Season 6, Episode 12, “A Very Tanner Christmas”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Michelle wants to put an enormous stocking up for herself above the fireplace.  That’s right, motherfuckers, it’s Christmas at the full house!

Jesse sprays fake snow on the back door’s window panes in an attempt to ease Becky’s sadness over having Christmas in California, where it does not snow.  Wow, that’s, like, the most effort he’s ever put into their marriage.  DJ comes in with Steve and asks him to tell her the big important news that he has.  He reveals that he got into Daytona Beach University in Florida, which DJ is less than thrilled about because it’s so far away and also a pretty shitty sounding school.

As Danny and Joey bring in the Christmas tree, Becky reminisces about the white Christmases of her youth in Nebraska and then Stephanie and Michelle start going on and on about all the presents they want.  Jesse is affected by their rampant consumerism and tries to explain to them that there’s more to the holidays than just getting presents, then he tells them that he’s just thought of the perfect gift for them.

The next scene opens on Christmas morning at the full house.  Danny complains about how Vicky can’t be there because she’s covering the elections in Sweden and then Stephanie and Michelle get up Jesse’s ass about what their special gift is.  Jesse tells them that it’s not ready yet and then Danny explains to them that it will show them the real meaning of Christmas.  There is then some exposition about the Christmas party they’re going to be having at the full house later, where Joey is going to play the part of Santa. Lots of set-ups here, you guys.

Steve comes over to exchange gifts with DJ.  She gives him a really expensive jacket and he gets her a sweatshirt from his new college.  She throws the sweatshirt down and runs up to her room like she’s 5 years old but actually maybe you can’t even really blame her because that is a real rub-your-face-in-shit kind of a gift.

Steve follows DJ up to her room and asks what the big fuckin’ problem is.  She says that she’s worried about the future of their relationship since he’s going to be moving so far away but he says it’s no big deal because they can still never have sex no matter where he lives.  DJ starts talking shit about the dumb party school that Steve got into and then he accuses her of buying him an expensive jacket for Christmas as a means of bribing him into staying, which makes the audience go, “oooh!”  They both get all pissed off and then Steve leaves in a huff and I can’t help but be surprised that the Christmas episode would revolve around DJ and Steve having a shitty breakup.  Also, how come they never talked before about what would happen when he left for college?

At the Christmas party, DJ gifts the twins with snow globes, which makes Becky even more nostalgic for the white Christmases of her youth.  Kimmie Gibbler comes over and tries to comfort DJ’s post-breakup status by bringing the entire wrestling team over to railroad her.

Danny makes eggnog in the kitchen while singing a song to himself about how sad he is that Vicky isn’t around and then Jesse comes home with Stephanie and Michelle.  The girls explain to Danny that Jesse’s special gift to them was a visit to a homeless shelter where they did volunteer work.  Gentle music plays as the girls describe their eye-opening experience, which might make you more empathetic to the plight of the homeless if you ever actually saw any homeless people.  Danny tells the girls that he’s proud of them and that if more people helped out like they did, the world would be a better place.  So, thanks, Full House, for reminding us of the plight of the needy without making us have to actually look at them, because that would have been unpleasant.  Seriously, I think that this has to be the most fucking patronizing and misguided special lesson of them all.   I honestly can’t think of a worse way to spread awareness about the importance of helping the needy than to show a bunch of rich white people sitting around their kitchen talking about it.

DJ strikes out with all the guys on the wrestling team because she can’t stop talking about Steve and then Kimmie Gibbler tries to swoop in on the action but the only person who will make out with her is the dog.  Man, I’m tired of the terrible treatment that my homegirl KG receives at the full house every week.  She’s the only tolerable character on the whole show and yet everyone treats her like shit.  I’d make out with you, Kimmie Gibbler, and I’d even tell all of my friends about it afterwards.

