Fuller House Season 1 Reviewed

I made it through the wilderness.  Somehow I made it through.

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I first heard rumblings of a follow-up to Full House around the time I finished reviewing the original series.  Such a thing seamed unfeasible to me, or too terrible to even think about.  Some time went by and there wasn’t much news beyond rumors so I started to think that it was all just a horrible fever dream, but then they went ahead and announced Fuller House.  I oscillated between being repelled and morbidly curious about it and then a few websites started asking if they could interview me because I accidentally became one of the go-to people on the internet to talk about this shitty show.  One of the bigger sites invited me to review the new series for them and it kind of felt like I might actually end up doing something somewhat professional with my bizarre hobby of shitting on crappy tv.  Naturally, the deal fell through but I was already resigned to write about the new show, so here we are.  I’ll have more to say about that towards the end of this but for now let’s look back at Fuller House as a whole.

I think that, overall, it wasn’t really all that bad.  Granted, it was total garbage, but considering that it’s the follow-up to the worst popular sitcom of all time, it was much better than I thought it would be.  It kept with the traditions of the original series but it was a little sharper, a little edgier, it provided a little more of a sense that the people working on it gave a shit.  Ultimately, I think that it really delivered for Full House fans who wanted a follow-up and it underperformed for assholes like me who couldn’t help but hate-watch it.  It was bad, but it wasn’t bad enough.  It didn’t have that special level of intelligence insulting, tear-your-hair-out bullshit that made the original series such a compelling trainwreck.  It was just a halfway-decent sitcom that heavily relied on your relationship to the source material to get you to watch it.

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I think that the main thing that really set Fuller House apart from the original series was the quality of performances among the leads.  I was totally caught off guard by how well Candace Cameron carried this show.  I haven’t seen her in anything since the previous series’ finale so I didn’t know what to expect, but I thought that her energy and delivery were actually really great.  I wish that they’d maintained Kimmie Gibbler’s eccentricity a little more in her adult incarnation, because they could have made her a lot more interesting (especially considering that they didn’t do much more with her than make us wonder if she’d reconcile her marriage), but Andrea Barber returned to the role so naturally that it really did feel like we were seeing how Kimmie Gibbler turned out as an adult.  Stephanie was definitely the weakest of the leads and her role as the “wild one” was a little groan-inducing, but she did a respectable job.  Ultimately, the story of these three women living together and becoming a family was a lot more palatable than the story of three incompetent dads who are pissing and shitting their way through parenthood.   I think that the moms’ being portrayed as actually capable of parenting was part of it, but it also felt like the actresses really wanted to be there, whereas the original series had a bit of an I’m-just-sticking-around-until-I-find-something-better vibe from the leads (spoiler alert: none of them ever did).

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 1.53.13 AM

DJ’s kids really sucked shit, making them the most comparable element to the original series.  The older kid was just really boring but the middle kid sort of encompassed what was so offensive about to original show.  He’s loud and selfish and he’s very obviously reading a script, but we’re supposed to be so enamored by his stupid little face that it doesn’t bother us.

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 4.52.20 PM

The actress who played Ramona did a really good job but the series didn’t do much to define her character.  Probably the thing about this whole series that caught me the most off guard was how cute the baby was.  I always felt really aggravated when they’d showcase Michelle on the original series and I assumed it was because I felt like I was being manipulated by a cheap grab for “awws,” but this new show made me realize that I actually like being manipulated by a cute baby and the real problem all along was that the Olsen twins were really ugly babies.  I never hesitated to point that out but seeing an actually cute baby in the same role made me realize for the first time how susceptible I’d be to such a thing.  Overall, I think that the lack of Michelle in this new series was probably the best thing it had going for it.  Grown-up Michelle can’t be much better than baby or little kid Michelle.  The best case scenario is no Michelle.

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 1.50.38 AM

All the cameos from the original cast members were kind of sad.  I mean, Jesse and Becky still looked great and they seemed happy to appear on the show, it was just kind of a bummer to find out that she never divorced him.  Bob Saget could not have done more to convey how much he did not want to be there, which made it seem really odd that he showed up at all.  Dave Coulier was portrayed as a bumbling idiot, and rightly so, and he didn’t really seem like he wanted to be there that much, either, but he also seemed like he didn’t have anywhere better to be.  I’m glad that we didn’t see very much of him, but what little we did see of him was way too much.  No Joey would have been even better than no Michelle.  The best case scenario would have been dead Joey, but I’m starting to think that it’s never gonna happen.

