Season 1, Episode 22, “DJ Tanner’s Day Off”

That’s right, motherfuckers, we made it all the way to the season finale!  After this we’ve only got seven more seasons of this shit, then maybe I’ll finally go get my Masters degree or something…

We open with DJ jamming out in her room to the latest hit by short-lived 80’s pop sensation Stacey Q.  Her hairbrush-as-microphone routine is interrupted by Kimmy Gibbler, who arrives with a forged note from her brother so she can get out of school tomorrow to get Stacey Q’s autograph at the mall.  Apparently it’s the perfect crime because her parents are in Vegas, which is the first of many indications to come that Kimmy Gibbler’s parents don’t give a shit about her.  For some reason all the wacky neighbors on these TGIF shows had severely negligent parents.  Remember Urkel’s Mom and Dad?  Man, they hated his ass.  That’s a little more understandable, though, on account of Urkel was always testing out inventions that destroyed everything.  Kimmy Gibbler, on the other hand, is an amazing human being.

Down in the living room, Danny prepares for an overnight trip to L.A. to cover a surfing tournament.  He writes a long, anal-retentive list of emergency contacts for the Uncles that includes Grandma even though she mysteriously disappeared after the 4th episode.  You’d think Danny would have an emergency number to call to find out what the hell happened to her…

DJ tries to get Danny to sign a note excusing her from school so she can go meet Stacey Q. but Danny aint havin’ it.  He gives her a patronizing speech about responsibility and heads out the door, leaving DJ alone to plan her next move.

Jesse is in his room practicing his shitty ass music when DJ comes in and says she’d like to interview him for an essay on the person she admires most.  Really she’s just taking advantage of his vanity in order to get him to recount a story of successfully ditching school as a youth.  Jesse falls for it and tells a story about how, once upon a time, young Uncle Jesse faked illness, got his mom to call in to the school, then convinced her that he was well enough to go to school after all and, finally, got away with ditching because he already had the called-in excused absence.  DJ promptly leaves the room after acquiring this information, which you’d think would make Jesse suspicious.  She doesn’t even humor him at all, she just gets the information and gets out of there.

In the very next scene DJ does a bunch of tricks to appear to be sick and then reports her illness to Joey and Stephanie.  Joey calls the school to let them know that DJ won’t be attending and then she miraculously recovers.  Joey expresses suspicion but ultimately concludes that she must have been faking illness to avoid a test but was so guilty over her deceit that she decided to go after all.  He says he’s proud of her and then let’s her leave.

DJ and Kimmy finally get to meet Stacey Q!  What an amazing event!  As they’re leaving the store with their brand-new autographed 8X10’s they see Joey, who gets in the Stacey Q. line while holding Michelle on a leash.  DJ and Kimmy hide behind a display but since Michelle is allowed to run free on an extremely long leash (it’s bad enough that he keeps her on a leash, but it actually looks like it’s just a phone cord he’s tied around her) she discovers them and unwittingly outs them to Joey.  Boy does Uncle Joey get pissed!

Joey proceeds to call Jesse and insist that he come home early from his exterminator job.  I guess he’s stilll got that job… there’s no mention of his other job as an Elvis impersonator, so I’m not sure yet if we’ll ever hear about it again…  Anyway, Jesse eats a big plate of fried chicken while Joey describes the fast one DJ pulled on him.  Jesse finally realizes that she wasn’t really writing an essay about what a cool guy he is and the two angry Uncles discuss what to do about their unruly niece.

The Uncles head up to DJ’s room and assign escalating punishments until DJ expresses remorse and declares that she hates herself.  The Uncles soften and decide that it would be best if they don’t tell Danny about what happened, especially since it would draw attention to what a couple of fuck-up idiots they are.  This seems kind of redundant, though, as the abundant clarity of this is pretty much the basis of this entire show.

Danny comes home and shouts, “cowabunga, dudes!!” while wearing an outfit that makes you want to punch him in the face even more than usual.

DJ and the Uncles maintain their false pretense of innocence for literally seconds until Stephanie comes home and blows the lid off their whole operation.  When she says that DJ looks, “so much better,” (referring to her being sick) Danny is perplexed.  When DJ claims that this is a reference to her getting her hair done, Stephanie declares, “you got gypped.”  The term, “gypped,” is actually a racist term that refers to gypsies as people who steal or make dishonest transactions and is comparable to saying that someone was, “jewed” when they are overcharged for something.  You know, when I tune into Full House, I expect wholesome family entertainment, not hateful bigotry.  You’d think that a remark like that would lead to a heartwarming talk in order to instill better values, but in this case no one even bats an eye.  I guess everyone in the full house hates gypsies.

So, anyway, the Uncles try to cover up the whole incident but Stephanie fucks it up even more by busting out the homework that DJ missed and pretty soon the cats outta the bag.  Stephanie is outraged by being made an accomplice in this web of lies and Danny is pretty mad, too.  He takes the Uncles aside and wags his fingers at them while declaring, “I want to know everything that goes on in my daughter’s lives,” which seems like kind of a tall order.  Seriously, everything?  Wouldn’t it be enough if they just didn’t lie to him about shit?