Danny takes DJ into the kitchen for a very special talk about her relationship with Steve.  He tells her that long-distance relationships can work out sometimes, just like the one he has with Vicky, and never once mentions that she’s only like 16 years old and there’s no chance in hell that their relationship is ever going to last.  I guess it’s cool to be a supportive dad and everything but I think that this would be a good time to drop some real-world knowledge for once.  He does call her out on trying to buy Steve’s love with that expensive jacket, though, which is better than nothing.

DJ fails to get reach Steve on the phone and then the scene is interrupted by the announcement that Joey has come out in his Santa outfit.  A ring at the doorbell reveals a second Santa, who immediately starts kissing Danny on the mouth.  Has Danny finally come out of the closet for Christmas?  It’s a holiday miracle!

The sensual Santa removes his beard to reveal an even bigger beard, Vicky.  She tries to make sense of why she would arrive unannounced in a Santa costume but there’s really no justifying such a forced reveal.

DJ approaches who she assumes is the Joey Santa and starts talking about all of her regrets about being such a rotten bitch to Steve but then Joey Santa emerges from the other end of the living room.  Everyone wonders who the extra Santa is and then it turns out to be Steve, who has apparently been walking around the party incognito and observing everyone’s ridiculous holiday drama.

Steve explains that walking around the full house in a Santa costume was the only way for him to be able to talk to DJ, which makes even less sense than Vicky’s explanation for why she showed up in a Santa costume.  He and DJ make up and then he tells her that he’s not going to go to the school in Florida and will attend junior college in town instead, which is just the latest example of the fundamental lesson of Full House: everything will be ok just as long as everyone gets everything they want all the time.  Way to plan your life around your frigid teenage girlfriend, Steve!

Jesse tells Becky that he has one last surprise for her and then he takes her to the backyard, which he’s filled with snow somehow.  An even bigger miracle than his ability to control the climate in the backyard is the fact that he actually put any effort into doing something thoughtful for his wife for once.  It’s truly a Christmas miracle!  The denizens of the full house frolic in the snow out back while all the extras at the party stand around on the porch watching them and a terrible contemporary rendition of “Winter Wonderland” plays.  Merry fucking Christmas, assholes!

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86 Responses to Season 6, Episode 12, “A Very Tanner Christmas”

  1. penny says:

    “The sensual Santa removes his beard to reveal an even bigger beard…”

    Your writing just gets better and better. LOL.

    So how does this compare to Christmas in the Airport? At least the True Meaning of Christmas is matched in a Help the Homeless?

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    • Scruggy says:

      Exactly what I was going to reiterate! I lol’d! 🙂


    • Tyler says:

      I second this. Great quote


    • Angela says:

      That “beard” line is indeed a damn good one. Perfect.


      I honestly can’t think of a worse way to spread awareness about the importance of helping the needy than to show a bunch of rich white people sitting around their kitchen talking about it.

      The words “Republican Party” have suddenly popped into my head upon reading that sentence. Damned leftover election residue.

      I do have to say, by the way, that I’m with Becky here-like her, I’m from the middle of the U.S. (Iowa), and Christmas without snow is just wrong to me.

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      • Austin says:

        I’m 23, and I’m from Tennessee. Only once ever had it snowed on Christmas. It was a true Christmas miracle, because “I’m dreaming of a brown and grey Christmas” just doesn’t make a good radio hit.


    • yoyuyoyo says:

      I didn’t get it at first until I looked up beard on urban dictionary – “a man or woman used as a cover for a gay partner”

      That’s awesome.

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      • Dawn says:

        Thanks for saving me the search I was confused by the joke also Ahhh Billy yet another intriguing lesson in vocab which I woulda never learned without ur educational writings LOL

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  2. mgroves says:

    Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) has literally NO credits since Full House. None. I hate to crush your aspirations, but apparently she’s married with kids now.


    • Allison says:

      Actually, she did recently star in something…with Coulier.


      • That’s an interesting name for a show featuring Dave Coulier, considering that he expressly does not swear in his comedy and looks down on “dirty” comics. Like his old costar, Bob Saget.


