Fuller House Episode 9, “War of the Roses”

Aunt Becky comes downstairs to greet the family for breakfast and the audience loses their minds.  I’m not sure if it’s because this is the return of an original cast member or because of the way that her ass looks in profile.

Screen shot 2016-05-03 at 2.37.05 AM

Oh, Aunt Becky’s ass, you’ve aged like the finest of wines.

DJ delivers a few lines of exposition about how Danny came by the house before the Wake Up, San Francisco reunion and now Becky is there after, but they really don’t explain why their time there is divided up like that.  Wouldn’t they be there for the reunion at the same time?  Well, whatever.  They start up a bit about Becky sounding all insane while she talks to the baby that’s sort of a holdover from the series’ pilot and will carry on throughout the episode.  Apparently Becky’s menopausal uterus never met its quota.

DJ’s middle kid suddenly appears and starts yelling about how there’s something really cool in the living room.  He really does just appear out of nowhere.  It’s really oddly edited.  Actually, a lot of moments with this kid have quick edits, like they get a moment that they like from him but he fucks it up right after delivering the line or something, so they just cut it real quick.  This one’s extra weird, though, because it looks like he jumps out from behind the counter.

Screen shot 2016-05-03 at 2.44.17 AM

The moms all go into the living room to discover that a thousand flowers have been delivered to the full house.  I guess that’s a romantic gesture and everything but, like, think about what it would be like once all those flowers started wilting.  It would be a huge pain in the ass to get rid of them.  Anyway, Nobody can find the card because the dog sneaks away with it (no fooling!) so everyone is left to speculate about where they came from.  Kimmie Gibbler assumes that they’ve been sent by Fernando as a reconciliatory gesture but Stephanie thinks that they could be for her, but she remains unsure of whether they’re from the guy that she recently contracted syphilis from or the guy that she recently gave syphilis to.  DJ wonders if they’re from Matt but concludes that they couldn’t be because that would really be an over-the-top gesture, given that they just made out one time.  Then it’s hypothesized by the group that they could be from Steve, who is more desperate than ever, after all these years, to finally see DJ’s tit.

Screen shot 2016-05-03 at 2.52.12 AM

Becky calls Steve and hands DJ the phone, which was a pretty dickish move, and then I had a really hard time hearing anything that Steve said on the phone because he’s at his podiatrist job and the fake foot that they’ve got him working on is really distractingly fucked up looking.  Regardless, I was able to take in that the flower sender guy was not Steve.  That’s right, you guys, he’s never gonna see that tit.  Never.

With the mystery of who sent the flowers looming larger in the fuller house, Becky declares that she cannot leave until it’s solved.  She says that her marriage has run out of excitement so she needs to live vicariously through this event, and then she starts talking to the baby in a baby voice about how she always has to unload the dishwasher because Jesse won’t do it.  This is only a small glimpse into how badly being married to Jesse for all these years has fucked her life up.  It is only the tiniest of glimpses, and yet is so very hard to watch.

Ramona comes home with her friend, Lola, who DJ’s oldest kid has a real raging boner for, and Lola greets him with, “hi, dude.”  Ramona takes DJ’s kid aside and tells him that being called “dude” means that he is now in the friend zone, and therefore has Steve-level chances of ever gettin’ to second base.  After a thread of logic that I was unable to follow, DJ’s oldest kid decides that he will make Lola an offer of 1,000 M&M’s so she will finally learn to see him as more than friends.  I can’t really evaluate the quality of this logic because I was just completely lost.

Down at the pet clinic, Matt confronts DJ, letting her know that he really wants to get all up in that sweet puss puss, and he’s willing to pay for a dinner to make it happen.  DJ agrees to go out with him and then he makes a passing remark about how she didn’t mention the flowers that he got her, which DJ assumes to mean that he is the 1,000 flower sender guy.  I mean, it’s a pretty reasonable deduction, based on what’s presented.  She decides that he’s a big creep, which, all things considered, is kinda fair, really, and then she fakes a tooth injury in order to break the date.  Although I can understand her desire to get out of this obligation, this was a pretty weasely way to do it.

