Season 2, Episode 15, “Pal Joey”

Pre-Credits Gag:  DJ schools Michelle in who the cutest boys are.  DJ’s top picks are George Michael and Michael J. Fox but Michelle’s all about Big Bird.  Kind of makes you wonder about what kind of weird shit the Olsen twins must be into these days…?  I should also have mentioned by now how vocal the character of Michelle has become.  Lots of jokes on the show come from her ability to repeat simple phrases, which makes for a lot of cheap, pandering jokes.

Danny does some serious mental programming on the baby as she helps him clean the kitchen.  He actually kneels down and tells her, “clean is good and dirt is bad.”  That’s some George Orwell shit right there.

The Uncles enter the scene and express their heartfelt love for one another and then the girls come in with Harry and make snarky comments about Danny’s obsessive compulsive cleaning.  Danny actually tells them that they can’t make fun of him unless they can afford their own apartments, which is just further evidence of the fascist regime that he’s running at the full house.

Harry laments his struggle with subtraction and when DJ is able to help him he gets a huge boner for her.

Jesse and Joey’s relationship is challenged as they have a serious discussion about how to decorate their new office in the basement.  Joey is able to coerce Jesse by doing a terrible impression of Pee Wee Herman and they start up a recurring shtick where they scream like Pee Wee every time someone says the secret word of the day, “office.”  That doesn’t even count as a pop culture reference, that’s just straight up theft.  Danny comes down and shows the first signs of feeling threatened by the Uncles unabashed lust for one another and the baby answers the phone, which always gets a big laugh.

Oh, man, when a baby answers a phone!  Hilarious!  The audience goes even crazier when Jesse says a long tongue twister about some sort of cookie jingle that they have to rewrite for their boss.  It just makes me so mad to see how easily impressed this shows audience is!  Adding insult to injury, the scene climaxes with the audience losing their shit while the baby makes a hideous face.

Harry comes by the full house with a romantic “I love you” lollypop in his hand.  When Stephanie graciously accepts it, Harry very matter of factly lets her know that he brought it for DJ.  Dang.  Raw as fuck.  DJ tries to tactfully deflect Harry when he starts mackin’ on her but he’s blissfully oblivious to her lack of interest.  He rolls out of there not giving a fuck about Stephanie’s feelings and she gets all upset at DJ, shouting, “you stole my man!” and storming off.  I’ve got to say that this is pretty much definitely the raddest scene on this series so far.

Danny and Joey try to squeeze in some bro time on the basketball court.  Joey’s sporting the most bizarre ripped up sweatpants in this scene…  I can’t tell if they’re supposed to look really worn or if that’s a style or what.

Anyway, Jesse rolls up on their party with some work related stuff and Joey tries to cut out on the basketball game, which makes Danny act like a big pouty bitch.  When Joey asks him what’s wrong, he actually says, “If I have to explain it to you then I don’t know why we were friends in the first place.”  What a diva!

Back at the full house Stephanie has traded rooms with Michelle because she’s hella mad at DJ and Danny continues his campaign of emotional immaturity.  Jesse tries to patch things up between Danny and Joey, which leads to an amazing flashback to the time they first met.

This sequence is interesting because it’s actually a lot better than the series usually is.  The child actors who play young Joey, Danny and Jesse are all much more charming and charismatic than their adult counterparts.  Incidentally, it’s kind of forced that Jesse would just happen to be hanging out on the same schoolyard as the other two guys on the day they first met but whatever.  Anyway, in this sequence we finally learn about how Danny and Joey met in grade school when Joey utilized the power of shitty jokes to prevent Danny from getting his ass beat by a fat kid.  On that day Danny and Joey decided that they were “soul brothers,” and there’s a rare, genuinely funny moment where they do their soul brother handshake and a young black kid watches them in the background and shakes his head at how lame they are.  It kind of makes you feel like maybe there was at least one person working on this show that was actually aware of how fucking corny and embarrassing it was.

After the flashback Danny still refuses to come to grips with his childish emotions and he decides to dig up the secret thing that he and Joey buried together on the day they became soul brothers.  Joey goes with him, partially out of spite but really just to serve the plot.

After failing to resolve the rift between Danny and Joey, Jesse decides to try to patch things up between Stephanie and DJ instead.  Harry enters the scene with lust in his eyes but DJ explains to him that she’s never gonna go for him.  Harry and Stephanie are then forced to reconcile, even though, really, after being dumped for her older sister I think it would be pretty understandable if Stephanie just told Harry to go fuck himself.

Joey and Danny find their lost artifacts:  Danny’s lame Giants hat and Joey’s first shitty joke book.  They also find a contract they wrote that declares them to be soul brothers for life (in the signatures we also learn their middle names for the first time).

The music comes on as Danny finally admits that Joey’s gay love for Jesse makes him feel insecure about his own gay love with Joey.  In the end they all recognize their undying, uncompromising gay love for each other and Jesse is invited to sign the soul brothers contract and bury his hair dryer along with their other stuff.

This episode really seems to recognize the gayness of Full house more than any other.  I mean, they basically sign a marriage contract.  If you think about it, “Soul brothers” would actually be a pretty good name for two gay men who are married to each other.  This episode is actually way ahead of its time because not only does it condone  gay marriage but also polyamorous relationships.  Very progressive!

