Bonus Post: An Interview with a Full House Fan

I’m taking this week off from reviewing Fuller House because otherwise I felt like I was going to go mentally insane but I did not want to leave my beloved readers in the lurch (I know how much you count on me for providing material with which to shirk your duties at your jobs) so I conducted this interview with an actual real-life Full House fan.  I’ve met a handful of people beyond the computer screen as a result of writing this dumb blog (shout-outs to my internet husbands David and Austin, Amanda and Maria on the East Coast, Carrie in Seattle and Mary from poker night, to name a few) and one thing that they have in common is that they are all total weirdos.  But perhaps the most perplexing individual I’ve crossed paths with is internet author Jess Tholmer, who actually, genuinely likes Full House.  Like, what’s the fuckin’ deal with that shit?  She was kind enough to let me grill her about it, and I thought I’d share the results with all of you:



FHR: So, are you really a fan of Full House?  Like, you actually think it’s a good show?

JTholmz: YES, I really am a fan of Full House. Like I honestly think it’s a really good show, for what it is.

I clearly don’t think it’s like…The Sopranos or some other good show that people like, but I do think it’s good.

How can you justify liking this piece of shit show? Are you crazy or something?

Haha well, yeah, probably a little crazy but I SUPER believe in the power of nostalgia and I think most of it comes from that. Like when it’s on TV, I feel genuine warmth in my soul. It’s like hanging out at a relative’s house or something. But like, relatives that don’t hate me and say racist stuff.

There is no reason to really HATE the show, in my opinion. It’s not laugh-out-loud hilarious, but it is very watchable!

Is it like hanging out with your pushy, narcissistic relatives who won’t shut the fuck up ever?

Haha well, yeah, kinda. I feel much more fond of the Tanners for the most part than my actual distant family.

I’m not crazy, though! Like, I definitely think Joey is really annoying.

What do you mean when you say it’s very watchable? 

It’s just really unoffensive, relatively entertaining, easy background noise at the very least. You don’t have to worry about changing the channel if kids are in the room (I mean, duh). I liken it to how I feel about The Beatles’ music. Like it’s familiar and can be on in a shop or something without having to worry about the audience.

I KNOW The Beatles’ music is kinda trippy, but kids don’t know that!

Yeah, why don’t you just take a big shit on John Lennon’s grave after making that comparison?

Hahaha I know, that was awful. Don’t tell my mom.

I get what you mean about it being watchable.  There’s something about having it on that sort of numbs your brain or something. I worry sometimes that I have become a dumber person for having watched so much Full House.  Do you ever worry about that? 

Look, my mom used to tell me that I didn’t have enough brain cells to waste to keep me from doing stuff that causes kids to lose brain cells and most of that probably came from the Full House obsession. I don’t mind being kinda dumb because of Full House.

I think maybe it kept me wholesome though! I was such a square kid!

When you watch Full House, do you laugh at the jokes?  Like you genuinely think it’s funny?

I HAVE laughed at the jokes but it’s not like a constant stream of laughter. I’m not wiping the tears away or anything.

Though Fuller House genuinely made me laugh WAY more than I thought it would. I thought it’d be eye rolls for the most part.

The function of the show seems to be primarily to make people laugh… But that doesn’t seem to be what you’re getting out of it.  What’s it doing for you? 

I don’t necessarily know if that was the real intent of the show. Were any “family” sitcoms back in the day actually that funny? Besides Fresh Prince, I can’t think of really laughing out loud at any of them. I think it was like the 80s-90s era of just presenting people with warmth and functional families and that’s what we expected from our Friday night sitcoms.

So I guess that’s what I got from it. I don’t want to cue the violin music but my family is pretty dysfunctional but the Tanners were so not that and I loved it. I also have three brothers and no sisters or women in my life really so I think I envied their like “you stole my clothes!!!” storylines.

You’ve alluded to liking the show as a response to your own family issues a few times… Do you see the Tanner’s as a sort of ideal family?  Or closer to the family that you wish you’d had?

