Season 5 Reviewed

Reviewing every episode of Full House in chronological order is really starting to wear me down, you guys.  I can’t believe that there’s three more Seasons of this shit.  I just can’t stand it.

So I always like to start these Season reviews by telling all you readers how much I love you.  I sure do love you guys!  Don’t forget to check out the Gentlemen of Leisure Blog, lots of which is written by Teebore, the guy who writes the best comments on FHR.  Oh, Teebore!  Without you I am nothing!  Full House Reviewed also had a couple of babies this Season, and by that I mean that a few people started their own every-episode-reviewed weekly blogs and didn’t stop after two entries. So check out He-Man Reviewed and Family Matters Reviewed, and if anyone else wants to take on the daunting, menial task of reviewing every episode of some shitty show, feel free to send that shit my way (  I’m waiting for Small Wonder Reviewed, personally.

There’s also a review blog for WCW Monday Nitro, which is part of a larger site called Smashville Wrestling.  Some of the guys from the site invited me to be on their podcast and I was like, “what an honor!”  So if you ever wanted to hear me being interviewed about FHR and discussing Wrestlemania 6, now’s your chance!

Also, thanks to FHR fan Tiffiana who bought me the Season 5 DVD’s!  Also, shout-outs to Tena Rentaira, who just the other day become the 1,000th fan on FHR’s Facebook page.  There’s some pretty neat stuff over there sometimes so you should be a fan if you’re not already.  Finally, shout-outs to Jane Hegarty, who’s been reading Full House Reviewed for at least a year and has no idea that we were friends in high school.

What other business to attend to before I move on to the review?  Oh yeah, buy a Full House Reviewed T-shirt!  Also, for of you that have commented on how shitty the archives are, I am sorry!  Yes, they are pretty shitty.  If I were tech savvy, I’d fix them right away!  Someday someone will help me to make them better.  Some fateful day, this will happen.  Finally, I guess the FHR message board didn’t really work out.  I don’t really know anything about message boards and this stupid blog already keeps me pretty busy so I have no idea how to spruce it up.  We had a pretty neat haiku competition over there but I guess after that it kind of ran its course.

Ok, that’s enough site-related bullshit.  On to Season 5 Reviewed!

So what went down in Season 5?  The big event was Jesse and Becky’s babies being born, which brought us a lot of incredibly boring scenes of their bland parenting.  If there was any sort of a story arch that ran throughout the Season, it was that of Jesse neglecting his role as a stay-at-home dad in pursuit of his ridiculous music career.  Jesse went from being a shitty, self-centered husband to a negligent, narcissistic father this Season, a personal journey that surprised no one.  The Season climaxed with Jesse’s first music video, a cover of the Beach Boys song, “Forever,” airing on MTV.  This was easily one of the most anticipated moments in the comments on this site and it was actually one that I’d never seen before.  Now that I have, it’s not hard to recognize that it’s one of the most stand-out awful moments in the series, but I’m still sticking to my claim that Michelle and her classmates singing “Twist and Shout” at her kindergarten graduation in Season 4 was the worst moment in the history of the series.  We’ve got three Seasons left to dethrone it but i don’t know, you guys, that shit was pretty unbearable.  Even worse than creepy little baby feet that I’m pretty sure are meant to be erotic.

Just like in previous Seasons, none of the other characters evolved in any way whatsoever.  Joey actually got a job, which was kind of surprising, but I wouldn’t really call him walking around in a ranger suit with a puppet all the time character development.  The only thing about him that’s ever really developed is how much weirder it gets that he even lives in the full house anymore.  The girls are all older now and he even has a pretty good career going, so what the fuck is he still doing there?  He finally cashed in from hanging around Danny all the time, so why not go get his own place?  It doesn’t help that I fucking hate his guts, but even if he was a tolerable person who was just there to help out, I think it would be fair to call it time to move on.

DJ got her own room and maintained her role as the only character on the show that actually seems like she could be a real person.  Stephanie continued to be a big obnoxious piece of shit, and I don’t understand why this show, with all of it’s continuity flaws, couldn’t have done us the courtesy of having her disappear without explanation.  And then there’s Michelle.  She really ramped it up this Season, starting with her catch phrase, “Duh!” which was in just about every single episode.  I don’t know why having this hideous little girl deliver inept line readings of obnoxious phrases and shove food in her mouth was considered such quality family entertainment.

