Fuller House Episode 10, “A Giant Leap”

After a healthy dose of baby and dog exploitation to get the crowd going, the doorbell rings and everybody in the house excitedly rushes to the door.  Some helpful exposition is delivered which informs us that Stephanie has been dating Hunter Pence, who is one of the San Francisco Giants.  Is this guy like a famous sports guy or is he just some lame sports guy that they got because they couldn’t get a better one?  I don’t know enough about sports to evaluate this guest star.  This could be really impressive for all I know.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 12.42.25 AM

The family all loom around Hunter Pence and take pictures of him and stuff while he provides stilted delivery of a bunch of one-liners.  There’s a bit about how he eats pizza with a fork that he keeps around his neck that I thought was kind of ok, but other than that they’re just photographing him and bringing up factoids about his career and shit like that.  Hunter Pence gives everyone tickets to his next Giants game and we learn that Stephanie will be singing in front of the stadium during the seventh inning stretch because of course she is.  How much do you wanna bet that she’s not the only member of this family that finds a way to ruin the game for everyone else in the stadium?  At least they have her singing in a slightly modest capacity.  She’s not doing the national anthem or anything.

Because free baseball tickets are not enough, DJ’s middle kid gets all whiney and asks Hunter Pence to hit him a foul ball during the game so he’ll have something to share for show and tell at school.  Rather than point out that show and tell is a tremendously outdated concept and even if it was still a thing it’s not his problem whether or not some shitty kid whose aunt he bangs has something to show to his stupid classmates, Hunter Pence provides a very reasonable explanation about how he’s in kind of a batting slump so he can’t guarantee whether or not he can hit a ball to an exact location within a large stadium, but he’ll try his best.  Stephanie wonders if she isn’t some sort of succubus whose maelstrom vagina is robbing him of his baseball prowess and then it turns out that there are a lot of internet rumors going around about this very theory.  The family all proceed to give Hunter Pence unsolicited batting advice that would really irritate  a working professional and then he attempts to make a gracious exit but Matt walks in and starts giving him even more advice.

Matt picks up his baseball ticket from DJ and then she’s like hey also I need to talk to you outside so they go out on the porch and she starts tugging all up on his junk.  The audience does some serious whooing.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 12.59.11 AM

DJ comes back into the house and the whole family is waiting for her because they don’t care about privacy at all.  DJ’s kids approach her and she worries that they might object to her dating Matt, what with their father’s recent, tragic death and everything, plus the fact that it might make for some plausible and meaningful tension and/or drama, but the kids are just like yeah that’s fine.  DJ checks in with every single member of the house and they all say that they don’t give a shit if she dates Matt but then she realizes that she still has to tell Steve, who will probably cry like a sorry ass bitch because he’s been trying to get at that for 20 years and now he’s about to get passed over.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 1.07.58 AM

Steve and DJ come back from walking their dogs together and I realized that the backyard set is really different than it was in the original series.  I guess that’s why I was confused when they had a party back there in an earlier episode.  I know that’s not very interesting but I noticed it so there.  Steve wants DJ so bad that it’s kind of disgusting and then she declares that they should have a talk.  She opens with how they’ve been spending a lot of time together lately and I’m glad that she mentioned this piece of information because we, the audience, have not seen this at all.  Steve’s like, DJ, I’m so into you that I could chain you to my radiator or cut you up and drive around with your pieces in the trunk of my car and DJ is like aw Steve that’s sweet and then he starts smooching on her.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 1.16.35 AM

Even though Steve is kind of desperate and overbearing, his smooches bring about a special wetness that DJ hasn’t felt since Model’s Inc was cancelled.  She goes inside to tell Stephanie and Kimmie Gibbler about it but they already know because they are creepy peepers.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 1.21.40 AM

DJ realizes that she just smooched 2 guys on the same day, which is the Full House equivalent of banging a whole football team, so she decides that she’d better hurry up and settle down with one of these fellows.  She reasons that Matt is moving away soon so she’d better pick Steve, who has more long-term potential.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 1.27.14 AM

