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Season 3 Reviewed

Just like I did last Season Review, I’d like to start Season 3 Reviewed with mad shout-outs.  I can’t thank all you weirdos enough for reading this ridiculous blog. Every week, your loving comments enable me to carry on with … Continue reading

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Season 3 Bonus Material

Just to give you one last kick in the nuts before we’re done with Season 3, the entirety of Season 3’s DVD Bonus Features is this one crappy featurette, “Joey’s Impersonations.”  I guess they were thinking if that they were … Continue reading

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Season 3 Bonus Feature: Our Very First Gif

Big thanks to FHR superfan Devin Chalmers for putting this together!

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Season 3, Episode 24, “Our Very First Telethon”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Michelle sneaks up behind Danny and grabs his face after he’s been up all night planning for a telethon.  This is one of those rare occasions where the pre-credits gag sets up the premise for the episode, as … Continue reading

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Season 3, Episode 23, “Fraternity Reunion”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Michelle interrupts Jesse’s guitar playing by forcing him to play a game where they make hideous faces at each other, resulting in a bunch more screencaps that a bunch of people will lift for their tumblr pages.  Don’t … Continue reading

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Season 3, Episode 22, “Three Men and Another Baby”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Michelle pleads with Joey and Danny to check her closet for a monster and when they finally proceed with the investigation they are startled by DJ in a monster mask.  What a bunch of practical jokers! Danny compulsively … Continue reading

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Season 3, Episode 21, “Just Say No Way”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Michelle makes Joey a sandwich for lunch and he is unsettled to discover that it is filled with disgusting ingredients. As the family enjoys milk and cookies together in the kitchen, Joey gifts Michelle with a Raffi recording … Continue reading

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