’s over.

Thanks to FHR reader Rustu for buying me the Season 8 DVD set!  And thanks so much to every single person who ever read this site, especially those of you who left comments!  I can’t say how happy I am to have accumulated such an active and positive community around this angry, fucked up project.  I am in awe of you all!

I hope to see a whole lot of you at The Waypost tonight for the final FHR close-out party!  I’m gonna do live readings of a few episodes and get real drunk!

Stay tuned throughout the week for a whole lot of bonus content!  I’m gonna post some Top 10 lists and video from the event in San Francisco and some other neat bonus stuff.  There should be a new post each day of the week unless something gets all fucked up.  Next Friday, January 31st, I’ll post a final wrap-up entry and then we’ll all have to say goodbye for reals.  Until then, I remain,

Billy Superstar

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  1. Richard says:

    Danny and Joey had to date ladies occasionally to keep the gayness less obvious.

    Surprised Gia wasn’t mentioned at all. Do you think they would have kept her around had the show continued? Probably would have kept Kimmy around even without DJ.


    • Sarah Portland says:

      I think they would have kept Kimmie sans DJ as well, but the thing about keeping the awesomely weird sidekick without the straightman to riff off of, is that the jokes just kind of fall flat, and the awesomely weird kid ends up looking like just some loser to mock, a la Saved By The Bell with Screech, but no one else, or the third season of Welcome Back, Kotter.


    • Michelle says:

      I can’t figure out how to leave a comment, so I guess I’ll just reply to this guy! I stumbled across this site accidentally, no doubt doing some indepth research on some pointless, useless, mind numbing subject just to kill time on a cold, wet autumn day. ANYWHO, I’ve been reading it in every spare moment for about two weeks now, and I’m only up to May 2013. I swear to Christ I’m not going to make it! Billy, how did you endure?? I’ve been enjoying the hell out of your reviews, and while I admit my kids and I often watched this show together, because of its harmless, family friendly content, it wasn’t until reading your blog that it really sank in, just how shitty and condescending this show really was! (Also, I could never remember the name of this stupid waste of life production, so we just called it “the Michelle show”. That misnomer makes perfect sense now. Did I mention, my name is Michelle? I’m thinking of changing it after this.)
      Having said all that, I will end with this. For whatever reason, I really feel that Uncle Jesse’s interactions with all the kids on this show, were the only authentic thing it had going for it. He always seemed to really, truly enjoy and love all those kids. Michelle especially. Creepy, yes. Endearing, nonetheless. Thank you Billy, for what you have done. I’ll do my best to make it to the end, but man, after that I’m drowning myself in the bathtub. Kudos!

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  2. JGA says:

    I got two words for ya, Billy.


    – Jesse


    • Orangutan Twin says:

      Here here to the thank you.

      I’ve enjoyed this blog thoroughly, even if it did remind me of a terrible show I watched too many hours of as a kid. What was amazing about “Full House” was that I kept watching even though I knew it was bad and lame and kind of hated it by the end, when I was old enough to know better. I couldn’t tell you why. It’s a vortex. Glad you successfully came out the other side, Billy.


    • Vamking12 says:

      Cause I’m not watching this crap.


  3. Ben says:

    I’m going to miss my weekly dose of FH hate, but at least you’re no longer subjecting yourself to such torture.

    Kimmy Gibbler was pretty much more likable and sympathetic than all the residents of the full house combined.


  4. Chris says:

    Billy, you may have escaped this hell called “Full House,” but you inspired so much, both in me and in so many other people. Thank you. Thank you for being so dedicated all these years and not giving up even when it was painful. This site will be missed, but so glad you’re not going anywhere.


    • GottaHavePie says:

      Agreed, brother! Hey, Billy, it’s GottaHavePie, otherwise known as GHP. I’ve used both names on this website. I’ve already posted a thank-you letter on the comments for “Michelle Rides Again (part two)” but I needed to agree with Chris over here. Again, hope you have fun at the Waypost tonight- sorry I can’t be there, but I hope you have a drunken rant, cuz those are the best!


