Season 1, Episode 10, “Joey’s Place”

Joey is all excited because he got hired to go on a comedy tour, but he feels bad about being away from the full house for two weeks.  The family tells him that it’s fine and then there is a lot of hugging.  Joey gets straight to work on rehearsing his shitty act but soon finds that he is constantly being interrupted because he lives in the living room.

He unsuccessfully tries to practice in several other rooms in the house before settling on the garage.  DJ comes down just in time for his impression of a fountain.

Usually Joey’s jokes are just painfully unfunny, but this bit is fucking disgusting!  He’s just spitting everywhere!

Joey and DJ commiserate about their crappy rooms, which leads to DJ calling a secret meeting with the rest of the family.

Everyone agrees that Joey needs his own room and tries to come up with a plan without him finding out.  Inevitably, Joey walks in on the secret meeting and ends up feeling like he’s being excluded from family activities.  Oh, what a misunderstanding!

In the morning we discover that Jesse is evolving into some sort of uber-housewife and Joey gets all butt-hurt over everyone preferring Jesse’s eggs to his.

For some reason everyone secretly planning to make Joey a new room leads to them blowing him off as he goes out of town and Joey leaves feeling alone and unloved.  Awww!

While Joey’s away Jesse abruptly discovers that he has to fill in for Joey’s weekly at-home daycare shift.  Like most of the conflicts on this show, this one could have been avoided with a quick and simple explanation, but, like most of the situations on the show, this one’s clearly only there to pad the episode.  The kids throw clothes at Jesse and then the next scene comes on.

Danny comes home late and Jesse furthers his housewife roll by giving him a big lecture about how he cooks and cleans and feels unappreciated.

After everything cools down Danny tells the family that he’s hiring contractors to build a new room for Joey.

Next thing you know Joey comes home to an empty alcove.

The family puts up a front of indifference towards him and when he asks where his stuff is they say they moved it into the garage.  Then Joey gets all pissed and starts yelling, which is actually pretty awesome.  He says his first funny line of the series, which is, “Am I still getting my mail here, or did you forward it to the gutter?”

Joey goes down to the garage to get his shit so he can move out, only to discover that it’s been converted to a rad new room for him.

Joey feels all bad about getting upset even though the family was totally emotionally manipulating him into it.  Why can’t they just give him his new room without making him look like an asshole first?  Anyway, Joey is all touched and Danny says some nice words while the music comes on.  Everyone celebrates by playfully rolling around on Joey’s new bed.

Firsts:  Joey says something funny, Joey’s basement room.

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26 Responses to Season 1, Episode 10, “Joey’s Place”

  1. That is a whole lot of moolah to spend on the guy. If I was living there and came back to find my room mates spent thousands of dollars to convert a ridiculously large garage into a ridiculously large bedroom, I would be creeped out.

    And since Jesse is doing all the housework and has a band and such, shouldn’t he get the basement while joey gets the bedroom upstairs?

    Oh, but then he would be near the children. I see.


  2. I get we need to suspend disbelief for TV, but had the producers ever even been to San Francisco? Every house I’ve been to up there, no matter how spacious, is always really kinda skinny, y’know? Elongated sorta, not ranch-style like Casa de Tanner. Like the outside of the house in the establishing shots, there’s no way it could fit that interior. Nice try, assholes!


    • Marion says:

      I am way late to the game on this one, but I only just recently discovered this brilliant website.

      There are (obviously) a lot of improbable plot lines, details, etc. throughout “Full House,” but I don’t think the house is one of them. If you notice, when a scene is taking place in the living room, the front door is on the left side of the shot (not the back by Joe’s alcove or anything) – and the back of the house/backyard is on the right, past the kitchen. So viewers see the house from its wide side, but it looks pretty long/skinny to me.

      *pushes up “Full House” nerd glasses*

      What I never understood is where the hell both staircases (living room and kitchen) are supposed to go to… Don’t they both always show the character ending up in the same upstairs hallway no matter which one is used?!


      • Sarah! says:

        Oh my god, that used to drive me CRAZY. I spent so much time in middle school trying to recreate their house while playing hours of The Sims, and that dual staircase thing is such a mindfuck.