I want to say yes to that, but I honestly don’t think that’s true. I WILL say, I come from a mixed family and I have really grown into being super duper proud of that and I have a lot of issues with hella white families so it’s kind of a weird thing that I love the Tanners and Full House so much. I mean, I don’t dislike white people by any means but I never really relate to them, and I guess I never really did. I related to Fresh Prince more than Full House. I DO think that the aspect of caring for each other no matter what, like the Tanners do, is really appealing.

And big families are really awesome. Like I used to love the movie Cheaper By the Dozen because having 12 kids and a full ass house just seemed rad to me. And I don’t even really want any kids, so I don’t know.

Do I need therapy? This is what this interview is teaching me so far.

Yeah, that was going to be my next question. Or, like, do you think that liking Full House is a sign of something having gone wrong in your life? 

Haha YES, probably. So I mentioned that I have brothers and like, they didn’t like it at all, so it wasn’t a big happy family thing for us by any means. Maybe it was like “my thing” before I grew up a little and found other things (like Titanic). It wasn’t something I watched alone necessarily, but the rest of my family definitely doesn’t care about the show like I did. I think there was much less to relate to for my brothers, though. They had like real problems and I just got lost in Full House and The Simpsons.

I don’t want people to feel bad for me!! Some families are MUCH worse than mine. And like, neither of my parents died in a car accident like the Tanner mom, so I’m not complaining.

I feel like the show is more disturbing that comforting, though… To me, it doesn’t present an ideal family at all.  They’re a bunch of dicks.

Yeah, you know, I never noticed that kind of stuff until I started reading your blog a couple years ago or whatever. Like Jesse is the WORST but I always thought he was the coolest uncle ever. I definitely wanted an Uncle Jesse.

But I was a kid, right? And then it’s like kid opinions that stick around. There are a lot of things I liked as a kid that are probably shit as an adult.

I think that Joey’s the worst. Although I do think that the way that Jesse treats his wife is one of the most disturbing aspects of the show… Do you think that if a man is impossibly attractive, he’s entitled to treat his wife like shit? 

I am well aware of how you feel about Joey Gladstone haha. But yeah, Jesse is fucking terrible to Becky but again, not really a thing I picked up on as a kid.

Though I do remember being proud of Becky for standing up for herself when she was pregnant and stuff but there are probably a lot of episodes that would make me cringe watching them now as like…a radical feminist.

Do you think that elements of the show like that may have instilled really negative values into the kids who watched it?  It was supposed to be this family show about being wholesome and shit but to me it’s actually setting a really bad example. It’s like a Trojan horse for horrible behavior.

Ummm, that’s a good question, but I want to say no and I know there are a lot of people who would disagree with me. I feel like some people are just really easily swayed by movies and TV and music, obviously, and I’m just not one of them. It’s the Disney movie argument, you know? I have friends with kids that refuse to let their kids near Disney movies in case they become sad little girls who want tiny waists and long hair and their princes to come save them but man, I fucking LOVE Disney and I never looked to those movies as any sort of truth. I guess that’s how I feel about Full House or any 90s sitcom. I watched a shit ton of Friends but I didn’t live my life like I could be Rachel Green with a part-time job and a swanky ass apartment in New York, you know?

I think the Tanner family is SUPER unrealistic so it never made me feel like I should follow their example or anything. They are ridiculously good-looking blonde people. It’s not a thing I relate to at all.

Because I am a ridiculously good-looking BRUNETTE.

But I feel like the show is generally trying to set an example in terms of morality and conflict resolution and things like that…

Well I honestly don’t think their conflict resolution is all that bad! It’s not going to work for all families, but I’m sure some people sit down, work it out, and then go for ice-cream, right? And if your family doesn’t do that (like most families), I think it’s an okay thing to present.

Full House isn’t Roseanne, you know? It’s a different kind of family.

Yeah, I mean, I think that sitting down with your kids and talking things out without yelling and stuff and then hugging at the end is fine.  It’s the part where they also give the kids whatever they want all the time that bugs me.  Nobody ever learns any hard lessons.  Like, if you fuck up at the school talent show, you gotta just suck it up.  You shouldn’t have a very special talk with your gentle dad in front of an auditorium full of people who are waiting to see their own kid perform and then get a do-over.  That’s really not fair to everyone else.

