Top 10 Shittiest Moments Ever on Full House

Picking the Top 10 Shittiest Moments Ever on Full House is like selecting the finest grain of sand on a beach.  There’s just so much to sift through!  There are countless moments that could have qualified for this list but I did my best to look over the series and pick the ones that really stood out as the most glaring examples of why this show sucks so hard.  I’m sure people will have their own ideas and I look forward to reading them in the comments.  I was going to write an honorable mentions list but it would have had to include like half of the episodes.

Without further adieu, here it is, my own personal list of the Top 10 Shittiest Moments Ever on Full House:

10) The Endless Dream Sequence (Season 1, Episode 19, “The Seven-Month Itch: Part 1”)

At the end of the first Season, Jesse gets fed up with all of the responsibilities that come with living in his brother-in-law’s house rent free and runs away, creating a cliff-hanger for the series’ first 2-part episode.  The catalyst for his departure is an incredibly drawn-out dream sequence that exemplifies all of his anxieties about everyone getting all up in his face and asking him for stuff all the time.  It goes on longer than you can even imagine, with almost no progression, just an endless rotation of all of the characters uttering phrases into a fisheye lens.  This is the first example of a common tactic that the show would employ for the first several Seasons, where an episode’s story would be light so there would be some extraneous dream sequence to pad it out.  What made it more of a landmark for me, though, is that this was the first time during my run of watching the series where I can distinctly remember feeling like I was actually going crazy.

9) The Forever Music Video (Season 5, Episode 26, “Captain Video: Part 2”)

Season 5 ends with Jesse making a terrible music video out of his shitty cover of a mediocre Beach Boys song.  As far as mid-90’s music videos go, it’s maybe not all that bad (it features many odd conventions of the time, like rooms filled with candles and a location that looks like an old church in the desert) except for the fact that his babies are prominently displayed throughout it in what is debatably a sexually fetishistic way.  It’s also always hard to deal with something on this show when it’s supposed to be understood that it’s a quality presentation.  I’m pretty sure that we’re supposed to think that this is a good video although nothing that’s contained within it persuades us towards that perspective.  Regardless, it’s easily one of the most iconic terrible moments in the entire series.

8 ) Michelle Selects a Cardboard Cut-Out As a Reward (Season 7, Episode 16, “Joey’s Funny Valentine”)

This moment is so terrible and frustrating that it actually stands out as the worst part of an episode that’s all about Joey having a girlfriend.  A parrot flies into the full house and the kids recognize that it belongs to a guy who owns an electronics store.  When the parrot is returned, the owner decides to reward them by letting them pick any item from the store.  Throughout the rest of the episode, DJ and Stephanie argue over which appliance they should get until Danny finally leaves the decision up to Michelle.  Rather than picking between her sisters’ choices, she straight up chooses a cardboard cut-out of the shop’s owner, which is clearly the most worthless and impractical thing that could possibly have been inside that whole place.  This is one of those extreme cases of Michelle being shown completely over-the-top favoritism in the full house and getting what she wants at the cost of every other character.  When I think of all the things she did that made me want to beat her to death, this moment definitely stands out. 

7) Stephanie Goes to Therapy, is Cured of Her Neurosis in Minutes (Season 3, Episode 11, “Aftershocks”)

Stephanie gets all clingy and weird towards Danny so he decides to take her ass to a shrink.  The therapist has her draw a picture and, as Stephanie describes the image, it becomes clear that the source of her behavior is anxiety that came from not knowing where Danny was during the San Francisco earthquake.  Once that’s discovered, the problem is solved.  It takes less than 3 minutes.  Not only is this quick-fix narrative a slap in the face to therapy as a profession and practice, it’s also a big fuck you to anyone who endured any lasting traumatic stress after that earthquake.  What makes it most egregious, though, is the fact that they finally got one of these assholes into a therapist’s office and neglected to deal with any of the real issues.  Why wasn’t her overwhelming sense of entitlement ever looked into, or her total disregard for other people?  All of these people need therapy so bad!

6) Michelle Forces Becky and Jesse to Stay in the Full House (Season 4, Episode 20, “Fuller House”

After Becky and Jesse get married, it makes perfect sense that he’d start mooching off of her instead of Danny, so he moves into her place.  It really wouldn’t hurt the series at all to have them live in their own house nearby but I guess the producers thought that it was really important for everyone to be crammed into this one house forever so Michelle gets all sad and cries when Jesse packs up his shit.  Jesse is so distressed by this that he is unable to enjoy his new life in his nice new house with his super hot, smart wife with an amazing career so he forces her to move into the attic with him, effectively ruining her future forever.  But, hey, at least Michelle’s happy!

