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Fuller House Season 1 Reviewed

I made it through the wilderness.  Somehow I made it through. I first heard rumblings of a follow-up to Full House around the time I finished reviewing the original series.  Such a thing seamed unfeasible to me, or too terrible … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 13, “Love is in the Air”

Aw, is it the finale already?  It only feels like I watched about 10 billion episodes of this crap.  This one begins with the official opening of DJ and Matt’s shared pet clinic, and what could be more exciting than … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 12, “Save the Dates”

Stephanie plays her new song for the baby.  This whole Stephanie’s-burgeoning-singing-career storyline is pretty ill-conceived, but at least they never spend much time on it.  We don’t even have to hear her music because she’s playing it for the baby … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 11, “Partnerships in the Night”

Ramona practices her sweet, contemporary dance moves in her room until the baby crawls in, all wrapped up in toilet paper.  There used to be a lot of throwaway gags on the old show about the baby doing all sorts … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 10, “A Giant Leap”

After a healthy dose of baby and dog exploitation to get the crowd going, the doorbell rings and everybody in the house excitedly rushes to the door.  Some helpful exposition is delivered which informs us that Stephanie has been dating … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 9, “War of the Roses”

Aunt Becky comes downstairs to greet the family for breakfast and the audience loses their minds.  I’m not sure if it’s because this is the return of an original cast member or because of the way that her ass looks … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 8, “Secrets, Lies and Firetrucks”

Kimmie Gibbler wakes up on the couch next to Fernando and she’s like, “aw shit, what have I done?”  Fernando is startled awake and quickly provides very naturalistic exposition about how they just fell asleep next to each other while … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 7, “Ramona’s Not-So-Epic Party”

Kimmie Gibbler’s no-good, soon-to-be-ex-husband fucks up when he’s supposed to pick up their daughter’s birthday cake and accidentally gets one that’s meant for a priest who is retiring from a lifetime of molesting young boys. I know that not all … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 6, “The Legend of El Explosivo”

DJ and Kimmie Gibbler make some jokes that aren’t worth mentioning in the kitchen and then Ramona rushes downstairs to answer the front door, as she’s expecting her dance team to show up.  DJ’s boring ass kids come home and … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 5, “Mad Max”

I wish I was watching Mad Max.  That would be way better than this crap.  That’s kind of a weird title for this episode, tho.  I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be referring to. Stephanie helps DJ’s middle … Continue reading

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