Screen shot 2016-05-03 at 3.07.49 AM

There’s a really brief scene of DJ’s oldest kid finishing his count of 1,000 M&M’s and then we see Stephanie on the phone, talking to the last potential guy who may have sent the roses for her.  When she finds out that she is not the recipient of the flowers, Stephanie wonders if she’ll ever find a real relationship, and then she gets a text from someone who she claims is her husband.  When Becky’s like, “your whaaaAAAAAaaat!??!” we get a flashback of the episode where Stephanie gets pretend married to her little Asian friend Harry.

Screen shot 2016-05-03 at 3.12.27 AM

The clip is pretty great because it’s long and I don’t feel obligated to describe it since I reviewed the whole episode like 4 years ago.  The only thing I feel compelled to mention is the weird blurring effect they do over the edges of the frame, presumably because the old show had a different aspect ratio.  Or maybe it’s artfully done, to make it feel more like a memory.  Yeah, that’s why.

So, anyway, Stephanie gets a vague text from Harry, which she decides must mean that he is the one who sent the roses.  She wonders if she shouldn’t give Harry a chance after all these years and tries to talk herself into being interested (always a good sign), finally reasoning to Aunt Becky that, “he was a lot of fun in bed.”  Becky is shocked by this statement but Stephanie clarifies that she is referring to how they used to jump on her bed together, which is a pretty forced innuendo.  It’s also pretty weird to see how shocked Becky is by this statement, and how relieved she is to find out what it really means.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 2.25.29 AM

Like,  the show has made quite an effort to make it seem like Stephanie goes out cruisin’ for strange d on the regular, so who cares if she banged Harry, too?

DJ’s middle kid walks into his room and finds the oldest kids collection of 1,000 M&M’s and a note written for Lola that looks just like the one that Mary Kay Letourneau wrote before the first time that she got arrested.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 2.28.57 AM

He assumes that the note and M&M’s are for him and immediately starts devouring the candy.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 2.32.43 AM

Fernando comes over and Kimmie Gibbler is all up on him immediately.  She thanks him for sending the roses and, since there doesn’t seem to be any way to prove that he didn’t, he takes the credit.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 2.35.12 AM

DJ goes into the baby’s room to talk to Aunt Becky but the whole scene gets derailed by a lengthy sequence of Becky showing off the baby in a variety of different outfits.  Despite Becky’s unnerving, manic enthusiasm, the sequence is pretty alright because it’s edited together so that the baby is suddenly wearing a new outfit every time the camera cuts to him, giving the whole thing a sort of humorous, surreal quality to it.  I also have to admit that the baby is pretty darn cute, so as much as I feel like my intelligence is being discredited, I do find myself kind of enjoying his little outfits.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 2.38.32 AM

Anyway, DJ talks to Becky about how freaked out she is about Matt sending all the flowers and it’s one of those scenes where one person does all the talking, reaches their own conclusion and then thanks the other person for their advice.  In this case it does seem like it’s in DJ’s best interest to only listen to herself because Aunt Becky has clearly lost her damn mind.  DJ concludes that she has to break things off with Matt because guys who make such grand gestures that early on are usually like serial killers or something.