After a bunch of delightfully time-consuming footage of the baseball stadium, we cut to some actual on-location scenes of the family at the game.  Not content with free front-row seats, Kimmie Gibbler brings a bunch of advertising material for her event planning business to impose onto the unsuspecting crowd.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 1.28.30 AM

DJ’s oldest kid asks for money for stadium food but Matt’s all, don’t you know I’m trynna fuck your mom? and hands him his credit card.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 1.30.31 AM

Lola makes an elaborate food request and Ramona does DJ’s kid a solid by being like, he can’t remember all that shit, why don’t you just go with him?  For those of you who may not recall, DJ’s oldest kid hella wants to bang Lola.  He is like the Steve to her DJ, except way less interesting.

Hunter Pence goes up to bat and he makes a very sexual hand gesture at Stephanie.  An irate baseball fan notices and starts to boo Stephanie because he deduces that she’s the one that’s supposedly causing Hunter Pence to suck at baseball.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 1.35.30 AM

Immediately afterwards, Hunter Pence strikes out.  Maybe this is all because she gave him syphilis and it’s corroding his brain.  That’s my theory.  Or maybe it’s just a coincidence.

At a stadium merch shop, Lola ogles a really expensive souvenir jersey so DJ’s oldest kid decides to buy it for her with Matt’s credit card.  I can’t decide if DJ’s oldest kid is to blame for taking advantage of the situation or if Matt should blame himself for giving a horny 12-year old his credit card but either way, the purchase gives Lola a ladyboner.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 1.37.01 AM

The weirdest part is that the cashier is suspicious about the kid using a credit card to make this expensive purchase but he doesn’t stop him or even ask for ID or anything.

Ramona gets all butt-hurt about being ditched by Lola after being a pretty solid wingman for DJ’s boring kid and then DJ’s other boring kid bitches and moans about his stupid fucking foul ball problem.  Man, it would really suck to take these kids anywhere.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 12.54.18 AM

Matt tells DJ that he’s gonna move to San Francisco so he can continue to have non-threatening sexual chemistry with her, which makes her even more conflicted about the Matt vs. Steve situation.  Her middle kid continues to whine about catching a foul ball but then, right after Stephanie mentions how implausible such an occurrence would be, Hunter Pence hits one right to him.  Just as he’s about to catch it, the same irate baseball fan that scowled at Stephanie earlier catches the ball and starts to tell DJ’s kid about how life is hard and you don’t get what you want most of the time, which really must be the first time that this kid has heard this kind of thing in his whole life. Actually, all of the people from the full house must be getting a real news flash right about now.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.00.23 AM

DJ’s oldest kid takes Lola up to some romantic lookout spot and talks her into letting him put his arm around her, which by 12-year-old Full House terms is like going all the way.  What a baller!

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.03.36 AM

Kimmie Gibbler and Romana do some guerilla advertising for Kimmie Gibbler’s business, which gets them thrown out of the stadium.  Feeling as though the crowd hasn’t been through enough, Stephanie comes out onto the field to sing.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.05.28 AM

The irate baseball fan immediately starts booing her and I felt conflicted because his behavior seemed pretty unnecessary and yet, it sure was nice to see her get booed.  In some ways you might even call this man a hero.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.06.00 AM

The crowd turns on Stephanie’s incredibly cheap looking greenscreen performance (like, they couldn’t even position her so it looked like she was standing on the field?  They really had to put her at the bottom of the screen like that?) and then she asks them if they want her to break up with Hunter Pence, which they do.  She calls their relationship off in front of everyone and then has an emotional outburst that leads to her being escorted away by security and you’d think I’d be used to how hard these people ruin every event that they go to by now but this was kinda some next level shit.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.12.32 AM

The Kiss Cam comes on and DJ and Matt show up on it but she kisses her annoying kid instead.  Since everything that ever happens has to be about these fucking people, the camera repeatedly cuts back to DJ and Matt until she finally kisses him.  Naturally, we learn right at this moment that Steve is also at the game so he sees the whole thing.  He couldn’t even be watching it on tv.  He had to be there.

