Season 4, Episode 1, “Greek Week”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Jesse prepares the girls for the arrival of his Greek grandparents by teaching them a Greek greeting but the baby refuses to pay homage to her lineage.  Once again we have a pre-credits gag that sets up the premise for the episode, which in this case brings us just what we’ve all been asking for:  more fucking grandparents.

Now that the girls are all considerably older and the show has survived about 3 times longer than anyone could have possibly imagined, it seems that the producers finally felt that it was necessary to shell out the cash for some new opening-credits footage.   Everyone gets a new shot for their credit and the girls get these montages that chronicle the decline of their cuteness since the show began.

The theme song’s still the same and even though pretty much all the the footage is new, it’s so much like the old opener that you could easily fail to notice it.  All that matters to me is that, even though we have a new credit shot of Rebecca Donaldson, it still starts with her bending over and showing us her ass.  It’s like, just this once, Full House did me a solid.

Jesse rounds everybody up to go pick his grandparents up from the airport but then it turns out that they got in early and are arriving at the full house this very minute.  How convenient!  You know, I really thought for sure that last time that Full House had thrown in the towel on grandparents, but for whatever reason they decided to make one more tired ass effort.

I won’t bother to get into it here (but you can read a brief history of Full House’s many half-assed attempts to initiate grandparents into the series in this old review), but suffice to say that it’s an idea that hasn’t worked out on this show too many times already and if I hadn’t already watched like 70 episodes of this shitty garbage I’d be pretty shocked that they took another whack at it.

So anyway, Jesse’s grandparents are basically just some cardboard cut-out Greek stereotypes and they greet everyone with their kooky accents and their old-world customs.  While they’re being introduced to everyone they’re kind of perplexed by who the fuck Joey is and Stephanie explains, “he lives in the garage and he’s a comedian.”  Yeah, I guess that’s about as well as you can explain it.

The great-grandparents are visiting to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and they announce upon arrival that they’ve brought a whole bunch of people with them.  Man, I don’t care how old or revered you are, you show up at my house with the squadrons unannounced like that then you better call up the YMCA.  The full house already has too many goddamn people in it.

So they introduce Michelle’s identical cousin, which is another lame excuse to get both of the Olson twins onscreen at once (this being the first time it happens outside of a dream sequence).  They also show up with this kid named Silvio, who immediately starts macking super hard on DJ.  DJ is all into him and then she asks the great-grandparents if they’re related and when they clarify they they’re not she invites Silvio up to her room for some heavy petting.  That’s another one of those examples where wholesome family entertainment manages to offer up some extremely disturbing content.

Silvio’s older sister, Elena, also shows up and she’s all up on Jesse, who she apparently has some history with.  Naturally, Rebecca Donaldson shows up the minute Elena starts rubbing up on Jesse’s schlong and then Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson have the same fight they have every time they’re both onscreen.

The Olsen twins share a scene where they both stand around making faces and looking around for their next cue and then Joey comes in and sings the theme song to the Patty Duke Show, which I‘m sure had both Patty and Cathy bowing their heads in shame.

Elena makes Jesse a bunch of food while pushing her titties all up in his face while Rebecca Donaldson stands around getting more and more pissed off.  Meanwhile, Stephanie teaches her great-grandmother to vogue in a scene that is both extremely dated and embarrassing to watch.

Danny gets all worked up because some foreign kid that his children’s distant relatives showed up on his doorstep with is desperately trying to fuck his daughter so he starts looking around for them and finds them cavorting in the backyard.  Danny breaks up their party and then when Silvio goes on and on about what a hot piece of ass DJ is, Danny just says, “she’s ok,” in a kind of odd, off-kilter moment that I’ve come to not expect at all from this show.

Elena keeps doing Jesse’s laundry and exposing him to the subservient traditions of women from the old country while Rebecca Donaldson does her best to keep up.  If Rebecca Donaldson was really smart she’d just pay someone to do Jesse’s laundry, because that’s how a modern independent woman handle her business in the good ol’ U.S. of A.  Meanwhile, Joey enters the kitchen with the Olsen twins in matching outfits and there are a few more stilted moments of the 2 of them interacting.