DJ’s oldest kid finds the Mary Kay Letourneau note, which was filled out by the middle kid, but he assumes that Lola was the one who checked “yes” and so he goes into Ramona’s room to spit some more game.  Having discovered newfound confidence due to this hilarious misunderstanding, DJ’s middle kid confronts Lola and starts saying all sorts of weird, out of character shit, like calling her “boo” and referring to himself as “J-money.”  The best (and by best I mean worst) part is when he says, “it’s gon’ be off the chain, bae.”  I don’t even know what they’re going for here.  My best guess is it’s just an old, out of touch writer’s attempt to be like, “kids these days… this is how they talk.”  Anyway, DJ’s middle kid enters the scene and the weave that has been woven is untangled.  The oldest kid asks Lola out and she’s like, “sure, whatever” so they set up a kid date that’s basically just them hanging out at the mall with a bunch of other kids.  The middle kid ends up getting to go, too, because he’s all about ruining everything.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 2.52.21 AM

The dog comes in and stashes a shoe under one of the beds, which leads the kids to discover that a whole bunch of shit is hidden under there.  There’s a joke about Ramona’s One Direction pillow being one of the excavated items, which she’s supposed to be embarrassed to have, I guess.  I didn’t really know what to make of it because I have no context for One Direction.  I felt as out of touch as that off the chain author.

Stephanie comes downstairs all dressed up because she wants to bag Harry and then DJ and Kimmie Gibbler come into the room and they all debate who the flower sender guy was some more.  Suddenly, each of the flower sender guy suspects shows up, one by one but also in rapid succession.  One of them is grown up Harry!  Check it out, guys!  It’s grown up Harry!

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 9.32.08 PM

Becky makes all the men sit on the couch and interrogates each of them even though this whole thing could be wrapped up in about 5 seconds if a simple, straightforward question was posed to the group.  The interrogative way that Becky is questioning them is also really weird, considering that sending the flowers wasn’t a crime or anything.  Anyway, it turns out that when Matt said that he got DJ flowers he was just referring to a few that he left for her at work.  Becky continues her inappropriately angry questioning of the men and it turns out that none of them sent the flowers.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 9.40.14 PM

DJ’s middle kid comes in with a pile of stuff that the dog stashed under his bed, including the note that came with the flowers.  Unfortunately, the dog chewed up the signature on the note, leading this revelation, and this whole dog-hiding-stuff sub-plot, actually, to be completely irrelevant.

Each of the women have an interaction with the man that they suspected of sending them the flowers, one after another, which is just how people interact in real life.  Whenever I’m paired up in a room, me and the person I’m with say some stuff to each other, and then we stand there in silence because it’s another pair of people’s turn to talk.  Kimmie Gibbler and Fernando have another dysfunctional flirtation, DJ clears things up with Matt and they make a plan for an actual date, and Stephanie finds out that Harry was only getting in touch to invite her to his wedding.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 9.47.57 PM

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jesse walks into the house and it’s revealed that he was the flower sender guy.  I guess he decided to not be a completely shitty husband for once, if only for the purpose of creating a lot of confusion in the fuller house.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 9.51.36 PM

After everything’s all cleared up, the moms drink away their failed adulthoods in the dining area.  Stephanie worries about her shallow existence and DJ feels weird about dating again after her husbands horrible death.  That guy would probably be spinning in his grave right now except that he got all burned up, so he’s probably just a pile of ashes.  Maybe there’s like a little whirlwind in his urn right now.  Everyone hugs and consoles each other and it’s not really that mushy or emotionally manipulative.  This show’s way better at delivering genuine emotional moments than the original series, probably because the actors are more seasoned and there isn’t gentle music playing.  By not trying as hard to make you feel a certain way, it’s actually doing a way more effective job.  Anyway, each of the moms reveal that they stole some of Becky’s flowers and then that’s it.

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38 Responses to Fuller House Episode 9, “War of the Roses”

  1. Ryan says:

    I’m probably the only viewer who actually checked the credits to see whether the same actor was playing Harry, but in fact, it was a different guy than the kid who played him back in the day. Why even go with a reference to the old show if you can’t get the same guy to reprise the role?

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  2. Bridget says:

    Why didn’t Jesse send the roses to his own house? I guess Dick and Donna were right about him not being able to give Becky a mansion and the roses wouldn’t fit in the house they live in! I wonder if that is the original actor who was Harry on the show? I will look it up.