Firsts:  Flashback, Danny’s Middle Name, “Ernest,” Joey’s Middle name, “Elvin.”

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35 Responses to Season 2, Episode 15, “Pal Joey”

  1. Dave says:

    It seems like either this episode actually had some good parts or it’s just taking hold of you at last. Either way I’m sorry. I remember the twisted up sweater thing from when this aired and then I noticed some girls tied the corner of their tshirt in a knot, and I wondered if they were doing it to be like DJ.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Megan M says:

      Hahahaha! It has you in it’s grasp, Billy Superstar! Soon you’ll be wearing one of Joeys terrible shirts and saying “Cut,it,out”,”You got it,dude” and “Have mercy!”


  2. Carrick says:

    No three-way at the end? Full House, you cock tease.

    Dave: As I remember, tying one’s shirt was an 80s fad in general. I remember doing it myself a few times. Not saying I’m proud of it.


  3. Scruggy says:

    Some subtle prejudiced themes in this episode:

    –The way to an Asian mans heart is through Math
    — White folks be trippin’!
    — Homosexual men are jealous and emotional


  4. Mumu says:

    Not to be a pedophile, but the kids playing Danny and Joey are way more attractive than the adult actors. Kid Joey kinda looks like Zack Morris…


  5. Jeff says:

    haha How do you gloss over the fact that an Asian needed help with math? Shit I guess if he eats meatloaf he mind as well suck at math too.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lisa says:

    They did the absolute shittiest job of hiding their buried treasure/time capsule thing. It’s not even in the ground! They may as well have gone and hidden it in a potted plant.


  7. lillian fitzroy says:

    I agree stephanie shoul have told harry to go fuck himself, I like how jessie freaks about the blowdryer


  8. kp199 says:

    LMAO I never noticed Joey’s ripped up sweatpants until you pointed it out.

    Also, thanks for putting a picture and description of the opening scene, because, like you pointed out a few reviews ago, they typically don’t show the pre-credits anymore on syndicated television, and I’ve never seen them/knew about them until now.


  9. Tonko says:

    GASP. But Harry and Stephanie were MARRIED. What a cad.


  10. Jenna says:

    If Danny and Joey were about 10 or so in that flashback scene, that would have been the early 70s and no WAY would they have been dressed like that. Do some bloody research, Full House people!!


  11. Chuck says:

    The kid who played young Danny’s bully is the same one who played third banana Doug “Mr. Agreeable” Porter in seasons 3-4 of The Wonder Years…also, love the part where Joey accuses Danny of acting like a little kid, and he responds by saying “I am not…give me back my ball!”.


  12. Jeff says:

    Apparently Young Danny is also the voice of Fievel the mouse from An American Tale.


  13. Bridget says:

    I think they picked the right kid to play little Jesse too! I do wish Nicky and Alex would have had their father’s dark hair, too.


  14. Oh Mylanta says:

    The basketball screencap automatically made me think of the part of this blooper reel I saw on YouTube where Dave says to Bob while filming that scene, “Y’know, you can really see how little your dick is in that suit.” BURN.

    I stumbled across this blog yesterday, and I must say–and I say this as a fan of the show–that this is my favorite thing on the Internet right now. I’m going through the archives and reading each recap in chronological order and laughing my ass off. Just the thought of such squeaky clean characters as the Tanners telling others to go fuck themselves… I watched the show as a naive child obviously not thinking about the obvious plot holes and character flaws and whatnot, and now I just find it hilariously cheesy. Plus there’s that nostalgia factor that compels me to buy the DVDs, y’know…

    Anyway, awesome job with the blog. It’s fun to read this hilariously cynical perspective on this cornball show I grew up with.


  15. Megan says:

    good one at the end Jessie had to give up his hair dryer oh well .


  16. Emily says:

    Wait where does Joey sleep now if the basement is now an office?


  17. Charles says:

    Looking forward to Season 2, Episode 16, “Joey And Jesse Spit-Roast Danny”.


  18. Lisa says:

    Joseph A….Alvin, not Elvin. And yeah, that blooper clip is funny…..


  19. LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

    Is there some sort of strange fetish where the Nipponese kid is falling hard over the rotund one but calls the the other one “chief?” The kid seems like he would want a woman to crush his nut sack, whilst tied up on the ground.


  20. Kimmy's Fashion Sense says:

    I have a soft spot in my heart for this episode for two reasons: (1) I’m absolutely flabbergasted that the Full House casting director bothered to get kids who look so much like Bob Saget and Dave Coulier (2) I will NEVER EVER stop laughing at the blooper reel from the basketball scene where Dave says something like “Hey Danny, in that suit I can really see how small your dick is”
    I hate Dave Coulier’s comedy as much as the next guy but maybe he should have embraced dirty comedy instead of Saget!


  21. Robin says:

    Isn’t Jesse six or seven years younger than Danny and Joey? So yeah, why would he be in the schoolyard that Day?


  22. Andrew T says:

    This episode must have been taped before the one the Valentine’s day episode that aired right before it. In this one after the flashback Jesse reminises about the attractive teacher and says “I wonder if I still have her number” in the episode before this he decides to commit himself to Becky and throws his little black book into the fireplace.


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