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 1.42.40 AM

I thought that the series did a pretty decent job of maintaining story threads throughout the Season.  Again, this is in comparison to the original show, which couldn’t even keep track of what the main characters jobs were, so it’s faint praise.  The whole DJ/Matt/Steve love triangle was sort of halfway interesting.  I really wasn’t sure who she’d end up with and I really appreciated that she chose to be on her own at the end and focus on her new life with her weirdo best friend and her STD-riddled sister.  I’m sure that they’ll keep it going for as long as they can and I look forward to finding out how it all gets resolved by looking it up on Wikipedia some day.

Ultimately, Fuller House had some really stupid shit in it, but it had a few actually funny moments, too.  Most of the new characters were one-dimensional and deeply unengaging but they managed to do a little bit to ad depth to a few of the returning characters, which was quite an achievement for a show like this.  I’d say that, overall, it was not worth watching because it wasn’t by any standards a good show and it wasn’t really terrible enough to hate-watch, either.  It was a pretty decent update for Full House fans and that’s about all it’s good for.

And that brings me to the honest-to-goodness conclusion of this blog.  I’m not going to review any more of Fuller House, for a lot of reasons.  Full House was this bizarre piece of nostalgia that was successful for some inexplicable reason despite it being truly awful, which, to me, made it good material for a cranky blog that people could read at work.  Fuller House definitely has components worth making fun of, but since it’s a current show it doesn’t have the same disturbing-trip-down-memory-lane factor that the old series did.  I always liked the idea that we could all collectively look back at Full House together and really examine how fucked up it was.  Now that the show has a lame sequel that’s in it’s current run, this blog kind of feels like a lame sequel, too.  It also never occurred to me that the show would run for more than one Season.  If I agree to keep writing this, I have no idea what I’m even getting into.  This shit could go on for 10 more years.  I’m also not really very excited about being the Full House guy on the internet.  I really loved having an audience for this project and it was kind of neat to get to go on the radio and be interviewed and stuff when the new show was coming out, but it kind of started to weird me out, too.  I think the most eye-opening moment for me was when I did an interview for some newspaper that ran a a pretty straightforward piece that I checked up on a few days later only to learn that it had been reworked into an article about “Full House obsessives.”  I am totally aware of how weird it is to have taken the time to review every episode of Full House but I always just looked at it as a hobby.  I just wanted to write a funny blog and Full House seemed like an easy thing to write about.  I do a lot of other stuff and I think I’d like to focus my energy on that. This new set of reviews has been a real slog and I honestly have no idea how I managed to set time aside to do this every week for so long.  I think I’m just at a different point in my life now and I’ve got other stuff that I’d rather be doing.  So, really, the reason I wont be reviewing more of Fuller House is because I don’t want to.

I wrote a really earnest conclusion to this blog a few years ago and I kind of regret not leaving it at that.  It has been fun to revisit this project and read comments from some of the old gang.  I’ve missed this community and I’m glad we got to hang out on the internet together one more time.  Thanks very much to everyone who read this dumb crap that I wrote and I hope that some of you will check out some other stuff that I’ll be making in the future.  It just wont be reviews of Fuller House.  I’m over it.

Your pal,

~Billy Superstar~


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35 Responses to Fuller House Season 1 Reviewed

  1. Bridget says:

    Billy, I understand you want to do different activities but I will miss you! You made us all laugh and sometimes the results were messy (I.e., people spitting liquid on their computer screen for laughing so hard) and you made me check out all the seasons of FH to see what I missed in primetime. Man, Joey and Jesse should have both been committed to the insane asylum because of their quirks! As young Stephanie said once, “Best of luck in all that you do.”. I will miss you and all the posters on this site too!


  2. LupinThe8th says:

    I agree, this show’s redeeming feature was the performances of the three leads. They actually seemed like they really wanted to do this, and gave 110%. They also managed to be genuinely likeable, something I can NOT say for Danny, Jesse, and Joey, who could give a crap about their performances, both in the original show and here.

    I have no idea if I’ll ever check out season 2 when it goes up, without the enticing treat of getting one of these reviews afterwards as a reward for putting up with each episode. Probably eventually I’ll binge watch it in a flurry of self-hating morbid curiosity over some weekend where there’s nothing to do.