In keeping with Full House’s oldest tradition, there were several love interests introduced and made out to be a big deal, only to disappear shortly afterwards.  Joey was actually banging Danny’s sister for a minute until she was never seen or heard from again.  There was also Vicky, who temporarily replaced Becky on Wake Up, San Francisco and then started banging Danny until she moved back to somewhere or other.  Vicky was so uninteresting that I had to go back and make sure that this was the Season that she was in because she left so little of an impression.  This brings me to a few rules I’ve noticed about women in the full house:  1)  They are only allowed into the full house if they are someone’s love interest, and even then only for the duration of the time that they are a love interest, which could end abruptly at any time with no mention.  2)  There doesn’t have to be any characteristics to these women other than that they are a love interest.  Sure, it helps give them a little flair, like if they’re a zookeeper or have a messy apartment or something, but if their only initial characteristic is that Danny wants to fuck them then that’s probably all that you’re ever going to learn about them.

I find this latest distillation of Full House’s total disregard towards women particularly remarkable when addressing another question I’ve mulled over throughout the course of this blog:  who the fuck ever actually watched this show?  After paying attention to the comments for a year or so and checking out the site’s demographics on Facebook, I think I may have arrived at an answer:  young girls.  I guess it sort of makes sense that young girls watched this show in the late 80’s and early 90’s, because it’s sort of a little girl fantasy in a lot of ways.  These three young girls have absolute power in their household, and are constantly appeased by their three doting, mildly-incompetent, non-threatening dads, with no mom to compete with except the later addition of Aunt Becky, who’s really more of a big sister type and is so completely oppressed by her relationship with Uncle Jesse that she plays no part in any household power dynamic anyway.  So maybe Michelle being so fucking pushy and obnoxious all the time appealed to little girls who wanted to get away with that same behavior?  Also apparently John Stamos is a real good looking man, which I never really think about.  So is that enough to explain why this shit was on tv?

One last thing I’ll comment on before moving on to Season 6 is another element that’s changed remarkably since the series began, which is the production design.  I think I’m pointing it out a few Seasons too late, but the first few Seasons definitely had a more grainy, dull palette with more browns and yellows and as the show progressed it became more brightly lit and featured more primary colors, so it always sort of looks like it’s inside of a McDonalds or something.  I think that this visual approach had something to do with the show’s appeal, too.  It’s like some sort of evil hypnosis.

So was Season 5 the worst one so far?  Yeah, I guess it was.  It’s become pretty clear by now that this show is just going to get worse and worse.  How am I supposed to deal with this fact and still stay on task?  Sometimes I think about all the things I could have done with the time I’ve spent reviewing 5 Seasons of Full House and I’m reminded that life is fleeting and one day we’ll all be dead.  This fills me with a deep sense of loss and dread that I can only escape by reminding myself that I don’t have time to dwell upon an existential crisis because all my spare time must be filled with reviewing the last three Seasons of this shitty show.


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64 Responses to Season 5 Reviewed

  1. Bridget says:

    Billy, don’t give up! Every Friday I look forward to what you have to say and you are the King of Snark!


  2. tiffianna says:


    Thank you so much. Your reviews of every season of this show, and particularly Season Five, make my week.

    I still haven’t actually seen the program, but I’m sure it could never live up to your exhaustive and hilarious analyses. They are perfect and you have my sincerest gratitude.

    Never give up. Only three seasons left!



  3. Hebrewersfan says:

    This is the first site I go to every Friday morning when I get to my desk at work. Ill shamefully admit to having seen every episode way too many times during ABC Family reruns during college, so each cringe inducing moment is that much more vivid in my mind, which makes this blog even more enjoyable. Cant thank you enough for your work. Keep it up.


  4. Jordan says:

    I sincerely hope, Billy, that not only do you stick around for the other 3 seasons (I have no doubt that you will, but I figure I’d just let you know that we all want you to, anyway), but that you also switch over to Saved by the Bell once this is done.

    If any ‘sitcom’ is deserving of a verbal thrashing, outside of Full House, it’s SBtB.


    • Teebore says:

      While I don’t disagree that SBtB deserves attention, I’d argue that it deserves a slightly different approach than Full House, in that it was shitty, but also enjoyable in its own way. I’ll grant that’s my nostalgia talking, and a good chunk of the enjoyment I get out of SBtB these days is built on that (and a largely ironic appreciation of it), but at the end of the day, I watched both shows as a kid. I still enjoy SBtB on some levels. Full House, I pretty much just love to hate.


