Season 6, Episode 1, “Come Fly with Me”

Well, here we go.  Season 6.  Thanks goes out to FHR fan Rachwho, who purchased these Season 6 DVD’s so we could all share in this misery instead of working hard at our jobs.  Rachwho, these next 26 weeks are all your fault.

Pre-Credits Gag:  We are introduced to the new ugly babies who will be playing Nicky and Alex as Jesse argues with Aunt Becky about cutting their hair.  I guess it makes sense that he’d be neurotic about his kids’ hair because hair care’s, like, his whole thing, but really I think that he just gets off on disagreeing with his wife about everything.  Anyway, the scene ends with Becky and Michelle mussing up Jesse’s hair, because that’s what that fucker gets.

A new Season brings us new changes to the opening sequence.  It’s mostly the same, except for a few choice details.  The girls’ all have a new character shot for their credit, presumably because they age so conspicuously each Season. These character defining shots feature DJ whorishly applying make-up in her room, Stephanie doing an embarrassing white-people dance, and Michelle playing tug-of-war with the dog.

Thankfully they kept that shot of Lori Loughlin bending over and showing us her ass, which I’ll really miss if they ever get rid of it, unless she’s wearing short shorts and grinding her pelvis in the new one or something.

There’s also a new character in the opening, played by Scott Wienger.  Viewers of Full House might have been intrigued or even perplexed by this when it first aired, but if you’re some guy who reviews every episode of Full House each week on a blog then there are no such surprises because everyone always tells you what’s going to happen next in the comments section.  So this is Steve, DJ’s boyfriend, who I’m pretty sure is the last major character to be introduced in the series, and who was also the voice of Aladdin in that Disney cartoon.

Oh yeah, one last thing that I was really annoyed at myself for forgetting to mention in my Season 5 Reviewed post is that Joel Zwick directed pretty much every episode (which he continued to do, including this one).  I was intrigued by who this poor son of a bitch could possibly be so I looked him up and apparently he’s just some hack tv director.  He directed a bunch of Laverne and Shirley’s, then a bunch of Webster’s, then a bunch of Perfect Stranger’s, then about a zillion episodes of Full House and quite a few Family Matter’s as well.  But what really surprised me is that he also directed My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which, if you remember it at all, was quite the comedy phenomenon back in the Summer of 2002.  That movie was a huge hit when it came out but has since fallen off the cultural radar, largely because it was the first post-9/11 fluff comedy, which was something people really needed at the time.  All of this leads me to conclude that Joel Zwick is some sort of master of mass-manipulation, and has an uncanny ability to cash in on people’s need for disposable comedy at inopportune periods in their life.  Joel Zwick preys upon the weakness of an emotionally hungry society.  He is the devil.

Speaking of being emotionally hungry, Jesse checks Billboard magazine and is dismayed to discover that his cover of “Forever” has dropped to #99 on the singles chart, even though it’s a fucking miracle that it’s on there at all.

Stephanie and Michelle enter the scene all excited to meet DJ at the airport as she returns from Spain.  They pour over a postcard she’s sent earlier, which promises a big surprise that their self-centered minds could only interpret as a guarantee of presents for them.

As the family all assemble to pick DJ up from the airport, Joey comes down with a sob story about meeting some cooze at the beach and losing her phone number.  Well, at least he’s sporting his least offensive haircut so far.  Don’t get me wrong, I still fucking hate that fool, but at least he’s slightly less painful to look at.

Speaking of pre and post-9/11, remember when you could just go right up to the gate at the airport?  It sure helped it make a lot more sense to have a whole episode of a tv show take place inside of an airport terminal.   While the family wait for DJ to arrive, Jesse assumes that a woman who approaches him wants his autograph but she’s actually just returning a pen that he’s dropped.  For some reason this really sends Becky over the edge and she actually starts shouting, not just at the pen returning woman but pretty much to everyone in the terminal, about how big and famous Jesse is going to be and how sorry they’ll be for not kissing his ass that minute in the airport.  Man, remember when she was the most sensible character?  I guess that when you’re married to a completely worthless failure you’ll take any opportunity to willfully deny it.