Silvio enters the kitchen with DJ and asks for Danny’s permission to walk around the table with her and Danny says he doesn’t give a shit.  They begin a slow progression around the table while Jesse has a vague recollection of performing the same ritual with Elena in his youth and then it is revealed that walking around the table is a marriage ritual in whatever cartoon rendition of Greece these people come from.  So, yeah, even though they haven’t seen each other in a bunch of years and it’s based on some unexplained and completely esoteric tradition, Jesse and Elena have been married all this time and now DJ and Silvio are married, too.  Well, shit.  That’s strike 2 for these great-grandparents if you ask me.  First they show up with a bunch of uninvited weirdoes from some backwoods part of Greece and then they all start sexually harassing the Tanner family and tricking them into involuntary marriage ceremonies.  The follow-up to all this is your typical, “how are we gonna get out of this wacky situation” premise but if you ask me this can all be resolved pretty damn quick:  throw those fucking people out of the full house.

Joey revels in everyone’s misery by doing an impression of the host of the Newlywed Game and throwing rice and he seems even smarmier and more scathingly obnoxious than ever.  Danny takes Silvio and DJ into the living room to explain what’s what about their bullshit marriage and Silvio declares that after Danny dies he will take over the family trade of hosting a talk show, to which Danny replies, “I will never die,” in another weird, actually unexpected kind of a joke.  It seems like Danny Tanner is struggling to have some kind of a personality in Season 4.

With no regard to premise or pacing, we’re late enough into the episode that they might as well cut to the grandparents anniversary party.  I have no idea who all those guests in the background are supposed to be… the only people I was actually expected to see were the discarded-grandparents-before-last, Jesse’s parents, one of whom would have to be the offspring of these great-grandparents but, naturally, no one bothered to make that happen.  Everyone does some traditional Greek dances for a while and then Rebecca Donaldson shows up and gets mad yet again and smashes a plate.  Joey, sensing a new opportunity to be obnoxious, interprets this as another Greek tradition and smashes some plates, too, as does everyone else.  Does anyone know if any of these tv Greek traditions are at all grounded in reality?  I saw the plate smashing thing on an episode of Three’s Company one time so I’m willing to bet that it’s real but there’s no way I’m buying that walking around the table shit.

Jesse finally takes Rebecca Donaldson and Elena aside and explains that Rebecca Donaldson is his woman and that the whole situation is a bunch of nonsense.  Why he didn’t do this in the first place is totally beyond me but at least the resolution is somewhat logical.

Danny and Rebecca Donaldson insist that the great-grandparents void both of the marriages and their request is granted.  Again, I don’t know why these non-compliant, old-world traditional marriage rituals are treated with enough regard that they need to be undone but regardless, everyone walks backwards around the table and things go back to normal.

Now that that’s all straightened out, the great-grandparents call for everyone’s attention and deliver a speech about their undying love for each other after 50 years of marriage while the music comes on.  Wait, what?  I know that every touching moment on this show is totally forced but who the fuck even are these people?  I don’t even know if they have names and all they did was show up and fuck up everyone’s shit for 22 minutes with their bizarre customs and unannounced guests and now I’m supposed to get all choked up about their love for each other?  Nonsense.

Regardless of my icy heart, Jesse is so moved by the great-grandparents old people love that he decides to propose marriage to Rebecca Donaldson and she says yes.  I guess now that Season 3 is over the coast is clear and something can actually fucking happen on this show.  Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson announce their engagement and everyone dances around and I really seriously hope that’s the last time we’ll see any grandparents on this fucking show.

Firsts:  Both Olsen twins onscreen (not in a dream sequence), Jesse’s Greek grandparents

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49 Responses to Season 4, Episode 1, “Greek Week”

  1. DrBitz says:

    “Jesse finally takes Rebecca Donaldson and Elena aside and explains that Rebecca Donaldson is his woman and that the whole situation is a bunch of nonsense. Why he didn’t do this in the first place is totally beyond me but at least the resolution is somewhat logical.”