As the family leave the stadium, Hunter Pence goes up to bat again and hits a game-winning home run which of course DJ’s stupid fucking kid catches because there’s just no way that he was going to learn a lesson about unreasonable requests or not getting what you want all the time.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.26.12 AM

By the way, that’s the last we’ll see of Hunter Pence.  What an odd story they gave him.  It feels totally unresolved, but that’s really the end of it.

Back at the fuller house, Lola apologizes to Ramona for breaking the chicks before dicks rule and then she asks DJ’s oldest kid what the repercussions were for spending all of that money on Matt’s credit card but there’s not much to report.  I guess Matt wants to bang DJ bad enough that he’s willing to get ripped off by her kid.  Well, that was a great subplot.

Steve shows up and then Matt comes over about 5 seconds later.  People always arrive at the fuller house in rapid succession, and yet they never seem to see each other outside first.  Anyway, both of the guys are like what the fuck, DJ, which one of us can claim you as our rightful property?  DJ says, “this is the second time today you guys were in the same place at the same time” and I’m pretty sure that she was talking about her vagina.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.35.53 AM

DJ fumbles through a reasonable explanation of how this all came about but the two guys are too busy sizing up each other’s dicks the whole time.  Matt refers to the undeniable chemistry of their first kiss and then we get a flashback of it because it was like 2 whole episodes ago.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.38.36 AM

The only thing that could make a flashback from such a recent moment any weirder would be having the actors poorly superimposed over the scene, making comments about it.  It looks as bad as when Stephanie sang at the baseball game, and it doesn’t even make any sense or add to the story at all.  We also get a flashback of DJ and Steve at their prom, which is also pretty unnecessary but at least it didn’t JUST happen so it’s a little more appropriate.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.41.24 AM

It sort of feels like they decided to have the Steve flashback in there, which is kind of understandable, but then they wanted to balance out the sequence so they added the Matt flashback from a few episodes ago, but since it was such a recent scene, they thought that they could do something interesting with it by adding superimposed commentary from the characters but then they couldn’t think of anything clever for them to say or do so the whole thing just ended up being a big waste of time.

DJ’s finally like, I’m just trying to get back into dating for the first time after my husband’s fiery death so this is like too much bullshit to deal with and then the guys both agree to stop competing for her for like 10 seconds before they get right back into it.  They both make date plans with her and then they try to smooch her at the same time, which results in them accidentally smooching each other, which was kinda magical.  Wouldn’t it be great if Steve and Matt ended up together at the climax of all this.  Oh what a climax that would be.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.42.40 AM

Both guys go home and then Stephanie and Kimmie Gibbler come in and are like damn, everybody’s trynna stick it to you, DJ, and that’s the end.

Although all the baseball game stuff really brought out the worst of this show, what with all the “let’s ruin a public event for everyone but us” bullshit that happened, I do think that this overarching narrative is actually sort of interesting.  My natural inclination is to want DJ to end up with Steve because he’s proven to be as corny and wholesome as she is and they have a whole history together.  On the other hand, he’s also sort of desperate and creepy and Matt seems to be the more fuckable of the two, so who knows?  I’m almost a little bit interested to find out what happens.

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52 Responses to Fuller House Episode 10, “A Giant Leap”

  1. Doctor X says:

    I totally want Matt and Steve to be the end game. Don’t tell me you can’t see them in San Francisco arguing about overpriced furniture in some boutique. Matt will say its too much, Steve will pout, Matt will give in and then they kiss. It is magical.

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  2. Steve says:

    The guy behind them that stole Max’s ball was a jerk. He’s a little kid ffs. And why couldn’t Hunter just give the kid an autographed baseball? I love how Matt doesn’t really give a sh that Jackson spent 200 dollars on a jersey with Matt’s credit card.

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    • TheWhiteMamba says:

      I agree with the last two parts about how Pence couldn’t just sign a ball and the credit card issue, but damn, why does every adult have to be vilified for catching a foul ball and not giving it to a kid nearby. I’m not saying its what I’d do in that situation because I’ve never had it happen, but there’s too many times I’m at a baseball game and see an adult catch a ball and some kid just runs up to them with their hands out like, “Yea you know you have to give it to me now” (par for the course in the Full/Fuller House I suppose) and if they don’t people start booing. Get to the age when you can appreciate it, especially if its off the bat of your favorite player.