      • lugnut says:

        Y’know, he *says* he’s never cursed on-stage, but I’m 99% positive that I saw him on one of HBO’s “Comic Relief” benefits circa ’89-90 and he did a very filthy version of…well, pretty much just Uncle Joey. All of his crappy cartoon voices, but saying profane stuff. The one thing that stands out in memory was a bit about how Yosemite Sam always mutters fake obscenities under his breath after being bested by Bugs Bunny, so wouldn’t it be nice if for once he would just let loose and yell “Oooooh, I hate that fuckin’ rabbit!”


      • LORIMAR-Telepictures says:

        Saw him back in Montreal back in 2003 at Just For Laughs where he did a bit about African music and he said that it all sounds like “Kill Whitey.”

        And he has sworn onstage and on the Full House set. Season two in an outtake, he says to Stamos “It’s called Full House ya DIPSHIT!!!”


      • Alex says:

        If you actually watched the video, you’d know that he was a “guest star” on this video and not actually the host of this video, so no cursing from him.


  3. shane says:

    I remember thinking when I saw this episode that that was a pretty sweet jacket dj got steve, which in no way makes up for all the sex he’s not having with her.

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  4. Rob says:

    I can’t believe you let the “covering the election in Sweden” thing go. It’s absurd enough that a local news anchor would cover some random international election, but do the writers of Full House think their viewers are so ignorant that a country holding an election on Christmas Day makes sense? In an overwhelmingly Christian country? I suppose the Full House geopolitical model is that everywhere beyond the confines of San Fransisco is a bizarre and incomprehensible grab-bag of wars, elections, and poverty littered randomly across time and space.

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    • Papouli says:

      Totally agree! I spent the rest of the blog from that point on wondering, WHAT ELECTION IN SWEDEN?! WHY?!


    • o3mta3o says:

      also, the fact that elections are held in september in sweden. they could have just said that she was with HER family.


      • Cassandra says:

        I can’t believe I’m defending Full House, but when I heard that Vicky was covering the election in Sweden (a local newstation covering an international election notwithstanding), I just assumed – without knowing that the elections are held only in September- that she wasn’t covering the ballot-in-box election but rather the run-up to an election. Political hobknobbing, candidates vying for attention at public Christmas festivities, photo ops at homeless shelters (coincidentally enough) and so forth. Which only makes the subplot marginally less absurd, but still.


  5. Jimbone says:

    I’m amazed at what a wonderful character Jesse was this episode. I admit I didn’t just watch it like you, and maybe there were some cracks in the facade where his true nature shown through, but it sounds like they wrote him as a truly caring human being for once. It makes me think that they had another “grandparent” who was to be coming over and then never heard from again but at the last minute they came down with syphilis and they just gave the role to Jesse.


  6. Brad says:

    I’m actually surprised that the big reveal at the end wasn’t that Jesse was “just messing with them” and their “real” presents were downstairs, now that they finally “learned the real meaning of Christmas”. Of course that went right over Stephanie and Michelle’s little heads as they are savagely tearing apart the wrapping of whatever the cool toys of 1993 were. Cue canned laughter.


  7. Bridget says:

    At least on “The Golden Girls” the ladies actually stayed over night at a homeless shelter to get a jacket that had been accidentally donated because it had a winning lottery ticket in the pocket. The ticket amount was large enough to choke an elephant and all four decided that the people running the shelter would be the better recipients of said ticket. They gave it to the priest running the shelter. I know those were actors and actresses playing the homeless parts and the least “Full House” could have done was to actually show Stephanie and Michelle at the shelter instead of implying it. Maybe everyone would have thought that Michelle wasn’t a spoiled little princess otherwise!