      • I agree. I’ve watched some select episodes of SBTB recently, and while there is plenty to make fun of, it continues to have an endearing quality to it that Full House just doesn’t.


      • Billy Superstar says:

        i genuinely love saved by the bell and have all the dvd’s, even the college years! i talk about it for a minute on the podcast interview that’s linked to in this review. i’m pretty positive that i wont be doing another blog after FHR ends but I’ve been thinking a lot about doing a sbtb review podcast, which would basically be just like this but spoken instead of written, and in collaboration with more people. i’ve still got about a year and a half left on fhr, though, so i’m not really thinking about it too much just yet…


      • I like the pod cast idea. I’d listen to it!


      • Teebore says:

        I too own all the SBtB DVDs, including the College Years, though I never got around to picking up “movie” DVD that has the Hawaiian vacation and Vegas wedding episodes on it.

        Man, remember when Zack and the gang helped save Kelly’s grandpa’s resort from evil real estate developers? Good times…


      • Dr. Bitz says:

        I’ve often thought of doing a review of SbTB but I think the main reason I’d do it is just to keep track of the number of talents Zack displays (and too a lesser extent the rest of the cast) and to keep track of the number characters we were promised would be back that we never see again.


    • magellan333 says:

      I considered a SBTB reviewed blog like this one, but reminded myself it was a show for children while the dreck that was Full House was for a prime time audience. The characters, writing and settings for SBTB were grating, but necessarily dumbed down for adolescent viewers.

      Keep up the great work Billy Superstar. This blog starts each Friday off with laughter.


  5. Shawna says:

    Vicky will be back!!!


  6. Manny Tanner says:

    I haven’t left a comment in a LONG time, but I read this jewel of the internet every single week. I’m going to be so sad when you’re through with the series!


  7. Melissa says:

    Dear Billy,

    I look forward to your Friday reviews so much! It’s the first thing I do when I log into my computer at work, it definitely gets me through the day. I’ll be sad when you finish the last episode review – but I agree with your fans up here > if any show deserves ridicule (in addition to Full House) it’s totally Saved By the Bell! I’ve read every single one of your reviews and I seriously LOVE THEM!


  8. Mini says:

    Hang in there buddy!!! PLEASE 🙂


  9. Teebore says:

    Aw, thanks man! You complete me!

    but I wouldn’t really call him walking around in a ranger suit with a puppet all the time character development.

    I suppose it depends on whether or not you consider “costume change” as character development. The writers of this show clearly do…

    …couldn’t have done us the courtesy of having her disappear without explanation.

    An act which I’ve seen referred to around the internet as being “Judy Winslowed” (as in “Boy, I wish they’d Judy Winslowed Stephanie by now”), a term I wholeheartedly endorse and which I figure you’d enjoy as well.

    I think I may have arrived at an answer: young girls.

    Somewhere in time you just made my 10-year-old self cry. 🙂

    Also apparently John Stamos is a real good looking man, which I never really think about.

    Never, EVER post the screen cap which follows that sentence again. It looks like porn starring a serial killer.

    so it always sort of looks like it’s inside of a McDonalds or something

    Fittingly, as Full House is the McDonalds of TV: popular yet terrible.


  10. Thanks for the shout out! You are an inspiration and help me crack the rust off my creative writing activities. Though I have to say, bad as it is, I’m probably having more fun watching/reviewing He-Man than you are with Full House. He-Man does have it’s own Joey though, which is Orko. God, I hate Orko and that stupid music that plays whenever he’s around.

    “Joey was actually banging Danny’s sister for a minute until she was never seen or heard from again.”

    I’m thinking he murdered her. Danny better look into this. Might be a way to finally get that mooch out of the house (and into jail)!

    You have some awesome insights in this season recap, way to think critically about something that is mind numbingly inane. You know, when I was in 4th grade, I had a crush on this girl that, I thought, looked a lot like Stephanie. I thought that was a compliment at the time. She didn’t think so, and now I can see why. Anyway, I still won out over the other kid that was making a play for her. I remember taking her on a date to see Jurassic Park in the theater and my sweaty little palm holding her hand in the back seat of the car on the way home. I win!