  5. Lizzybethany says:

    Billy Superstar, you’ve been amazing.

    I’ve loved this blog so much. The sheer amount of time, effort and personal torture you’ve gone through – to make me laugh out loud countless times on a Friday after a really horrible week – is phenomenal. God bless you.

    If you ever visit Melbourne, I owe you a quality night out! Cheers.


  6. hebrewersfan says:

    Just to add to the first paragraphs as to why there seems to be no real dramatic conclusion for this season, I’ll copy and paste this from IMDB’s Trivia section on Full House:

    The show initially was going to have a ninth season. However, the ninth season was to be on the (then) new WB Network as an old, “classic” show to help launch the new network and lineup. John Stamos did not like how the show was being dropped from ABC, a top three network, and moving to a fledgling new network and announced that the eighth season would be his last. Candace Cameron Bure also planned on the eighth season as her last, doing sporadic guest appearances during the ninth season as her character D.J. came home to visit from college during the holidays, as Cameron in real life was planning on going to college after season eight. After these two announced their departures, the others decided that it was time to call it quits, and the writers decided the series had gone as far as it could go, and the eighth season on ABC ended up being the final season for Full House.


    • RachWho? says:

      That’s interesting. Good lord, can you imagine if they had done a season without Jesse and DJ? I would assume if Jesse was gone, then Becky also would be out (unless they were going to explore a plot where Jesse abandons his family). Without Jesse, DJ and Becky you’d be left with the homeliest cast on TV this side of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.


      • Penny says:

        They could keep Becky and just say Jesse was “on tour” with the MonkeyPuppets or something. Or perhaps he died in a fiery car crash like his sister, which would be kinder to the world.


      • Angela says:

        Am I a bad person for laughing at this?

        Definitely interesting, that information about a possible ninth season. The idea that anyone might actually get a chance to leave the house at all is remarkable.

        (Funny, too, how that implies that Jesse and DJ would’ve left, and yet Joey would still be lounging around the house, because what the hell else is he going to do?)


      • GottaHavePie says:

        With Jesse our of the house, they wouldn’t get to have any threesomes anymore. But at least Danny and Joey can panky around without Jesse knowing.


      • GottaHavePie says:



      • Bridget says:

        Angela, you’re not terrible for wishing that useless, hair-obsessed narcissist would die in a fiery car wreck! Take Joey with him too! I noticed in part 2 of “Michelle Rides Again” Elizabeth and her harridan mother did not visit her in the emergency room after she hurt herself from falling off the horse. Elizabeth was so concerned about Michelle and it makes me wonder why she didn’t even visit her!


    • Dr. Bitz says:

      “the writers decided the series had gone as far as it could go”

      Which metaphorically would be what? Backing the car out of the garage? Or am I being too generous?


    • Melanie says:

      I agree with something you said when you reviewed the season 7 finale. I think they shot that one not knowing if it would continue, maybe HOPING it wouldn’t. When it got picked up, maybe they weren’t so into it.

      Fantastic job, Billy. Thank you for sacrificing your sanity so I can have the best work distraction ever on the face of the earth.


  7. jojomama says:

    Thank you Billy! I will miss my weekly dose of FHR, and may have to just go back to the beginning. If the purported “reunion” that’s being touted for during the Super Bowl turns out to be anything interesting, I do hope that you will share your thoughts!


  8. CSP says:

    I’ve followed your blog sometime around Season 6 and I looked forward to it every Friday morning at work right around my first break. It seriously did brighten up everything and made look forward to the following week. I can’t thank you enough for that. I wish I could go to the wrap up party but I live on the other coast. Thank you for all of this! I can’t wait for everything you’ll do in the future.


  9. Amber says:

    This has seriously been the first thing I do when I get to work on Fridays for over two years.

    I don’t like change. Wahhhh.

    Also, I commented a while back but I don’t know if I ever got a response. Some of the older archived seasons will not show the pictures, is there any way to get those to show up again or are they gone for good? I thought maybe to take the pain away I would reread everything from the beginning, but the screen shots add a lot to the reviews!