    Honestly, it would be halfway decent if they just worked on the scripts more. There’s the occasional funny joke or interesting idea; they just tend to retreat into lame shtick at the drop of a hat. It’s salvageable, but their fanbase is largely people who liked the first one, so you can’t blame them for setting their sights low.

    Can’t blame you for deciding you’re done. “Mediocre” is harder to review than “Terrible”, there’s no nostalgia factor at work, and I found it hard enough just to watch an episode a week, let alone write a couple thousand words about it.

    I look forward to your future projects. Thanks for all the laughs, man.


    • Nightshade says:

      “Honestly, it would be halfway decent if they just worked on the scripts more. ”

      I agree. I don’t like Fuller House, and the main reason is that it seems like the writers/producers (and whatever) don’t seem to take the job very seriously… Bob Saget and Stamos didn’t seem like they really wanted to be there and most of the old cast (Stamos, Coulier, Saget and Loughlin) just seemed a bit too…. well OLD for the parts they were playing. It somehow didn’t work very well, in my opinion. The three girls (Stephanie, DJ, Kimmie) are not bad at acting, they just don’t have a lot to work with. Seems like they all had a lot of fun creating/filming this show but somehow the childish humor and all the 90’s throwbacks got lost on me.


  3. Simply_RJ says:

    Thanks for all the laughs Billy. I can’t wait to receive my copy of the 80’s coloring book!


  4. Alex Kawa says:

    Billy, I will miss you so terribly much. I found this blog in late 2013/early 2014, and ever since you said you would start reviewing Fuller House, I began impatiently anticipating every Friday. Personally, I am a fan of both shows, but your reviews usually are very entertaining to read. I’ll miss your reviews very much, but I see why you’re retiring; I would totally move on in life if I were you. Hopefully, I can check out other projects of yours. I’ll close in thanking you for making every Friday entertaining over the last three months and wishing you luck in your future endeavors.


  5. This is my first time commenting. This blog was a part of my Friday morning at work for a few years now.

    My opinion on Fuller House was that it felt a lot to be desired. It definitely had funnier moments than the original show, but I felt like it tried WAY too hard to be like “Hey! This is Full House in modern times! Look, we have iPhones, Uber, Facetime, etc!” and that part alone annoyed me about the new show than anything else. I wish they concentrated on some of the storylines, like when Stephanie said she can’t have kids, or the Steve/Matt triangle. Also, some of the things were pointless. Like Danny and his new wife, which had no explanation of how they met, got married, having Nicky and Alex show up, but only for them to just be these strange college dropouts, Joey not really evolving much, and not knowing what happened to Jesse and his band, etc. I wish the series would have filled in some of the gaps between 1995 and 2016.

    I hope they develop the kids better next season. DJ’s oldest son is just…there and is like that kid in the back of the class who was a nice enough guy, but no one will remember in a year. The middle kid, annoying as he was, is excellent and definitely stood out. Gibbler’s daughter, while nailing the mannerisms of Kimmy, just annoys me for some reason and she doesn’t fit in with the rest of the cast…I can’t explain it, but when I see her and compare her to the original Full House cast, she just doesn’t belong. She belongs in one of those kiddy Disney shows, but not Full House. I just hope this set of kids grow up to be normal in real life and not strung out on drugs or becoming some lame pop star (aka Miley Cyrus) in 5 years.

    Also, I wish they kept the original theme song singer. The Carly Rae Jespen cover is too Disney-ish. The original was kiddy, but had a charm to it that felt like it wasn’t aimed at 11 year old girls. I did like the more adult oriented humor, and the acknowledgment of the gayness in the full house. And the episode where Candace did her own wrestling moves was pretty epic, not gonna lie, because that isn’t easy to pull off for most people, she’s a very talented actress and I’m glad she grew up to be so well-rounded. I hope for season 2, they include some tie-in’s to other sitcoms. They have Alan Thicke in an episode for season 2 already, but I’d love to see an episode or cameo from a cast of How I Met Your Mother (since Bob Saget did the older Ted Mosby).

    But, I gotta say, for the blog this year, I can tell your heart wasn’t into writing this season as you were in the past. It was obvious this was more of a chore than it was fun, and when it becomes a chore, that’s when you have to walk away. If you have no desire or passion for this anymore, it will show in your work. Trust me, I know the feeling of someone who did a YouTube show for 5 years. I wish you the best of luck, Billy!


  6. Ranger Roy says:

    Funny how you keep saying that this is the end and you are done. Unfortunately for you, your talent at writing this stuff is beyond amazing. Love it or hate it, you were born to do this. Cant wait for season 2!