    • Amy says:

      And there was actually a homeless Christmas episode of GG as well. Stan learns that there are people less fortunate than he is, despite his wife leaving him and his business tanking. The Lutheran minister delivers a line about the need for the church to do more than just minister to people’s spiritual needs. And we all learn that Sicilians eat eel for Christmas dinner. But once again, the faux homeless are shown and its set at a homeless Christmas dinner feed held at the church. GG: 2 FH: 0


    • penny says:

      It’s called low-budget. Think how much money they’d have to shell out to build a new set of a homeless shelter and hire a whole bunch of extras to play homeless people. Not to mention have to write a whole new scene.


  8. Rudy Zoltec says:

    “Kimmie Gibbler comes over and tries to comfort DJ’s post-breakup status by bringing the entire wrestling team over to railroad her.”

    They sure found a way to make sure every race got covered there.


  9. Manny Tanner says:

    “…they can still never have sex no matter where he lives.”

    ohmygod this blog is such a ray of fucking sunshine. Goddamn, I love it so much.

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  10. kenzington says:

    There’s a later episode where DJ is seriously butthurt about not getting into Stanford, so the fact that she basically forced Steve to give up a four-year university for community college is even more shitty. There’s nothing wrong with community college, but considering her own standards are so high, she clearly doesn’t give a crap about him as a person.


    • Corey says:

      There was a really strange trend in ’90s sitcoms to have at least one episode discussing the perils of attending a “party school.” It’s pretty fucked up, because it truly affected the way I perceived colleges for many years. If there’s one thing I learned as an adult, however, it’s that any 4-year university can give you an incredible education, and having a rep as a “party school” just means you’re going to have a hell of a lot of fun while you’re there.

      So, Full House can suck it. They taught an entire generation that any college near a beach must be pure shit. Another great lesson to destroy America…

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      • Conversely, any college is a party school if that’s what you want out of it.

        More to your point, I went to Arizona State, which Playboy has more than once named the #1 party school. I graduated with honors, and had a hell of a good time doing it.


  11. Dr. Bitz says:

    I remember this episode. It’s funny that apparently Christmas is the ONLY time of year that Michelle and Stephanie aren’t allowed to be greedy and selfish. Maybe they would already know the true meaning of Christmas if they didn’t always get what they want all of the time!

    Speaking of the true meaning of Christmas, after Danny told them Jersey’s present was going to show them the true meaning of Christmas how did Stephanie and Michelle NOT know what the gift was going to be? Have they never seen any Christmas special ever?


  12. Rudy Zoltec says:

    In a realistic world a sex-starved Steve would be spending his college years boning hot sorority girls and MIchelle’s comically-large stocking would be filled completely with dog food.


  13. cerebralPaulz says:

    Great review, I might need to watch this one and see aunt Becky’s sheer blouse in motion.


  14. Corey says:

    Once again, we have a ham-fisted effort by the writers to deprecate the amazing Kimmy Gibbler. The girl shows up to a family holiday party in a tight leopard-print dress and announces that she’s down for any teenage boy that wants a piece, and they all shun her? Let’s be real, Full House.

    Also, I haven’t seen this episode in years, but I specifically remember Michelle delivering a very painful line about her experience at the homeless shelter: “When I saw them, it made me feel sad.” She says it with the same shark-eyed, soulless disinterest as the Yankee Doodle line. Yet another shining example of the characters on this show failing to give even the slightest fuck about anybody else.


    • Billy Superstar says:

      yeah, when michelle said, “when i saw them, it made me feel sad” and then the audience went, “aww” it really made my asshole clench.


  15. Wilkins says:

    I’m surprised one of the Santas at the party wasn’t revealed to be the “actual” Santa, there to impart an important Christmas lesson or something.


  16. Sarah Portland says:

    I have zero deductive reasoning, guys: none. Yet, from the set-up described in the first paragraph, I guessed at this entire episode without remembering having watched it the first time.
    Frankly, I have to wonder at Jermsey. Really? He’s doing something other than wasting a good job, whining about his hair, or eating fried chicken? Is he allowed to have more character traits, like being a good human being, or pointing out how selfless it is to help the homeless on Christmas?
    And DJ is bitching about how her boyfriend will be going away to school far from her? My God, he might actually leave her orbit and do something on his own!
    Maybe it’s because I’m having a lousy day, but I would like to take this moment to personally kick everyone on this show in the face.