5) Joey Doesn’t Quit Comedy (Season 3, Episode 6, “Star Search”)

Joey finally realizes that he’s a no-talent waste of human life but he tries to prove to himself otherwise by going on Star Search, a haven for such people.  In one of the series’ rare moments of at least partial self-awareness, Joey loses because he sucks and for one brief, shining moment, it seems like he’ll finally do the world a big favor and kill himself, or at least quit doing all those terrible impressions all the fucking time.  But no, he decides that he can’t be dissuaded and continues to be an annoying pain in the ass with the support of his shitty family. This episode is the greatest argument against a person following their dreams that I have ever seen.

4) Jesse Serenades Michelle (Season 2, Episode 16, “Baby Love”)

Michelle develops an unhealthy attachment to another baby who comes and visits the full house and then she lapses into a deep depression after he leaves.  Jesse tries to lift her spirits by singing her an awful song that he’s written about her.  It’s uncomfortable to watch for so many reasons, and the worst part is that it doesn’t even do any good, so we have to sit through that shit for no reason.

3)  Jesse’s Christmas Speech (Season 2, Episode 9, “Our Very First Christmas Show”)

The family gets trapped in an airport during Christmas and everyone’s morale is quite low until Jesse decides to get up in front of everyone, including all the other unfortunate passengers who are stuck there with them, and delivers the most contrived “inspiring” speech of all time about the meaning of Christmas or some such bullshit.  This was the first of many times where I couldn’t believe that no one from the full house was assaulted for being such a public nuisance.  He actually forces everyone to sing Christmas carols with him, as if being trapped in the airport didn’t suck hard enough already.  This is one of those interesting moments that would have actually had the opposite effect in reality than what is conveyed onscreen.  For any person that was trapped in that airport, Jesse’s speech had to have been the worst part of the whole experience.

2)  The Death of Papouli (Season 7, Episode 17, “The Last Dance”)

This one’s tricky because it’s actually one of the few enjoyable episodes, but for all the wrong reasons.  Jesse’s elderly grandfather comes to visit from the old country and, after bestowing his magical, old-world wisdom unto everyone, dies abruptly in his sleep.  The last half of the episode consists of the entire cast sitting around sobbing and delivering incredibly melodramatic speeches and it’s fucking hilarious.  Although I enjoyed this episode the most out of the entire series, I had to include it here because it had the opposite of its intended effect.  This was easily the most emotionally manipulative thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and the greatest failure of all the series’ very special moments.

1) Michelle and Her Classmates Sing Twist ‘n’ Shout (Season 4, Episode 25, “The Graduates”)

Although there are certainly more contrived or offensive moments during the series, this is definitely the hardest one to sit through, ever.  When Michelle and her little friends graduate from Preschool, Jesse has them put on a little performance of Twist ‘n’ Shout that I can only assume is supposed to be cute but, holy fuck, it’s just a horrible mess!  This is the most extreme example of the show not even qualifying as an amateur-quality production.  I cannot believe that this was on tv at all, and knowing that it was part of a successful series and that people got paid really well for it is just a fucking travesty.  This is the ultimate pull-your-hair-out infuriating moment of the entire series, and, in case you didn’t notice, that’s saying a lot!

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68 Responses to Top 10 Shittiest Moments Ever on Full House

  1. Chris says:

    Seasons six and eight are the only two not represented on this list. Should we take that as they’re the (relatively) best out of the series?


  2. Emily says:

    Great list! For me the worst moment on Full house is the dream sequence when Joey and Jesse help DJ cheat on the SATs with a walky-talky hidden in a breakfast burrito. I guess it’s par for the course when it comes to this show and dream sequences, but I just really hate it.


  3. Nicole says:

    Awesome list! Thought Jesse’s Christmas speech would be number one but man it is hard to beat those kids shrieking. Also just thought I’d share this clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night that involves Danny, Jesse, Joey, and a scarily accurate recreation of Michelle’s bedroom:


    • GottaHavePie says:

      Okay, that is amazing. They’re just making fun of themselves, and I LOVE IT. They even make fun of the music!


    • Amanda says:

      I was coming to share that as well. I laughed so hard. Like Bob Saget says in his “Danny Tanner Was Not Gay” song…”Full House, wasn’t that funny…but fuck you, made lots of money”. I’d be making fun of myself 20 years later too!