Yeah, that’s definitely fair. But it’s a television show and no one wants to see what’s happening with anyone else’s kid and their talent.

They are definitely privileged as fuck, like I’m not denying that at all

Ok, well, I’m glad we can agree on that.  That brings me to my next question:  What’s it like being a fan of something that you have to defend?  Is it worth it? 

Ohhh, Ryan. (Or Billy, I guess.) I am a fan of some CONTROVERSIAL things so I am very used to defending it. I actually feel like I defend Full House much less than you’d expect. A lot of people like that show as much as I do.

Or like, less than I do, but still a lot.

Have you had many heated debates about the quality of the show?

Nah, not really actually! And I didn’t fight with anyone who was complaining about Fuller House when it was announced. I saw people bitching on Twitter and stuff and I wanted to be like, “THEY ARE REVIVING EVERYTHING” but I didn’t. I bit my tongue.

I mean, my brothers and I would bicker about it when they didn’t want to watch and I did, but that doesn’t really count.

As standards for TV have changed, do you think there’s a place for a new Full House series?  We have so many more options now, so we don’t just have to watch whatever bullshit is on anymore, which was a huge part of the original series’ success if you ask me. 

Definitely agree with that and honestly, I’m a bit surprised at how well the first season seemed to do. I think they promoted it VERY well and anyone who knows anything about Full House knows that the cast has stayed super close and the show is a little better than I thought it would be, like definitely more modern. BUT, I definitely don’t think it’s entirely necessary. Television is in the prime of its life right now, in my opinion, and Fuller House is nowhere near the kind of comedy we need in our lives, like Broad City or Master of None. It’s pretty pointless, tbh.

Buuuut, I also don’t have kids so maybe it’s a special thing for parents to watch with their children or whatever.

Do you like the new show?  Are you gonna watch Season 2 when it comes out?

I do like the new show, though I haven’t watched it since the night it came out and I was pretty tipsy by the end of it so I don’t remember it all very well. I will definitely watch Season 2.

DJ kid stuff is boring as hell, but I appreciate the Steph, DJ, Kimmy trio

Do you have bad taste in general?  What are some other shows that you like?

Hahaha ruuude. I actually don’t think I have bad taste at all.

I’ll be the judge of that!

My favorite comedy shows are The Simpsons, Friends, Parks and Rec but I love love love That 70s Show and Malcolm and stuff. I was such a FOX kid. Other than that, I’m like X-Files, West Wing, Friday Night Lights.

I Love Lucy!

I have range, son.

I’ve met a handful of people who read Full House Reviewed but you’re the only one that actually likes the show.  Usually fans of the show who stumble onto the blog just post a grammatically broken comment and then never look at it again.  I got a great one this week:  

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 6.10.38 PM.png

Why do you like reading a blog that talks hella shit about a show that you like? 

Hahahaha I promise that comment wasn’t from me, but that is very funny.

Do you think that I’m a sick?

Hahahaha I don’t think you are a sick.

So I looked up when I first found your blog and it was in April 2012! (Is that real?? Like were you doing the blog then?) Which is crazy. And I was having a super bad day and I remember it made me laugh so hard that I was crying. Your writing style kinda reminds me of the way my big brother talks and I remember making him read it too because he never liked Full House.

So I think the blog is awesome because it’s hilarious and because I’m fine making fun of stuff I like. If it was a philosophical breakdown of like…why every single Kanye West single is awful, I definitely wouldn’t read it and might leave a comment like, “you’re a sick.” I can poke fun at things that are very clearly not that big of a deal, but I prefer when someone else does it.

And your observations are great! It’s not unwarranted.

This is not me sucking up to you, I genuinely think you are hilarious.

Well, thanks!  So does my mom.

Well we have that in common!

Your mom thinks I’m hilarious?  That’s nice. 

She probably would, honestly. I should tell her to check the blog out.

You should tell EVERYONE to check it out!

What a good sport she was!  That was like the opposite of every interview with Gallagher I’ve ever seen.  If you’d like to keep up with Jess Tholmer’s many fascinating opinions, you can follow her Facebook author page or her Twitter account, where she posts like 500 times a day. 

