Season 4, Episode 14, “Working Girl”

Pre-Credits Gag:  It’s about Jesse teaching Michelle how to play the drums but never mind that, just look at her outfit.

Michelle has been given the title of “Politeness Monitor” at her school for the week, which permits her to get all up in everyone’s faces to make sure they say “please” and shit like that.  She gets really aggressive with Stephanie, flashing her badge and sternly warning, “I’ll be watching you, mister.”

This reminds me that I’ve pretty much ignored that Michelle has been saying “mister” after damn near every sentence for kind of a while now.  It started with her saying, “you got it, dude,” and then just saying “dude” at the end of all sorts of phrases.  That was such a big hit that they needed some other hilarious way for her to address people and I guess the best they could come up with was, “mister.”  She says it like 4 or 5 times an episode and it gets a big laugh each time, which is a pretty solid verification that this show was completely on auto-pilot by this point.

DJ comes home and starts kissing Danny’s ass.  When he asks her what she wants she tries to hit him up for a $160 pair of shoes, which strikes Danny as absurd.  Man, what’s up with all these cheap ass, incredibly rich parents on tv?  The Huxtables always pulled this shit, too, and it always drove me nuts.  Danny’s loaded, man.  He gives the uncles large sums of money all the time to support their ridiculous “business,” but he can’t buy his daughter some shoes that are obviously the only way she’ll ever be popular?  DJ’s totally adheres to the strict commandments of whatever weird conservative religion they follow at the full house that makes them so corny and boring, and this is her reward?

The shoes are called, “Blow Outs,” which is an obvious reference to the Reebok Pump’s that were so popular at the time.  Remember those, with the little basketball logo that you could squeeze to pump air into your shoes?  Those shoes were fuckin’ baller, son!

So there’s just no fuckin’ way that Danny’s ever gonna pay for those shoes.  DJ tells him that she got an offer to be a photographers assistant at the mall so she’ll work to pay for the shoes herself but then he’s all hesitant about letting her take the job.  OK, so maybe I can actually understand why he wouldn’t want to pay for the shoes, but now he won’t even let her earn the money herself?  Seriously, what’s Danny Tanner got against rad shoes?  Finally, if for no other reason than to move the story forward, Danny agrees to let her take the job.

Rebecca Donaldson comes over to make wedding plans with Jesse and they rekindle an old argument that occurred several episodes ago about where they should get married.  As soon as things start to really get heated they’re interrupted by Joey asking if he can borrow some money to buy stupid bullshit from the Home Shopping Network.  I always wondered what kind of fucking idiot buys that junk, and now that I know the answer I’m not the least bit surprised.  Anyway, Joey tries to help Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson resolve their conflict by inciting fantasy sequences about what their differing wedding plans will be like.

Jesse’s fantasy of a wedding in Nebraska has square dancing music playing while Rebecca Donaldson rides around on a tractor.  Also, I’m pretty sure that we’re to assume that they’re brother and sister.  Is this even an actual stereotype of Nebraska?  I think Jesse’s thinking of Oklahoma or Kentucky or something.

Rebecca Donaldson’s Graceland wedding fantasy is equally absurd but at least it’s more well researched.  Not much happens in it because I don’t think they had a proper set so they just stand in the gate of what we’re supposed to believe is Graceland and Jesse talks like Elvis until Rebecca Donaldson passes out.

The fantasies get everyone all riled up and there’s a heated argument until Joey suggests that they have their wedding in San Francisco because that’s where they both live. Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson are shamed into complying because once Joey steps in as the voice of reason you may as well just say fuck it. They thank Joey by giving him access to Jesse’s credit card and then they decide to get married on Valentine’s day, which is apparently only 6 weeks away.  How’s that for planning?

So I guess DJ’s job is to dress up like Raggedy Anne and act like a fucking idiot in front of kids so they’ll smile while they’re having their picture taken.  She tries to get this one kid to smile and he just looks at her disapprovingly and tells her that she’s not funny, which totally makes him the raddest kid ever.  She finally wins him over by following his orders to walk and quack like a duck, which only makes me appreciate the kid more because he seems to really understand that the only time the Tanner’s are funny is when they’re being degraded and humiliated.  They should let this kid direct an episode.

