Season 2, Episode 12, “Fogged In”

Oh, man, you better prepare yourself.  This one’s a fucking doozy.

Pre-Credits Gag:  Joey does a bunch of shitty impressions for the baby.

Jesse and Joey come to breakfast in the morning lookin’ to’ up from the flo’ up because they stayed up all night writing an advertising jingle.  Abruptly, Kimmie Gibbler bursts through the door with suitcase in hand because she’s staying for the weekend.  This strikes a note of terror into the Tanner family’s hearts, marking the beginning of their aggressive intolerance towards Kimmie Gibbler, who they always sort of seemed to pay no mind towards before this point.  So, ok, now we have Jesse and Joey wrapping up an advertising jingle project and Kimmie Gibbler staying for the weekend.  Seems like a pretty full premise for a show that doesn’t usually pack a lot of story, right?  Yeah, just wait…

Cheryl drops by to see if Joey wants to spend the weekend skiing with her.  Remember Cheryl from a few episodes back, when the Dad’s had the triple date?  It seems like they’ve actually bothered to retain a tertiary character, although she does say that she and Joey have been dating for 2 months, which contradicts events in the previous episode in which Joey goes on a date for that charity auction.  But anyway, whatever, the point is that she and Joey are going skiing for the weekend.

DJ and Kimmie Gibbler sing “The Locomotion” into Jesse’s recording equipment until he catches them and discovers that they’ve taped over his advertising jingle.  He raises his voice at them, which leads to DJ manipulatively declaring that she’ll never go into Jesses room again and storming off.

Danny overhears the whole thing and tells Jesse that he overreacted and had better straighten things out with DJ.  Am I watching the fucking Twilight Zone here?  DJ totally fucked with Jesse’s livelihood and he’s not even allowed to get mad?  That’s some bullshit if you ask me.  I think the real problem here is that Danny’s so dedicated towards affirming his kids behavior that they just do whatever the fuck they want all the time.  How many times have we seen his kids walk on to the set of his show during a live taping?  And now they’re destroying their Uncles work and he’s not even allowed to get mad about it?  Bullshit.

So now we have Kimmie Gibbler staying for the weekend and a rift between Uncle Jesse and DJ.  Seems like a pretty full premise.  But, wait, in the next scene we have Stephanie feeling left out of DJ’s activities and seeking companionship from Michelle.  Michelle totally disses her and only agrees to spend time with her if she can ride Stephanie around like a horse.  How degrading!

Jesse calls DJ down to the living room and unveils a drum set that he’s purchased in order to patch up their relationship.

While he does a bad ass drumming demonstration, Grandpa barges in the door, followed by Grandma, who claims that grandpa is moving into the full house.  So, just to check in here, now we have Kimmie Gibbler staying for the weekend, Joey going skiing with Cheryl, Jesse and DJ patching things up over a new drum set, Stephanie vying for Michelle’s attention, and, finally, Grandpa moving into the full house.  Not to mention the fact that there’s progressively thickening fog formulating outside while all this is going on.

Danny comes home, sees the drum set and asks Jesse to follow him into the kitchen for a little talk.  While Jesse eats fried chicken, Danny tells him that he should have tried talking things out with DJ rather than buy her off.  How the fuck’s Jesse supposed to know that?  When is anyone on Full House ever expected to use logic for anything???   Anyway, Jesse tells DJ that her Dad is gonna make her give up the drums and then, in a semi-related moment, Grandma and Grandpa start fighting.  Grandma attempts to storm out of the full house but she soon discovers that the fog outside it too thick and everyone is now fogged in.

So, just to make sure we’re up to speed here, Kimmie Gibbler’s staying for the weekend, Jesse and Danny are having a parenting conflict over the way Jesse deals with DJ, Joey went skiing, Grandpa’s moving into the full house because he and Grandma are fighting, and everyone’s trapped inside the full house because of heavy fog.

Jesse uses reading the baby a bedtime story as an opportunity to make passive-aggressive jabs at Danny, going so far as to coerce the baby into calling Danny a “geeky giant.”