Danny and the Uncles patch things up and then Danny has a heartwarming chat with DJ about not being selfish.  The music comes on and everybody hugs, thus bringing the first season of the worst sitcom of all time to a close.

And there you have it, we made it through Season 1.  I thought about taking a break between seasons but I think I’ll just power through.  Why prolong this torture?  Next week I’ll be running a review of Season 1 as a whole, plus an extra bonus article, and then we’ll get started on season 2 the following Friday.

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31 Responses to Season 1, Episode 22, “DJ Tanner’s Day Off”

  1. Lauren says:

    Thank you so, so much for this blog. My boss must think I’m really enjoying my job all of a sudden because I can’t stop laughing at my desk. (Especially whenever Jesse randomly shows up with fried chicken.)


  2. Danny’s pants….Danny’s pants.
    He has to be commando in those.
    Or wearing a thong.


    • Suzanne says:

      I was just thinking that this is the first time that Jesse and Joey look relatively normally dressed (in the scene where Danny yells at them).


  3. Mumu says:

    In the penultimate screenshot, WHY is Jesse standing like that behind Joey? Are we really not supposed to think he’s slipping him some hot beef in the middle of Danny’s lecture?


  4. julia says:

    to be fair, i don’t think many people know where the word “gypped” comes from originally.


    • Santanaonfire says:

      I agree, though a writer should. Words are (allegedly) their craft.


      • Billy Superstar says:

        Full House Reviewed is all about cultural equality and the spread of awareness.


      • It’s not reasonable to expect writers, even today, to research the etymology of common words. “Gypped” was common enough to not be considered slang, and back in those days, was spelled “jipped.” “Jewed” clearly referred to Jewish people, but when a word is spelled “jipped,” you aren’t going to make the connection.

        Even today people use words without realizing their origins. I hope you don’t ever have a “kneejerk” reaction, or, if you’re not black, don’t ever call a male friend “brother” or “bro,” which are arguably racist.


  5. Megan says:

    oh i love this eposide sooo much! its cool at the beginng when she saw singing to the Stacy Q song don’t make a fool of yourself and ever since i watched this eposide i love that song so i go on youtube and sing it like Dj did . she really wanted that autograph so bad if i was the dad i would let her get it. i mean missing 1 day of school is not that bad. well she did get until she got totally busted at the mall.


  6. Glenn says:

    Whoa. A few short weeks ago, DJ came home so that Danny could leave his toddler with a pre-teen girl— who also had to take care of two, homoerotic man-babies, and one bitchy future meth-head. All so he could go see a shitty local basketball game. But DJ can’t go get a fucking autograph at a local mall? After her mom died?? Too far Danny Tanner, too far.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Liz says:

    I could be remembering this wrong, but didn’t Joey put Michelle’s leash on DJ after he found her?


    • Beth says:

      Yes, he does put the leash on her before leaving! Then, of course, she does a terrible sad face that screams bad acting.


  8. Kristin says:

    What is the reasoning for DJ eating an apple or tomato in her “faking sick” scene? Is it to induce vomiting since she is eating them off Michelle’s changing table?


  9. Andrew says:

    Stacy Q — She’s so rad!!!


  10. Bridget says:

    I liked it when the author of the website “You Miss Your Old Familiar Friends” said they were pleased that the Tanners put their ugly dog on a leash (ugly dog is Michelle).


  11. Mising says:

    I don’t mean to be anal, but the gypsy paragraph never closes the parenthesis (a programmer’s nightmare)


  12. Ferkner says:

    Re: gypped. Keep in mind when watching old sitcoms that white people weren’t so over-sensitive in the 80s, and “gypped” was a common term. For most people it was just a term that they didn’t know the meaning behind.


  13. Charles says:

    I did some research on Wikipedia. Apparently Full House got absolutely DREADFUL ratings its first season, not even cracking the top fifty. What’s more, it’s clear they had no faith in the show, sticking it in the Friday Night Death Slot its first year. Expectations were low, and the show lived down to them.

    And it got renewed anyway.

    There may have been extenuating circumstances; to cite a slightly similar example, Cheers finished dead last in the ratings its first season, and NBC renewed it because they didn’t have anything better to replace it with. The major difference, of course, is that Cheers was actually funny. Assuming something similar happened here–and admittedly there’s no reason to think that–can you imagine ABC keeping Full House on the air because the alternatives were even WORSE? *shudder*


  14. Kimmy says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the line where Danny jokingly says, “I wish Michelle was here. I like her the best.” Behind every joke there is some truth, right? 😉


  15. Mackenzie burden says:

    DJ was just rude and it was funny how the baby found her


  16. MaryB says:

    In my mind, I replace Stacy Q with Robin Sparkles


  17. superslabz says:

    There’s a Russian version of Full House, and when they did this episode, when Jesse and Joey punish DJ they both take off their belts to beat her. Russian Joey’s pants fall down as a result and they decide instead of beating her with belts they tell her she can’t listen to music for a week. There’s around forty episodes and they’re all copies of Season one and two episodes. If anyone wants to check it out, the Russian Full House title translates into “Upside Down House”.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Liz says:

    That top screenshot has a Grimace McDonaldland character in the background along with all of those stuffed toys


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