  17. Ashley says:

    Wow, this must’ve been a really bad episode, because I can’t remember this one at all, and it wasn’t too long ago that I had my last DVD re-watch.


  18. Bridget says:

    I remember from the same episode of “The Golden Girls” the ladies serving fruit cakes from Xmases past to the homeless and the ladies getting more fruit cake back than when they started. Dorothy praised her ex-husband because he did his best to provide Michael and Kate with a Christmas after he lost his job when they were younger. I also remember him telling his kids that they were watching “King of Kings” when it was really a movie about Jesse Owens and the way he had to give up his Olympic awards. I hope I mentioned the right athlete!


  19. Where the hell did Michelle get that giant stocking, anyway?

    “The girls explain to Danny that Jesse’s special gift to them was a visit to a homeless shelter where they did volunteer work. Gentle music plays as the girls describe their eye-opening experience, which might make you more empathetic to the plight of the homeless if you ever actually saw any homeless people. Danny tells the girls that he’s proud of them and that if more people helped out like they did, the world would be a better place.”

    Okay, first of all, I’m going to go ahead and say that this was a really good gift from Jesse for a few reasons. 1) Have you ever tried to volunteer at a homeless shelter at Thanksgiving or Christmas? You have to sign up months in advance because EVERYBODY tries to help during the holidays. 2) It was free for Jesse, which obviously suits him just fine (just look at the smug look on his face in that screen cap).

    Now to criticize. Danny, you’re fucking wrong. You have to sign up months in advance to help the homeless on a holiday BECAUSE everyone in the fucking world is like Michelle and Stephanie and wants to volunteer their time on one or two very specific days a year. What would make the world a better place is if every one were NOT like Michelle and Stephanie, and volunteered their time on a regular basis through out the whole year.

    Finally, I know this has been lauded a few times in the comments already, but:

    “The sensual Santa removes his beard to reveal an even bigger beard, Vicky.”

    Oh my God, I fucking died. So funny.


    • navarro says:

      Now that u mention it, where could Michelle possible get a stocking like that? Its not like she bought it and certainly didn’t make it


    • Teebore says:

      Good point about the availability of charity at Christmas. Jermsey should have taken them to a homeless shelter in, I dunno, June. Then it would have really been helpful.


  20. Bridget says:

    I remember Rebecca on “Cheers” wearing a roomy red dress like DJ and how everyone thought she was pregnant!


  21. navarro says:

    I wished you woulda covered all the people that attended the party, cause they didn’t take any effort to talk to the tanners. like who the hell are they? Are they family members that have never been mentioned before? And if they’re not, shouldn’t they be with their own family?


  22. Bridget says:

    I mentioned the wrong athlete. It was Jim Thorpe who had to give back his Olympic awards almost one hundred years ago because he played semi-professional baseball at the same time of winning the awards. On another note: Michelle looks positively evil with that stocking!


  23. Michelle's acting coach says:

    If only Michelle’s “makes me feel sad” line was her worst for the episode. Far worse was her delivery on her “out of control” Santa comment.
    Also, was there a very special episode on D.J.’s abortion? Or was her pregnancy in this episode swept under the rug along with the grandparents and Jesse’s real last name?


  24. Katie says:

    “Danny tells the girls that he’s proud of them and that if more people helped out like they did, the world would be a better place.”

    And we shall never speak of the homeless in the full house again.

    “The denizens of the full house frolic in the snow out back while all the extras at the party stand around on the porch watching them and a terrible contemporary rendition of “Winter Wonderland” plays.”

    Why did they even bother with the extras? They could have brought back the grandparents, that flaky sister that banged Joey or even Becky’s asshole cousin. So much wasted opportunity.