After hours, Cheryl drops Joey off at the full house because the fog was too thick for them to reach their ski destination.  I’m not really sure why she doesn’t stay there, too, if the fog is too thick for anyone to get anywhere.  I guess that since it’s a family show she can’t stay over, although you wouldn’t think  it by the way Joey totally reaches out and grabs her tit as he gives her a little peck goodbye.

Joey crawls into his bed, not knowing that Grandma is already sleeping in there.  Naturally, she assumes that Grandpa has come to make up and starts getting all frisky, which leads to some screaming and everyone rushing into the room.

Jesse witnesses Grandpa’s attempt to solve all their problems by buying Grandma gifts and realizes that he was doing the same thing with DJ.

Jesse tells Danny that he was right all along and then has a heart-to-heart talk with DJ about conflict resolution while the music plays.  He blames Grandpa’s shitty, bribe-based parenting and poor communication on his own issues with DJ and vows to do better than his lousy dad did.   DJ falls asleep while Jesse waxes philosophical and then the two cuddle up for the night, making for the most schlocky ending so far.

What a convoluted mess of an episode!  It featured nearly every cast-member and was completely directionless.  It’s really odd to me how a show that can so often conspicuously waste airtime with  successions of hugs or a baby eating popcorn would all of a sudden have an episode so completely crammed full of shit.  The storylines contained here could have made for at least 3 separate episodes.  And none of it went anywhere.  What did Kimmie Gibbler staying there have to do with anything?  Was Jesse ever able to recreate his jingle?  Why do I even bother wondering about this shit?

Firsts:  The Tanner family treat Kimmie Gibbler like shit all the time

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33 Responses to Season 2, Episode 12, “Fogged In”

  1. i’m just glad uncle jesse is still eating fried chicken.

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  2. That last cap clearly shows Stamos going “Wtf, am I fucking doing on this show?”


  3. Lauren H says:

    I think this is the first ‘Firsts’ you’ve had since the Christmas episode. Can’t believe we went so long w/o a first!


  4. I know it gets foggy in that town, but has anybody ever actually been fogged in? That seems a little extreme, it’s not like these dinks live on Baker Street. Any Bay Area residents out there that can clear (ha) this one up?


  5. PuppetDoctor says:

    Ah, another use of fog to create a premise for an episode. This is the third time this has happened so far.

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  6. Santanaonfire says:

    “Jesse calls DJ down to the living room and unveils a drum set that he’s purchased in order to patch up their relationship.

    Danny comes home, sees the drum set and asks Jesse to follow him into the kitchen for a little talk. While Jesse eats fried chicken, Danny tells him that he should have tried talking things out with DJ rather than buy her off. How the fuck’s Jesse supposed to know that? When is anyone on Full House ever expected to use logic for anything???”

    OK, so first DJ fucks Jesse over by thoughtlessly recording over his hard work, not having bothered to ask if it was even OK to use his equipment in the first place.

    THEN Jesse gets shit on by Danny for being upset about it, and the he BUYS A DRUM SET to apologize to DJ??? This is the fucking Twilight Zone! Drum sets are not cheap (even cheap ones), and BTW, since when does Jesse have any money? I know he’s sold a few jingles, but his monthly hair product expense can’t leave much spare cash.

    THEN Danny has the nerve to jump down Jesse’s throat AGAIN because Jesse didn’t handle his apology the way Danny would have. Fucking clown shoes.

    “Grandma attempts to storm out of the full house but she soon discovers that the fog outside it too thick and everyone is now fogged in.”

    Can’t even exit the house? Damn. That is some thick fog. I’m starting to think we have a recurring protagonist! Who said the writers can’t carry development across multiple episodes?

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  7. Tayci says:

    The fog wasn’t even that thick when Joey and Cheryl came back and where the fuck were they if they supposedly couldn’t get to their destination.


  8. Bridget Hainline says:

    Mmmm….. Maybe Stephen King got the idea for “The Mist” from “Full House” and if so, there is a monster living in the fog that will eat Joey.


  9. Matt says:

    Wow. This episode sounds like a mess, more or less like all of the episodes of season 2 up to then were put in a blender.


