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Season 8 Reviewed

It’s generally regarded as fact that the universe is expanding at a rate beyond our comprehension.  It’s theorized that it may someday snap back onto itself like a giant rubber band, condensing for a period only to begin the process … Continue reading

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Season 6 Reviewed

Well, shit, I made it through another Season. As always, I’d like to start with some shout-outs and an overview of how the site is going.  Many thanks, as always, to Teebore of the Gentlemen of Leisure Blog, who is … Continue reading

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Season 5 Reviewed

Reviewing every episode of Full House in chronological order is really starting to wear me down, you guys.  I can’t believe that there’s three more Seasons of this shit.  I just can’t stand it. So I always like to start … Continue reading

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Season 4 Reviewed

Here’s to you, beloved Full House Reviewed readers!  I can’t thank you enough, or blame you enough, for the perpetuation of this very silly project.  I don’t think it’s at all difficult to believe that I would have quit this … Continue reading

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Season 3 Reviewed

Just like I did last Season Review, I’d like to start Season 3 Reviewed with mad shout-outs.  I can’t thank all you weirdos enough for reading this ridiculous blog. Every week, your loving comments enable me to carry on with … Continue reading

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Season 2 Reviewed

I know that it’s pretty standard to thank your readers and credit them with the continuation of an ongoing project like this, but in this case it really is totally, %100 true:  if it weren’t for the support of you … Continue reading

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Season 1 Reviewed

Full House is a terrible show. Everything about it totally sucks.  The writing is bad, the characters are all shallow and annoying, and the production is lousy.  And yet somehow it became a cultural phenomenon that influenced the ABC Networks … Continue reading

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