    Well this one’s pretty obvious. Jesse wanted to get in on some of that hot Elena action for a while. She must not have been very good though, if afterwards he proposes marriage to another woman. Or Rebecca is REALLY good.

    I briefly googled greek traditions and tables but nothing came. Speaking of which, did they ever resolve the thrilling DJ getting married subplot?


  2. Teebore says:

    When I first saw the title of the episode, I thought, “Jeez, they’re going back to the fraternity well already?” I think that would have been better…

    Jesse rounds everybody up to go pick his grandparents up from the airport but then it turns out that they got in early and are arriving at the full house this very minute. How convenient!

    Boy, it’s a good thing the crew didn’t make that airport set after all!

    I saw the plate smashing thing on an episode of Three’s Company one time so I’m willing to bet that it’s real but there’s no way I’m buying that walking around the table shit.

    I’m not sure we should be citing Three’s Company as an example of reality, but I do have to wonder where the writers got their ideas of Greece. I mean, did they really think that Grecian culture has been the same for centuries, or did they just not care?

    Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson announce their engagement and everyone dances around

    It’s kinda sad that their engagement, at least half of which involves one of the show’s few decent characters, was born out of this farce of an episode.

    “How did you get engaged?”
    “Oh, he proposed after witnessing the antics of his stereotypically old fashioned Greek family”.


  3. liza says:

    OMG I actually remember this one, like from when it originally aired. Though I had forgotten how unbelievably bad that wig on Olsen twin #2 was. She looks like a baby monkey.


  4. Katie says:

    This fucking episode. It forever sits with me in my mind.

    Everything about it makes my asshole tense up in anger.


    • Kenny says:

      LMFAO! This was a horrible episode even worse then normal which is REALLY saying something.

      Oh and AGGGGHHH @ the 2 olsens they’re multiplying kill it with fire!


  5. antecedent says:

    I really thought I’d be way late to the game here but I guess not? Plate smashing is both a Greek and a Jewish wedding tradition so apparently in this episode Joey knows more about what goes on at weddings (who invites this guy to their wedding ever?) than the idiots he lives with. The amount of research I was willing to put into this to not sound like a total idiot involved a Google search, which turned up discussions of this being more of an archaic thing in Greek culture, people talking about how their non-Greek and non-Jewish culture smashes plates too hello vs. people proclaiming to have been to a bazillion Greek weddings and never having seen a plate smashed thankyouverymuch and so on. Either way the point is: plate smashing is on the up and up. That table shit is not flying though.


    • EJHM says:

      Actually, it is a Greek tradition to walk around a table at Greek weddings. It symbolises your first steps as husband and wife. You also wear a white band around your head and so does your wife/husband. The two white bands are connected by white strings.
      These are pictures of Greek Orthodox couples walking around the table with the white bands:

      Also, the reason people are saying they haven’t ever seen Greeks smash plates is because (similar to what you said), it is an old tradition.It is no longer that popular because it is VERY expensive to buy them. It was popular until maybe half a century ago.

      There’s a link showing people smashing plates in Thessaloniki, Greece. They are obviously tourists. Haha.


      • Austin says:

        When I converted to Orthodoxy and found out about the walking around the table, I thought, “They did that on Full House! Sort of…”


  6. Man, looking at the Voguing screen cap….even the dog doesn’t want to be there.

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  7. The Complexities of Full House says:

    Another lesson learned from this blog: The “identical cousins” song is a real song, not just something Joey decided to sing at random. When the core characterization of someone so completely fits with that person MAKING UP a song about identical cousins that the thought of it being a real song doesn’t even dawn on me for twenty years……something’s wrong.


  8. bri says:

    Not to back up Full House in any way, but these are based in actual Greek traditions. The dish smashing is a legit Greek wedding tradition. The table thing is definitely stretched in the show, but the priest will often lead the new couple around a small table three times. I doubt this can just be any old kitchen table, though, I’m pretty sure the priest has to be present, and, well, the act of walking around the table alone doesn’t marry a couple. I mean god damn, there was no priest or actual guests present… this concept is treated like your dad can just say “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride”, and now you’re married like *that*!