Kimmie Gibbler comes by to make fun of DJ’s lame job and to get her to hang out with some seedy looking boys she picked up at the mall.  DJ says she can’t do anything fun because she has to work all the time and study for her science test so she can prove to her stingy ass dad that she’s responsible.

After a brief scene in which Michelle polices the dog’s behavior for politeness, DJ comes home and reveals that she got an “F” on her science test.

Michelle consoles DJ by telling her to take her elbows off the table.  Kimmie Gibbler busts out a red pen and changes the “F” to the most unconvincing “A” you’ve ever seen in your life, which only upsets DJ more.

Throughout this exchange Michelle repeatedly interjects with scoldings about their conversational etiquette until DJ finally gets sick of it and picks her up and carries her out of the room.  I got really excited by the possibility that DJ might throw her in the gutter or the fireplace or something but all she does is put her in the living room.

Danny comes by DJ’s job to photograph her in her degrading work outfit.  As long as he’s making her feel like shit, he also asks to see her science test.  For some reason she hands him the test without telling him that Kimmie Gibbler changed her grade and when he’s fooled by the phony “A” he gets all excited and keeps interrupting her to say how proud he is of her every time she tries to tell him what happened.  Seriously, how many sitcom misunderstandings could have been easily avoided if people would just let each other finish their fucking sentences?

Stephanie prepares herself the dessert of a single Hostess cupcake on a plate and a glass of milk, which really creeps me out for some reason.  I don’t know, I just think that’s what the children of the damned would eat for dessert.  Michelle politely asks if she can have the cupcake and when Stephanie politely declines to give it to her, Michelle’s like, “politeness sucks my dick!” and steals it.  And that, my friends, is the conclusion of the politeness monitor sub-plot.

Jesse sees DJ’s test on the refrigerator and identifies the modified grade.  He convinces her to tell Danny and when she does he gets all pissed and tells her that she’s a big fuck up.  He makes her quit her humiliating job and tells her that she should enjoy being a kid while she can.  DJ agrees with his condescending bullshit and then declares that she’s going to put her first and only paycheck in the bank instead of spending it on awesome shoes.

So…wait?  She never even gets the shoes?  What was the point of any of that?  All I learned is that kids in High School shouldn’t have jobs.  Oh yeah, also, politeness is obnoxious and stealing is funny.

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58 Responses to Season 4, Episode 14, “Working Girl”

  1. Dr. Bitz says:

    “They thank Joey by giving him access to Jesse’s credit card and then they decide to get married on Valentine’s day, which is apparently only 6 weeks away. How’s that for planning?”

    First of all, why is Jersey loaning money to Joey? Shouldn’t they be making the same amount of money these days? How is their business doing?

    Also, 6 weeks away? The hell! If I recall correctly, Jersey and Rebecca get married in a fairly nice church. You know how many churches will have an opening for a wedding 6 weeks away? Zero. That’s not even counting the fact that it’s on friggin’ Valentines day. Frankly, it’d be more realistic if they went with the old sitcom standby of “having the wedding in their own home” or, as I call it, “Let’s not bother with a new set or filming on location.”

    “Michelle’s like, “politeness sucks my dick!” and steals it. And that, my friends, is the conclusion of the politeness monitor sub-plot.”

    So what was the point of the sub plot? To reinforce that Michelle should be able to take and do whatever she wants whenever she wants?

    “He makes her quit her humiliating job and tells her that she should enjoy being a kid while she can. DJ agrees with his condescending bullshit and then declares that she’s going to put her first and only paycheck in the bank instead of spending it on awesome shoes.”

    Wait, DJ is supposed to learn to be kid while she’s still young and then decides to put her money in the bank? Isn’t that the opposite of being a kid?

    You know, when I was young I did some corn detassling as a summer job. The job sucked and I sucked at the job. I got fired like 3 days into it. For my 3 days of work I earned around $60. I could have put that money in the bank or something else responsible, but I decided to spend it on a copy of Super Metroid.

    That was my greatest decision ever!!!!

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    • PattyD says:

      Do Jesse & Rebecca Donaldson even get married on this 1st pass? I seem to remember some sort of catastrophe that involves Jesse getting stuck in a tree (I think he was sky diving or something) and missing the wedding… I don’t remember a fancy church, but I do remember him hitching a ride on a hay truck or an apple truck or something in his attempt to get there.


    • Super Metroid!

      Dude, you did the right thing.