As for me, I’ll be back to my usual routine next week, shit-talking Fuller House.  I can’t help it.  I’m a sick. 

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33 Responses to Bonus Post: An Interview with a Full House Fan

  1. Sara says:

    Loved the interview! Thanks for giving us a treat in between posts so our Friday can be a little more happy!! 🙂


  2. Deebiedoobie says:

    I actually laughed at the comment “how would u like it if i called you a you a sick.” SJWs who not only can’t put forth a decent argument against your criticism but write like they’ve never cracked open an English book before are a riot.

    I totally understand why you hate Full House so much, Billy, but like Jess said–it’s harmless, inoffensive background noise. I think we all secretly wish our lives could be as easy as the Tanners. I know I do. How awesome would it be to have all my problems solved in 22 minutes with gentle background music?! Unfortunately, I have college loans to pay off and can’t find a job, and I know those can’t be solved in under a half hour. Some mind-numbing fluff is welcomed, honestly. All to ease the pain of the real world.


    • goodgollyregina says:

      “I actually laughed at the comment “how would u like it if i called you a you a sick.” SJWs who not only can’t put forth a decent argument against your criticism but write like they’ve never cracked open an English book before are a riot.”

      Yeah, those SJWs are usually the worst. Those who talk shit, yet can’t even back up their argument, and type like they’re 8 years old. They just like to be right because to them, being right is all that matters. It’s funny really. X D

      Great interview Billy! Great to see she was a good sport about it, and backed up her opinions without getting pissy or going into SJW/Facebooker fangirl territory. Much like the hate comment you posted.


    • Elizabeth G says:

      I really don’t think SJWs give a shit about Full House, lol. People can be idiots without being over the top SJWs.


    • Chris says:

      I’m not quite sure you know what a SJW is. Pretty sure your average SJW would hate Full House. Basically everything Billy Superstar hates on Full House is stuff your average SJW would agree with. Maybe you should not parrot what you hear on the internef about SJW just being terrible.


  3. Haha, this was way more entertaining than I expected when I first started reading it.

    I sort of share her opinion. I kind of… “like” may be a strong word… but I appreciate Full House. I loved it as a kid and the nostalgia factor is high, and I’m still able to watch it uncritically like I’m a clueless kid.

    But it’s a lot of fun to read your reviews pointing out all the glaringly bad ideas and terrible character flaws that I’m somehow overlooking. And you do it in such an entertaining way. Honestly I’d love to see you point out the flaws in some other overrated TV shows, but I think you’d have to be a sick in order to put yourself through more of this than you’re already doing.


  4. There's a CAR in the KITCHEN! says:

    An excellent interview, Billy! Your ability to be respectful toward people with differing opinions is really, REALLY refreshing to read (it’s an election year, and this is the Internet…). I also think both you and Jess make genuinely interesting points about the psychology behind the show–its appeal as family entertainment, its powerful nostalgic grip despite being rather bland (I feel that more people know Full House then, say, Family Matters or Growing Pains), and its role in today’s TV. Always a pleasure to read!


  5. Andrea says:

    I genuinely like Full House, but in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way.


  6. Maria says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaah shout out!!!! we ❤ you ry. thanks for helping me be a slacker on Fridays. you da bomb.


  7. LupinThe8th says:

    My excuse for liking Full House as a kid was always that I was just too young to know better, and I gave it up as soon as I discovered better shows.

    Probably not true, in hindsight. I think it was just the sitcom equivalent of potato chips. You never think “I’m going to eat a whole bag of potato chips, because I am an idiotic slob”, it just sort of happens and you feel disgusting. Never teaches you not to do it again.

    I didn’t even find it funny, just sort of “this will take about .2% of my brain’s runtime to process, so perfect way to unwind after school”. And the jokes were so dumb, I never felt like it went over my head, even as a kid. When I wanted to actually laugh at a show while not getting 50% of the jokes, I’d watch MST3K.

    I can see wanting to return to that for nostalgia purposes. Luckily I have this blog to remind me why that’s a very bad idea. Billy Superstar is the nutrition label on the bag of potato chips that is Full House.


  8. Guest 2.0 says:

    This was fun to read, thanks so much to you and Jess for this interview!