  7. Pink Dork says:

    I will truly miss you, Billy Superstar. Since this really and truly is finally the final end of your shitty show blog, I think you need to hold a final finally this is the end wrap party. To which I’d say: “Hell yeah!” and also: “Road trip!”

    I’m already packing. So you better make it happen!

    xoxo ❤ Pink Dork

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  8. Steph says:

    Thank you for everything, Billy Superstar. It’s been a wild ride.


  9. I agree the show wasn’t all that bad. It was a mediocre revival of a cheesy late 80s/early 90s show, but not all of it felt like nothing more than fanservice. There were some good moments, and I liked that it had more edge and slightly more sophistication than the original. There were certainly some dull episodes and ugh moments, but I did want to watch every episode to see how things would end up. I could’ve done without the Steve/Matt/DJ love triangle personally. It just kept dragging on and got annoying. I liked how they ultimately resolved it though, with DJ deciding she wants to keep her life the way it is for now.

    The acting for the most part was very good, especially Candace Cameron and Andrea Barber. Andrea is especially impressive because she hasn’t acted besides being Kimmy. Jodie Sweetin wasn’t bad, you can tell she was more rusty but I think she played the character they made Stephanie be well. I didn’t really agree with Steph becoming the still needing to grow up party girl because I didn’t think it fit the character she was at the end of the original, but I thought they really showed her getting more mature and embracing her role as the aunt like Jesse slowly embraced being the uncle on the original. I agree there should’ve been more Kimmy, but I think they portrayed her correctly. She still had some of her original eccentricity, but as a mature woman as opposed to a pre-teen and teenager. Personally I would’ve liked to see Michelle at least once because it didn’t really make sense from the standpoint of the show for her to not be there, but it wasn’t a big loss.

    Most of the new characters I could’ve done without. I never liked Fernando, and the Yeller is one of the most annoying characters in the history of television. I thought Jackson and Ramona were great and they played their roles almost like experienced actors, and Tommy was very cute unlike Michelle. Lola was a good character also, and Matt was alright. As for the returning character guest stars, I liked that they kept their appearances pretty minimal. It was kind of funny that they showed Jesse having Rebecca do everything and as an even sleazier husband. You’re definitely right that Bob Saget definitely didn’t want to be there, but I thought Dave Coulier seemed right at home. And Steve just became totally creepy about DJ. It didn’t really make sense to have him there besides for fanservice. You wouldn’t think at all he’d be one of those guys that is still trying to get back with his high school girlfriend 20 years later. I kind of think they should get back together just because it seems like they’re setting that up to eventually happen but are teasing people for a long time first, but I’d also be very happy to not see him return.

    Thank you Billy for all that you did in writing this blog and subjecting yourself for the sake of keeping us entertained and laughing. You have a great sense of wit and humor and really know how to dissect a show and point out flaws in it and the characters. You’d really be great if you ever get to do it on a professional level. I wish you were going to do the next season and how many follow, but I understand and respect your decision to stop entirely. Good luck with your current projects and ones to follow.

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  10. Mark Moore says:

    My mom, who’s 75 years old, is fascinated with annoying characters and thinks they’re genuinely funny. She’s said the kid that plays Max will be a big star, and she’s expressed genuine curiosity about what else that Dustin Diamond, Jaleel White, and the autistic kid from “Parenthood” have done.

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    • Bridget says:

      Mark, your mom can read “Where Are They Now” about the cast of “Family Matters.”. As for Dustin Diamond, he lives in Wisconsin and has brought shame to my fair state! I read about the knife fight in a bar he got into and he was arrested and put in prison in Ozaukee, WI. As for the “Parenthood” autistic boy, he was in “The Purge” with Ethan Hawke. Hope this helps!


  11. Casey says:

    I feel you, Billy. Not even half a year into my Perfect Strangers review blog, stuff started popping up about people asking Shout Factory to release the whole series on DVD, and people asking the show’s creators if there would be a reboot.
    i was pretty impressed by how well some of the Fuller House episodes captured just what was wrong with Full House (like the baseball game ep. specifically), and I totally agree with you that Kimmy could have been a lot weirder this time around. Here’s to giving season 2 of Fuller House the attention it deserves!
    (and thanks for doing this, seriously)


  12. YankeeDoodleDandy says:

    You could have stopped at the Paupoli episode and I would have been the happiest Full House “fan” in the world. Thanks for the past 3 years of entertainment for me personally. Hope you find what you’re looking for… And Bubba please find Bubba


  13. “If I agree to keep writing this, I have no idea what I’m even getting into. This shit could go on for 10 more years.”
    Dude, welcome to my world. >.< Motherfucking reboots.