      • Katie says:

        There are a few things about the house that always got to me. The main thing is Michelle’s (eventually DJ’s) bedroom. The living room obviously has very high ceilings. When going up the stairs, the bedroom is the first one on the right in the hallway. However, there is window that would be along the front of the house. This makes absolutely no sense. The bedroom is too far inside the house and the living room is too tall. If there was a window, it would have to overlook the living room.

        The staircases are another… There are not only two sets of stairs going to the second floor, but also into the basement / garage / Joey’s bedroom. Where does the second set of stairs lead?!

        Let’s not even get into how there is room for an attic when the outside shots show the house stopping at the second floor.

        This house and the Golden Girls’ house were the ones that annoyed me most.


      • Grace F says:

        Omg, the stairs always bothered me. They’re for staging purposes, so that Michelle always has a place to storm up. But it literally makes zero sense. And the Attic, my gosh, the Attic.


    • Depends on the area. That huge house in Mrs. Doubtfire isn’t a narrow house, yet it’s a real one. When Miranda gives Mrs. Doubtfire/Daniel the address, she gives the real location. You’ve got to be richer than someone who works as a journalist doing whatever miscellaneous stuff there is needing to be done.


      • Ashley Elizabeth Tanner says:

        I know this comment is over two years old, but I just wanted to say that I have seen the real Full House and Mrs. Doubtfire house and they were just amazing. Lol.


  3. Lisa says:

    How are they trying to pull off the alcove as a place to live? I never understood that one. What now fills up a huge garage-bedroom once fit into a hole in the wall in the living room. Riiiiight.


    • Billy Superstar says:

      are you the same lisa gottlieb who directed the jeff franklin scripted movie, “just one of the guys”? that would be amazing!


      • Lisa says:

        Even though I already addressed this on Facebook, it seems rude to leave your question unanswered. So…

        No. sorry.


  4. Nicky says:

    They family tells him –> The family

    tries to practice — practise


  5. Jess says:

    Just one thing: I kind of think it would add to the hilarity if “the music” were written as “The Music”. This blog might just get me fired, by the way. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. motoxchick says:

    Why are there two sets of stairs in Joey’s new room? Where do the other stairs lead to? Inquiring minds gotta know…


  7. Emily says:

    roll –> role


  8. Kenny says:

    This was always the problem with this series it always worked out perfectly only episodes that really dealt with serious subject matters like death and drunk driving had somewhat not perfect endings to them. The death episode for example I can relate to now more then I could then and even back then that episode made me tear up because ironically I was worried id one day lose my parents too sucks that those worries were relevant and significant .

    But this show always acted like it was from another planet the perfect family corny jokes horrible acting mostly lame storylines twins that could not act and were extremely annoying… as were the Donaldson twins ( boom chic) .The Disneyland episode had to take the cake and that seemed to be a pattern back then there was Family Matters Full House Step By Step Roseanne they ALL had a storyline revolving around disneyland and all were very corny .Only one of them did I actually enjoy and that was the Family Matters one. Roseannes was too happy and corny and that was surprising for that show it was still funny in parts but for the most part it was horribly done.


  9. liam says:

    goddamn these are fantastic.


  10. Jeanne says:

    It’s interesting that only now is Joey rehearsing his comedy, and only now is he suddenly bothered by the entire house. Like he wouldn’t have been bothered before living in the freaking family room where the front door is? I also am wondering what those stains are on the alcove cushions. I also like the semi-patio furniture in his room.. They could afford to finish a garage, put in a full bathroom and decorate the whole thing, but couldn’t afford decent furniture? They might as well have given him a folding table and chairs set.


  11. Charles says:

    Reading this review, I figured out Joey’s problem: he’s learned all the wrong lessons from cartoons. He thinks just because he has no sense of shame or personal boundaries, this makes him funny.

    God damn. And I thought modern-day Bob Saget’s “hey, the guy from Full House is talking about analingus” schtick was pathetic.


  12. Jahn says:

    Firsts: Joey says something funny.

    That line killed me. And I have to agree that line from Joey always tickled me.


  13. To be fair, Saget was doing bits like that before this show.


  14. Gregory says:

    One stairway leads to the living room one stairway leads to the bodies


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