    Either way, thanks for everything. It’s been a great way to start my day at the office and I will surely miss it!


    • Stacy says:

      Amber, I just went back to the 1st page of the blog – so as old as the pictures could get and I see them fine.

      I didn’t go under archived, I just went back page by page (clicked on older posts until I couldn’t go any further). Don’t know if that would make a difference. It shouldn’t though.

      Maybe it’s your browser? I use Chrome and like said I’m seeing all the screenshots from way back just fine.

      Hope that helps!


  10. Brandon says:

    I’m glad you noticed that about DJ being the only normal person in the house. There were a LOT of stories that revolved around her being hell-bent on getting away from the family, and she seemed like she had a greater sense of urgency as the season went on. From losing her mind about the SAT’s (so she could move far away), to freaking out about her college interview (again, so she could get away), to studying the stock market (no doubt trying to make enough money to buy a house on the other side of the country). Even when Kimmy said “you’re gonna go off to college and I’ll never see you again”, DJ just sat silently.

    Believe me, she got away. Or died trying.


    • Non-Jerk Michelle says:

      Good point! DJ probably suffered the most out of any person in that house (aside from poor Becky). The other members of the house barging in on her and sometimes using guerrilla warfare to intrude on her life. If everyone had re-directed the time they spent making DJ miserable and supervised Michelle and the twins instead most of the show wouldn’t have even happened. Ahhh…what a nice thought.


      • Bridget says:

        NJ Michelle, it was her father and Stephanie invading DJ’s personal space and to a lesser extent, it was Michelle as well. I think Kimmie’s family respected her privacy better and she had the freedom to be unique. Poor DJ never had the chance!


  11. Amy says:

    So I found this website a week ago and did nothing this past week so I could read all the archives. Great site and reviews!


  12. Alicia says:

    Oh god I hope DJ got out of that evil house! Thank you for all your great reviews, Billy! My Fridays will be so dull now.

    I have a question that for whatever reason I just thought of now: when watching the DVDs, do you watch the opening credits every time or fast forward? I remember in some older reviews you commented on changes to the opening credits, but maybe you only watched the first of the season? Or watched on mute? Just thinking about it is getting that song stuck in my head. “whatever happened to predictability…”


    • GottaHavePie says:

      “The milkman, the paperboy, evenin’ TV…” Milkmen don’t exist anymore, you dumbass theme song. Oh, how I love to hate this show!


  13. Sarah Portland says:

    This is how I tend to think of this show’s progression:
    Fill a glass with maple syrup. Place a flat piece of wood over the top of it, then flip it upside-down. That tower of maple syrup, firm on it’s wood foundation is the first season: “It’s a show about the pitfalls of three guys raising a family without a mom.” Now slowly lift the glass, and let some of the maple syrup run out. There’s still some structure, but some of the cohesion is gone as the show puts out feelers to test plots, but just drops them there. Lift the glass all the way, and watch the syrup run out, oozing over the wood and dripping onto the floor. That is what this show ended as: a empty shell of an idea, and an amorphous sticky mess.


  14. Stacy says:

    I don’t remember exactly when I found the blog (I do know I came by from a recommendation a commenter over at made). I do know it has been over a year. (I am amazed how I have no sense of time anymore.)

    Anyhoo, I wanted to say thanks to Billy for his commitment to this project. There have been many reviews I’ve laughed so hard I cried. I STILL am chuckling over the one about the dog being pregnant and you saying how “svelte” she was. Using the word “svelte” to describe a dog absolutely slayed me.

    It’s funny though – I know I watched Full House at least a little bit when it originally aired. I think DJ and I are the same age (maybe a year off). But I don’t remember any of the shows. I think I stopped watching it pretty early on. But yet I have thoroughly enjoyed these reviews – even when I didn’t remember the episodes at all.

    These weekly updates will definitely be missed.