  14. Mike Sanders says:

    Thank you so much for all the years of laughs. I absolutely loathed Full House growing up and to my chagrin my sister loved it. Reading the reviews of all the old episodes brought back a flood of horrible memories but man did you manage to make it funny as hell. I hope you find fulfillment in what you do instead of this blog.
    It actually inspired me to watch Fuller House when it was released and I have to say I was underwhelmed at how not awful it was. Your review for it is pretty on point. I think we have a general lack of good sitcoms the past 10 years or so, it being bad didn’t surprise me, it being not a thing of my nightmares did.
    The leads did a respectable job, they put in effort and worked with the script they were given. Kimmie’s kid has a natural charisma and I think she could be a fine actress. The Matt/Steve thing was handled surprisingly well. There were a few legitimately funny moments. All of that is more than I can say about the original. While they had those Full House moments where it is everyone else be damned our family’s shit is the most important (like at the ball game) they were fewer. The lucha wrestling thing was just the right kind of bizarre enough to sort’ve work and seemed like it was referencing Lucha Underground.
    I actually enjoyed Bob Saget’s hating being involved and how obvious it was. I don’t know why exactly but I really found that funny, reminds me of how Krusy the Clown acts on the Simpsons. The few edgier moments caught me off guard and got a laugh. I though Stamos hamming it up and mugging the camera was kind of funny because it did seem like he was the only original member to be there and I kind of imagine that it’d be something Jesse would pull, drag a bunch of people together who want nothing to do with each other for his own personal amusement and just smirk. Damn Aunt Becky is still fine, also I got a kick out of her going baby-crazy probably because I’ve seen women go through that and it wasn’t as exaggerated as someone might think.
    The single worst thing in the show is that damn middle kid though. I feel like he was grown in a vat on some Studio lot by Execs trying to perfect the TV Kid formula and at the last second they cranked every annoying trait from previous TV kids to 11.

    So long and thanks for all the fish.


    • Ugh, now I’m imagining the Yeller emerging from a vat of goo, like when Jack Skellington rises from that fountain at the beginning of “Nightmare Before Christmas” and raises his arms to his adoring fans. Only in this case, the Yeller raises his arms to the adoring studio execs and yells, “Holy chalupas!”


  15. There's a CAR in the KITCHEN! says:

    Dear Billy,
    It’s been wonderful reading your work for the past year or so–I love it, and am actually reworking my way through the blog to get another taste of your humor. You have a real gift for writing–as I said, you hit the supreme balance of snark and thoughtfulness (so many blogs try to JUST be snarky, without making an effort to understand WHY the show sucks so hard). You had a great run, and it’s been wonderful reading!
    I also want to thank all of the FHR fans–Bridget, Teebore, Sarah, Regina, Lupin, LORIMAR Pictures, and all the countless others–whose comments are just as fun to read. Thanks for letting me join the community. See you around the Internet, everyone!
    Yours all,
    There’s a CAR in the KITCHEN! (Christian)


  16. goodgollyregina says:

    Thank you so much for writing this blog, Billy. It seems like only yesterday I was stumbling across this blog after Googling “Is Full House still on TV?” on a hot afternoon in the summer of 2012. Where you were barely halfway done with Season 5 of the regular series. As soon as I read the then recent entries, I went back and read every single review before it. And from then on out, I was hooked on this blog. You have made my Fridays that much more exciting by snarking on an overrated, overhyped show with painfully unfunny, obnoxious characters. It’s too bad you’re not reviewing Season 2 of the reboot series, but I understand why you want to put it behind you now. Sometimes you need to move on from stuff, and you can’t do the same exact thing forever. So I definitely respect your decision to bow out right now. But thank you for reviewing this show for us. Your hilarious snarks cracked me up!

    ~ GGR ❤


  17. goodgollyregina says:

    PS, are my comments gonna show up here? I only ask this because I just moved, and my IP naturally has changed. And I’m also using a different email. Sorry in advance if I spam or if I make multiple posts. I just want to make sure my posts show up. Since I did have this problem when I first started commenting here. Otherwise, carry on as you were.