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    • eyeteeth says:

      Corn detasseling! I learned about that occupation from the MST3K version of the stunningly bad movie The Starfighters, probably the only movie ever to describe the process at length.


    • Dude! I detassled too – it is practically slave labor. Serious. Nobody over 16 does it, so its all a bunch of underage kids.

      You have to get up at the butt crack of dawn. The other kids, when the come across nasty fungus wads on some of the corn, will have a fungus fight, and getting hit with shrapnel if not being a direct target, is a distinct possibility.

      If you fall asleep on the bus after completing that tiring-ass shit, you get someone’s water and/or hot lunch left overs dumped all over you. And finally, if you don’t wear something over your ears, all the corn leaves will cut them for you.


      • Sid says:

        Dude, you threw that shit? That stuff is delicious and valuable. It’s called corn smut or porn on the cob. Google that shit cause I know you don’t believe me.


  2. Teebore says:

    I didn’t remember this episode at all until we got to DJ dressed up as Raggedy Ann…

    Joey suggests that they have their wedding in San Francisco because that’s where they both live.

    That’s exactly what I was thinking before Joey brought it up. Crap in a hat, I’m on the same wavelength of frickin’ Joey!

    They should let this kid direct an episode.


    I just think that’s what the children of the damned would eat for dessert.

    It does seem odd that she took the time to class it up by putting it on a plate. What’s next, cutting your Pop Tarts with a knife and fork?

    DJ agrees with his condescending bullshit and then declares that she’s going to put her first and only paycheck in the bank

    First of all, I’m impressed that one paycheck was enough to buy the shoes. Second, you know what’s lamer than putting that money in the bank instead of buying the shoes? Nothing.


  3. Mr.Panther says:

    Did they sell Rusty to the black market? sigh. at least urkel is almost due to show up at the full house


  4. PattyD says:

    Those 1st two screen shots of Michelle are terrifying on two completely different levels…

    WTF is up w/Stephanie putting a single hostess cupcake on a plate? Besides the fact that that is just weird, in my house, you would’ve gotten in trouble for dirtying up a plate for that shit. Because you KNOW those Tanner kids don’t do the dishes.

    Also, in Oklahoma (where I’m from), we don’t marry our siblings. We just denounce evolution while eating fried things dipped in ranch dressing as we tend to our meth labs. You know, normal stuff.


  5. Scott says:

    Wait, no “How Rude!” out of Stephanie after the ugliest hen in the house ganks the cupcake? Tell me they didn’t miss THAT golden opportunity for a catch phrase in the full house. While you’re at it, tell me Stephanie pimp slaps the baby and takes back her cupcake. While highly unlikely, I like to think that was the end result.


  6. Audrey says:

    “The most unconvincing ‘A’ you’ve ever seen in your life.”

    Hahaha!! I will never forget that ridiculous A as long as I live!!


  7. Was it me or did anyone else think Graceland looked suspiciously like The Banks mansion from “Fresh Prince”. Because that crossover needed to happen, not going to lie!

    Will Smith dressed as Urkel would have been awesome. I also would have settled for Will Smith dressed as Kirk Cameron.


  8. The Complexities of Full House says:

    Who flunks a test, but has absolutely NO red markings for questions they got wrong on the paper? The ‘changing the F to an A’ is not the hard part….making the REST of the test look like it actually EARNED an A is the real challenge.


    • The Venerable Bede says:

      I was thinking the same thing!


    • Andrea Turner says:

      Since that looks like a handwritten test, it would be no big thing to just rewrite it on some fresh notebook paper and then write the “A” on it.

      It would be a little harder nowadays (but not impossible, mind you) to copy the formatting of a handout test.


  9. Jess says:

    It’s also a wonderful message to send out to kids that it’s completely responsible to start working at a job for 1 week and then quit with no notice.


  10. Suzanne says:

    I didn’t remember this episode at all until Kimmie Gibbler changed that F to an A. I thought that Joey was the biggest schmuck in the full house until Danny actually bought that.


  11. Pete says:

    “which only makes me appreciate the kid more because he seems to really understand that the only time the Tanner’s are funny is when they’re being degraded and humiliated. They should let this kid direct an episode.”

    LOL I thought that kid was great. He seemed genuinely pissed to be there.