  15. numbskull says:

    I think the saddest thing (besides not having these reviews to look forward to every Friday) is that this show didn’t get cancelled because it got unbearably awful, but because it got too expensive to produce.
    From Yahoo! Answers:
    “The show never received a proper series finale as ABC suddenly announced that it was canceling the show after the eighth season because of the increasing costs to produce the show. The new WB Network* wanted to pick up the show for a ninth season, but John Stamos opposed the move which led to his announcement that the 8th Season would be his last. Eventually, the other actors announced they were ready to move on to new projects as well so the show ended after eight years on ABC.”
    Thank you Billy Superstar for many laughs!


  16. seasoned salt says:

    Billy, thank you for sticking through this neverending shitshow for us. I’ll always remember the night I found FHR; the fall of 2011, during my study abroad semester when I was homesick, frustrated, depressed, and feeling like everything was falling apart both around me and at home. I found FHR through a friend’s link on Facebook and I blew through post after post laughing my ass off. I got me through many sleepless nights when I was really far from home.

    Here we are at the end, three years after I started reading, and I’m sad to see it go. Looking forward to your next projects, Billy.


    • astrowaffle says:

      Thats great that it helped with your homesickness. I had a sort of similar experience. I was on a business trip in India and got a horrible stomach flu. I spent two days laying in a hotel room feeling like I was dying and wishing my mom was there to take care of me (thats still normal at 30 right?). Anyway I was very thankful that the hotel had wifi cause reading several seasons of FHR in those couple days made the experience bearable.


  17. Niamh says:

    Can’t believe this site is nearly done, I first found it in 2012 and once I’d caught up with all the reviews there wasn’t a Friday that I didn’t eagerly anticipate so I could read the next hilarious recap. I’m actually a fan of Full House too, which made the reviews even funnier because on reflection, it was such a shitty show! Michelle is so detestable and the dynamic is absolutely ridiculous, yet it was just mind numbing ‘entertainment’, to compliment it in a way.
    As sad as it seems I’m gonna feel a little lost without a new review each week, how will we all cope??
    PS. I think the reason the final ever episode was so poor resolution wise is because the writers wanted to do season nine, I think it was actually all agreed, but as season 8 drew to a close John Stamos said he wanted to escape the god awful character of Jesse and try more serious acting, and the writers didn’t think they could carry on without him as a character, so just ended it there. Funny that the one person that actually wanted to leave the show ended up having the best career after it.
    Anyway, I’ve never posted on here before but seen as it’s the end I thought I would. Thank you, Billy, for what I’m sure has amounted to hours of entertainment for everyone!!


  18. Dr. Bitz says:

    “There’s no dramatic conclusion or worthwhile resolve, just a bland dissolution as the series dissolves into nonexistence.”

    Elegant as always, Billy Superstar. Thanks for all the laughs and hard work!


  19. Non-Jerk Michelle says:

    Season 8 is pretty much a blur. I could barely summarize a plot off the top of my head right now if I had to; nothing changed at all. Only thing I remember are the few meta moments when one of the characters realized how ridiculous their universe is, particularly The Producer episode where Joey admits he’s jealous of what real adults have. Well, they’re all things that you get out of life when you work hard and don’t suck at sex. I’m glad there was never a 9th season, ugggghhh just imagine if Joey had gotten married! The whole episode would probably be about Michelle not liking the food at the reception then getting lost in the city trying to find a McDonald’s…

    I’m still in the denial stage of FHR being nearly over so I’m going to pretend I can continue to procrastinate at work every Friday for a while longer. After the last post next week I’ll probably transition into anger and break something in my office. But honestly I’d love to do that anytime so the end of this blog is just an excuse.

    Looking forward to all the goodies coming this week!


  20. SJSiff says:

    You ARE a superstar, for finishing all this drek!


  21. Jane says:

    Are you doing another show after this, or had I merely dreamt that was the case and you were taking suggestions at one point? All I know is I will happily read along as you review any notable series from the mid-80s to mid-90s and slowly lose your mind over it. ❤


  22. Oh Mylanta says:

    So here I was all sad because FHR was over, but then I remembered the season reviews! Praise Jeebus!