Joey attempts to reconnect with the cooze from the beach by asking information to look up approximations of her name as he drudges them up from his memory.  He expresses his frustrations at being unable to find her by doing Popeye impressions until the girls grab him and tell him that DJ’s plane has landed.

Kimmie Gibbler comes off of the plane first and as the family tell her to fuck off they notice a couple of teenagers doing some real gross making out right in front of the gate and then, oh shit!  One of them’s DJ!

I guess one thing that changed about DJ when she was in Spain is that she finally got some fuckin’ game.  Also, her hair got pretty long.  DJ introduces her new boyfriend, Steve, with the timeless terminology, “we’re going together.”  The girls are pretty pissed that Steve is the surprise instead of the presents they were expecting and Danny has a reaction that’s somewhere between jealousy and outrage.

DJ reminds everyone that they’ve met Steve before because they went out a few times last year, which is actually true since Steve appeared in at least one previous episode.  I find it amazing that this show, with its countless disregarded love interests, would actually make a point of recalling someone.  Maybe it’s because Steve is the first real male love interest and that total disregard is only directed at women.

The family give Steve enough of a cold shoulder that he decides to take off to go find his own family.  After he leaves, Danny takes DJ aside and she gets all pissed at him for being embarrassing and then Danny straight up says, “I’m sorry, I just thought when you’d be getting off the plane, you’d be kissing us.”  Say what!??!  Man, the parents/children kissing on Full House has gotten totally out of control!  At least it provides an easy explanation as to why Danny’s being so shitty about DJ’s new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Stephanie pops a huge boner for some kid from an international children’s choir.  He says that he’s about to get on a flight to the choir’s next gig and asks if she wants to see him off and her feelings of neglect from DJ in combination with her emotional ladyboner convince her that it’s a good idea so she and Michelle follow him right onto his plane.  Naturally, the flight takes off almost instantly but the girls are relieved to discover that the plane’s only going to Oakland.  They find out that stowing away on a plane is a federal crime and decide to maintain a low profile for the duration of the flight until they learn that the plane’s actually going to Auckland, New Zealand.

Stephanie struggles to devise a solution to their predicament that wont end with them in jail but then she immediately confesses to the stewardess the second she approaches them.  Meanwhile, Joey thinks that he’s finally gotten in touch with the cooze from the beach but he actually dials some 80 year old lady.  Jesse is finally approached by a fan but he is so excited that he smothers her until she flees the scene.

Danny finds out that the girls are on a plane to New Zealand and is pretty freaked out.  The people from the airline tell him that the girls will be boarded onto a return flight as soon as they land.

Michelle spends their flight leading the other kids in a rousing chorus of “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain,” and the kids are surprisingly tone-deaf considering that they’re an international children’s choir.  One establishing shot of the San Francisco airport and some sweet saxaphone notes later, the girls are escorted off the plane by the stewardess and returned to their corny family.  The girls are surprisingly unscathed considering that they just spent over 30 hours on an airplane.  You’d think their clothes would be all drenched in sweat or they’d be visibly exhausted or something.  Or that there’d be any more information about the potentially traumatic incident that they just endured other than that they went to the gift shop in the Auckland airport.  Anyway, after being scolded by their three lame dads, the girls are taken home.