  12. Megan says:

    Didn’t Michelle keep repeating “This is not polite! This is not polite!” while being carried out into the living room? Strange what parts of this show our subconscious holds onto…


    • Ginny says:

      All I can remember from that episode is Michelle screaming “politeness week is over” but she couldn’t make that R sound, so it was more like “ovah”.


      • Tee says:

        Wow! I remembered absolutely nothing from this episode until I read this! It’s crazy, cause I wouldn’t have even known I knew it, but it’s so clear in my mind!


      • Stephen says:

        Haha I totally remember that too. This was the period where she couldn’t pronounce R yet.


  13. kangarara says:

    aaaaaaaaa! I posted a comment and the whole site design changed! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll undo it! Tell me how to undo it!


  14. kangarara says:

    “Seriously, how many sitcom misunderstandings could have been easily avoided if people would just let each other finish their fucking sentences?”



    My head just exploded.

    as they say: THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. PuppetDoctor says:

    The second I saw that outfit Michelle had one I knew I remembered this episode but wasn’t sure which one it was. Then I began reading and realized it was that annoying episode of the Polite Police. I hate this episode so much because Michelle is even more obnoxious than usual.

    I remember the shoes with the basketball on the tongue of the shoe but I didn’t know it pumped air into them. I just remembered I enjoyed pushing the basketball. I also remember I had in Grade 2 of these high top shoes which were really popular at the time with bright purple and dark blue shoe laces. They were really cool looking at the time and I loved them so much.


    • lugnut says:

      Only over a year late here, but there’s a very valid reason you might not remember that Pumps (and the LA Gear Regulators!) actually inflated – because every kid who ever owned a pair blew them up within the first week of ownership. It basically just inflated the tongue and gave the shoe a tighter fit, but inevitably you’d pump it just one step too far and the stitching on the sides of the tongue would give loose and all further attempts at pumping were merely futile basketball-presses.


  16. Jenn says:

    This is another one that I’m having Vietnam-type flashbacks about. Michelle’s appointment as a contrived “politeness” monitor at school that somehow means she gets to boss people around at home too. This theme continues as she gets older and it never gets less annoying. I will just never, EVER understand why people thought that shit was cute.


    • JohnMo says:

      I’m watching the episodes with my 12 year old daughter on Nick and we just saw this one last week. I warned her that Michelle was going to be come the focus of the episodes more and more as time goes on and that is NOT a good thing. Of course, she asks “Why?”. I could only say, “You’ll see!”


  17. Am I crazy or is Rebecca Donaldson still hot even with two missing front teeth? Maybe even more so…

    “Jesse sees DJ’s test on the refrigerator and identifies the modified grade. He convinces her to tell Danny and when she does he gets all pissed and tells her that she’s a big fuck up. He makes her quit her humiliating job and tells her that she should enjoy being a kid while she can. DJ agrees with his condescending bullshit and then declares that she’s going to put her first and only paycheck in the bank instead of spending it on awesome shoes.”

    I’m surprised he didn’t just buy her the shoes anyway since she sat through the heart-warming talk. That’s how they always do on this show, end up getting what they want anyway.

    Maybe the next episode. But then, they would have to have some continuity.


  18. kp199 says:

    Like somebody above already said, they basically implied that it’s okay for Michelle to get whatever the hell she wants, whenever she wants. Of course the spoiled bitch would steal a cupcake that was already claimed by somebody else, but did anybody say anything to her? Of course not!


  19. Abigail says:

    I like this episode, and I agree – there is nothing wrong with being a kid, and that you should enjoy it when you can. After all, one does have the rest of their lives to be an adult.


  20. Corey says:

    And with another appearance of a black kid who is infinitely more awesome than every other character on this show, this episode is another piece of evidence to support your theory that Full House is anti-white propaganda. Kimmy Gibbler is the only thing stopping me from wanting to commit genocide against my own race after watching this show.


  21. Angela says:

    Your comment about Joey being the voice of reason…I don’t know if you watch “The Soup”, but all I could think of was this:

    Joey Gladstone, unlikely voice of reason
    Joey Gladstone, his logic is a’ pleasin’
    Joey Gladstone

    (If you’re not familiar, check on YouTube, it’ll make sense then :p)


  22. Casey says:

    Being from Nebraska, thanks for sticking up for us! 🙂


  23. e_x_i_t says:

    Michelle becomes Politeness Monitor? That’s got to be the most unrealistic thing to have ever happened on the show, she probably stole the badge from the real holder of the title and just started declaring shit. It’s already been proven that she’s a fucking thief and pretty much does whatever she wants whenever she wants, but DJ fakes a test grade and it’s a mortal sin.