      One more side note for clarity, Hunter Pence became like a running joke at stadiums (in a good way) where fans would hold up signs with funny sayings directed at him, one of the first being “Hunter Pence eats pizza with a fork”, so the show was at least attempting to mix in some local sports flavor into the story. It got pretty big a couple seasons ago, a real life meme of sorts.

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      • Implications says:

        I’m with you that you shouldn’t *have* to give away a ball to a random kid (although I probably would, tbh), but, like, you can’t snatch one away from a kid. Even a kid as entitled as that one.

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    • Right. If he caught it, fine. Something to be happy about. But don’t gloat and mock the kid, even if the kid is the Yeller.


  3. There's a CAR in the KITCHEN! says:

    !!!!!!!! Actual same-sex contact on a Full House spinoff that ISN’T Jesse and Joey rubbing up on each other? HOORAY! As a representative of the Council of Gay Activity on Kitschy Sitcoms, (GAKS–yeah, we’re a bunch of 90’s kids…and also we don’t exist, I just like acronym puns), I approve of this episode. And as you say, Billy, at the very least they’re trying to create SOME dramatic tension/overarching plots, so that’s an improvement.

    Two other points. 1: I agree that this show has really upped the ante on “Tanner descendants ruining public events”–I mean, first Coachella, and now a nationally televises baseball game? If the theories are true, I fear that the fuller house is trying to spread its influence over the entire world. That would be a horrific assimilation plot–everyone on the planet becoming pushy, obnoxious, whitebread Asshole Parthenons. Shiver.

    2: What’s the ratio of athletes who’ve appeared in sitcoms/comedy shows that are actually funny? Derek Jeter did a pretty good job on “Seinfeld” back in the day, but generally they’re not very funny (Michael Phelps/Lance Armstrong on “SNL,” Ryan Lochte’s “Funny or Die” skit, Brady Anderson on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”…) I mean, I understand that you don’t need to be a great actor to be a great athlete, but I’d like to hear about some successful athlete guest spots on TV shows. Anyone–and especially Bridget and Regina–know of any?


    • goodgollyregina says:

      “Anyone–and especially Bridget and Regina–know of any?”

      Yay, I get namedropped! Assuming you did mean me. X D As for the athlete guest stars, I’m pretty sure you got all of them above. I totally remember the Brady Anderson appearing on Sabrina. Wasn’t he in the episode where Sabrina is in a bad mood, and was trapped on the opposite side of her mirror?

      As for this episode, I always hate sports episodes. Not only because I dislike all and any sports, but sports episodes never work in any TV show, and the episodes are usually really boring. Also, is it me, or does everytime we get a legit life lesson, (not getting what you want), it’s completely turned around where the person gets what they want after all? Would it kill these writers to make an episode where they don’t get what they want, and that life is unfair, and actually STICK with it? Or is the entire universe doomed to be entitled assholes like the Tanners forever?

      Great review as always Billy! Can’t believe you’re almost done with this first season!


  4. LupinThe8th says:

    So, can an athlete just decide that his girlfriend gets to sing in front of everyone on a whim? “Yeah, she has no background or anything, but I’m banging her and she’d like to start a singing career so let’s put her in front of 40,000 people.”

    The Curse of the House continues its wicked work. Stephanie wanted to sing in front of people, so she gets to but its a way bigger crowd than she was prepared for, and she gets humiliated. The House made Hunter Pence suck, then had him hit a home run after he was dumped, giving Middle Kid what he wanted.

    The lesson is clear: “Happiness comes only through the misery of others”. The House has found a pliant young mind in Max, the most honest and ethical of the children (Jackson shows that he’s already willing to steal from Matt to get with Lola), so soon he will be corrupted.


  5. Matt and Steve ending up together would be awesome! And make up for some of the bizarre homophobia of the original series.


  6. Jenn says:

    I’m excited to see this review because this is the only episode I’ve really heard about before your blog as I’m a San Francisco Giants fan.