Back at the full house, Stephanie and Michelle lament in their room over having been grounded for a month.  DJ comes in asks them how they could be such a couple of numbskulls shitwits as to accidentally board a plane to another continent and then Stephanie says it’s all DJ’s fault for neglecting them, thus leading them to commit their most desperate, over-the-top cry for attention yet.  The music comes on as DJ explains that even though she’s gonna be getting dry humped on the couch by Aladdin all the time now, she still loves her stupid ugly sisters.  I have to say that right before this scene started I could not have told you what the music scene was going to be.  It almost seems like they ran out of time so they just stuck the DJ’s-new-boyfriend storyling and the girls-going-to-New-Zealand storylines together.  I guess it would have required two music scenes to properly address all the issues raised in this episode, although the one about Danny’s sexual possessiveness of DJ is the one that I really think needed to be dealt with.

Anyway, DJ pulls out some presents for the girls and then they’re happy because that’s all they ever really gave a shit about anyway.

Firsts:  The twins are played by those Zack and Cody kids (Revision:  Apparently those aren’t the kids from Zack and Cody after all.  I don’t remember why I thought they were.  They’re just some regular ol’ ugly kids).

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91 Responses to Season 6, Episode 1, “Come Fly with Me”

  1. Bri says:

    “The music comes on as DJ explains that even though she’s gonna be getting dry humped on the couch by Aladdin all the time now, she still loves her stupid ugly sisters.”

    This is absolutely the best line I’ve seen on FHR in ages. Dear god, laughing out loud did happen – a lot.

    Really amazing how little sense this show makes sometimes. The girls somehow accidentally board a plane to New Zealand (even if you were able to just walk to the gate when this show was made, you still had to have your ticket checked before boarding a plane… otherwise any old annoying bratty children could get on any plane, and we’d all be fucked!), they spend an entire day in transit alone with zero supervision… what did the family do? Did they go home, or did they wait in the airport? Did the Tanners have to pay for the flight? Probably not, since they’re a bunch of manipulative, self-centered assholes. They probably blamed the airport, when Danny should’ve been watching his shitty kids.

    Man, I definitely miss the cool, collected logic of Rebecca Donaldson… this Aunt Becky shit is awful. She really must’ve married Jesse simply because he’s hawt. Funny thing is, I was one of those little girls who was a fan of this show when it was on, but I didn’t know yet that I was gay. My step dad used to comment on how stupid the show was and would often say I only watched it cause Uncle Jesse was such a hunk of man meat. I never had a fucking clue what he was talking about. In retrospect, it was probably Rebecca Donaldson I had my ladyboner for.


    • Jordan says:

      Came here to post:

      “The music comes on as DJ explains that even though she’s gonna be getting dry humped on the couch by Aladdin all the time now, she still loves her stupid ugly sisters.” – Should be the subtitle to this blog. Who cares if it’s too long?

      As always, good work.


  2. Bridget says:

    I remember Danny almost having a massive coronary because DJ rejected chocolate milk in favor of coffee with milk in it. He was acting like she was downing tequila shots from sunrise to sunset over in Mexico. I also remember Michelle saying, “Michelle Tanner, C.A.T,” when Steph was saying, “Stephanie Tanner, USA.”. She said cat is all she could spell! Just repeat your sister, dumbass!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I found the coffee thing weird, too. I like that Billy pointed out the creepy thing between Danny and DJ here-this show has a really unsettling knack for those sorts of situations. WTF?

      And I’m with everyone else on the ‘Aladdin’ line. Also, I envy Stephanie and Michelle-I want to go to New Zealand.

      Great start to season 6. As always, look forward to future entries.


  3. Jane says:

    Yes, Steve!!!

    “…dry humped on the couch by Aladdin all the time now…” LOL!!! Boy, is she a lucky girl.


  4. Ben says:

    Mullet Boy from the children’s choir grew up to become choreographer Wade Robson.


  5. Moe Greene says:

    For over 20 years, I’ve been waiting to read the words “dry hump” and “Aladdin” in the same sentence. Today’s the day, folks. It doesn’t get better than this; it’s all down hill from here.