    Speaking of the terribly faked grade, I’m normally take the side of the great Kimmy Gibbler, but she really dropped the ball on this one, they could have easily changed that F into a B. Then again the amount of times she’s been treated like shit in that household, I wouldn’t be surprised that she did that shit on purpose just to get one over on DJ, because that’s how the GIbbler gets things done. WWKGD

    Also I have to point this out and I’ll probably say it again when I get to more current reviews. Anyone notice how baggy Michelle’s eyes always are? It’s not as bad as it was in the past episodes (then again it’s more noticeable in the extreme close ups), but it’s obvious the Olsen Twins were overworked and sleep deprived by their parents. I mean they were the two little cash cows and their parents sure as fucked milked them to death, which is why one of them was always in trouble at one point.

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  24. Stacy says:

    Man, do I remember those Reebok pump shoes. I also remember about this time there was a sketch comedy type show on MTV called, I think, Pirate TV (I could be wrong on the title). Anyhoo, they had this spoof commercial and it was for the Reebok Pump-Upable Jock Strap. I vividly recall some dudes playing basketball and one guy in sweatpants pumping up his jockstrap. I found it hilarious. I think the same show also did a spoof commercial for jock itch medication (apparently this show loved male crotch related humor) and it was to the tune of Motley Crue’s (though I know they weren’t the original performers of the song – but the commercial parodied the video so they were referencing the Crue), “Smokin’ In the Boys’ Room” – but the words were “Scratchin’ in the boys room”. Again, I thought this was hilarious.

    Which says a lot about me. Even now as a 36 year old woman I swear I have the mind of a 12 year old boy a good bit – at least far as humor goes. I still adore a good dick or fart joke.

    Also, when I first read “Politeness Monitor” I misread it as POINTLESS monitor. I was shocked they writers would even suggest Michelle’s pointless-ness. But seriously, why have the most impolite, entitled brat be the monitor of politeness. It’s like having a gang-banger be the anti-violence/gun-play monitor.


  25. I had two pair of Reebok The Pump basketball shoes back when they came out. I loved them! They were the best fitting shoes I’d ever owned because you could air-fit them around your feet, and were great for basketball. Why in the world don’t they still make those? They were awesome kicks.


  26. Blake says:

    I still can’t figure out how DJ failed that test. Photosynthesis is TOTALLY the process in which photos are synthesized.


  27. Jenny says:

    This was actually one of my favorite episodes because of the little boy at the photo place. My friends and I constantly quote his, “That’s not funny.” line when someone cracks a bad joke. Plus, his “be a DUCK!” command makes me die laughing. Disgruntled little bastard.

    Kind of random, but did anyone else think Rebecca looked hot as Priscilla? Dark hair and made up eyes suit her–much better than the brassy dishwater blonde she had, anyway.

    The obvious teeth black during the Nebraska sequence always annoyed me. If you can see the outline of the teeth beneath it you know it’s a really shit effect.


  28. Ginny says:

    “Also, in Oklahoma (where I’m from), we don’t marry our siblings. We just denounce evolution while eating fried things dipped in ranch dressing as we tend to our meth labs. You know, normal stuff.”

    We pretty much do the same thing in Kentucky, except we also smoke cigarettes and drink moonshine while frying the food that is dipped in the ranch dressing. And meth labs? So last year. We’ve moved on to the sophistication of pill mills!


  29. Ashley says:

    I’m surprised Danny was so against DJ getting a job when he said she has to pay the monthly bill for her phone.


  30. John Q says:

    Whatever happened to D.J.’s baby sitting job from last year when she earned enough money to pay for a phone for her room?

    Yeah, Danny is massive cheapskate unless the plot call for him to do something completely different. He’ll bitch about Stephanie’s $12 backpack yet he’ll spend thousands of dollars for him and his kids to go see Joey do his lame-ass comedy in Las Vegas. Then he’ll bitch about D.J.’s phone yet give Jesse & Joey thousands of dollars to start a new company.

