For those of you who are just stumbling across this site for the first time, Full House Reviewed is a blog that writes scathing reviews of every episode of Full House, the worst sitcom of all time.  It was written to amuse people who have boring desk jobs.  It was the bizarre hobby of a cartoonist with a little bit too much free time on his hands, although, to be fair, he probably would have quit doing it if it hadn’t accumulated such a large following.  It took about 4 years to review every single episode and every entry is available to read for free in the archives.  After the project was completed, the author teamed up with another cartoonist, Carolyn Main, as well as a few more nerdy bloggers to create a podcast that reviews every episode of Saved By the Bell.  Subscribe to the Saved By the Bell Reviewed Podcast on itunes, and rate and review it, please.  You can also check out the podcast on its Tumblr page and like it on Facebook.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I record Full House for the sole purpose of watching it while reading your amazing reviews, so I usually google the specific episode to get to the review, but today I decided to just straight up go to, and I see this new post! Yay! ❤ I'm listening to the second podcast now :} ❤ Love you guys!

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  2. Emilie says:

    I just thought you would be the most excited to see that Uncle Joey got married and The Full House (minus the super famous ones) came along:


  3. Jorge says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone that Danny and Joey were secretly a gay couple? It explains why both of them never held onto a relationship for all that long.
    Joey always tried to play mom or other dad. And Danny was excessively anal retentive (no pun intended).
    They’ve cross dressed together, they’ve walked in on each other in the bathroom, and they lived in San Francisco. The only reason to hide their love was for the girls sake, or because of their entertainment jobs, being that they were always on tv. Or maybe the girls knew but no one wanted the rest of the neighborhood to know.
    Furthermore, they ran the full house like they did to prove a point. That they could raise a household as is.


    • Alec says:

      Nope, you’re the first person who’s ever made these observations and brought them up. What an original and fresh look at the program.


  4. Whiner says:

    “It was written to amuse people who have boring desk jobs.”

    Huh, being a white, heterosexual, shut-in who’s never worked a day in his life but likes to laugh, I gotta say, I feel left out!!!


  5. Jaelynn says:

    Well, I came super late to the party (I’d say I didn’t discover this blog until about mid-May) but better late than never, right? Thanks for the laughs while I’ve been bored at work 🙂


  6. Derek's Psychotherapist says:

    It’s just not the same without a new Full House Reviewed Review every week!


  7. Ashley says:

    dear lord. this is the greatest thing ive ever seen. i work nights which consists mainly of watching tv while my patient sleep. i watch about 5hrs of full house a shift and i came across your blog while looking something up on the interweb. I literally had TEARS reading the review for fraternity reunion. i think that i love you.


  8. Degrassi Guy says:

    This is still the blog I aspire mine to be. I just read the one where Michelle picked out the stupid card board cut out and I wanted to murder her right then and there. Horrible show, great blog!


  9. sterling says:

    I love full house. I could not live with out watching full house every night.


  10. BC says:

    Thank you for this!


  11. Kimmy says:

    I saw this today and this was the only place I could think of that I NEEDED to share this with…. Full House is possibly in the works of coming back. Oh dear god.


    • Appleteeny says:


      Though it looks like the Olsen twins won’t be doing this? Maybe this means Michelle would have died from internal injuries that weren’t yet discovered after her horse pwned the shit out of her. Or perhaps she finally realized what a burden and nuisance she was to the world around her… Regardless, I support the idea of Michelle not being in this thing.
      Surprised Jodie Sweetin’s in. Being in FH the first time drove her to drugs. Please, Jodie, think of your family before doing this!!
      And Lori Loughlin’s out, too? YESSSS, maybe this means Jesse’s story will be that Becky FINALLY divorced his ass, took the kids, and moved back to Nebraska, where she met a handsome man with an incredible job who is providing for her and the kids financially, emotionally, and physically. You go, Becky! Get the hell out of that house! (probably wishful thinking, though…divorce would be a big no-no in the Full House world where everything is candy and rainbows and unicorns shitting Skittles).
      I don’t even want to think of what’s going to be going on with Joey. Though I know for SURE he’s still bumming off the Tanners.

      Can we just make this new series about Kimmy? Please?


      • Kimmy says:

        hahaha yeah my bf and I were curious how they would explain Michelle’s absence….hopefully it wouldn’t be something lame like, “She’s in college…” or some cop out.

        I am curious how they will explain Becky though. Hopefully divorce.


    • Scrappy says:

      Oh god, are they all going to be living in that house with their kids? The first time was bad enough, this is just terrible. I understand they like meeting up together for a reunion. I imagine working that closely together for as long as they did made them close, but leave it at that. Why do they have to start a new show? Just because Boy Meets Girl was a success doesn’t mean this will. Does this mean we’ll be getting Step by Step back, and whatever other 90s shows they had TGIF?


  12. Fionn says:

    This blog has saved me from falling asleep at my desk on a number of occasions. Thank you.


  13. bobsled says:

    Came here just to post this! Looks like I’m a day late.
    Oh well, maybe this will revive the Full House Reviewed haiku contest.


  14. Scrappy says:

    I love this, but I wish you had it so that it starts with season one instead of the latest post you’ve made. I like reading these in order. I have to go through all the archives just to read the first post. You should organize this better. Other then that, I love this and I’ve showed my friends it.


  15. mercury says:

    So I just watched the pilot to Girl Meets World and I’m sorry to report it makes FH look like a halfway descent show. Ok, maybe it makes the Joye-less and Michelle-less parts of FH look halfway descent but yeah, it’s complete garbage.


  16. Baron Aailey says:

    Billy Superstar,
    You always mention Saved By The Bell. You even have an entry about Screech’s book. Have you seen the awful adaptation on Lifetime? You should do an entry for that.


  17. hey says:

    what the hell happened to wordpress this place looks terrible now


  18. Felicia says:

    Thank you for having this up! I can not tell you how much I laughed at these reviews, they are great! I had enjoyed the show growing up, so I bought the whole dvd series. When I watch it now, I’m asking myself, “What in the world was I on? This show is awful!”
    They try to teach good morals and lessons, but they pick the worst scenarios to do it. Basically everything they do on this show is not something we can relate to. And it always seemed as though everyone in the whole family is always the center or head of whatever it is…. which really irritated the heck out of me. And honestly, what do the girls have to complain about? They have a big beautiful house, and there’s always someone around to help them with their homework or drive them somewhere. They almost always get everything they want, but they still act like spoiled brats; anytime someone goes on a trip, the girls always ask where their gifts are.


  19. Renee says:

    I absolutely loved reading your reviews but now feel my participation is partly to blame for the terrible news we received today. Why, Netflix, why?!


  20. Max says:

    IT’S COMING BACK YOU GUYS!!!!!!! I am eagerly awaiting your next post.


  21. GirlTalk says:

    What’s your reaction to todays totally tubular news Billy Superstar? 🙂 Omg would love to hear your perspective on the show when it (re)starts!! Blog, podcast, live tweet- i’ll take anything!!! 🙂

    – On another note I hope they actually nail this version by making the humour darker and more adult since they are on Netflix, and don’t go the Girl Meets World route… Kind of interested to see what they do


  22. Lurker Who it Way Behind says:

    I know you will have no interest in this–but a tell all Lifetime Movie about Full House?? Come on. There has got to be some trashing of Dave Coulier, right? That would make it so worth watching.


  23. Karie says:

    I want to hear your take on Fuller House!!!


  24. carp says:

    I’m not the only person who has asked or will ask and I apologize if you’re sick of hearing it but please review the unauthorized full house monstrosity that lifetime shat out


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