  6. Kimander says:

    I KNOW it was a different time in fashion, but Aunt Becky that leopard print dress is so whoretastic. Someone got paid to purchase said dress, AND put it on tv. I slave away at some desk and that GINA TRIKONIS got paid thousands of dollars to put Aunt B in something the crazy b8tches on the Jersey shore wear to the supermarket and get f8&ked in the bushes in. WAIT!!!! There is a second costumer BOB SQUIRE who put Uncle Shetbag in a zip up vest with a anchor. This show had 2 people making money off making these terrible actors look terrible. FML


  7. taffy says:

    You know, it always bugged me how the girls were grounded for going on the plane. I mean, if anything, it was more the fault of the lame dads for not watching them. What a bunch of douchebags.

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  8. Random comment says:

    I think for our own enjoyment, we should definitely put a hault on the “wait until this episode/character/moment” type stuff, so we can get the genuine surprise and reaction in the reviews. Just a thought.


    • Sully says:

      Also, to better regulate, perhaps there could be some drop-down box in which the commenter can choose what kind of reply they are leaving; as we know, some of these overly enthusiastic Billy Superstar lovers can not stop them selves from revealing what’s going to happen next… KILLJOYS!


    • Angela says:

      Sounds good to me.


    • The Venerable Bede says:

      I really hope people take your advice on this. Billy has even said that this salts his comedy game (okay, not his words, but because of this blog I’ve been using the phrase “salt his/her game” like CRAZY lately), which affects the quality of the reviews. Just stop with the spoilers, people!


  9. Stephen says:

    Really silly episode . . . how could they just walk on the plane without getting stopped by security who wanted to check their boarding pass or something? That cap of Steph and Michelle screaming looks so awkward and forced, and it sounded the same too. I love the “dry humping Aladdin on the couch” line. lol.


  10. Melissa says:

    I’m glad you called attention to the shitty director as well. I wonder what he’s doing now…


  11. Tallulah says:

    I’m fairly certain that the Zack and Cody twins weren’t even born yet while Full House was being made. They did play the offspring of a fairly famous tv dad though: they were Ross’s son on Friends. They were also the kid in that movie Big Daddy. But not Nicky and Alex.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Teebore says:

    We are introduced to the new ugly babies who will be playing Nicky and Alex as Jesse argues with Aunt Becky about cutting their hair.

    A. These two kids are hideously ugly. It’s the thing I remember most from this era of Full House
    B. Aunt Becky is right: they desperately need a haircut, and will, if memory serves, continue to need one for the remaining duration of the show.
    C. Nice job magically aging-up the twins, Producers!

    …even though it’s a fucking miracle that it’s on there at all.

    Seriously. I mean, even legitimately good songs fall down the Billboard charts eventually. Unclench, Jermsey.

    Speaking of pre and post-9/11, remember when you could just go right up to the gate at the airport?

    The movie and TV industry really had a cliche ripped out from under them by 9/11, didn’t they?

    DJ introduces her new boyfriend, Steve, with the timeless terminology, “we’re going together.”

    Ha! Dr. Bitz and I were just talking about the lame terminology used to describe dating.

    The family give Steve enough of a cold shoulder that he decides to take off to go find his own family.

    Which you’d think he would have wanted to do sooner, but I guess meeting DJ’s family first means a greater likelihood of dry humping later, so good for him.

    They find out that stowing away on a plane is a federal crime and decide to maintain a low profile for the duration of the flight until they learn that the plane’s actually going to Auckland, New Zealand.

    Ah, the post-Home Alone, pre-9/11 world.

    Jesse is finally approached by a fan

    “Hey, aren’t you the guy that was in the creepy foot fetish video with your babies?”


  13. SaCha1689 says:

    I always wondered: how the hell could the Tanners have stayed in the airport for the entire 30+ hours? Did they sleep there? They certainly don’t look like they did. They don’t look any different than they did in the beginning of the episode.


  14. Missi says:

    I have been reading this entire blog over the course of the last week, and I finally caught up! I am so glad I found this blog and now I am a little sad that I have to wait a week for another post. Keep up the good work. I know it has to be killing you a little each week to know you wasted 22 minutes of your life watching this wretched shit, but it is deeply appreciated by all! Thank you!