    Yeah, the Cosby Show was the worst at Cliff’s cheapness. He was always fixing the toilet himself even though he has this successful medical practice and his wife was a partner in a law firm. Rudy would ask him for $1.25 and he would go into a long lecture about money etc. It actually got quite disturbing as the show went on.

    Oh you left out Dave Coulier’s horrible “Nebraska accent” which actually sounds like some illiterate hillbilly on crack from Arkansas.

    Don’t they have child labor laws in California? Can a 14 year work for photographer at that age?

    Actually when they said is was a “photographer” I was afraid that this was one of those “very special episodes” where D.J. goes to work for a guy that appears really nice but is really some kind of pornographer.

    They’ve had almost a year to plan this stupid wedding and they’re still arguing about going to Graceland? WTF? What a stupid ass unbelievable plot line. And then it’s just a dumb ass recycled plot line from season 2 or 3 when they couldn’t agree on where to go on vacation.

    And then Joey is the voice of reason? This is really one of the really dumb episodes. And then Jesse gives Joey his credit card to buy Barney Rubble soap??

    I love how the test paper just says “F” without any red “X’s” next to the answers she got wrong. And is Danny such a complete moron that he doesn’t immediately see the the letter grade was altered? Also Danny goes into this elaborate lie to the photographer which kind of shows how dishonest the Tanners are.

    And then Stephanie is ready to eat a single hostess cupcake on a plate which is basically dinner at the Tanner house. And then Michelle gets pissed and steals the cupcake because she hasn’t had a cookie or a cupcake in 10 minutes.

    And then in the end she didn’t even want the sneakers?? WTF? What was the point of all of that nonsense? One of the stupidest most pointless episodes which says a lot.


    • Bridget says:

      John Q, that bothers me that Danny won’t give money to his biological daughters as easily as he does to 2 guys who aren’t even related to him! I know Jesse and Pamela were bio siblings and therefore, Danny and Pam’s daughters have 1/2 of Jesse’s genes, but since Pam died, Danny has no obligations to Jesse. The same would be true if Danny and Pam were divorced. When Cliff and Claire Huxtable would bitch about their kids coming to them for money, I think, “Why did you have kids? These 2 parents can easily afford contraception!”


      • Mary says:

        Yeah, I never understood Danny’s cheapness. He readily lets to freeloading guys redo his Victorian with no qualm, but makes his eldest daughter work. I suppose the theory is the two guys are spending their lives taking care of the succubus that is MIchelle, so that’s why they get a free ride.


  31. JCC says:

    Rebecca Donaldson kind of looks like Lana Del Rey in that “Graceland” wedding pic which is like, double the amount of hotness.

    LOL, DeeJ has to work at her humiliating job whilst Gibbler has a train run on her by seedy dudes she meets at the mall.


  32. Martin Tanner's Ghost says:

    You’d think that with two financial leeches bordering in his house, Danny would be psyched about DJ getting a job so she’d never have to ask him for anything ever again.


  33. LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

    How did Uncle Tattletale know that she flunked her science test? Didn’t he flunk out of high school?


    • Olivia says:

      He dropped out of high school, but I think it was his senior year because he didn’t want to complete an English course. Besides, I learned about photosynthesis in middle school.


  34. Justin says:

    If I recall correctly, Uncle Jesse read the answers to DJ’s test and one of the first answers was “Photosynthesis is the process by which photos are synthesized.”
    How the fuck did Danny not notice that?


  35. Stephen says:

    I remember seeing this one and hearing Rebecca say something about how she ain’t gonna have an Elvis themed wedding complete with a Marge Simpson hairdo. Lol. It also always bugged me how the audience cheered when Michelle stole Stephanie’s cupcake. “Photosynthesis is the process in which photos are synthesized.” I synthesize photos all the time so how the hell did she get that answer wrong? Lol.


  36. Ian says:

    Didn’t Joey do a lame impression of Robin Leach and Joe Pesci during his time helping Jesse and Rebecca figure out where to have the wedding? Surprised that got no mention.


  37. Alisa S. says:

    The point is: she earned that money. It was very hard to do (for what little she got), and she’s going to save it long enough to think about what she really wants to do with it.

    I did this with my money as a kid all the time– to the point where saving it was pointless, since the people in my life would know I had stashed cash and steal it. >.>

    Also, I think it’s funny how people can make fun of southerns and it’s not at all called out as being discriminatory, lol. I guess people of the south don’t give two shits about it enough to call people out on it.


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