  9. Pink Dork says:

    Hey, you a you a sick, you! I may be a total weirdo, but I’ll always be YOUR total weirdo. Thanks, as always for the Friday giggles! This was exceptionally insightful and hilarious. I still never want to ever watch that show and wish I could hit delete on that one episode… omg my eyes! You are my hero.

    Always stay a sick!

    ❤ xoxo
    Pink Dork


  10. Bridget says:

    Jess, have you read my diary pages written by Pamela Tanner, the girls’ mother? At first when I saw Billy wasn’t going to review the next episode and he wrote the interview instead, I thought it was a bad idea. Then I read what you said about Jesse and Joey and you’re quite insightful and humorous!


  11. You’re such a sick.

    I understand why you’d continue reviewing even thought you can’t stand the show, because I have a drive to finish what I’ve started, too. And I’m so glad you’re reviewing the revival, because your writing is so hilarious.


  12. Non-Jerk Michelle says:

    There are the fans that proclaim “you a you a sick” to people who pick apart the show. I find you, Jess, a sane weirdo (coming from another obvious weirdo) refreshing. I know I identify 90’s nostalgia intrinsically with TGIF and other shows from the era, and like you I grew up with brothers who could give half a shit about what I enjoyed or wanted to do at any given time. Makes sense to feel a warmth toward seeing what having a sister is like.

    I also understand how people who watched frequently and/or enjoyably can turn on the show watching it present day. It definitely is connected to the privilege the family has and takes advantage of. They love each other and make a point of it while solving, on what I consider a grand scheme, menial problems in a 22 minute span. Like the people who were children or adolescent at the time this show aired were most likely encouraged to go to college and become massively successful then when graduation happened the road ahead after was much more treacherous than imaginable. That doesn’t exist in the FH universe and it can harmlessly strike a nerve.

    It’s cool to like/love the show, have once liked/loved it, hate it, and especially make fun of it now. It’s just TV 🙂


  13. Smash says:

    I’m glad that the show Roseanne was brought up. Most T.V. families were trying to be this idealized perfect life kind of bullshit that maybe a lot of people enjoy from a wish fulfillment perspective, and Full House was the one that strived the hardest to do that. I watched it growing up because it was on, but I can’t say I ever connected with the material. I did connect with Roseanne though, because it seems to be trying for something more authentic. I remember hearing my parents fight and bitch about the bills piling up and having to “make do” with what we had. That was a big phrase in our household “make do”. For every poor kid like me that identified with Roseanne there were probably an equal number of overprivileged little shits that identified with the Tanners.

    And to Billy’s point, we did have to just watch what was on and for some reason that always included a big heaping dose of fucking Full House lol.


    • goodgollyregina says:

      Roseanne was a much more relatable show than Full House ever was. At least Roseanne dealt with real life issues from week to week. They even covered dark subjects that Full House wouldn’t even touch with a ten foot poll. Roseanne was definitely more authentic, Full House was just trying to be “perfect” with obnoxious characters.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bridget says:

        GG Regina, the show tanked when Roseanne won the lottery and it was really a fantasy because Dan died and the show was too gay with everyone coming out of the closet! When Ellen Degeneris says your show’s too gay, it is!


      • Smash says:

        Yeah, and in addition to that it was also genuinely funny! I’ll stream episodes of it today and still laugh out loud at how funny some Roseanne’s one-liners were. It’s humour that holds up.


      • goodgollyregina says:

        Yeah, Roseanne definitely still holds up, even today. Even though the show is almost 28 years old, it’s still aged very well and it’s very funny!

        And yeah, Roseanne definitely lost it with all that lottery stuff. Though I kind of feel like it jumped the shark even before that. Starting around late Season 7/early Season 8, you could tell the show was really losing steam. It was just becoming a huge parody of itself, and it wasn’t as funny as the earlier seasons. It was just trying way too hard to be funny, but failing. And it seemed like every singe character was coming out of the closest in ever episode. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind the gay characters, but EVERY character being gay was just too much. The first six seasons were definitely the best years of the show..