  15. Paddles says:

    Hey, I haven’t been on this blog in quite awhile now–missed most of the last season. Did it ever come out that this blog is written by a Tanner?


  16. RachWho? says:

    As the personal financially responsible for this season being available for review, I am as proud as a new mommy reading today’s entry. If this post is any representation of the season as a whole, your escalating feelings of pain and torture with this project are yielding better and better output. I must thank you for your dedication to masochism.

    I remember watching this episode when it aired and being wholly pissed that two little kids were somehow able to board an international flight without tickets. I remember being even more pissed that DJ apologized to them at the end of the episode.

    In that last screen grab, can anyone explain why someone as young as Stephanie is wearing that amount of hairspray to bed?

    And was there no resolution to the Joey story? Did he realize that he called an 80-year-old? Did he make a date with her and when she showed up, shrug and figure that’s the best he can get and bang her to death?

    Fuck…I hate Stephanie and Joey. Always have, always will.


  17. Scruggy says:

    “. . . she’s gonna be getting dry humped on the couch by Aladdin all the time now . . .”
    –I lol’d


  18. Mini says:

    26 WHOLE Weeks??? oh mylanta, boys,!!


  19. Amanda says:

    For some reason, I always thought the twins who played Nicky and Alex also played Zack and Cody, but I’m not sure why I thought that.


  20. “Thankfully they kept that shot of Lori Loughlin bending over and showing us her ass, which I’ll really miss if they ever get rid of it, unless she’s wearing short shorts and grinding her pelvis in the new one or something.”

    Didn’t I just ask for a nice shot of Becky’s ass like last week? Didn’t I? Why you have to hog it all to yourself?

    Anyway, Nirvana and all the other grunge bands are going to shut Jermsey’s shit down pretty quick. There’s no way he’s going to survive the 90’s music scene. It’s 1992, bitches, this shit is happening.


    • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

      Didn’t the rehash of “Forever” have a guitar solo that was kind of an allegory to “I’m Still Alive?”


  21. Sarah Portland says:

    I’m gonna be the asshole Parthenon that points out: at least they didn’t go super-sitcom-y with Jersey’s position on Billboard. They dropped his ass to the bottom. If this had been real life, the odds are good that he wouldn’t have cracked that list at all. But based on the rest of the crap that ended up on TGIF, I expected him to be whining that he had slipped to number 20 or something. But they tossed in a little realism (and I do use that term loosely), and put him down at 99.
    Cheer up, Jersey. On another, better show, 99 was a hot chick with better character development. Aspire to being the best 99 that you can!


  22. Mario Speedwagon says:

    Can I share a terribly embarassing story with you all? When I was a young closetted teenage gay, I would watch Full House with my family (it was my little sister’s favourite show). As a fledgling gay, I felt it my duty to choose which of the Dad’s was “the hottest”. Immediately I knocked Danny out of the running, and I just couldn’t bring myself to have a crush on Jermsey. So that left Uncle Joey.
    That’s right. I convinced myself that Joey was the best I could get out of those three schlubs. Thank Alanis I’ve grown up now!


  23. CleanMartini says:

    You know what’s crazy about the dude who played Steve? I looked him up to see if he did anything with himself after Aladdin/Full House — turns out he went to Harvard, majored in English and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Now he’s a moderately successful TV writer. I found it rather surprising that someone could have emerged from acting on this show with any brain cells left in their body. Kudos, guy who played Steve.


  24. morelikefoolhouse says:

    Screen capture 11 = most monkey face ever! I thought for a second that they had brought the chimpanzee back (sorry Chimp!)

    This episode reminded me of a news item that I had recently read, related to the huge gaping plot hole of them getting on the plane without boarding passes.