    • Jacob says:

      I was wondering the same thing about why Jesse wouldn’t have the flowers waiting for her when she got home.

      Also, it’s not the same Harry, which bummed me out a little bit. But it’s because the old Harry hasn’t acted since 1990, and also he looks like this now: http://name-list.net/img/images.php/Nishiguchi_2.jpg


      • goodgollyregina says:

        Yeah, I was gonna say, that really doesn’t resemble the original Harry at all. Assuming that the original Harry in that above picture is in his mid 30s now, the Harry actor in this episode looks like he’s in his mid 40s.

        Great review as always Billy!


      • Original Harry would have been better than the Harry shown here. Original Harry dodged a bullet by not appearing here, I guess.


  3. Pink Dork says:

    Oh Billy, you’re so silly! You don’t really believe that those tacky as fuck plastic flowers are actually going wilt, do you? They’re just going to back into the storage pod they came from and continue to gather dust until the next crappy show needs a tropey way to demonstrate a grand gesture.

    xoxo ❤ Pink Dork


  4. The thing is, not the real Harry. Just some other actor. I want the same wack assholes not some imposter.

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  5. LupinThe8th says:

    Part of me wants to believe that Becky has gone so far round the bend on this baby business that she was only imagining the brat in different outfits, which is why the changes all took place instantly between shots.

    The alternative is that Becky actually spent a minute or two between each take changing the baby’s clothes, then launched back into her fashion show spiel as if no time had passed, which also does not speak wonders for her sanity.

    Either way it explains why DJ spent the entire sequence standing in the same spot, staring at Becky in silence. Wanting to flee but also hoping for a chance to snatch her child away from the madwoman first. Like, imagine your kid was in a cage with a vicious but not currently threatening dog. You wouldn’t make any sudden movements, just look for a chance to grab the kid and run.


  6. A Mary Kay Letourneau joke. I am virtually shaking your hand, sir. Bravo for that.


  7. Myla M. says:

    Boy they really dumbed down Becky, didn’t they…

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  8. R. says:

    I want to cry with laughter every time you write about the smoldering corpses of the unfortunate Tanner spouses, or in this case, the whirlwind in the urn.


  9. There's a CAR in the KITCHEN! says:

    …Wow. This one seems really bizarre. As other people have said, why did they make such a relatively obscure reference to Harry, and then bring back someone who wasn’t the actor? Was there any tremendous “Whooing” for him, Billy?

    And poor, poor, Aunt Becky…if only her brain had been as well maintained as her ass, she wouldn’t be having these problems.

    Liked by 1 person

    • goodgollyregina says:

      “And poor, poor, Aunt Becky…if only her brain had been as well maintained as her ass, she wouldn’t be having these problems.”

      Tell me about it. I guess being married to Jesse all these years really fried up her braincells. O_O And I thought she was losing it during the last few years of the original show. Though I still refuse to see them still married in my head cannon. No one with even a modicum of self respect would ever stayed married to a pathetic little douche lord like Jesse.


  10. Vicky Larson says:

    did anyone catch how confusing it was that Jesse drove to pick up Becky?? She said she had to hurry to catch her plane and then Jesse shows up at the door to drive her home. They live in LA. But maybe he is driving her to the airport but then that doesn’t explain why he flew all the way up to San Fran just to see her… ughh!


    • And she insisted on taking all of those flowers… was he going to drive them all the way home, or was she planning to check them? Plus, a dozen roses costs about 50-60 bucks. Does his new job really pay so well that he can afford to send his wife $50.000 worth of flowers?


      • tiger66466 says:

        A dozen roses at $60 a pop would be $5,000 for 1,000 roses – which is still an over the top amount to drop all at once. I’ve heard of deals where it is $1 per rose (3 dozen for $36 – surely there are limits to what you could buy) – but even then that’s $1,000. Not a bank breaker for some people but still a lot of money to spend on flowers all at once for no reason.