    Hunter Pence is a really good (tho streaky) player on our team, even if he’s not the MVP. He’s won two World Series rings with the team and been integral to that success. So it’s a pretty good get as far as the starting line up. The pizza fork thing is a reference to the Hunter Pence signs (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2157664-hunter-pences-response-to-hecklers-signs-shows-giants-all-star-is-a-good-sport) from two years ago, so it’s really timely. /sarcasm It’s also such a specific joke for Pence/Giants fans, so it’s weird that it would be included as I can’t imagine that the Venn diagram of Fuller House fans and Giants fans has that much overlap, but whatever.

    It’s weird that DJ’s kid has such a specific request and with Hunter Pence freakin’ standing right there he wouldn’t either A) ask Hunter Pence to come to his show-and-tell himself or B) ask him for an autographed ball, since that’s way better than a foul ball that could have been hit by anyone or that DJ’s kid could have just bought at the store. I also have to laugh at Lola wanting at Lincecum jersey, since he’s been really bad that last couple of years (and went on the DL in July last year). Seriously, swap in any other pitcher on our team and that storyline makes more sense.

    Thus ends my sportsball comments and I’ll go back to being a regular person who hates Full House now. 🙂


  7. Oasis says:

    I hated this episode SO MUCH. It took me forever to watch it a second time.

    I’m totally Team Matt. Fuck Steve. Creepy “nice” guys like him are how I ended up with a stalker.


  8. GalaxyScribe says:

    Matt is way more fuckable. Steve will lock DJ in a cabin in the woods until she loves him again.


  9. GalaxyScribe says:

    As the mother of teens, especially a teen daughter, I’m really surprised that Candace is ok with this CREEPY AS HELL STALKER “love triangle” storyline.

    If a guy treats you like this, ladies, RUN

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  10. Grown up Steve is really serving some Kirk Cameron realness and it’s creeping me the fuck out.


  11. Andrea says:

    I agree with the final paragraph pretty much ver batim. I found the last few episodes of the season to actually be somewhat engaging.


  12. Smash says:

    Wait, what? How is it that the kid is sitting in foul ball seats but then also gets a game-winning homer ball? I go to a lot of ball games and you can’t score a homer by hitting into the foul ball section. Maybe I missed something, but this seems backwards ass as hell to me.


    • Oh, it’s even weirder than that. They’ve left the field and are headed to the car when he hits a ball over the right field wall. That’s the EXTERIOR wall. Distance-wise, it’s possible because there aren’t seats in that portion–it’s just field then the wall. But the wall’s still a decent height and the Yeller doesn’t even try to catch it. The ball literally falls into his glove with no effort on his part.

      Aside from how improbable the catch was, I was surprised it didn’t end up autographed. If you catch a ball during a Mariners home game, an usher will seek you out to get a picture and give you a “Golden Glove” certificate. An outside-the-park home run ball? Wouldn’t someone from the team’s PR section try to find out where the ball went?

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      • Jenn says:

        We do get home run balls that leave the park (there’s even a “Splash Hit” counter for those that fall into the Bay, which you can see in the screen grab), so that’s not totally improbable. But the fact that there’s NO ONE else walking along that promenade is crazy. It’s full of people during game time (as well as kayakers in the Bay), so maybe he would have caught it, but there would have been a scrum or at least people running in that direction when it happened.


      • Anisky says:

        But Jenn, then they would have had to hire EXTRAS.


      • Smash says:

        Wow, that is insane!!! Omg. Stupid Full House and it’s going beyond the laws of nature to give these dicks everything they want.


    • tiger66466 says:

      The foul ball happened when they were in their seats inside the staidum. The yeller caught the home run ball when they had left the stadium and were outside – so they were in right field area if I recall correctly (I know nothing about baseball).

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    • There's a CAR in the KITCHEN! says:

      I think the implication is that after the group leaves and is walking outside the stadium, Hunter Pence hits a home run that clears the park and lands right in the Yeller’s hands. Gotta love that reality-warping full house…

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  13. Anyone else notice that while Stephanie was having her meltdown, one of the ads above her shoulder (on the JumboTron) was for some company with–of all things–DIGNITY in the name?