  14. Bridget says:

    Sad news we all heard: Danny Tanner’s second mom Doris Roberts passed away at 90. Then I heard about the death of Prince at 57. This man was way more talented than Jesse and his Hot Daddy and the Stupid Monkey Puppets! He could dance, play drums, sing, and could rock out on the guitar. He wrote “Manic Monday” and I really like “Let’s Go Crazy.”. He was also charitable and gave money to causes he believed in but because he was a Jehovah’s Witness he never revealed all he did for people. My people, would all you say Prince had more talent in his 5’2 ft body than Jesse had in his pinkie?


    • goodgollyregina says:

      Oh yeah definitely. Prince was MUCH more talented than Jesse ever was. He worked hard for his fortune and fame, Jesse was just an entitled douchebag who had everything handed to him. And Prince was never a narcissist who let fame get to his head like Jesse did. Prince had awesome music, and it’s sad that he has died at age 57.

      RIP Prince </3


      • Bridget says:

        GG Regina, Larry King said he liked interviewing Prince, but he was afraid he wouldn’t get good answers from him because Prince was shy! As cliche as it sounds, a music producer who met Prince when Prince was 18 could tell how intelligent Prince was by looking into his eyes when he talked to him and eyes are the windows of the soul and all. People he met when he was alive raved about the man’s intelligence and unassuming nature. I like “Let’s Go Crazy” and I think “Batman” with Michael Keaton was successful because of Prince’s soundtrack.


      • goodgollyregina says:

        I’m not surprised that Prince was rather shy in real life. He seemed like a normal, low key guy when he wasn’t up on stage. That’s probably why he stayed in his Minnesota hometown all these years. He definitely seemed like an intelligent, classy man. And I like “Let’s Go Crazy” too, I think my favorite Prince song is “1999.” Either that or “Purple Rain.”


  15. Bridget says:

    I am sad about Doris Roberts because she was so great as Marie Barone! When a person dies at 90 as opposed to 57, everyone says they had a long life and that gives me comfort about Doris. I do wish she would have appeared as Granny Tanny more often or move in and have Jesse and Joey move out!


    • goodgollyregina says:

      And yes, may Doris Roberts, AKA the overbearing Marie Barone, RIP too. She was a very talented actress who played the obnoxious mother in law to a T. And I also would rather have had our Granny Tanny move back into the Tanner house, and boot out the freeloading Jesse and Joey too. She lived a great, long life for 90 years old. This has not been a great week, (or year for that matter), for these celebrities. </3


      • Bridget says:

        I liked the Raymond episode when his big brother Robert went to interview for a position for the FBI. Right in the middle of the interview, Marie sent a fax begging them not to hire Robert because she feared for his safety in the position. Brad Garrett seems quite threatening when he’s angry and with his height, it kind of clinches it! I thought he was going to crush Marie into dust after the interview! She went to talk to the FBI guy to apologize for the fax and she brought double chocolate chip cookies to bribe the guy. She saw a photo of a lady on the guy’s desk and mistook her for his mother instead of wife. The FBI guy said Robert had an impressive resume but he didn’t want to hire him. Marie said Robert was too good for the FBI. I think Granny Tanny would have been a good influence on her granddaughters on FH and while she did spoil Michelle a bit, I think Granny Tanny wouldn’t have let Michelle get away with anything!


      • goodgollyregina says:

        Ooooh yes I remember that episode! Brad Garrett was hilarious when he was mad! His angry/annoyed facial expressions were funny too. Leave it up to Marie to ruin everything, and make a situation ten times worse with her meddling. Man, that episode was priceless. X D Didn’t she also ruin his lucky suit in that same episode too?

        And I don’t think Grandma Claire would ever let Michelle get away with anything. For instance, no way would she let Michelle throw herself across a table and destroy a bunch of cake samples. That, or destroy a dinosaur display. Oh the missed opportunities….


  16. mariatolivo says:

    I love reading this blog and I LOVE Full House and Fuller House. I always come back because 1) I think you should always find criticism to everything you like. 2) Your posts are hilarious. Keep it up! 😀


  17. caseyweav24 says:

    I know nobody asked me but it seems like a Full House fan is an intriguing thing for you guys, plus it’s 1:00 AM on a Tuesday night and I can never get enough of talking about this show so I’m gonna talk about my thoughts in a comment that’s probably gonna be embarrassingly long!

