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Fuller House Episode 4, “The Not-So-Great Escape”

Stephanie makes some observations about the baby that aren’t even worth mentioning and then Kimmie Gibbler comes downstairs, kisses her and refers to her as, “sister-wife.”  Well, cool, I guess that I can stop complaining about how Full House never … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 3, “Funner House”

Stephanie and Kimmie Gibbler flaunt their sexy outfits as they prepare for a girls night out.  DJ approaches them and even though she’s clearly wearing a shitload of makeup and has her nails did, she is apparently not prepared for … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 2, “Moving Day”

DJ’s middle son goes down to the basement that used to be Joey’s creepy room and is now where Stephanie nurses her hangovers.  I bet it still smells like Joey in there.  You just know that the stench of old, … Continue reading

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Fuller House Episode 1, “Our Very First Show, Again”

Hey, remember that hideous baby from the late 80’s?  Just in case her horrifying visage isn’t already burned into your mind’s eye for all time, let’s start this horrible throwback series with an alarming close up of her. Oh, I … Continue reading

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