Montage: The Most Disturbing Images To Come Out of the Full House

For such a wholesome series, Full House sure did present an awful lot of disturbing images, many of them of a sexual nature.  Here are the best ones!

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48 Responses to Montage: The Most Disturbing Images To Come Out of the Full House

  1. Sara Wilson says:

    So many pics of different family members making out and some (or all) of the family standing there watching like idiots. I was dying laughing!

    And how about that one of Joey in the shadows at the bedroom door?

    And the last one killed me!


    • Jordan says:

      I was actually just going to mention the ‘shady Joey’ pic. So creepy!

      Also, was that Joey kissing Rebecca Donaldson on air? I don’t remember that one…


      • Sara Wilson says:

        Remember the ep where Jesse had the “dream” of what his future would look like and he ended up a fat bald mechanic? This was on the TV he was watching, how Becky ended up without him.


      • Sarah Portland says:

        That one included that creepy part where he was married to Kimmie Gibbler, and she was dressed like Peg Bundy. O.o


    • Angela says:

      Almost expect to hear the ‘Psycho’ music start up with the shot of Joey in the doorway, don’t you?

      The ones where Jesse’s getting the s’more off Joey’s butt and Joey’s, uh, lounging in the bathtub are my picks for creepiest moments ever. But this entire montage is quite disturbing. So, uh, thanks for the nightmare fuel?


  2. Alicia says:

    apparently one of the writers had a foot fetish. I didn’t realize how many foot related scenes there were until you put them all together!


    • Nukegrrrl says:

      You beat me to it, on the foot fetish becoming apparent to us now. Wasn’t there also a thinly veiled joke in one of the episodes about water sports?

      I think Billy mentioned it in a review, but I can’t remember for sure. I guess we can all type “full house water sports” into Google until we find out which episode it was. Or at least until Google’s first search result for Full House becomes “full house water sports.”

      Because it takes a village, people. Or maybe it takes a full house?


  3. Sarah Portland says:

    I feel like those last four sum up this entire show, and the audience’s experience with it.


  4. Sally says:

    Joey in the bathtub OOOOMMMGGG! Thanks, I didn’t need to eat today, anyway…


  5. Non-Jerk Michelle says:

    I burst out laughing when I saw the picture of Michelle with the ice cream bar in her hand and chocolate all over her mouth.

    It looks like she’s eating shit.


  6. garrett7m says:

    In Full House, Monkey spank you!

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  7. GottaHavePie says:

    I wish you had included the picture of all of those baby feet from the music video. That was scary.


  8. Kamdan says:

    Where’s the cap from Captain Video, Part 2 where Jesse has one of the naked twins lifted in the air. How the fuck did they let that go by?!


  9. Comet says:

    Me while reading this:

    Funny screencaps? Certainly we’ll see Danny in the tub with the twins. Nope not yet. Weird, I thought I would have seen it in here by now. Here’s a bunch about feet, but no Danny in the tub with the twins. Those Tommy Page ones don’t seem so bad. Seriously, Danny in the tub with the twins. Where is it? He wouldn’t have forgotten it, would he? There’s Joey in the bathtub, maybe we’re at the bathtub section now. OH MY GOD IT WASN’T THERE!! He forgot it! Dancers, monkeys. Twins twins twins twins…IT’S NOT IN THE TWINS SECTION EITHER!! Stephanie’s O face (hey, I forgot about that one). WHERE IS DANNY IN THE TUB WITH THE TWINS!!??

    Oh, there it is. Thank god. And just as disturbing ever.


  10. Lisa says:

    This. OMG. I can’t stop laughing. My favorites are the ones of Danny loosening his tie while he sits on his bed with DJ, and of Joey standing creepily in the darkened doorway of Michelle’s room. Just goes to show what total creeps the dads are and how fucked up that family is… not to mention everyone’s kissing each other on the lips in every other picture. Lol. Thanks for the laugh, Billy! I’ve been going through the archives because I’m in denial that this blog has almost reached its end 😦


    • Lisa says:

      Hey where’s the identifying profile picture of your cat?! Now there’s nothing left to distinguish between the two of us Lisas! 🙂


      • Lisa says:

        Haha! I don’t have a cat… are you thinking of another Lisa? I’ve only commented a few times, so I’m not too familiar with the regular commenters (except for Teebore lol)


    • SJSiff says:

      The fact that there is absolutely no context to any of these just makes them that much more amusing.