  14. Also, in the original series wasn’t there a touching moment with Becky and either DJ or Stephanie about how to choose between two guys who like you? And the moral was that if it’s not an easy, obvious “I like this guy” then neither one is right for you?

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    • There's a CAR in the KITCHEN! says:

      Yeah! That happened in the episode where Michelle wanted to teach Nicky and Alex to pump!…on the swings. DJ had to choose between Nelson (he of the endless bank account and nostrils) and Viper (a Xerox of Uncle Jesse who also played polka). And as you say, she ends up choosing neither.


  15. tiger66466 says:

    Man, this episode seemed overly long. It just dragged and dragged even though there were a couple of moments I literally laughed out loud. I’m also not a fan of sports at all and sports episodes of tv shows are particularly painful. Also it is usually really painful to watch an athlete try to act. Another example – has anyone seen those Zaxby’s (chicken restaurant) commercials with Clay Matthews? Horribly, painfully bad.

    I’m team Matt all the way. Someone in the comments said a while back that Steve reminds them of Kirk Cameron and I totally agree and it has stuck with me. So the idea of DJ with Steve is even more off putting – even if he weren’t creepy stalker dude.

    Did the clerk in the merchandise shop think there was a Doogie Howser situation going on? Why in the world did he not call him out on claiming to be a doctor at age 12? Should have sold him a pack of cigarettes while he was at it. Sheesh. Talk about not giving a single fuck about doing your job properly.

    I think Matt did get the better end of the deal in the long run – if the oldest kid is even halfway decent at washing cars. Getting your car washed every weekend for 2 years would be pricey – more than a $200 jersey’s worth. So Matt is making the kid wash his car – so at least there were some repercussions to him abusing his trust and buying something (expensive) other than food with his credit card.

    Also regarding him buying Lola the jersey – basically the writers are solidifying the message – shell out big bucks and that’s how to make someone like you. Lola didn’t seem particularly interested in him until he bought her that jersey. So not sure if the message the writers were sending is that you can buy people’s love/affection or that all females can be bought/are gold diggers. Both are horrible (and untrue) messages to send.

    I’m not even fazed anymore that someone from the Full House is making a huge public event all about them – or they managed to get such an awesome yet undeserved opportunity.

    Oh, yeah, and I HATE the idea that if an adult legit catches a ball at a game that they must give it to some kid. Fuck that noise. Of course, it’s not cool if the adult snatches it from the kid – but if the adult catches it fairly then they shouldn’t feel obligated to hand it over to some strange kid.

    I can’t believe that they actually had the two guys kiss – even if it was an inadvertent kiss! That was so “racy” and “controversial” for Fuller House. I got a huge chuckle over it.


  16. tiger66466 says:

    Oh, and one other thing – man alive, Kimmie Gibbler’s pants were HORRID. Did she get them from the Joey Buttafuco Garish Pants of the 90s collection?


    • They were truly terrifying.


      • tiger66466 says:

        AND they clashed with her self-promotional t-shirt. Speaking of her self-promotion – maybe I just didn’t see it but did any of her stuff actually have a website or something that people could go to? My business is online marketing so it drives me nuts when people don’t have a website or even a phone number on their offline (printed) marketing (ie billboards, circulars, etc.) so potential customers can contact them.

        Again, this could just be because of my marketing background but what is the point of marketing if you don’t have your website/phone number/some way to contact you? All I think she did as she was getting tackled by security was to “google gibbler style” or something. I just checked and gibblerstyleevents.com is available – that could totally be her website.

        Ugh, there I go again trying to inject logic into this show. For my own sanity, I’ve got to stop.

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      • Andrea says:

        With all do respect, isn’t the consensus in the marketing world these days that direct contact information is not crucial these days since no one is gonna remember it anyway? I believe making the brand/company clear is good enough because anyone interested will just google it anyway.