    I’ve always been pretty pissed off that the series didn’t end with DJ graduating high school or something instead of the cliche amnesia trope. But then again, if they had gone that route, they probably would’ve had it broadcast on Wake Up San Francisco with Danny giving a long-winded speech about how amazing his daughter is and Jesse’s band playing Twist and Shout. And had they done an episode about her going off to college, they would’ve had the whole family “chip in” on moving day like the corny Asshole Parthenons they are and Michelle would stand in the doorway with a fake tear streaming down her face and that would guilt DJ into moving back home. Or Danny would have a midlife crisis and sneak into a frat party or something…

    I hope everybody has fun at the party tonight. Can’t wait to see videos of both wrap parties!


  23. Recovering Fan says:

    I’ve never laughed so hard as I have reading your blog. I will greatly miss it. Your sarcastic comments were right on the mark, and just hilarious.


  24. Vamking12 says:



  25. Angela says:

    Only you could start off a summary of the eighth season of a ridiculous, goofy show with a science explanation, and manage to tie it nicely into the discussion of the series :D.

    I came across a link to this site on the AV Club a couple years ago, and I thank the person who shared it. This has been one hell of an entertaining read. So many hilarious moments, fun theories…I’ve loved the twisted angle with which you looked at this show. Like I said last week, I’ll never be able to look at this show the same way again thanks to this site. As the others stated, for your sake, I’m glad you don’t have to deal with this anymore. But I will miss this blog, no question. Thanks for all the fun moments and sticking out for us readers!

    And another shoutout to all the awesome commenters here as well! Thanks for adding to the fun, and despite all the snark, thanks for making this a respectful, friendly place to chat. Not often you find that on the internet.


  26. CathySantone says:

    Thank you, Mr. Superstar! I was so happy to check in here and see that you had written another post! Awesome! On Jan 31st I’ll pour a glass out for the last and final brilliant review!
    Also Jan 31st is officially Chinese New Year! So there ya go – a brand new year without any Full House.


  27. Krystal says:

    Wow. I stumbled across this gem on Christmas Day when the only thing on tv was the shitty Christmas episode from season 8. I tried to get through all of it ao i could at least read one post in real time but just finished today, so at least I had reviewed!


  28. LiveStudioAudience says:

    While I haven’t been reading FHR since it’s glorious inception (I discovered it about a year ago, courtesy of a friend posting a link on FB) and I read it from the beginning. Once I had read as far as I could, it was torture having to wait for a new review every week! I’m actually pathetic enough that I’m about to start reading from the beginning again, and I’m sure they will be just as hilarious the second time around.

    Billy Superstar, your observations about the show are on point and hilarious. Thank you for allowing this blog to kill you a little inside in order to provide a bunch of strangers on the internet with years’ worth of laughs. 🙂

    I also have to give a shout-out to Teebore for making me LMAO on several occasions 🙂


  29. Umberto Scalli says:

    The dude who kept saying “The fabulous Ali Baba hotel and casino” just died.

    The first casualty of the blog ending.


  30. I really love your actual episode reviews, they are fantastic. But, I think you are really at your best when you get to write the whole post populated by what you want to say. No narrative to carry along, just pure, unfiltered Billy Superstar.

    That intro got me hooked. I was actually going to head back to last week’s post first and cruise the comments for a few minutes, but I started reading the part about the universe and I had to see where that was going. It’s not the first time your intellect has shown through the dumbed-down brain cell killing dribble that is most episodes, but it does so especially when you recap a season like this.

    Thanks for the laughs, man. Can’t wait for your pod cast.


  31. I just realized the Portland, Oregon wrap party is going on right now. I so wish I could be there. I would love to hear you read one of these posts aloud – especially if you’ve already been drinking. I’m gonna go get drunk and pretend like I am, and watch Full House. No wait, I can’t watch Full House, every time I’ve tried since I started reading this (which is like twice) I can’t stand more than 1.5 episodes and I turn it off.

    I’ll just get drunk and read old posts and cry. No, I won’t. Who am I kidding. I’m gonna get drunk and play some GTA V.