  11. Louise says:



  12. The Twins' Speech Therapist says:

    ZOMG, y’all!

    The Full House dads are doing a live question and answer on Reddit! Get over there now!


  13. Brynn says:

    I am laughing SO HARD at this!! Awkward! Ohhhh my gosh, so awkward.


  14. Vamking12 says:

    Billy I’m so fucking sorry I did’t tell you faster

    But the guys on full house ALL OF THEM just a answer 2000 question about the show.

    On reddit. And they made fun of full house


  15. Emily says:

    That is one of the most disturbing photo montages I’ve ever seen. If this was all you had to judge Full House on it would be banned from network TV, and certainly not a show for kids. gross. I think the only good thing that came out of the 100’s of hours I spent watching Full House in syndication as a kid is that I can more thoroughly appreciate this blog. What a waste of a young life. I could have been playing nintendo!


  16. Elevensies says:

    Oh man, regarding the Reddit AMA, I scrolled through it just to see if anyone brought up FHR and I found this:

    Redditor: Have any of you been on the website It reviews every episode of FH and hilariously critiques it. The author has a very strong hate of Joey and Uncle Jesse, but his hatred for Joey on the show has made him hate Dave Coulier in real life. You should check it out!

    John Stamos: Why would we check out something that hates us?

    Bob Sagat: The words “full House” are not able to appear on my computer, it’s like a vampire in a photograph, they just don’t show up.


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  17. numbskull says:

    How did Joey wearing the dance tights while getting ballet lessons from Stephanie not rank here?


    • Angela says:

      That came to my mind right away, too.

      I’m scared to ask what that says about the two of us that we can remember that screencap all this time later?


  18. sanefan says:

    Isn’t it funny how religious groups and activists like the Parents Television Council condemn television shows that appeal to adults and try to get them thrown off the air by taking jokes and pictures and such out of context? Maybe they should start applying their twisted logic to many of those television shows in this link (in which Full House is one of those shows) unless their goal is to have television take over the role of mother and father.

    Also, here’s another good list, “The 19 Most WTF Moments From “Full House”.


  19. CathySantone says:

    Somewhere someone is masturbating to all of these.


  20. Ashley says:

    One thing about how everyone says that Joey is creepy to be around little girls (including me, I’m sure I made a post about it once) is that I think Jesse is just as creepy. When Stephanie was a little girl, he had all of his attention on her and kissing her and everything. Once she hit about nine or so, he stopped paying attention to her and all of his focus was on Michelle. He was spending all of his time with her, and making out with her. Joey probably did most of his creepy stuff in secret, but we saw a lot of Jesse’s on screen. I never really realized that until I started reading this blog, and seeing a few episodes with it. Jesse seemed to really only pay attention to the girls when they were really little. Notice that Jesse and DJ really didn’t have that much of a relationship? She came into the show a little older than the other two did. They had some plots together, but for the most part it was Jesse and Stephanie when she was little, and then Jesse and Michelle when she was really little. All of these guys were constantly kissing the little girls, but Jesse did it the most. I think he could actually really fit into the creepy uncle as well as Joey. Although Joey wasn’t their uncle, he was just some weirdo who lived ACROSS from two little girls.

    I think there was more sexual stuff on this show than most people realized.

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  21. Brad says:

    Some of these pics should have a Brazzers logo superimposed on it


  22. mike says:

    i have tears running down my face….absolutely hilarious…


  23. Nicole says:

    I am at a CLE (continuing legal education) reading this and I had to stop looking at the pictures because I could not control my laughter. These pictures are fing hilarious. This is one of the greatest website I have ever seen.


  24. Stacy Hirsh says:

    How about Joey in the pink bunny suit from the episode “Arrest ye merry gentlemen? That was a disturbing moment 😛


  25. Mr. Farts says:

    You’re re-e-eally stretching with some of these.


  26. Kermit D Fonz says:

    Only perves and sick perverted asses like you guys would make these aligations and then one post said they should have brazzers logo on them well we know what that person watches if these pictures make u think that this is porn related material or perverted than you should really think about who really is the perverted one just saying


  27. I’m not amused by some of these, but the picture of Jesse being spanked by a monkey is the funniest picture on the Internet.


  28. JaneAlexis says:

    Kermit D Fonz, you are right, these people have serious mental issues, i guess


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