    Also, what the fuck is wrong with these people? Even if the table thing worked like that, first of all this Silvio kid tricks DJ into marrying him… major creep status. But even worse, this Elena asshole never even told Jesse they were married? WTF? I hate this show. So much.


  9. Chrissy says:

    I’m still working my way through the blog. I’m not sure if you’ve gotten this far yet, but the grandparents are in another, highly disturbing episode. I don’t want to skip ahead, but I am anxious to air my grievances about said episode. Keep up the awesome work, this is great!


  10. Pete says:

    ” Silvio goes on and on about what a hot piece of ass DJ is, Danny just says, “she’s ok,” in a kind of odd, off-kilter moment that I’ve come to not expect at all from this show.”

    That’s why Full House survived – it’s a like a baseball player who sits on the bench most of the season and sucks, but when it’s 2 outs, bottom of the 9th, and you’re losing, they’ll deliver a clutch hit and win the game.


    • Lisa says:

      Seriously, that one line is one of the best I remember from the entire series. You just don’t expect that deadpan delivery from the king of overacting himself.


  11. Taylor Kerekes says:

    Anybody find it odd that the ‘stereotypical’ Greeks are the best actors in this episode?


  12. Lisa says:

    It’s official: Stephanie’s hair is straight. She’s no longer funny or cute.


  13. Joe says:

    I assumed from the title of this episode that everyone was going to do anal, seems a tad misleading doesn’t it?

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  14. SHough610 says:

    The table thing is an exaggeration of the Greek Orthodox (well, all Eastern Orthodox) of doing the wedding ceremony things three times for the holy trinity.


  15. Kristin says:

    So Michelle and the Greek Michelle come downstairs in matching outfits. Which makes e wonder, why the fuck does Michelle have two identical outfits just laying around her closet to begin with?

    Although my mom is half Greek, she does have blue eyes, but dark hair, just like her Greek father did, so i know the blue eyes can happen. I always wondered this though…so unless it is some recessive trait, why do all the girls have blonde hair and are white as fuck when Danny had dark hair and their other living relative, Uncle Jesse had the stereotypical Greek features?

    I guess my question was answered in a flashback sequence showing dead mom, where she had blonde hair and blue eyes, so that explains that question, but led me to another. How does she end up looking like an Anglo queen when her brother, parents ad extended family all look Greek as fuck?

    Even as a kid, I put more thought into this show than half the writing staff or producers did.


    • Sarah Portland says:

      Clearly, you WERE putting more thought into it.
      “John Stamos is Greek. We should change his last name from Cochran to something Greek, to make it more interesting.”
      “Yeah, okay, but then the dead mom is Greek, too, and didn’t we make her and the girls blonde? I mean – hey, what about gyros for lunch?”
      “Yeah, gyros sound awesome!”


    • jannghi says:

      No, Michele didn’t have the outfits lying around her room. Joey took her and her Greek cousin shopping and bought them the identical outfits.


  16. Lorrie says:

    In all fairness to the producers (yay Vin da Bona!) John Stamos was the one who insisted on having his Greek heritage recognized and therefore fucking up the whole vibe with the blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls. You just have to go with it, sometimes, and mutter away about what a douche Stamos is.


  17. Dave Wollenberg says:

    Actually, the scriptwriter made a little mistake. He had Jesse say to Becky, ‘that could be you & I in 50 years. ‘ The proper grammar is, ‘you & me in 50 years’.


    • The Venerable Bede says:

      An example of hypercorrection!


      • Actually it is one of the few grammatical errors that always needs to be pointed out. I hate when people say “you and I” when they should say “you and me,” and vice-versa.


      • jannghi says:

        Yeah, I hate that too! And when they say “Him and…” or “Her and..” or “Me and…” as the subject of a sentence. They should be “He and…” “She and…” “___ and I…”
        “Me and Bob are going shopping” should be “Bob and I are going shopping.”


      • Ginny says:

        I learned that way back in 5th grade (sadly, around the time this episode would have aired) and it drives me crazy when people say it incorrectly. I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi anyway and that one annoys the crap out of me.