    • Oh Mylanta says:


      I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved Mr. Woodchuck.


  4. Sara Wilson says:

    How about Bob Saget doing the terrible “Elvis doing karate” impression? It’s so damn embarrassing and hard to watch.

    I bet if there WAS an honorable mentions list, that would be on it!


    • Angela says:

      Oh, good call. I can’t argue with DJ or Stephanie’s reaction to that bizarre dance:

      “That was Elvis?”

      My thoughts exactly, girls.


      • Brittney says:

        When Danny wants to sing at DJs dance and sings “My Generation” AND “My Girl” in one episode. Also when they think DJ is drinking…also DJs prom. Pretty much any time DJ goes to a dance or tries to have a good time.


  5. Brandon says:

    My favorite thing about the Christmas in the airport is still that after Jesse “lifts” everyone’s spirits and gets them in the holiday mood, the next morning life gives them all a big “F you” by only delivering the Tanner family’s presents on the conveyour belt.

    It’s even worse when they find out that it was the real Santa that did it. He showed up and completely ignores the fact that other people are spending their Christmas stranded just so he can make sure the greed and selfishness the Tanners show all year round is rewarded with gifts


    • Angela says:

      Excellent point.

      I don’t know why, but the screencap of Jesse with his hand to his heart in reference to that scene really made me crack up just now.


  6. Madison says:

    Great List!! Has anyone checked out the new commercial for Oikos yogurt with all the Full House dads??


    • Amanda says:

      I hadn’t seen that one. There’s another one where they’re in the kitchen in their pajamas, and Danny comments about how they should get their own places.


    • Ashley says:

      So I guess Jesse and Rebecca do end up getting divorced eventually. She probably got sick of living in the full house and all of Jesses crap. It took her long enough.


  7. Sarah Portland says:

    OMG, completely agree on #7. Firstly, no one can weasel that kind of info out of a kid in that short a time. Secondly, that was the most fucking scary earthquake ever, and while I didn’t live in SF at the time, I did live in Earthquake Country (LA), and to this day, I am still terrified of double-decker bridges.
    #5: Of course they supported Joey doing comedy. This is what happens when your family has all of the wrong ideas about support. Right now, my friend and her wife are trying to get temp custody of their nephew while his mom gets her shit together. Does their extended family support the couple? Of course not. They support the mom who wants to stay with the abusive boyfriend, just like they have supported all of her shitty decisions. I feel like a family that supports your worst habits is worse that the family that doesn’t support you at all. The Tanners would have have done Joey a favor by telling him to get a real job, and finding new outlets for his hobbies.
    #3: Not even the women in the background of Jesse’s screencap buy his shit. These women were hired to act as though they gave a shit, and they can’t even muster that. I suppose I could blame their acting abilities, but we all know it’s this fucking show.


    • Philip says:

      I came to comment about that woman in the Jesse screencap.

      …now I have nothing to contribute. 😦


    • Bridget says:

      Sarah, I think a judge will look at what is in the best interest of your friend’s nephew and choose your friend as custodian. I think it is better for a kid to end up with 2 gay parents who are better people than with 2 straight parents who are worse people. Joey could get a real job and use his off time to do comedy instead of having comedy as a main source of income. Maybe that is why he had a teaching certificate he renewed because the writers realized teaching is a real job! The women in the background with Jesse look like they want a drink really bad! Or they’re thinking, Who is this moron in the Xmas sweater telling me how to celebrate? We’re Jewish, what do we care?


  8. RoxyHelen says:

    How about that time when they all have the opportunity to sell the house and each buy their own brand new house and Michelle decides that no, actually they can’t move, they will suffocate each other forever because that’s what she WANTS! For me, that was the most unrealistic, horrible, blood boiling in my veins with annoyance plot ever. In what universe is it believable that a child is allowed to make such a life decision for an entire group of adults?!? I hate Michelle, lol in case it didn’t show 😉


    • Orangutan Twin says:

      I always wondered if that episode was supposed to be the series finale. It could have theoretically worked as one even with the same godawful ending, though an ending where these people moved on with their terrible lives could’ve also been easily tossed in.


      • RoxyHelen says:

        Lol I love your username!!!!
        Yeah, it might have worked as a season finale, maybe they weren’t sure they would get an 8th season when they filmed the finale? Michelle got even more annoying in season 8 so yeah, leaving it at 7 might have been better.