        I just thought of another lacking in logic thing – it would obviously take quite a bit of time to deliver that many roses. That delivery guy had to be making a lot of trips from his van to the living room. But none of the adults realized some stranger kept walking in and out of the house? And I don’t know how big the delivery van is but seems like all those roses wouldn’t fit in a single van – much less the rental car Jesse got. And there’s no way an airline would let her check that many without massive fees if they would let her at all.


  11. I’m surprised to see that Harry in this episode was played by a different actor than in the original. Why did they decide to have the character on again without having the same actor? I hope if they bring back anymore original show characters they get the real actor/actress or otherwise don’t bother.

    I didn’t think kids still did the do you like me/will you go out with me note thing anymore. The writers throw in all this modern language and tech use, but then we get something old fashioned like this.

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  12. tiger66466 says:

    Just when I think that the yeller couldn’t get more obnoxious – he does. I fucking love chocolate but there’s no way in hell I could eat that many M & Ms at once and not need my stomach pumped – and I’m a full grown adult. How did that little kid eat that many M & Ms so fast and not get violently ill? And why is he so stupid to think his brother would leave him a note like that? I’m an only child but never in my nearly 40 years on this planet have I heard of a sibling leaving a note like that to another sibling.

    Also, when the older brother saw the note checked and container empty – did he think Lola had snarfed all of the M & Ms down in one sitting?

    Agreed on sending anyone 1,000 roses is a pain in the ass thing for the receiver. Plus it’s just too much all at once. They obviously take up a shit ton of room. It’s far better to send them in smaller amounts on a regular basis rather than all at once. And yes – the cost. Even if you got some steal of a deal on roses (the lowest I’ve ever heard has been getting them for about $1 per rose) you’re still looking at $1,000 in one pop.

    At least they’re aware of Steve’s crazy stalker tendencies. But speaking of Steve, I’d be pretty pissed if one of my doctors took a random cell phone call during my appointment. It’s one thing if some office personnel came in and said there was an emergency – but to take a personal call during an office visit with a patient – supremely unprofessional.

    I think I made sense of Danny and Aunt Becky not being seen at the same time. Danny got there a day or two early and before Aunt Becky and then they were both there for the reunion show. Danny left right after but Aunt Becky stayed for a few days – hence no overlap, episode-wise.

    Also agreed with everyone else – why make such a big deal over a specific character from the original show if it’s not even the same actor. Surely they could have found some other actor who played a boyfriend of Stephanie’s or some kid who just liked her and bring him in – and work the thin plotline around that. Or just made someone up if that wouldn’t fit – they could talk about a boy from high school but after the show ended. Or a boy during the timeframe of the original show that was never on the show – not like we think we saw every single moment of their lives on the original.

    I’m not a baby person but those babies who play Tommy are quite cute. They seem to be pretty good at making expressions that go with the scene.

    Speaking of – why is the youngest son named after the father? Usually that falls to the oldest son, right? Unless they didn’t want to do a junior/senior thing. Or was the baby not yet born before her husband died? I totally get naming the baby after him if she was pregnant when her husband died.

    Yeah, Aunt Becky has officially gone crazy. If it were another show, I’d totally suspect of her of trying to kidnap that baby. And huge LOL at her uterus not meeting its quota.

    And Jesse – talk about a weirdly over the top gesture for no reason and done in a way that made no sense. Yeah – WHY did he send them to the Full House rather than their own – or even to her work? And if you really want to show someone appreciation for you being a self absorbed douche – maybe save the thousands on roses and give one dozen and hire a housekeeper or take her on a vacation or something.

    The amount of non-logic in this single episode is mind boggling. I know it’s a waste of time to try to make sense of this shit – but the writers’ complete disregard to being logical drives me nuts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nightshade says:

      “The amount of non-logic in this single episode is mind boggling. I know it’s a waste of time to try to make sense of this shit – but the writers’ complete disregard to being logical drives me nuts.”