  10. Madeline says:

    I love Pink Panther Jesus in the second to last screencap.


  11. TronBlaster says:

    Danny Tanner’s 1980s 49ers nylon jacket is SO FUCKING SICK!!!


  12. I remember thinking that Stephanie had it pretty bad when Michelle would only play with her if she could ride her around like a horse (which is a horrible, early-sign of Michelle’s obnoxious behavior) and then when Stephanie was willing to do it, I didn’t feel bad for her anymore.
    If memory serves, Michelle even instructs her to make horse noises AND STEPHANIE DOES.
    I know u probably don’t check back at old comments, but do u know if I’m remembering that right..?


    • Kimmy says:

      Just watched this episode as I read the review and she doesn’t have Stephanie do that. At least not in this episode, but it sounds like something Michelle would do at some point.


  13. Moxie says:

    Pictures of Joey kissing anyone always make me sick. And how good of fucking actresses are this women to not grimace in nausea everytime they have to do such a horrible deed?!


  14. beautifulsorta says:

    Damn, I wish I had thought of using fog to get out of shit. “I can’t go to work, it’s FOGGY outside!” “No school, there’s FOG PEOPLE!”

    Too bad real people just grin and bear it. Sometimes I wish I lived in the Full House universe so this flimsy excuse could allow me to sit at home and just read this in one fell swoop and play bejeweled until my hands fall off but alas, that universe is not my home.

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  15. Missy says:

    I don’t know if you read comments this far back, but I just found your blog. Reading through these always makes my day 🙂
    I searched for this one because I wanted to see if you noticed the scene where you can clearly see joeys dick through his pajamas after he jumpes off of jesse’s mom. Totally shocked that it’s not mentioned!

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  16. Joe Blow says:

    Is this the episode where they tape over, “Casa de Pancakes…Ole!”? That’s still a great jingle, fake or not..


  17. Appleteeny says:

    I’ll never forget the horror when Danny and the gang walked in on Joey and Jesse’s mom. No, it wasn’t due to the fact that we had to witness Joey in bed with a woman. It was due to dem long johns Joey was wearing.

    Thank you for not posting a screencap of that, by the way. And I’m not even being sarcastic. Ain’t nobody want to see Joey bulge!

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  18. Roger says:

    You forgot the best Joey moment ever in this episode: he falls down the stairs 😀 I always rewind that scene ten times…


  19. Jeanne says:

    Lol, dj f’s up Jesse’s livelihood, and then he is made to feel guilty about it, and then he buys her a drum set? Probably the most annoying instrument for a child to possess? Do these characters really need to be more annoying? I’ve never seen so many people consistently get rewarded for shitty behavior.


  20. Martin Tanner's Ghost says:

    Isn’t it obvious? They’re in Silent Hill. That’s why Jesse’s dealing with so much bullshit.


  21. John Q says:

    The basic plot of this episode is so bad. D.J. goes into Jesse’s room without permission and uses his equipment without his permission and then carelessly tapes over an important jingle he’s just spent the entire night recording. And somehow it’s Jesse’s fault because he yelled at D.J?? WTF???

    Do those children have any respect for other people?? What a horrible example this show sets for a supposedly family show. And then they all use passive aggressive behavior to get what they want.

    I love how the grandparents are so important in some of these early episodes and then they basically disappear by the 3rd season without ever being mentioned again. And then they don’t even act like Danny is their son-in-law. And they seem awfully happy well adjusted after their daughter died at age 35.

    I don’t understand how Joey and his date were able to leave the Full House yet Jesse’s parent couldn’t??? And then Joey and the girl had to come back because the fog was so bad yet the girl was able to drive home??

    And then D.J. never really apologizes in the end. She just kind of keeps saying “it was an accident” Again, WTF??

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  22. MaryB says:

    I am lmao at your recaps! So glad I found them


  23. NotADragon says:

    It just hit me: how did Jesse get the drum set there so fast? It was extemely foggy, and none of their cars are big enough for a drum set. So…how did he get them?


  24. Kalimba says:

    You forgot the part when Kimmy Gibbler snores


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