  25. Mike says:

    I can’t wait for you to review the episode where D.J. forgets Kimmy’s birthday, and the one where Stephanie finds out her classmate is abused by his dad. My brain is exploding with things you might say.


  26. Christian says:

    I remember this episode only because of the stupid scene where Steve conveniently waited until they got to the Full House before telling her his “big news”. Why exactly couldn’t he tell her about his stupid college acceptance at school where they spent the entire freaking day together? Or on the way home from school where it was heavily implied that DJ spent the entire time begging Steve to tell her the news? It’s very considerate of Steve to wait until they were in front of the studio audience that lives in DJ’s kitchen.


  27. Ryan says:

    I do not remember this episode at all.

    I’m surprised you ignored the whole ‘elections in Sweden’ thing. I mean, it doesn’t even make sense. They could’ve just said she was spending Christmas with her family, or she was stuck in an airport due to a snowstorm or something.

    This episode pretty much sucked.


  28. Collin says:

    Uncle Jesse’s “explanation” for how he made it snow is worth mentioning: “Santa knows a guy who makes snow cones, and I bought 17,000 of them.”

    I wonder where he got the $20,000 that would have cost.

    I guess the Rush Hour Renegades gig pays better than I thought. Still, I can’t help thinking that money would have been better spent towards a house for his family so that his two children no longer have to live in a closet in his brother-in-law’s attic.


    • Billy Superstar says:

      yeah, i didn’t even touch that one. it’s weird because she asks him how he did it several times and then his explanation makes no sense. it’s like, ok, you have 17,000 snow cones… how exactly does that make you able to coat the backyard with snow in less than an hour? no explanation would have been better than this half-baked one.


  29. pigsnot says:

    Can’t get enough of Kimmie I’d like to nibble her gibbler


  30. Teebore says:

    Michelle wants to put an enormous stocking up for herself above the fireplace.

    Of course she does…

    Jesse sprays fake snow on the back door’s window panes in an attempt to ease Becky’s sadness over having Christmas in California

    This is hardly her first Christmas in California, right? I mean, she’s been part of the full house for years at this point, even if she did escape to Nebraska for a few of those early Christmases.

    Danny complains about how Vicky can’t be there because she’s covering the elections in Sweden

    Other commenters have already pointed out what an unnecessarily complicated ad illogical explanation for her absence that is…

    At the Christmas party, DJ gifts the twins with snow globes

    That’s a pretty crappy gift for toddlers, DJ.

    I’d make out with you, Kimmie Gibbler, and I’d even tell all of my friends about it afterwards.

    Hells to the yeah. Check out that smoking dress she’s wearing.

    The sensual Santa removes his beard to reveal an even bigger beard, Vicky.

    *Slow clap*

    …while all the extras at the party stand around on the porch…

    Who are all these people? Why are these people at a Christmas party on Christmas day instead of with their families? That’s one of those conceits of TV that drives me nuts.


  31. Fweezle says:

    The homeless bit annoyed me as much as DJ learning about Alzheimer’s last season. I get that they live in one of the fancy neighborhoods of SF (Laurel Heights if the show is set where the actual house is), but you’d think even living on the edge of the filthy rich neighborhood they’d have seen at least one crusty guy in filthy camo take a wiz in broad daylight while rambling incoherently. It’s what the City is famous for! Especially when you keep in mind that they live near two major hospitals. Perhaps this is why the Tanner clan never leaves the full house? Because everything outside Broderick St. is crawling with danger?


  32. catwalkspy says:

    Why does DJ always dress like a dumpy middle aged Avon lady? It looks like she’s wearing a maternity dress in this ep. And the boys are all over her and not Kimmy? FH writers are constantly trying to force us to believe that DJ is hot and universally desired by all the boys at school. I won’t have it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Allison says:

      I’m assuming this is another terrible “moral” forced in by the producers….if you’re a perfect pure virgin like DJ who won’t even make out with a guy at the drive-in guys will love you, but if you seem easy you’ll be shunned for life.

      Damn you, Full House. Team Gibbler for life.