  18. I’ll miss ya, billy, but don’t forget: This crap is the most popular television series in the entire world.


  19. Bridget says:

    Have a moment of silence for Anton Yelchin who died this week. He was great in “Hearts in Atlantis” and “Star Trek” and was more talented as a child actor than these kids!


  20. ... says:

    I agree that you should have stopped with the original series. Your writing on Fuller House was ass.


  21. Non-Jerk Michelle says:

    Fully in support of your decision to stop writing about this show. I personally don’t think it’s necessary to have a series (much more a resurrected series) of this source material. Sequels only work when the audience connects with the personality traits and spirits of the characters. Fuller House isn’t meant to be enjoyable for me. It fulfills nothing for me nostalgically or what I would expect of a continuing story. I guess all you can do is respect that there are people who want it. It’ll be here as long as there is a minuscule demand from an audience, mixed with desperation from the industry that created it in the first place, to keep it going .

    Once again, I thank you Ryan for all the entertainment you have provided everyone. You are super talented and deserve to pursue what you want without feeling an obligation to producing more from this show just because it’s there. If you’re ever in the Bay Area I’ll buy you a beer…or a burrito. Whatev…

    Love to all the commentators as always ❤
    (Especially my OGs. You know who you are, but Bridget gets a special acknowledgment)


    • Bridget says:

      Thank you, NJ Michelle! I think Billy aka Ryan should review a show he actually likes or create adult coloring books of movies that bombed. I think all Fuller House did was disappoint people who wanted Becky to leave Jesse and no one liked the young yeller that was one of DJ’s spawn! Every Friday I would wake up and anticipate what Ryan would review and he was always funny! I would suggest taking Ryan to Weeve’s Sports Bar for a beer or another bar in the area.


      • goodgollyregina says:

        Yeah, Fuller House was only set up to both shove the nostalgia in our faces, and disappoint those who wanted Becky and Jesse to divorce, etc. Ditto to DJ’s yelling kid too, don’t these kids have acting coaches? You know, to coach these kids into NOT shouting? Full House just didn’t deserve a spin off. When you have unlikable characters you don’t relate to, and the storylines in the original show, (especially in the shows last years), are completely nonsensical enough as it is, then this show does not deserve a spin off. Fuller House is just one big “Oh hey, look at me! We’re in modern day technology! We’re so nostalgic! We’re back in the spotlight now!” waste of space. How it even got picked up for a Season 2 is beyond me.


  22. Liz says:

    Understandable for you ending your Fuller House reviews, I saw a few Fuller House episodes on the internet for free and I hated it, I don’t know, I didn’t grow up watching Full House during its run, but did catch the reruns on Nick At Night. I despise both series and will not be tuning in Season 2 for various reasons. But maybe its just me

    Oh well, Kimmy’s daughter Ramona was about the only character I liked


  23. Ronald H. Witt says:

    Ronald H. Witt gotta see this.


  24. Cathy Santone says:

    Amazing. Thank you for your service, my good man ❤


  25. Bridget says:

    My Peeps, I saw a religious magazine called Simple Grace and Lori Loughlin is in the October issue talking about what God means to her and I guess He’s been good to her because she still looks great at 52!


  26. Bridget says:

    Hey, people, anyone heard about and sad about the break up of Bradgelina? They were the attractive couple like Jesse and Rebecca. We can call Jesse and Rebecca Jessbeck or Beckjess instead of Jesse and Rebecca.


    • goodgollyregina says:

      Oh yeah, I heard all about it when it happened. Bradgelina were an attractive couple, but not Becky and Jesse. If the latter couple had actually divorced like in my headcannon/bashfics, then everybody would be happy. And then Becky could gain back some of the self respect she lost when she hooked up with Jesse. Then Becky can hook up with Danny like she did in my own headcannon.


  27. Dude, thanks for these summaries of Full House and it’s sequel Fuller House. I felt like I got the point of each episode in less than 5 minutes. Thanks for everything


  28. Hey Billy, I’ve been a big fan of this blog for the last two years is it all right if I make posts about Fuller House season 2.


  29. R2-D2F says:

    As much as I’d like it, I know we’re not getting a full(er) review of season two. But if I had just one tanner-family-gets-gifts-at-the-airport-after-a-night-of-inspirational-speeches
    wish, it’d be for just one more review of the episode ‘Fuller Thanksgiving.’ My thought is just a few minutes with the episode and his heart (or whatever organ is responsible for hating full house) will grow three sizes that day.


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