    • Sarah Portland says:

      A drinking game was devised on Friday. Mr Superstar became aware of how many times he starts paragraphs with the word “anyway” when reading them aloud, at which point he would pause and everyone would yell “anyway!” back, and everyone would take a drink.
      You could try this at home, though I would advise not yelling at the computer screen.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is great! Thanks for sharing that with me. I would love to have been able to participate!!

        I feel for Billy, it’s really hard not to do that. I try to keep a leash on it at He-Man Reviewed, but sometimes I get a little carried away with them. Anyway…


  32. Sora says:

    I automatically thought of this website and everyone here when I saw this happened.
    I recently went to a Falling in Reverse concert and the band opened with showing their own version of the Full House opening with the same music. It was kind of awesome. Apparently Full House has seemed to affect pretty much everywhere.


  33. DawnieP says:

    Hey Billy,

    Have you read about the Super Bowl ad that involves the actors from the Full House? All courtesy of Oikos yogurt.


  34. Bridget says:

    Sarah and Stacy, I watched FiTA and while they did cover a lot of the book, I was disappointed in how they rushed everything! I think Ellen Burstyn was too short to play someone Cathy described as large and rawboned in the book. Cory and Carrie would never have rushed up to the grandmother in the 1987 movie or book like they did in the 2014 movie! Did you 2 watch the movie?


    • Stacy says:

      I did watch the movie last week, Bridget! (This week, I got sucked into the Lizzie Borden movie. lol) I honestly have the WORST memory for tv shows, movies, and books. I guess because I watch so much tv (I’m a real junkie) and read a ton (I balance my tv junkie-ness with being a book worm). It’s been so long since I’ve watched the original FitA movie or read the book so I’m sure I don’t recall certain details. However, I felt that they did skip stuff or didn’t go into it as much – like Cathy’s love of ballet. Also, if I recall, I thought the actors who played Chris and Cathy seemed older than the current ones. So that they were MORE aware of the whole budding sexuality thing. But then again, maybe it’s perspective – I’m 37 now and watched the original movie and read the book when I was around 12 or 13, so maybe the newer actors just SEEM younger to me now because I’m so much older than they are, when I was the same age (or younger) than the original.

      Anyhoo, I thought the new version was not as creepy as the 1st. But again, it could be perception and expectation. I knew what to expect this time around and wasn’t so shocked or in suspense. Also what’s creepy at 37 vs 13 will be different.

      I still liked it though. I adore the girl who played Cathy this time- big fan of Mad Men.


      • Bridget says:

        I thought Kiernan Shipka as Cathy was okay, but I do think Elle Fanning looked the part with her silky blond hair and blue eyes.


  35. Taylor Kerekes says:

    Hit it, Graham!


  36. Bridget says:

    I semi quote Robbie Weaver from “Crazy Stupid Love”— This show was made by assholes with a cast of assholes doing their asshole thing. Sorry for all the assholes.


  37. Eric says:

    I personally think that season eight is the grossest season of Full House. By gross, I mean it actually reminds me of having the flu. I think of vomiting everytime I watch it, and even when I read your reviews of the episodes of it. I imagine that Fuller House (*vomits*) will make me feel even sicker.
    In season 8, the twins become even more obnoxious, which is worse because I feel like they kind of get more screen time here. I’m still perplexed that they became so damn ugly, because Rebecca Donaldson (or Aunt Becky) is fine as hell, and some girls seemed to consider Uncle Jesse attractive as well. Because of this, I like to imagine that Rebecca Donaldson probably cheated on Jesse with the adult version of Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch (the twins do kind of look like him). I wouldn’t blame Rebecca for this, as Jesse is a greasy unemployed piece of shit, and anyone, I mean ANYONE would be better than him. Michelle seemed to become slightly less insuffererable, and by slightly, I mean by 0.5%. DJ seemed to stop existing, at least until the last few episodes, and Stephanie was at her ugliest (Jodie Sweetin did grow up to look less gross though, and she managed to quit a drug addiction, so I’ll give her some credit).


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