      • BOTR says:

        I’ve always figured that the ones that use “I” incorrectly (or “myself”, like “My husband and myself are going to have a baby” or “Three people at work got food poisoning, myself included.”) were people under the mistaken impression that “me” is a bad word.


      • rmc says:

        All of you in this thread, thank you! These very things drive me insane! I always want to tell people to break their sentences up so that there is only subject in there, and see how weird it would be. Instead, I suffer in silence.

        “That could be you and I in fifty years,” becomes, “That could be I […]” And then “Her and I think Full House is a really good show you guys, I mean seriously you guys,” ends up, “Her think Full House […]”

        NO! Listen to yourselves! You sound like idiots!


  18. Oh Mylanta says:

    Oh man, I can’t wait until you get to the episode where John Stamos plays a dual role as Jesse and his douchey Greek cousin (who’s even douchier than Jesse, believe it or not). You’ll have a fucking field day with that one, I’m sure.

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  19. Beth says:

    What’s weird about this is that John Stamos wanted to incorporate his heritage. So why did he sign off on this ridiculous, culturally insensitive freak show?

    Also, Silvio is fug.


  20. MarkNS says:

    Joey “lives in the garage and he’s a comedian.”?!?!?! Wait. What? I thought he lived in the basement. When did he move to the garage?

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    • Ginny says:

      I think the garage and the basement are the same thing. You get to the garage from the steps in the kitchen. Later, Jesse builds a recording studio in the garage/basement. This is only after he and Rebecca Donaldson move into the attic, thus opening up his room for Joey. There is a whole episode devoted to said recording studio. And I’m officially depressed that I know that.

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  21. lugnut says:

    I noticed when I saw this episode on ABC Family the other day that there’s no need for Stephanie to teach grandma how to Vogue, because she obviously already knows how to do it. Steph shows her two or three moves, but from there grandma just continues on her own, doing it arguably better than Stephanie does.


  22. Odotry says:

    I know very little about Greek culture, but I pretty sure unless they live in some Greek backwoods or something, nobody acts like this.

    This is one thing I can’t stand about shows when they depict people from other countries. They’re always so stereotypical, and not even contemporary stereotypes, they’re incredibly outdated stereotypes from hundreds of years ago. Newsflash, most of the world has access to the latest technologies, news, trends and clothing, I can confirm this as an immigrant to North America.

    I also can’t stand the European romantic stereotype, why do girls in shit shows and movies easily fall for some asshole who can’t even speak their language? Never mind being able to relate, communicate with and have meaningful conversations with a partner, all they need is cute accent and retarded name. Also Silvio here tricked her into marrying him, what a creep!


  23. Austin says:

    In the Greek Orthodox Church, you do walk around a table to get married. Granted, it’s not a Wal-Mart kitchen table but the altar in a church with a priest and everything, so that’s a little different. Also, there’s a mandatory betrothal ceremony, because the whole thing was probably conceived in the 6th century. If you want a divorce, you have to email the bishop or something and get his approval.

    So, I guess the show gets points for trying to be authentic, but as usual lacks just enough detail to make it work. In this case, they insult an entire culture. Actually several cultures since Orthodoxy is broader than Greece.


  24. speirto says:

    And no one dresses like that in Greece either. Those outfits are reserved for display on heritage days. If the kids had arrived just wearing jeans and T shirts it would have been more appropriate. I’m surprised John Stamos didn’t make a stink about how negatively Greeks were being portrayed.


  25. Omri says:

    I love how whenever these 80s-90s American sitcoms show foreign people, they always seem to have this really good level of English, and they don’t ever make grammar mistakes but rather speak perfect English with a heavy fake accent lol


  26. Liz says:

    Yeah breaking plates is an old greek wedding tradition, so is walking around a table. However you need to do that at a church with a priest present. It can’t be a kitchen table


  27. Nikster says:

    I’ve been watching this whole series with my 9 year old daughter and following along with your blog on the side. She thinks I’m laughing at the lame jokes. Anyway, she just said to me, “Mom, it’s weird how sometimes they have a beginning that is just weird and other times the beginning sums up what the episode is about.” Ha, I just thought you should know. Thanks for putting yourself through this for 4+ years.

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