      • Nat says:

        I definitely thought that episode was the series finale for a long time. (I was 5 when the real last episode aired, so by the time I was old enough to understand about show finales, it was in reruns and not always shown in order…)


    • Sarah Portland says:

      I forgot about that one… want to punch her in the face again. Grrrrr!


    • Angela says:

      YES! I told my mom about that episode review and Billy’s awesome rant about how they wouldn’t have to worry about room in their house if Joey and Jesse and Jesse’s family would just move the fuck out already.

      We still cackle over that and quote from it often if we come across an episode of the show and hear someone bitching about another member of the family annoying them or something.


  9. Non-Jerk Michelle says:

    I contest nothing on this list. Although I might lump up Joey’s Star Search fail with the time Phyllis Diller salted his comedy game and he decided to quit stand-up. In turn, he changed his persona and downright rejected two amazing job offers. That was pretty shitty of him, but then all the times the uncle’s careers were sabotaged by the family would have to be included…that could take days.


  10. MissyV says:

    I wait til the end of the project to make my first comment, doh!
    I’d add to the list the time where they babysat some other baby, and Michelle started acting like a baby again, ” uncle jesse doesn’t love me any more,” b.s. and crying in the hallway. The part that really gets me is they’re like, you’re right, we should have asked you if it was ok that the baby used the stuff. Um, no…………Be f’ing adults and say, look kid, this baby’s here for 1 day, we’re going to take care of him and use this stuff. Either help or get out of the way. It’s my first time I really wanted to punch Michelle in the face. (Mind you I have a 3 year daughter, and she throws some wild tantrums, but still not enough to make me want to punch her like Michelle.)


  11. Vulture says:

    I’m surprised that Derek’s “Yankee Doodle Boy” is nowhere to be found. But, it tough to pair down this much awkwardness.


    • GottaHavePie says:

      God, that one still gives me nightmares…


    • kenzington says:

      That’s the worst episode for me, but I can’t pick a single moment as THE most shitty. Is it Derek’s awkwardness-inducing stereotypical performance? Stephanie’s smugly hanging around to help with 6-year-olds’ subtle, intricate performances as Yankee Doodle and the Washingtons? Or that Jesse devised an all-new, special role JUST FOR MICHELLE, even though this seems to be a traditional performance the school puts on every year, just to placate her? Or the fact that, by the force of her own shitty, whiny attitude, Michelle gets to star in the play despite being far inferior to Derek, both in terms of performing and as a human being?


      • Nat says:

        I can easily pick a moment as the most shitty: “I wanted. To be Yankee Doodle because. D.J. and Stephanie. Were Yankee Doodle. And I wanted. To be Yankee Doodle, too.”


      • Angela says:

        No argument there. That moment is grating as hell-makes you wonder how on earth she got any acting jobs at all.


      • Sara Wilson says:

        I still wonder what was up with that moment. She went from decently delivering lines to a pile-of-mush-for-brains in that sentence.


    • Oh Mylanta says:

      Derek is awesome. It’s Michelle’s robotic line delivery in that episode that’s really shitty.

      “I wanted to be. Yankee Doodle because. Stephanie and DJ were. Yankee Doodle. So I. Wanted to be. Yankee Doodle too.”


  12. Elevensies says:

    Ok another one I’d add to the honorable mentions list is when Michelle acts like an asshole (what else is new?) and convinces Danny to let her go to that concert of the band she’s never heard of over one of her sisters who actually love the band. What a shitty person.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. GottaHavePie says:

    How about the episode where Danny realizes how fucked-up Michelle’s act is (by dragging her pool into the kitchen and filling it with water) but then by the next episode onward, everything’s back to normal?! That pissed me off SO much.


  14. kenzington says:

    Wow, I really don’t envy you having to whittle this list down to just ten, Billy. I think I could easily come up with enough for a Top 50, even though arranging them in order would still be monumentally difficult.


  15. Alicia says:

    I’d like to add the telethon. Or should it have been called, the Tanner-thon? Bad pun, but seriously, that shit was just the Tanner family displaying their mediocre (with the exception of Stephanie’s dancing) talents. Especially DJ and Michelle lip-singing….that stands out as bad, even in my warped memory of the show.


  16. Shut Up San Francisco says:

    If you ever do a most disgusting list, please put this on there. It still gives me nightmares from when I was a kid: Joey in nut hugging tights doing ballet with Stephanie.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Mike Blunden says:

    For me, the worst episode was when Jesse’s evil cousin Starvos came to visit. One of the biggest pieces of crap I’ve ever seen.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Sarah Portland says:

    This thread is giving me PTSD.