    Oh, Jennifer Ross, what ever happened to you? I can’t remember if we “broke up” or if it just faded away. I did move schools shortly after that. Oh, well. I’ve had plenty of tail hotter than that Stephanie Tanner look-alike since then, so that’s another win!


    • Lauren H says:

      “You know, when I was in 4th grade, I had a crush on this girl that, I thought, looked a lot like Stephanie. I thought that was a compliment at the time. She didn’t think so, and now I can see why.”

      When I was around age 9 back in 1989, I had a kid come up to me at a park tell me he thought I looked like Stephanie…then he proceeded to harass me the rest of the time I was at the park, semi-convinced I was actually Jodi Sweetin. I looked NOTHING like her, and I didn’t think it was a compliment either, but that’s probably because the kid harassing me looked like Davey Chu.


  11. khoreia says:

    This show is one that is partially responsible to blame for my automatically starting out many internet or even spoken comments with ‘dude.’ I’m pretty sure of it at this point. This and ‘Clarissa Explains It All.’ Has anyone reviewed Clarissa episode-by-episode? Because I TOTALLY will. so. anyway.

    Dude, don’t give up. You are actually pretty damn hilarious and inspiring. Your writing is amazing, and I’m assuming that is how you talk IRL in casual situations, so in my head you are some like demi-god of comedic timing and phrasing. This blog has caused others to want to write and revisit their pasts. As I’ve said before, it’s almost a psychosocial analysis of a major pop culture component that influenced part of a generation (sort of wish I was kidding). I share the blog on occasion in an attempt to hook others.

    Several years ago, I joined in with a production crew that operated under the name ‘Full House Productions’. If I can find any of the old flyers online, I will post them. Totally hilarious. It made fun of the show while using the pull it brought to the demographic. aka it was pretty bad-ass and the events were awesome. Not raves. More like a crossover between the ravey vibe and club atmosphere. The crew took the catch phrases of the show and those became the names of the event. I’m pretty sure that ‘Have Mercy’ and ‘The Gibbler’ (the Halloween party) were the two best of the series. Shit I wish these were online.

    Thank you for gritting your teeth and continuing on, sir. I salute you. Oh hey Salute Your Shorts. There’s another one lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I used to watch Clarissa. Loved it. You should totally do it. But make sure you commit and don’t give up! I spend about 6 hours a week on He-Man, but my write ups are about 2,800 words (sometimes less) and I include a lot more screen caps and at least one gif (any more, more like 3 – 5) per episode. So, I probably go a little overboard.

      Anybody remember the show Erie Indiana? It’s on Netflix now. Was thinking that one might be fun to do. Alf might be a good one too. Good old Gordon Chumway…


      • Khoreia says:

        Ah I need to totally check out your He-man blog. I think reviewing Clarissa would be fun. I’m going to see where I can get the episodes.

        I used to love Erie Indiana. I remember it as being a younger less awesome version of Twin Peaks.


    • DawnieP says:

      Don’t forget Hey Dude, The Secret World of Alex Mac & You Can’t Do That on Television! I wouldn’t mind reading reviews for those classic Nickelodeon shows either.

      Liked by 1 person

      • khoreia says:

        oh man The Secret World of Alex Mac was seriously my shit. It was like the perfect combination of sci-fi/fantasy and pre-teen girlness for me at the time lol


  12. I’m yet another in the long line of fans who recently discovered this blog and spent the last few weeks of extra moments reading through all of the archives. Why? I don’t know. I was one of those little girls who loved this show when it originally aired. My friends and I would actually have sleepover parties centered on Full House. We’d walk to little grocery store more than three miles away just to buy junk food for the TGIF marathon, and then race to make it home before 7 p.m. My two sisters and I were roughly the same age as Michelle, Stephanie and DJ respectively, so we’d often compare situations in our lives to the girls’ situations on the show. DJ was someone I wanted to be and I thought she was super cool. It has been a lot of fun to relive my nostalgic memories of that show through the now-horrified lens of a 32-year-old adult who never realized what an awful, cliched, corny, self-indulgent show this really was. So, thank you.

