The FHR SF Wrap-Up Party

Here it is, the video coverage of the SF FHR Wrap Party!  Thanks very much to Thom for making these!  Be sure to check out his 80’s video series!  He’s gonna make a bunch of brilliant stuff!

Part 1

For the second part I guess the camera was overheating at certain times so there are some creative edits.  Just think of it as being like a Godard movie.

Part 2

Just so you guys don’t have to worry, enough people ended up showing up so I wasn’t charged for the venue.  Thanks so much for coming out, everyone!  No one made a video of the Portland event so this is it!  I hope you enjoyed it!

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22 Responses to The FHR SF Wrap-Up Party

  1. Jordan says:

    Man, I wish I could have been there. Thanks for the years of laughter, and I’m looking forward to checking out the SBTB podcast.

    Billy, you are an internet superstar.


  2. Sara Wilson says:

    I sincerely enjoyed watching this, big thanks to the person who filmed it!

    I didn’t know you really like Roseanne, it’s my favorite show! Of the 90s at least.
    Again, thanks for posting the video, I kinda feel like I was there!


    • Bridget says:

      Sara, I agree with you! I think the part before “The Last Dance” with Michelle dying from the fall off of her horse was how the series should have ended! I am glad so many showed up for the wrap up party! Good going, Billy!


  3. StarKid says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I am sitting at my desk at work with tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. And thank you Billy Superstar for making my commute on the subway a lot less shitty on Friday mornings for the past few years.


  4. Sarah Portland says:

    *picture of sad Danny appears* “I’m gonna get that shit tattooed on my neck.”

    Today’s “OMG-can’t-breathe-for-laughing moment” brought to you by this video.


  5. Non-Jerk Michelle says:

    The supplemental commentary during the reading is great. And holy shit, Kimmy Gibbler is doing the sincerity pose in one of the horse episode pictures!

    I’m really glad you weren’t charged for the venue haha. I even came out to my friend about loving this blog so she’d come with me that night but I had a disgusting, horrible cold and stayed home drinking Nyquil and covering myself in Vaporub. Looks like it was a blast. Glad it’s was taped, edited, and posted!


  6. Kimander7 says:

    Love you. Thanks for the good times.


  7. Amanda says:

    This just showed up in my facebook feed. I got Kimmie Gibbler because hell yea I did!


  8. Laura says:

    Watched these like 3 times already and they haven’t gotten old at all. 🙂

    Also in terms of you mentioning wondering who we pictured you as in one of the videos…let’s just say I was way off (in a good way though).

    And sad no one did a video for the Portland event, but at least we got the reading of the best review ever documented on video! Which posts (if any) did you end up reading at that one?


  9. Keiser says:

    You’re even funnier to listen to! More LOLs. Cannot wait for the SBTB podcast!


  10. Lisa says:

    Since someone brought it up, I decided to look up some pictures of DJ in the white turtleneck sweater.

    And I found one with Becky wearing it!

    It’s like the chicken shirt from Roseanne.


  11. Leighanne says:

    Billy, I found your blog randomly late 2011 ish and I have looked forward to each and every installment in your dreary quest through the more that is Full House. I have never commented before but I thought you should know that your reviews have consistently made me laugh and I will miss this blog.


  12. Grant Spatchcock says:

    Billy, I’d gladly lick your face any day.


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