  19. Angela says:

    What makes it most egregious, though, is the fact that they finally got one of these assholes into a therapist’s office and neglected to deal with any of the real issues. Why wasn’t her overwhelming sense of entitlement ever looked into, or her total disregard for other people? All of these people need therapy so bad!</I.

    Word. So, so, SO much word.

    My sister and I used to mock the hell out of that bizarre fish-eye dream sequence, especially Danny's part. "You're their UNCLLLLLLLLE!" Fucking hell, he looks creepy there. No argument on Michelle being all teary-eyed at Jesse moving out or the "Forever" video, either. And I remember your glorious rant over the Papouli episode. At least that one introduced us to the awesomeness that was the "gay sex boat", though.

    My pick will always be the episode where everyone assumed DJ had been drinking beer at that school dance. I'm usually pretty easygoing with most TV shows-there might be episodes I think are stupid/silly, or storylines where I'll sit and go, "No! Whyyyyyy!", but I don't really get angry over them.

    For some reason, though, that episode with DJ pushes just the right button for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Chuck says:

    How about when Joey lands a part in a sitcom that gets picked up (albeit in animated form), but then it’s never mentioned again?

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Theresa says:

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou for including that awful moment when Michelle brings home that stupid cardboard cutout. I hated that moment as a kid. It infuriates me to the core.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. aguhguhguhguh says:

    -UH-UH, JOEY, I DID IT WITH YOU (just based off of your review of that episode and the one where they flashback to it)

    -the one with baby beluga which I was shocked to find out was also the anti-drinking episode (I vaguely remember seeing this as a kid and I think it pissed me off even then. And I don’t even drink!)

    -of course, anything involving joey is pretty much the worst thing ever, but his god awful impressions really take the cake for me. I think I’ve had his popeye laugh (or whoever it is) stuck in my head for years now.

    that’s all I’ve got


  23. Oh Mylanta says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t rank the Forever video higher. That shit was CREEPY.

    On my list would be Joey’s horrible Bill Cosby impression in the pilot episode. I don’t know who the fuck he was trying to kid there. That sounded nothing like him.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. CathySantone says:

    I started reading this blog when I was stuck at a shitty bank day job and was utterly depressed – wondering what the fuck I was doing wasting my MFA and dealing with office doucebags. This blog was the only thing I ever looked forward to and in a weird way it got me through a lot. I am now thankfully using my MFA and so much happier. So thank you, Mr. Superstar!!! Your blog was the cherry on top of all my Friday’s!


  25. Jamie says:

    Ahh I’m so late to this. Another plot I really hated was when Joey’s college girlfriend comes to visit and she wants him to be all silly and goofy and he gets hella pissed and dumps her because now he’s “a serious and mature” man. Are you kidding me? Throughout the entire series he prides himself on being an immature weirdo who constantly impersonates cartoons but has the nerve to flip out on her when she expects that of him?
    And also, the episode where the family gets him out of being arrested by showing how child-like and immature he is to the cop, and again, he has the nerve to be completely ungrateful that they saved his life and instead flips out because he wants to be taken seriously. So he wants to run around acting like a huge baby and brag about it but when anyone mentions it he goes apeshit? The fuck!?

    Sorry, that was a huge rant. But I hate Joey JUST as much as you do…

    And I agree with all of the “Michelle making the decisions” ones. Uncle Jesse and Becky had to raise their own kids in a fucking attic JUST because Michelle wouldn’t let them leave…That’s some messed up shit.

    I love this blog so much. I still re-read all of the reviews that correspond to the episodes that are on Nick at Nite even tho I should have them all damn near memorized by now…

    I’ll miss it, thank you<3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cam says:

      He genuinely and nicely bought DJ a car for her 16th birthday that turned out to be stolen. While the family’s intentions were to show that Joey isn’t the criminal type, Joey had every right to be hurt by that. So they showed him the serious god he has done and so he stays, in typical Full House style.


  26. Ashley says:

    I’m surprised the moment when Michelle had her weird school dream isn’t on here. That one was definitely messed up with Michelle as big as the adults when she was a toddler.


    • blake says:

      I just saw that episode the other day and I thought it was weird seeing the adults as babies and a big Michelle talking to them. What do these people smoke????

      It made me think of Muppet Babies.