    It must have been sometime during season four that I grew too old to watch Full House, as I have almost no memories of this or subsequent seasons. Oh well, I’m hooked on this blog now. I’ll be around until the bitter end.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Thanks for the shout-out (again) and also, old people loved Full House (and Family Matters). My great-grandparents and grandparents used to watch this show and thought the Olsen twins were adorable.
    And when I used to visit my great aunt in the old folks’ home on Friday Evenings, she & ALL the rest of the old people would be in the common room, watching TGIF. Whenever Michelle said or did anything, they thought it was the cutest thing they’d ever seen and Urkel’s property destruction was the highlight of their week.


    • The Venerable Bede says:

      Yep, I can confirm that my grandmother also loved Full House, and my aunt got her the DVDs of the show when they all came out.


  14. Katie says:

    Hang in there, Billy! I look forward to this every week. you’re most definitely earning some good karma.

    I’m completely floored I forgot about Vicki already. Sidenote, I saw in the comments you prefer we didn’t post spoilers in the comments, but it looks like someone already did regarding her. That said, the fact that I know she’ll be around again, yet STILL forgot about her blows my mind.

    I’m curious, Billy. Who is the lesser of two evils? Michelle or Stephanie? It seems you want Stephanie to be Judy Winslow’d, yet I read more hate on Michelle stuffing her face and being an asshole.


    • Billy Superstar says:

      i definitely hate michelle a lot more than stephanie. It’s not really feasible to me that Michelle could be Judy Winslowed because she’s pretty much the star of the show, but i bet they could’ve gotten away with stephanie’s mysterious disappearance…


      • Katie says:

        I figured as much. Watching the show as a kid, I thought Stephanie was annoying but didn’t hate Michelle at all. The times sure have changed.


  15. Sarah Portland says:

    I am starting my thesis year in school, so I don’t have time to do it myself, but somebody please, PLEASE do Small Wonders Reviewed. I showed an episode or two to some girls I was babysitting, and remember thinking it was a good show, but then being sort of horrified by the cheese factor. That, and the parents are kind of skanky.
    Keep on truckin’, Billy. Cuz Friday used to be payday, but now it’s FHR Day.


  16. The Jane says:

    Dude. I’m with you on reviewing Small Wonder. I watched the pilot on Youtube recently (as well as Out of This World and My Secret Identity) and all the jokes are sexually charged. It’s extremely creepy. Jokes the Mom makes to her son and visa versa…. The person I watched with and I spent more time looking at each other uncomfortably over what we just saw than actually focusing on the show.


  17. Kerri says:

    I’ve been reading this blog nonstop for three days. I have to say I was the demographic for this horrible and awesome show. I was born in 85 and me and the Olsen twins are the same age. Growing up, me and my mother would have the wildest TGIF and watch every episode. I love this blog and I still love Full House. It is possible to enjoy and detest a show at the same time. I am not ashamed to own the seasons on DVD…


  18. Non-Jerk Michelle says:

    Reading this blog kickstarts my weekend Billy, love it to the ends of the earth. I can’t believe I was so blind to how ludicrous Full House is, especially now after catching a couple of episodes late at night I realize how god awful Michelle Tanner is. Then again, like you said about the demographics of the FB group I’m preeeety sure this type of marketing is what kept us former little girls with our heads up our asses…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Allison says:

      I love how they never made a doll for Joey. I guess it would be too idiotic even for little kids.

      Liked by 1 person

    • DawnieP says:

      Wow! I don’t even remember this. Although, me and my friends did have the 90210 dolls.


    • Sarah! says:

      Oh god, I wanted those dolls SO BAD. They were on my Christmas list every year and my mom never got them, partly because she’s always completely disregarded any gift list I ever made, but also because she thought the Olsen twins were ugly and annoying.


    • Allison says:

      I love the kids can imagine any scenario for their Full House dolls and they imagine Michelle being an insufferable asshole (“Let’s have a picnic!” “I’ll be Michelle and hide instead”) and then the conflict is resolved by everyone agreeing they can’t function without her (“Doesn’t seem like a picnic…without MICHELLE!”)

      They really distilled the essence of the show there.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Keyne says:

    Thanks for another great season Billy! You’re doing a great and valuable service to the procrasinators on the Internet (like myself) who should be doing work and other things on Friday afternoons. Keep up the good work, I look forward to season 6 🙂


  20. navarro says:

    I used to watch this show all the time as a kid, and I’m a guy. at one point a long time ago I had a crush on Michelle when she was my age


  21. Staplerhed says:

    I can’t wait until season 8 gets the thrashing it deserves.
    As a now reformed fan of Full House thanks to your blog, I thank you every day for opening my eyes.


