Our Very First T-Shirt

The Full House Reviewed shirt is finally here!!!  You can buy one right here!!!

I was supposed to get this done about 2 Seasons ago, but I only recently enlisted the help of Bay Area t-shirt company Like Minded People to finally bring you our very first t-shirt.  I couldn’t have done it without them!  The image for the shirt is also the logo for our new site (which we’ll be fully switching over to later this week~there will be a site redirect on this wordpress account and we’re working to forward the site to people’s rss feeds…), which was drawn by an artist who wanted to remain anonymous for some reason.  What, you’re too good to be associated with the Full House blog?  Anyway, all of the shirts are hand silk screened and are printed on nice, fancy shirts.  Right now they come in 2 different colors but we might make more if there’s a demand.

I would also like to publicly invite Brandon Rowland to e-mail me his info at billysuperstar@gmail.com so I can finally send the shirt I promised him like a year ago.  Brandon won our very first contest by getting Dave Coulier to mention the site on twitter.  I honestly didn’t think that anyone would win that contest so I was pretty unprepared to award him his shirt, but now I can finally make good on my promise.  I hope you’ll send us a picture, Brandon!

Thanks to all you readers for making this happen!  I hope y’all meant it when you said you wanted to buy a FHR shirt!  I can’t think of a better present for the holidays!


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3 Responses to Our Very First T-Shirt

  1. Teebore says:

    Awesome! That is very, very cool indeed.


  2. Fraser says:

    Haha that’s sick, you should do another contest for one :v


  3. friday says:

    hey. i read this blog at work and i have to muzzle myself with my hand because i laugh too loud and then everyone will know i’m not working. this totally makes shitty work days so much better. thanks dude.


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