    “How can you justify liking this piece of shit show? Are you crazy or something?”

    – I mean, I don’t know. Everyone in my house leaves the room when I put it on and maybe I should take that as a hint at the quality of this show but I ain’t gonna be swayed that easily. I just love the family-oriented feel to it and how no matter how bad the characters screw up or how badly they get pissed at one another, at the end of the day (or episode) they’re still there for each other. It’s my 2nd favorite TV show and I can’t say kid nostalgia is an excuse for me. I just started watching it like, four years ago.

    “When you watch Full House, do you laugh at the jokes? Like you genuinely think it’s funny?”

    – I don’t laugh every time the laughtrack comes on, I don’t think anyone does. Have you ever tried to laugh every time a laughtrack comes on in a show? It’d leave you wheezing!

    I’ve laughed at it a lot actually but I don’t think I find the humor the way they intended. Like, Michelle saying “You Got it, Dude!” Never got me busting a gut, but the episode where Jesse and Joey were in the tub with Michelle singing to each other and Danny walked in like, “Oh my God.” I was straight up cackling, and a lot of the times when Danny was being goofy (like singing My Generation) it got me laughing.

    “Do you see the Tanner’s as a sort of ideal family? Or closer to the family that you wish you’d had?”

    – The latter, absolutely. Without going into a sob story, I come from a dark home, and I’d be delighted if my best friend’s husband died so I could pull a Joey and finally be part of a wholesome family.

    Nah that was dark, but I seriously hope my future has something like Full House in store for me. Without rude antics hopefully.

    “Have you had many heated debates about the quality of the show?”

    – I don’t say shit if I see someone badtalk Full House. This blog doesn’t bother me, I actually love it, but as for people in general just trashing it on Facebook or something? I don’t really care. For one thing the original show is over so it’s not like too many raging haters are gonna get it off the air, and two, I won’t deny that the continuity is horrible. That’s the biggest thing that bothers me now. Being a sitcom isn’t an excuse. Home Improvement, which is what made me come to this conclusion, is also a sitcom and on there they never let you forget about past episodes. With Full House it’s almost as if the past episodes don’t exist or something. I can think of so few instances where they refer to an event we saw on screen in another episode. And also character inconsistencies alone annoy me at times – there’s that one episode where Kirk Cameron visits and Jesse is all about watching the basketball game or whatever but then in a later season he’s supposedly never had anything whatsoever to do with sports? And the one that’s really burnt my biscuits as of late is in Fuller House they made it seem like Nicky and Alex lived in this tiny ass closet on the right side of the attic. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

    “Do you like the new show? Are you gonna watch Season 2 when it comes out?”

    – I do love the new show and it actually made me laugh more than Full House but it definitely has a different feeling than the original show and I just can’t explain that. I’ll be on Netflix the day season 2 comes out, you betcha.

    “Why do you like reading a blog that talks hella shit about a show that you like?”

    – You’re fuckin’ hilarious! I laugh on just about every review, and that one post about creepy screenshots actually had me near tears. I also find it interesting how usually I don’t catch general character flaws that you call out instantly. I didn’t see anything wrong with the Christmas episode where Jesse is giving a speech until your review,


  18. emily says:

    Wow, you were so unnecessarily mean to the poor fangirl. I get trashing the show, but did you have to be such a jerk to her? She was being nothing but nice to you… Very disappointing.


    • do you really think so? jess and i are friends in real life and we had fun doing this. i’m definitely giving her a hard time (which we talked about ahead of time) but it’s supposed to be all in good fun. she wasn’t upset about this at all. i’m sorry that you are.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Gina says:

    i always question the sanity of someone who actually likes this show. My sister loves this show. I’m always making fun of her for it. She was all excited about Fuller House to the point that she was counting down to the premiere on Facebook. I shamed her for it though lol. I wrote what a pathetic human being she is in her status, and I shared her status and asked people to keep sharing it to make her feel as stupid as possible. No one would but that was okay. It was fun anyway lol.


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