  22. leah says:

    I absolutely love this blog! I’m really looking forward to reading your recaps of the “Anus Clenchingly Bad” (LMAO) Sixth Season. I’m pretty sure that’s the season that had the museum field trip episode. One of the girls from my brother’s kindergarten class was in that one, but she didn’t have a speaking part. Now she’s probably about 25, and she probably tries to forget that it ever happened.


  23. DawnieP says:

    Thanks Billy! I look forward to reading your reviews every week.


  24. Becki says:

    They did have a Joey doll, you got it free if you mailed in something off of the packaging of the Jesse,Becky and twin boys box.


  25. Jessie says:

    Don’t give up.

    Think of the boom mic operator, the editors, the stand-ins, the makeup artists: the folks that actually had to work on this show. They came in day after day, year after year, pouring their lives into this.

    Remember that you have it so much easier than the people that were actually on set for all this.


  26. Bridget says:

    Think of “Julia and Julie” too. Julie never gave up that year she was making everyone of Julia Child’s recipes even though she lost it with the lobsters and the aspic. Just 3 more seasons and you’re done!


  27. Dr. Bitz says:

    Obviously I love this blog.

    But with that out of the way, it occurred to me that as the show gets crappier the more you don’t want to watch and review it. However, all us fans keep saying how much we love it and want you to keep doing it…and you do.

    Are we the daughters and you the fathers? Do you feel beholden to us and our demands? Do we feel like the world revolves around us? Are you going to start kissing me on the lips in a way that makes other people uncomfortable?


    • morelikefoolhouse says:

      If he hooks us with some smouldering Bob Saget “I’m gonna fuck you so hard” looks before all the mouth kisses, then maybe it won’t be so bad. Personally, I would prefer to keep the daddy-daughter play to a minimum though, for the sake of our souls.


    • The Venerable Bede says:

      I love this comment.


  28. Heather says:

    I saw an episode of FH several months ago that I can NOT wait for you to review! Danny bathes with the twins while Becky watches. It’s the most frightening and bizarre situational comedy moment in tv history. I can’t believe the show wasn’t taken off the air after that episode aired. I almost shit and fell back in it when I saw that! I’m so excited, b/c I think it’s in season 6. If not, it’s gotta be in 7 b/c the boys were pretty young.
    Thanks for this blog btw. It thrills me to watch you mentally unravel as you continue to review this sgitty show. You’re the best!!


  29. thanks billy, I’ve seen this show, it’s pretty bad. your helairous reviews make my week. I don’t know how you can keep watching this cornny show. the only thing that kept me watching was the dickhardening lorry loalend’s wet pussy. danny’s gayness for joey always made me wonder how this show got a G rating.


  30. I still don’t fucking understand how this show lasted 8 seasons! this show is clearly meant for little kids that’s why it is so cornny n based around anoying michelle. I don’t understand how lorry’s hot ass got on a kids show anyway. only thing that keeps the boys watching. only good thing about this show for that matter except for mabey watching danny n joey fuck n get cum all over the sheets in every episode. this should’ve been on dizney, but not ABC.


  31. no.way.jose says:

    I love what you wrote about the women on the show in this edition! Nobody’s passing the Bechdel Test around here!

    I know that you wrote this a while ago, but I thought I would quickly weigh in on the issue of the little girls who constituted the viewership of this worthless pantload. I was one such little girl, and this show was a terrible influence! I don’t have the kind of parents who would have allowed me to do things like let people into the house without them knowing about it or serve myself THAT much spaghetti at dinner time, but they couldn’t stop me from being a cringe-inducing cornball. I blame Stephanie. Just for fun a few days ago I watched an episode before reading your review of it, and Stephanie referred to an upcoming birthday as “the big 1-0!” That’s exactly the kind of joke I used to make. It’s very fortunate that both of my parents are old and at least one of them is foreign, so they had no idea what I was talking about. This at least means they don’t have memories to dredge up when I bring friends over.


  32. matchbox920 says:

    Have to say, the screencap of Joey and Mr. Woodwhuck is the scariest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s enough to give people nightmares.


  33. Megan says:

    the Tanner girls had cool clothes and the music was better back then. i love the 90’s . but 2013 yuck!


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