    So really, it CAN happen, even in today’s super high security airport world, though I doubt anyone would have messed up badly enough to let a monkey on the plane with no ticket or passport.


    • morelikefoolhouse says:

      Oh, and yes, I am aware that chimpanzees are not, in fact, monkeys, but rather, apes.


      • trlkly says:

        Meh. Evolutionary scientists know there’s no real difference. There’s just no way to classify apes that doesn’t include some monkeys and vice versa.


    • guiltypanacea says:

      There is a live episode of WTF where Molly Shannon describes sneaking onto an airplane when she was 12, but that was longer ago than this episode.


  25. Sally says:

    I know everyone’s knocking the new Aunt Becky, but in this particular episode I feel like she just cracked. She’s had to talk Jesse off a ledge daily for the past two seasons and he finally gets what he wants and it’s about to be taken away from him again. Seems like she just realized she couldn’t handle another decade of “special talks” with Jesse about his validation as a human being so she decided she should just convince people he’s talented so he’ll shut up.


  26. Ryan says:

    “DJ explains that even though she’s gonna be getting dry humped on the couch by Aladdin all the time now”

    Best. Line. Evar!!!!!11!one

    I do not remember this season or the subsequent seasons at all, so this is going to be great.


  27. RoxyHelen says:

    Many people mistake the FH twins for Zack and Cody twins, it’s because they look a lot alike and because of their names: Dylan and Cole/Dylan and Blake. And the Sprouse twins were born during FH there is a picture of the Sprouse twins sitting at a kiddy table with the Toumi-Wilhoit twins(who are noticeably older) so they’ve apparently met.Here’s the picture(btw, I have always wondered why the Fh twins met the Sprouse twins):


  28. aj says:

    I just started going through this when I was home at work, sick as a dog with bronchitis. I would laugh ridiculously loud at times, which would cause coughing attacks, wherein I would get incredibly dizzy, be unable to breathe, and almost pass out. I once even took a tumble from laughing so hard I coughed so hard that I cut off my oxygen long enough to just plop.

    My point is, thank you FHR, for being so funny it almost killed me. And for giving me the resolve to start a blog wherein I review all of Boy Meets World and pinpoint the exact moment every single character in that show went insane. Because that is all that happened. They all went insane instead of growing as characters.


    • The Venerable Bede says:

      Yes, but when they all went insane, the show got SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. “ENGLAND doesn’t have a NAVY, you LIAR!” “UNDERPAAAANTS!” “I have a niche!”


  29. KG says:

    PLEASE do a Boy Meets World blog! I actually remember loving that show way more than Full House, which scares me a little.


  30. kimdragon says:

    Wait, Wade ROBSON was the kid in the airport? He grew up to be a really successful choreographer for acts like NSync and Britney Spears, and he’s (supposedly) the one who Britney cheated on Justin with, causing their breakup AND the classic “Cry Me A River”… just one of those amazing Full House connections.


  31. Jane Doe says:

    What I don’t understand is how in 6 weeks the twins turned into full walking long haired toddlers. They say DJ was gone for 6 weeks, and when she left, Nicky and Alex were bald babies. This frustrates me so, but I guess they had to do it. LAME!


    • Oh Mylanta says:

      Rapid Aging Child Syndrome. Just about every TV show with young children does it at some point. On Step by Step, they aged Frank and Carol’s daughter five years between seasons.


      • Stephen says:

        On Family Matters, in season 1, Richie was a baby–then in the next season he was like, 3 or 4.


    • beautifulsorta says:

      That actively pissed me off too. In like, the 3 months that would have passed, they sure as hell wouldn’t have looked like that. I think that bugged me more than anything else so far…and that’s saying a lot.


  32. Megan says:

    yeah i remember the romeo and juliet thing the line Danny said when he realized DJ was kissing her new cute bf Steve and poor girls they got stuck on that plane.