      • tiger66466 says:

        I think it depends on who you ask. I’m not of that mind because just about everyone and their brother is attached to their phones these days, so people can much more easily put in a number or website than before. Or even snap a picture of the signage/whatever to then look up/contact later. I think most/all offline marketing should make it easy for someone to find the business – so a website at a minimum. And yeah, I’m one of those people who believe all businesses – who advertise in some form – should have a website.

        The thing with Kimmie’s promotions (from what I could see) – she didn’t mention it was party/event planner (though I could be remembering incorrectly)- “do it Gibbler style” doesn’t automatically scream event/party planning. Even assuming that her company is what comes up when someone googles that (ie she did her SEO work correctly), a lot of people wouldn’t want to google it if they thought they’d get an adult site (though some people would be quicker to google it – just depends on the audience).

        Again, WAY too much “real world” thought going into the shenanigans of this show that abandons logic constantly.


      • Agreed, tiger. While I do recall her chant on the dugout including something about event planning (as well as celebrity name-dropping), none of her stuff has included mentions of a website or phone number, even the fakes ones they use on tv that start with “555.” In a world where people self-brand, everyone has ways to link back to their stuff, be it FB, Twitter, Tumblr, phone number, website, ect. You can only get away with not putting up contact info for your service-providing business if said business was well-known enough that people would know where to search for it on their own. Kimmie seems to have none of this. Does she not actually want more business?


  17. Julie says:

    Fuller House ruined Steve’s character, which is quite an accomplishment, since he wasn’t much of a character to begin with. But he was a sweet, harmless idiot. Grown up Steve is creepy. He has no respect for boundaries. In this episode, he saw DJ on the kiss cam and referred to her as “my girl” even though they are not dating and then got mad at her without any right whatsoever. The only way to salvage his character would be to have him move on next season, and start acting like a normal SANE person, but based on what I’ve heard…the very opposite is gonna happen. :/

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    • goodgollyregina says:

      I don’t know what the producers were thinking with Steve on this show. He goes from being a cool, decent guy, to an absolute creeper. Do these producers think this sort of behavior is okay? And that women should go for creepy guys who just won’t take a hint? I hope for everyones sake he’s gone by next season. Sad thing is, I used to ship DJ and Steve’s relationship…. when they were teenagers on the actual show. But on Fuller House, DJ needs to get as far away from him as possible. O_O


      • I dunno, y’all. I think we saw a glimpse of Late-model Steve in teenage Steve. Remember that time that the Tanners went to Disney World, and Steve dropped everything to go as well? Like, he didn’t go WITH them, he showed up later. Because he missed DJ. And before you say, “No, but that was cute,” I’d like to remind you that DJ didn’t go to college in the next state over and he drove for a few hours to see her one weekend because it would be months before he saw her again. We’re talking about Steve dropping a LOT of dough to fly cross-country because he missed her so much that he couldn’t stand thought of not being able to see her for a FEW MORE DAYS. And then what? Did he drop more money getting a room at a hotel off-property? Or did he impose upon her family by crashing on the floor of their hotel room for the remainder of the trip? If you ignore the logistics of the whole thing, it sounds cute and romantic, but when you add back in that he spent a huge amount of money to crash her family vacation (a vacation that only lasted like a week), his creeper points go up.


      • goodgollyregina says:

        Oh yeah, I remember Steve popping up randomly in the Disney episode. I must’ve forgotten about that, probably because I blocked almost the whole episode out of my memory. When you put it in that perspective, you’re right. Steve had creepy tendencies even when he was a teenager. He’s just gotten progressively worse in Fuller House that it makes his teenage self look perfectly tame in comparison. Otherwise you hit the nail on the head with everything else.


      • Julie says:

        An important distinction between the way Steve behaved then and now is that back then, he and DJ were actually dating. She wanted him around, and him always showing up was more the writer’s laziness than anything else. I do think him showing up suddenly for DJ’s prom on the final episode was creepy in retrospect, though. She was like, “STEVE! <3" but many an average gal might be less than thrilled if their ex-boyfriend just appeared, uninvited, months (a year?) later to take them to the prom.

