Buy a T-shirt!

The Full House Reviewed t-shirt can be purchased here.  Two different shirts are available.

They come in boys or girls t-shirts, in either black on white or blue on yellow for the shirt featuring the logo, or white on blue for the “Bay Area Tanners” design, and are hand silk-screened by independent Bay Area t-shirt company Like Minded People.  Buy one right now!!!

25 Responses to Buy a T-shirt!

  1. Dizzy Dan AND G$ says:

    I love full house.this show changed my life. my parents died when i was 3 so i would watch full house to learn life lessons and make me a better person. i think it worked.


  2. shannon says:

    you should also sell stickers! i’d so buy one.


  3. Cerbral PaulZ says:

    I just bought one, lets see if I can get Dave Coulier to pose next to me with it on.


  4. Rachel says:

    Hey Billy,
    I know you don’t own the company that makes the t-shirts, but maybe you have a better way to contact the people who do. I placed an order for a women’s small “Bay Area Tanners” shirt on August 8th and emailed Like Minded People regarding the status of my order on August 27th and Sept.29th. I never received a package, an update, nor any response to either of my emails. I also called their number, but it was out of service. I find this really unacceptable, especially since they took my payment. This was part of a birthday present for a friend, and it was very disappointing to not have the shirt on time for her birthday despite ordering a month ahead of time. If they were out of business, they could have notified me or at least refunded my money. I don’t know if anyone else has come against this. I filed a complaint with Paypal, but since I placed the order over 45 days prior, they said I couldn’t get refunded. Now I have no shirt for my friend and no money back! If you could help at all, it would be awesome.


    • Billy Superstar says:

      i’m really, really sorry to hear that. i’ll contact them right now.


      • Rachel says:

        Thanks a ton! I got an email from Paypal saying my package is on its way, so hopefully it comes in the mail soon. I really appreciate you helping me out, so now my friend will be able to wear her shirt with pride (she introduced me to your blog, after all)!


      • Billy Superstar says:

        great news! yeah, i contacted the company and they said that it fell through the cracks somehow and that they were very sorry for the inconvenience.


  5. David says:

    The first episode of Full House is on right now on Nick@Nite! Decided to google the episode, and stumbled upon your site. Great work. I’m 26. Full house was one of my favorite shows during my childhood. Are the shirts pre shrunk?


  6. Martha says:

    I placed an order for a men’s medium bay area tanners t-shirt on February 2nd and the package was never delivered. Likemindedpeople is very hard to contact. I was wondering if you could help me out. My credit card was charged so the shirt was paid for and it was meant for valentine’s day for my boyfriend (a bit late now) but I still want the shirt delivered. Thanks!


  7. Alexis says:

    Full house is awesome I watch four episodes every week night on sister hates FULL HOUSE but I love it.MY best friend loves full house too.i really want to meet the cast a lot


  8. Ashley says:

    i absolutely love full joke,funny stuff,life lessons.


  9. FrogGod1 says:

    shirt suggest
    -Ranger Joe
    -Jessie and the heart rippers
    -wake up sanfrancisco


  10. Nate says:

    You need to review the guest appearance that Jesse and the Rippers did on The Jimmy Fallon Show. They all played themselves and Danny and Rebecca Donaldson had cameos!


  11. Stavros Katsopolis says:

    I love this website. I’ve seen every episode so many times and I’m a die hard fan. My wife is a huge fan too. Keep up the work.


  12. fullhousefan says:

    I really like what DJ Tanner was wearing in season 8 episode 9 “Stephanie’s Wild Ride” and I really wanna get it! Anyone know where I can find it?


  13. Carolyn Navarro says:

    I had never seen this blog until well… today hahaha! It is funny! I watched the show all over again but after read what you wrote for that episode. It just made it even more entertaining. Keep up the writing and going back to the show!


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