      I know. It’s so stupid. But if Jesse sent the flowers to their own house or Becky’s work we wouldn’t be able to see them unless they build a whole new set (apartment/workplace), so it’s a lot cheaper and easier for the show to have him send the flowers to the Fuller House 🙂
      It’s often like that in sitcoms.


      • tiger66466 says:

        Ok, that makes it more plausible for tv world why the flowers were sent to the full house to avoid a new set build. Still annoying as hell for the sheer amount of non-sensical bullshit they pile on.


    • “Speaking of – why is the youngest son named after the father? Usually that falls to the oldest son, right? Unless they didn’t want to do a junior/senior thing.”
      I think it’s traditional, but not necessary. Of my two brothers, the oldest is named after a long-dead relative (Mom just thought the name was cool), and my youngest brother bears my father’s first name, but not his middle name. It’s possible that Tommy has a completely different middle name, or that he is a junior, but they didn’t make that decision until their third boy.


      • tiger66466 says:

        Interesting. Admittedly I don’t know much of anything about naming sons and which son is “allowed” to be junior/the third, etc. Maybe back in the day when titles were important for certain classes (ie royalty and land issues) it was specific and it doesn’t matter now (again, I guess with those sort of caveats of land/title). My dad and his dad were both Joseph but my grandpa didn’t have a middle name at all and my dad did – so he wasn’t a junior.

        A guy I went to high school with is a 3rd and his last name is Bird. I still chuckle over Bird the Third. I love the rhyming aspect.


      • Yeah, there were probably more concrete rules about that once upon a time, but people are all over the place these days – anything goes!
        I’m friends with a fifth (!), but he has assured me that he will be the last. 😀


      • It’s also possible Tommy was born after his father died.


  13. I forgot I was watching Fuller House and entertained the idea that this would be an emotionally wrenching episode: I thought the flowers were somehow from DJ’s late husband (or his ashes,I guess). Like, he’d had something set up with a florist that if he died before DJ, she’d get a flower delivery X amount of time later or on X date special to them.

    I blame lack of sleep for thinking this show could do that, or do it well.

    Liked by 2 people

    • tiger66466 says:

      That would have been an emotionally wrenching episode. And to explain that many all at once would be easy – the florist made a mistake and instead of sending them every so often as specified, they sent them all at once because of an oversight/clerical error.


  14. tiger66466 says:

    Oh one more thing that no one mentioned – the older kid straight out copping to the fact that he’s getting good at forging DJ’s signature. And even volunteering that he used her signature to get him out of gym class or whatever. Why in the hell would he admit that when no one was asking him and it wasn’t an issue? And why does DJ not discipline her kids at all for being liars? Last episode the yeller gets busted lying and she doesn’t do a damn thing – and he’s even rewarded for it. This episode the oldest kid admits he forges her signature to skip classes and she doesn’t give a fuck. Perhaps she was brainwashed by her manipulative youngest sister to not call kids on their shit and that spills over into how she parents?


    • Look at her role models – Danny, Jesse and Joey. Having those three as your example of good parenting probably screws up how you parent years later. After Yeller completely got away with that couch thing, I was not shocked that DJ would make a face at Older Boy, but not punish him for the signature forging. It’s kind of sad that no one is calling her out for that when a few episodes ago, she called out Kimmy for not issuing some kind of consequence to Ramona when she messed up. Like no, DJ. You don’t get to criticize someone else’s parenting and then provide shitty parenting yourself.


      • tiger66466 says:

        That’s a very good and valid point. People do tend to either model what they do based on how they grew up or they go for the opposite way.

        Agreed – not cool to call out someone else’s parenting when your own is way more lax.


    • I can get the lack of punishment because the kids lost their father and they’ve had their living situation completely changed and DJ feeling that they’ve had to go through a lot and they’ve been able to handle it. I don’t excuse letting their behavior completely slip by, but I do get DJ being relaxed with disciplining.