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Guest 2.0 says:

    “DJ realizes that she just smooched 2 guys on the same day, which is the Full House equivalent of banging a whole football team”

    I haven’t even finished the review yet, I just had to post because I’m sitting here DYING at work, trying to stifle my laughter at this line. “Banging a whole football team,” oh my god, I still can’t stop laughing…


  19. I thought this episode was better than most of the others but it was also one of the most bizarre. The entitlement issues struck again big time, and I just noticed now how bad and fake looking the scenes with Stephanie singing and the flashback scenes were. I thought I remembered reading that they actually did film these scenes during an actual game, but I guess that didn’t include Stephanie singing.

    The flashback scenes with DJ Matt and Steve were just really odd. They reminded me of something you’d see in an afterschool special or a teen improv show (I was in a teen improv group in high school so I have nothing against them) where they go through a scene and have whoever was involved go back and look at their actions.

    And yes, Hunter Pence is a very popular player on the Giants. Lola wanting a Tim Linecum jersey so badly and saying he’s her favorite player is pretty dated though, since he hasn’t been good other than two no-hitters out of no where in a few seasons and he’s not even on a team right now. I can get Matt being understanding about Jackson buying it for her to woo her, since he’s going through something similar with DJ.

    Steve really is a creeper and trying too hard. They never showed that he wanted to get back with her after they broke up on the original show other than him being her prom date on the last episode (which was really just out pity and because he wanted the buffet) It just seems out of nowhere that he all of a sudden wants her back all these years later.


  20. So I now ship Steve and Matt (Team Statt?).
    It seems to me that every episode of this show and its predecessor all have TV Guide descriptions that can be summed up with one phrase “The Tanner (Fuller) family ruins _________.”
    Think about it. “The Tanner family ruins a nightclub.”
    “The Tanner family ruins a little kids’ baseball game.”
    “The Tanner family ruins a broadcast show.”
    “The Fuller family ruins Coachella.”
    “The Fuller family ruins a little kid’s birthday party.”
    “The Fuller family ruins a Mexican wrestling match.”
    “The Fuller family ruins a Giant’s game.”
    I was not surprised by any of the shit that happened this week. All of these people are entitled Asshole Parthenons. The oldest boy gets to spend someone else’s money on a girl, and receives very little consequence. The Yeller gets his fucking ball. Stephanie loses a relationship, but who cares? Strange D will find her gain next week. And DJ doesn’t even have to choose between two guys, because they both declared that they liked her well enough that they were sort of willing to put up with the other.
    I hate these people.

    Liked by 2 people

    • DS says:

      Well now I can’t wait for “The Tanner family ruins Christmas.” I mean it’s not like they didn’t already do that a few times on the original but that has never stopped Fuller House.


      • I guess the anticipation is not so much much for IF they ruin Christmas, but HOW. That’s kind of… sad. “I’m watching this show, and the creativity comes from not if they will fuck up all of the shit, but how they will fuck it up differently than they have in previous years.”


  21. Julia Delbel says:

    I was totally for Matt/DJ but this review converted me into a Matt/Steve shipper!

    Also I was surprised to learn they’re already starting filming for Season 2 of this show. Was there really so much demand that they began production earlier than expected?


    • They announced it like two days after they dropped this season on Netflix. We had to wait six months to find out if there was going to be more Kimmy Schmidt, but this shit… this shit gets renewed instantly.


  22. Non-Jerk Michelle says:

    I love me some Giants and found it hilarious that Stephanie was a jinx. The Steve/Matt kiss was pretty well executed; I believed that passion…for D.J…..yeah, D.J.


  23. Bridget says:

    My peeps, yesterday was the birthday of Robert Lane Saget. I can’t believe he was fat as a kid and had his diseased appendix removed as a guy in his early 20s and he became thin!


    • goodgollyregina says:

      Yup! And he turned 60 on his past birthday as well. Damn, I’m getting old. O_O

      Happy belated birthday Bob Saget!


  24. Johnny Fry says:

    I’m pretty sure Steve secretly killed DJ’s husband.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Cathy Santone says:

    Fuck yeah lady boners!!!

    Also – holy shit this blog is still alive!


  26. Needles1987 says:

    The Matt and Steve kiss was pretty great.


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