      Liked by 1 person

  27. Lori Nolasco says:

    The show aired when I was in my late 20s, but I never paid much attention to it. Recently, I had been tuning in to the reruns on Nick at Nite but I found myself using profanity and wishing all kinds of evil on the creepy characters and their bullshit lives. Tonight I was looking for a justification for hating on the show, and your blog came up in the google search. Now I don’t have to go to confession or do penance for wanting to shake Michelle or punch Jesse during that shitty song he wrote. What the hell was he thinking?

    Liked by 1 person

  28. KB says:

    Just ran across this and had to laugh. I accidentally caught an episode the other day (haven’t seen it in years) and it was just as bad as I remember.

    On a side note, I’ve heard a theory about the show quite a few times: Michelle is satan (and they are all actually in hell). It’s kind of fitting…


  29. yomammy says:

    How about the fucking re – runs still being ran. My kids love the shit, so I relive these nightmares daily.


    • Ivane says:

      Lmfao…sorry you have to endure that on a daily basis! I used to watch this show all the time when I was a kid! Hell, there was even a time when my dad actually punished me (well, at the time I thought it was a punishment) and said I couldn’t watch this show! I was in tears! My older brother always gave me so much shit for watching this! LMFAO…


  30. Austin says:

    How about any episode in which Mike Love appears? Man, fuck that guy.


  31. blake bentley says:

    I definitely think Jesse’s “Forever” video should be higher. What did the viewers think when they showed a like 3-5 minute video from Uncle Jesse to close the show? Did John Stamos and the show expect it to be played on MTV or VH1??? I was always confused about that.

    I don’t know why but at night I’m watching Full House reruns! But I am laughing about what assholes these characters can be and the crazy and/or lame stories they would have.

    I always thought it was funny the shit Kimmy Gibler would say to Danny and Jesse. She called them on their shit. I also liked how Stephanie did the same to Gibler, she brought karma to Gibler’s ass. Stephanie got revenge on Gibler for talking about her dad and uncle.


  32. bryan says:

    i’m really late to this party…but the episode that pisses me off the most is when Tommy Paige visits and fucking KISSES STEPHANIE ON THE LIPS! She’s 10 and he’s like 22. And then he kisses a 15 year old DJ on the lips. What a fucking tool.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Nicole says:

    God I love this site so much and have for years. Anyways, in defense of the preschool song moment, I attended my childrens’ preschool graduation yesterday and they sang a bunch of songs. ALL were just as horrible as Michelle’s. The graduation was so ridiculous that it was hard to sit through. So, at least the show was being realistic.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. I am surprised there is no mention of the Steve Urkel episode. Good grief.


  35. Topazious says:

    I feel so sorry for Kimmy Gibbler, though.
    1. Everyone was so mean to her just because she’s not that bright.
    2. Even her own parents don’t like her. They stopped having children after they had her. It’s not because they had a lot of children…
    3. She admitted to always feeling inferior to DJ in one episode.
    4. She has no future. No colleges accepted her and Kimmy decided to try and marry her idiot boyfriend.

    I think Kimmy has it the worst and it isn’t really her fault she isn’t the brightest character.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Me says:

    Wow………you’re complete and utter moron.

    Congrats on your epic time waste of laughably shit reviews of an amazing show that you hate just oh-so much.

    Stay clueless as all hell, loser ; )


  37. PJ says:

    You can’t seriously analyze Full House litterally like this. It’s the same as mocking Star Trek because aliens don’t exist. Full House is a SURREAL sitcom. Have you seen the anime Love Hina ? These kinds of shows are on a cloud of their own where logic do not exist. I know you want to be funny but you should have realized by now that Full House loves nonsense.


  38. squidkid915 says:

    Fuck you, this was a great show, and criticizing this for being… well a SITCOM is like criticizing nachos for having cheese on them; IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE CHEESEY. This was actually a funny show and the only problem about it is Michelle when she, I guess whenever she speaks. Joey did good impressions, Jesse was good (by 90’s standards), Danny was funny in an awkward way, and the point of Full House is for laughs, not for logic. Dickweed.


  39. Peter lydeking Andersen says:

    This “shitty moments” makes full house complete. This was the 90’s. Do you really think they went for logic sense? I do not think about these things when I watch sitcoms, and I don’t think anyone should, cause it’s just fiction. If you want everything to make sense, go watch Barnaby instead of bugging people with your shit. Thank you.


  40. Dick says:

    It is beyond to name the TOP TEN shitty moments in this sitcom. I cannot believe there was absolutely NO MENTION of the Disney World episode at all, in the original post, or in the comments.


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