      For the three dads in the original though it was a little less excusable. They were just plain manipulated by the girls on most occasions or just accepted whatever excuse or reason given. Having your uncle and your dad’s best friend who spent time with the girls already move in is a different change of situation than having your mother’s best friend and her daughter (Ramona’s handled things well all things considered and I didn’t blame her for wanting to go back to her old school and friends and wanting her parents to get back together) and your aunt move in.


      • tiger66466 says:

        Well, she has technically disciplined the oldest one. When he helped Ramona and then when he was doing stunts with that “bad” boy. Granted she didn’t really stick with it – especially with the doing stupid stunts one since she called him to come to the wrestling match anyway. But was making an attempt at least.

        I could see why she’s hesitant to discipline because their dad died – but it’s been a little while and she has doled out some punishments. But these last two episodes – both kids lying and not seeming to care AT ALL. And no one else (adult-wise) seems to blink an eye that the kids are lying and not being called on it.

        The fact that she doesn’t even have a real conversation about them being dishonest is weird – even if she didn’t feel the lying warranted any sort of discipline. Especially since these family centric sitcoms are all about “valuable life lessons”.


      • Ah, child development skillz come into play. Okay, I’ll bite.
        For kids who are acting out because of emotional trauma (including Ramona here, because divorce often causes emotional upheaval in kids’ lives), you want to come at it with a two-pronged attack. First, you have to figure out if they’re acting out because of that grief. If they are, you have to address that. DJ kind of does/ kind of doesn’t do that in the firetruck episode. She starts to talk to her kids about lying, then switches it up and says they look like their dad. She didn’t cover anything completely, or even at all. I don’t recall if the original show covered that, but it seems like they did. Would have been a music moment.
        After you talk to said kid about how their actions were wrong, you still have to give them consequences, which shows that parts of their world have remained the same. You cannot just start wrecking up the place and get away with it because something in your life is amiss. That being said, the consequences are allowed to be a bit smaller (IMHO). Like, Yeller’s consequence might have been to simply call up his friend and say “I lied about being able to get the truck, and I’m sorry.” But part of that needs to include a talk about why they acted out, and how to express themselves in healthy ways, mainly by coming to the remaining parent to talk about it.
        Does that make DJ a bad parent by not giving her kids consequences when they act out? Harder to say. A grieving parent probably doesn’t want to discipline their child, who is their remaining link to that lost partner. But if she can’t do it, she should find someone else who can – otherwise, why the hell did Kimmie and Stephanie move back in?


      • cjenkinssax says:

        How is DJ supposed to know how to discipline anyway with the shitty life lessons she was taught?


  15. tiger66466 says:

    Damn, one last thing, I swear. Regarding Stephanie saying something about Harry being fun in bed or whatever and Aunt Becky being shocked. I took it that she thought Stephanie was talking about the usual “in bed” stuff about when they were kids – not since they were adults. Though why she’d even go there about little kids I don’t know. Or maybe she is super prude-y about her niece as an adult hooking up a lot.


  16. cjenkinssax says:

    That picture of uncle Jesse paired with the sentence about him deciding to not be so shitty cracked me up. It perfectly summarises the tone of this blog. I love it.


  17. Heather says:

    Why is the lighting so horrible in these new episodes? It’s like they’re lighting the set by candlelight. Does that make the show look more modern or something?

    Liked by 1 person

  18. The Whirlwind in the Urn says:

    I died at the part where you describe DJ’s dearly departed husband – I think I nearly wet myself. And a bonus Mary Kay Letourneau crack? If I died right now, I think I would be completely fulfilled thanks to that.

    Lovely review!


  19. Oasis says:

    “guys who make such grand gestures that early on are usually like serial killers or something.”

    “By not trying as hard to make you feel a certain way, it’s actually doing a way more effective job.”

    These are linked.

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