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  33. SavaFiend says:

    I don’t understand how DJ could really mistake Santa-Steve for Santa-Joey. Seriously? DJ is like stalker-obsessed with Steve to the point where she doesn’t want him to go to his college of choice because it’s too far away, and yet, she can’t recognize the guy when he’s standing right in front of her wearing a fake beard and glasses? Really, DJ? That’s the kind of “suspend logic” that Disney later used in that stupid Hannah Montana show, expecting viewers to really believe a half-assed disguise will work so well!

    Side note: Kimmie Gibbler wearing leopard print on Christmas? Awesome!


  34. SavaFiend says:

    Also, I thought in a prior episode, Kimmie was asking Steve to hook her up with guys on the wrestling team. Here, Kimmie is the one bringing over the whole damn team to try to cheer DJ up. Wonder what happened between that episode and this one that made Kimmie so popular with the wrestlers, hmm…?

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  35. matchbox920 says:

    I have to say, this is one of the very few episodes I don’t remember at all. Is that good or bad?!


  36. Amanda says:

    This was the exchange between DJ and Steve in the first scene.

    DJ: so, Steve, tell me. What’s the big surprise?
    Steve: Okay, Deej. I’ll tell you. The greatest thing just happened to me.
    DJ: You inherited a Dunkin’ Donuts shop?
    Steve: That would be great. No, I got accepted to college.

    The Bostonian in me was delighted by this little commentary. I had no idea they had reached popularity in San Fran over 20 years ago!


  37. Ashley says:

    I can’t understand how Kimmy is always turned down by boys. There is no way she would have been rejected if she’d gone to my High School. Not only is she beautiful, but she has a naturally thin body. I’m pretty sure a lot of guys would have wanted her jsut for that reason. Plus she wasn’t an overall bad person. I’m sure more guys would want her over DJ. She’d be more fun.

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  38. Closet FH Fan says:

    DJ is wearing a baby doll dress, very popular at the time… Ah ’92 RIP


  39. Martin Tanner's Ghost says:

    Huh, I don’t remember this episode at all. The only part I remember is when Jesse’s spraying the windows, but I thought that was from the later Christmas episode.


  40. Melody says:

    I remember getting lectured when I was about eight for writing a Christmas wish list . . . if I’d ever shown up with a Michelle-sized stocking, I wouldn’t be here now! I can’t believe how much of that stuff is supposed to be viewed as “adorable”.

    For the people wondering where she got such a thing, my guess is that she stuck out her lower lip and gazed up at some member of her family with cow eyes and, mostly to prevent themselves from barfing on her, they said they’d do anything she wanted. So they either bought or made her a stocking she could fit into (probably debating with themselves the whole time whether or not they could make it a soundproof straightjacket so they can stick Michelle in a sewer without her screaming and finding her way back to the house).

    The (“hilariously” convoluted) reason Steve shows up to the party incognito is that D.J. kept calling him without saying a word and whenever he called her, she hung up — something stupid like that. You’d think that, living with Danny and Uncle Jesse and Joey for six years, she’d know by now that nothing but a completely honest conversation and a round of hugs will ever solve any problem.

    Poor Kimmy — her parents will literally pay for her to take any vacation anywhere in the world at any time, meaning they really don’t want her around, and her best friend’s family treats her like she’s Meg Griffin or something. (Another girl who doesn’t deserve any of the nasty treatment she’s only on the show for.)


  41. Bridget says:

    I read on how kids under 16 aren’t allowed to volunteer for an hour at a homeless shelter. The shift is 6 hours long and some of the homeless aren’t allowed access to kids under 16.


  42. Matthew Flores says:

    This episode of Full House is the reason I celebrate Festivus instead.
    “I got a lot of problems with you people. And now, you’re going to hear about them.”

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  43. As someone who lives where it does snow, Hollywoods fake snow always makes me roll my eyes. And this “snow” is no exception. But I shouldn’t hold this show to too high a standard


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