  33. Chuck Damage says:

    ‘Firsts: The twins are played by those Zack and Cody kids (Revision: Apparently those aren’t the kids from Zack and Cody after all. I don’t remember why I thought they were. They’re just some regular ol’ ugly kids).’

    After I read that I decided to google the full house kids and see what they look like now and they were teenaged boys without shirts on and I feel really gross for looking at that at work.


  34. crea014 says:

    This is one of the episodes I remember most from the original screening as I live in Auckland, New Zealand and was so excited that we got mentioned on Full House.


  35. Sara Wilson says:

    So I know you can’t mention everything in the episode, obviously, but I was hoping to see something about how Joey asked the 80 year old woman if she was single at the end of the call, because that’s just how desperate he is. Haha! I know, it goes without saying.


  36. Full House Expert says:

    I know I’m not the only one who thought Real Life DJ could NEVER IN A MILLION YERAS get Real Life Steve in Real Life American High School Dynamics. I’m Capitalizing Words Arbitrarily.


  37. Alexander says:

    I only watched this for the Auckland references and may I say.. what a truly fucking horrible show.


  38. Ashley says:

    I don’t understand why they hung out at the airport for so long after DJ got off the plane. I guess it was just so Michelle and Stephanie could sneak onto the plane. Usually people just leave right away as soon as they get their luggage. Instead they just hang out.


    • JustBecause says:

      I thought the same thing when I watched this! I think it’s because Joey was on the phone trying to find his girl and Jesse was talking Aunt Ida out of cutting the twins’ hair.


  39. JCC says:

    Those obnoxious twins have Rivers Cuomo in the Undone video hair.


  40. JustBecause says:

    I really love Full House but now because I read this blog I have some logic problems with it…..


  41. LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

    Oh, and by the way. I’m flying out to Portlandia next week to see some friends from College. I’ll try to look up Mary Chichinski for ol’ Joesph in between flights!


  42. Odotry says:

    How the hell did Michelle and Stephanie get on the plane? They check your boarding passes for a reason writers!


  43. Jackal says:

    Just realized DJ branched out in terms of character development. She finally has some game in her. Never thought that any development would happen on this show


    • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

      Ironic that she barely eats and she’s very rotund and the guy she has settled for eats like a racehorse and is skinny as fuck.


  44. BC says:

    Jersey’s ‘fan’ looks like the girl that Joey wanted to marry on the first date a season or two back. Wouldn’t be surprised if they recycled the same U5 actress.


  45. LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

    The lil’ princess is kickin’ it with her subjects on the place and Dawn the ugly stowaway was throwing a tantrum.

    She’s too ugly for the wheel well.


  46. ciara says:

    Michelle still can’t read in this episode.


  47. Elsa says:

    I read alot about your critics here. And I must say that you are fuckin stupid. How can you say their ugly when you don’t even put a picture of yourself in there you fuckin pussy! And if you don’t know it its a show. I don’t care if I spelled anything wrong English isn’t my mother language.


  48. Alexa Girard says:

    When they said they couldn’t turn the plane around, what they should have done was find a way to stop that plane in Hawaii, and then have the Hawaii airport put Stephanie and Michelle on the next flight back to San Fransisco! Hawaii is actually on the way to New Zealand, so they could have stopped the plane there!


  49. Bekah Walsh says:

    I started re-watching Full House….heaven knows how long ago now, and just began season 6. I recently heard about your blog and it’s made going through the series so much more fun! I enjoyed the show as a kid, but definitely see how ridiculous many things are as an adult. I had planned to write one overarching “weird things I notices…” post on my own blog when I finished, but have since found that most of the things I considered mentioning in have all been addressed here so far 😀

    Anyway, I had to stop lurking and actually comment on this particular post, because the Oakland/Auckland bit in this episode actually comes up again in Fuller House with Stephanie and Jimmy Gibbler..I think in season 2. Fuller House is by far a better show in terms of consistency, but that’s quite an interesting reach for throwback material.


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